Pump In Style Advanced – The Metro Bag

Pump In Style Advanced – The Metro Bag

Pump In Style Advanced is a daily use double electric breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. All Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps offer portability for discreet pumping anywhere. The Metro Bag features a removable pump in a separate bag for pumping and transport flexibility.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump With Metro Bag – Medela 57036.

Verified reviews


Great Pump, TERRIBLE Bag

I got this in January 2009. The pump works great and has had no issues. I do however really regret getting this Metro bag. I bought it because I thought it would be discreet looking as I carried to and from work and would hold a lot. The problems are: #1. The bag does not secure closed so stuff can fall out and or the lid can open and people can see what is in it. #2. It is heavy. #3. It is big. It takes up a lot of space and is big to carry. My advice: buy the pump in another bag.

Dee Drummond Island, MI

Mold and Milk Should not Mix – Look elsewhere

I own both the medela pump in style advanced with metro bag and the lansinoh double electric pump. I bought one for work and one for home, so I wouldn’t always have to bring my pump to and from work. I originally intended to keep the medela at work for more frequent use and the Lansinoh at home for the occasional pumping here and there. The cheaper Lansinoh worked much better than medela, so it ended up being my daily pump. I don’t use my medela pump at all despite having wasted about $300 on pump and spare parts.,Why Lansinoh is superior to medela:1) NO MOLD anywhere near my milk – milk cannot get into tubes. I don’t know if it’s because I have an overactive letdown but milk has gotten into the medela tubes, not once, but three times. When I say it gets in, I don’t mean a little droplet here and there (which wouldn’t be good anyhow), but I’m talking about full on sloshing or milk back and forth. I called Medela and they were sympathetic although they made me go through a series of troubleshooting help, but really all these reviews talk about how great Medela customer service is, but if the Medela pump is great, why are people calling customer service so much? For me, I’d rather have a pump that works and never have to call customer service, then a glitchy pump that needs frequent calls to customer service.Anyhow, the Medela is an open system such that the milk/mold, etc. that gets in tubing can come in contact with your milk. No thanks.Even if you don’t get actual milk into the tubes, the medela tubing always had a way of getting condensation stuck in there (even with the hospital rental pump) which made me really uncomfortable. I’d boil my tubing and swing it around hoping to get it really dry and hang them upside. It was a hassle and I really never felt very secure with the hole cleaning/drying process, so I was nervous about the potential for tubing contamination prior to the milk incidents.2) Better output: The lansinoh claim with flanges that had a rubber edge around it. I think this created better suction but also more comfortable pumping. The medela flanges are very hard plastic. I did okay with the medela pump, but I think I could better output with the lansinoh. Part of this, I think, is because the customizable option of the Lansinoh.3) Lansinoh is about the price.So this sounds like a glowing review for Lansinoh over Medela. It’s not really. Even if you don’t get the Lansinoh, I would say try to get a closed pump system like the Lansinoh, Ameda Purely Yours, or even the Hygeia. To me, even the possibility of mold getting anywhere near my babies milk is enough to send me running anywhere but Medela. It’s just not good. I’ve had 3 children and pumped for each and everyone of them. I am able to follow directions. The milk in tubing has been a documented problem with Medela since I had my first child in 2008. I read the reviews back then, but the hospital has Medela pumps for rent. Then when I had my second child again I rented a Medela Symphony from the hospital, but purchased a Pump in Style Advanced for working full-time. I read the negative reviews but assumed that the users must have done something wrong. I don’t know why Medela doesn’t just make their system a closed one. Maybe because then it wouldn’t be marketed/sold as a single user product. I don’t know. I think Medela has a wonderful marketing/promotion team because honestly it’s the first name in the pumping world, but just because it’s the most common doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Victoria Kiel, WI

Great for working mothers

I started using this pump a month ago. I am pumping at work and breastfeeding at home. For me is worth it to have it because I don’t want to give my baby formula ( at least not before 6 months). Pumping is not fun but is not so bad. The pump works well and I like the little container to carry the expressed milk. I like the bag and I like to have the portable motor. There are others things you will need: I bought an extra set of tubes, breast-shields, membranes and valves so I don’t have to wash anything at work. I also use the medela wipes to clean all the parts after I am done so it is easier to wash them at home.I wash everything at night (except for the tubes, which you need to leave connected to the pump for a few minutes extra after pumping to get all the condensation out), sterilize it and then put it in a rack to dry and in the morning I place everything in a ziplock bag and then inside the metro bag. I also got the Simple Wishes bra so I could have my hands free to read, talk on the phone or talk to my baby via skype while pump. I also received in my baby shower a medela gift set which have more bottles, 2.5 ounces containers and storage bags. I like having extra bottles because what i pump is what I feed the next day, so i just leave that in the refrigerator and have clean extra bottles to pump into the next day (although many other bottles can fit into this pump too so you can get cheaper ones, I have some dr browns that I use sometimes). I also got in the hospital the manual pump, I like to use that when I am home to pump after my morning and night feeding, then I just use the little 2.5 onces bottles to collect the milk. For whatever extra milk I pump I use the storage bags and put it in the freezer. I have used all types of brands, all the storage bags are pretty similar. By the way the only bottle that is working for me ( to continue breastfeeding) is the tommee tippee.

Opal Natural Bridge, NY

Great pump, docked one star for bag not closing properly

Love this pump! It comes with lots of supplies (though not with a cigarette lighter adapter, which I wish they’d include). I love that everything can be removed from the bag, the pump itself included…and everything fits back in the bag nicely, so it’s easy to organize. I like the let-down feature, which my older Pump In Style pump didn’t have. The bag is stylish, and I love the metro bag design – my only complaint is that when you carry it, the magnet-closure on the flap often doesn’t catch, and the flap sits on top of the bag rather than folding over – in other words, it sits like a roof over the open part of the bag. This is minor, though – overall, I’m extremely happy with this pump. I’ve been using it for 6 months and haven’t had any issues with milk backing up into the tubes, or anything like that; it’s been working perfectly.

Clara Perkins, WV


I’ve been using the pump for a few days now. I used one in the hospital as well. It works fine I just feel like it could use some more suction. I guess I assumed that I wouldnt have to hold them the entire time even with the bustier. I am glad I chose the Metro Bag version. No need for the bag it comes in everything fits in my diaper bag so no need to carry multiple bulky bags. The pump is a little bigger than I thought though.

Milagros Poneto, IN

Good pump

This is my first pump so I cannot compare with other pumps. It works great for me so far. I take it to work as well, and I don’t have any problems with it so far. The bag is little too big for my taste, but other than that, works just fine.

Christi Lonaconing, MD

Convenient Removable Motor

If you’re going to get a Medela, I recommend this one. This is the only one where the motor isn’t built into the bag. You can remove it, which is much more convenient, especially if you plan to pump at home at all. The smaller motor bag fits much better on my desk at home or on the coffee table. We’ve only had it for a few weeks, I use it three days a week while working, usually twice on those days. It’s working really well so far.

Hope Chico, CA

pay the extra for the metro bag!

I love being able to take the pump out of the bag. I can move around if I need to and use it in the car easier or anywhere else. If I use the batter pack then I can really be mobile. And i am pumping at school in a room that does not have an outlet, so the battery pack is what I use.

Frieda Red Rock, AZ

This pump is fantastic

We first tried the high dollar pump recommended by the hospital, and found that this Medela pump actually worked just as well and at less than half the cost. Not only is the pumping action more effective, the compact size makes it very easy to pack up and take with you. The carry bag is a nice bonus as it is roomy and versatile, we use it instead of our diaper bag.

Meredith Hakalau, HI

LOVE my medela breast pump!

I absolutely love this breast pump! It is quiet,light weight, pumps painlessly and is VERY efficient. I would recomend this product to any woman who wants to keep up her milk supply and provide the best nutrition for her baby. It is IDEAL for working mothers. I also like that the bag and cooler bag are very discreet with no name brand written on them. I’ve even received compliments on my “nice bag”. I HIGHLY recommend this pump!Update, 5/19/2011:I still LOVE this pump! The pump works as good as it did the first time I used it! I first had to pump 5 times/day and am now down to twice a day as am getting ready to wean my (almost 12 month) baby boy. It works as good as it did the first time I used it, 11 months ago. A plus: I needed new tubing – Medela has excellent customer service and sent me a complimentary set of tubing, free! I couldn’t be happier having chosen this pump!!!

Consuelo Rochester, MI

A quality pump

I have been using this pump every day for 3 months. I am very happy with the performance. I like the fact that you can choose whether you want to pump on one side or both. I use the pump both at work and at home. It is easy to pack up and transport. It doesn’t take very long to set up. Since I was using it so often I bought another breast shield set. This was a bit of a hassle since they don’t sell them as a set in stores. I was able to find all the parts al a cart on Amazon. I also use the pump with Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier. This allows me to pump hands free at work so I can do other things. When you have all of the parts in the bag with a couple of extra bottles there is not a lot of extra room left but I still highly recommend the pump. I did get the Medela car charger as well and it works wonderfully with the pump.

Angelita Maricopa, AZ

Love the fact that the pump comes out of the bag – Wish the bag had better closure

First I absolutely LOVE his pump! However, the pump is the same across the line of “pump in style advanced” products, and the bags seem to be the difference.I purchased this version because the actual pump has its own separate container that comes out of the larger bag, as opposed to being somewhat permanently attached. I like the convenience of being able to pull the smaller pump out when pumping instead of having the whole larger bag on the table in front of me. I must agree with other reviewers that the overall bag is poorly designed. It is certainly fashionable and constructed of quality material, but the magnetic closure of the bag is pretty useless. Would be so much better if it snapped or had some type of zipper closure.

Greta Melbourne, KY

Great breastpump for pumping at home and at work!

Great pump that we use 8 times a day! My wife has gone exclusively to pump and store. The breast pump is incredibly easy to store and put together for a pumping session. It comes with everything you need except for small breast shields so we had to buy those. I took 1 star away because the price is quite high and there really are no discounts anywhere!

Kelsey Premont, TX

Good Pump

My wife loves the versatile features of this pump. Having the pump completely separate from the bag is the best feature of this item, and an important one for us. She just has to make room for the small pump box (wherever she is at) rather than the whole bag. A true necessity for a breast feeding mom.

Autumn Broad Brook, CT

Love it

In my opinion this is the top of the line breast pump and everyone I know that has this all agree with me… Takes much less time to pump then other brands!!!! My husband likes the fact that the bag isn’t too "girly" so he doesn’t mind carrying it when needed 😉

Sasha Salfordville, PA

Excellent pump!

This pump is one of the best. It does a great job at expressing milk and the packaging is very portable. The metro bag version is significantly more expensive than the other bags but I wanted to be able to remove the pump from the bag. I also liked that it had a battery pack, although I never did use it so I can’t vouch for now well it works. But it was nice having that option. The bag is also nice to look at. I will agree with other reviewers that Medela needs to change the clasp on the flap of the bag so it actually stays closed. The clasp on my bag is basically a magnet but it’s not very strong and never stays shut. However, I’ve never had issues with any of my stuff falling out of the bag as a result. It’s a minor issue but something that Medela could easily change.

Edythe Delavan, MN

Great pump

This pump is now on its 4th kid and seems to still be trucking. I am glad that I have this model instead of the one integrated into the backpack/bag–with my daughter, we travelled by airplane a LOT (at least 1x/mo). It was so nice just to throw the pump in my bag, with my accessories, without worrying about an entire integrated bag that I would have to make room for. I have the great brown/blue color set. Easy to get spare parts (I have two sets of valves/membranes and two sets of connectors, additional collection bottles, replacement tubing, etc). Used this with the pumpin’ pal handsfree system. Liked the Pumpin Pal shields better–may have been using the PIS shields wrong or had the wrong size but the Pumpin Pal ones just seem to work better for me.

Eleanor Galion, OH

Should of bought this pump FIRST…

After wasting money on another pump I decided to buy this one after renting a Medela pump while my twins were in the NICU from the hospital where they were born. I should of bought this pump to begin with…lesson learned. The pump works great (I only pump for my twins and use it about 8 times a day). It’s not too loud and the bag it comes in is VERY cute 🙂 I also like the fact that you can remove the actually pump from the Metro Bag…a feature not available with some of the other Medela Pump in Style bags. The battery pack has come in handy, especially when the power was out during Hurricane Irene. The cooler and ice pack are very nice as well. Well worth the money spent!!!!!!

Myrtle Maple, NC

still going strong

I’ve been using this pump for 6 months now and it is still going strong. I believe I pump aggressively and it is still at about the 55% mark. I like that the pump itself is not connected to the bag.

Malinda Saint Just Contract, PR

Worth every penny!

From day one, my baby had to be in NICU that she was given a bottle supplement. She needed more fluid than I can make so I have pumped every day, 10-12x a day. While there was a pump in the hospital, I ended up using my own (Medela w/ Metro bag) so I can stay in my baby’s room and the pump level that I needed equated that of the hospital grade one. My baby never latched on me and has always taken breastmilk by the bottle. She is now 3 months and I have a month worth of freezer stash which I attribute to this very amazing product. It helped me produce more milk to keep up with (and even have extra for) my baby’s needs. I take this to work and the fact that the motor pump is separate from the bag, I can take just that and use the battery pack at work, in the car during long trips while my husband drives and when out of town.The accessories are also easy to clean and can be bought individually when needed here in Amazon. I’d say this is one great invention for moms on the go!

Marylou Crab Orchard, NE


Have to go back to work, but this is much better than the pump I had with my 1st child. I burned that one out, so got Medela Pump in Style this time around. I love that the motor comes out of the bag as the "room" at work for pumping is literally a closet, that was turned into a lactation station. There’s no way the entire bag would have fit on the tiny surface area available.

Vonda Medford, OK

Can’t Give This Enough Stars

I breastfed my daughter for over two years and this pump served us very well. In addition, I know many other mamas that have used Medela pumps and have no complaints about them. They area bit pricey, but you are truly getting what you pay for! Also, they will last through several babies.Medela’s customer service is unbeatable. I previously owned an original Medela pump and when it started to lose suction, I called Medela (it was still under warranty) and they not only replaced it, but upgraded me twice as the pump I had was discontinued and the regular pump in style advanced was backordered (the only difference between this one and the regular pump in style advanced is the bag).I recommend these pumps to all of my breastfeeding friends.

Colette W Hartford, CT

Best pump you can buy!

This is the absolute best pump you can buy! I highly recommend getting the (dairy cow) pumping bra to go with it. You’ll be an amazing pumping fool!!!

Vickie Orient, WA

Only the best!

I had received a pump through my insurance which didn’t work! I was a little panicked that I wouldn’t find a pump outside of the hospital grade pump I rented after bring discharged from the hospital. Well Medela did not disappoint and in fact produces more milk in 10 minutes than my rental from the hospital! I really love that the pump is not attached to a bag so I can put it in a different bag if needed! This will be great for when I return to work. I would rather stay at home and nurse my lil one but this is the next best thing!I did notice that some condensation does build up in the tubing, so hopefully I won’t have the mold problem others have mentioned. I couldn’t be happier with this pump! Don’t hesitate to purchase this pump, I would have been livid if I purchased the cheaper pump (provided by my insurance) and find out it didn’t work and then purchase another pump! These things aren’t returnable after you crack the seal in the box! It is worth every penny!

Raquel Lizton, IN

Absolutely the best in the market.

I had weeks of struggle to get my little one to provide enough stimulation for the milk to come down. This breastpump was recommended by the hospital and multiple friends of mine with at least 2 kids each that had used it in the past. It is by far the best. Extremely comfortable, and if you buy the hands free strap on bra even better. It is a pain to keep it well maintained, you definetly need to leave the pump running 2 minutes after each pump so the wiring doesnt get dirty, but other than that, you can easily put the rest on with the bottles to sterilize and you are done. All dishwasher safe, and with the bag, although it is big, its practical to carry around, and you can put other stuff in it.I highly recommend it to all moms above any other brand.

Ruth Tecopa, CA

Easy and simple

This is the first breastpump I’ve purchased. My husband and I did a lot of research before we settled on this one. We rented a medela from the hospital for two months before we bought our own. The hospital grade- which is extremely expensive and heavy but VERY quite. I liked this model because the motor isn’t attached to the bag which from what I hear is a pain. I love the bag and all the little pieces that come along with it. It would be nice if you could clasp the flap so that things don’t fall out. The little ice back and bottle holder for the fridge/freezer is perfect! I work a ten-11 hour day and this holds just the right amount of bottles. I use medela and other brand bottles and they all fit. This is also great because you can use batteries if you don’t have an outlet. I would suggest to anyone, no matter if they get this pump or not, to buy extra membranes and pieces. I have two sets, one that I keep at work and one that I leave at home. It’s not as quite as the hospital grade pump, but it isn’t loud. Also, you pretty much use any bottle, the attachment is versatile so you don’t have to use only the medela bottles that come with the pump. Everything’s easy to clean. I’ve been using this pump for three months now and it’s been great.12.28.11I am still pumping- I’ve been exclusively pumping since the birth of my daughter and she is now nine months old. I use this pump now 4x a day, for 15-30 minutes each time. The pump still works perfectly. However, just last week I noticed the strap was coming loose. Today, it became completely detatched from the bag. This is a bit surprising, seeing as it seemed to be manufactured well. I will be calling Medela to see if they will replace it. I will update this review when I do so.****I received the bag next day mail, no questions, no complaints.

Lesley Freedom, NY