Pumpin’ Pal 2 Pack Super Shields Angled Breast Pumping Flanges, Large

Pumpin’ Pal 2 Pack Super Shields Angled Breast Pumping Flanges, Large

Super Shields – Large C/D Cup (29-35 mm) (pair) These innovative flanges, made for us by Pumpin’ Pal, fit into your flange set and eliminate constriction of milk ducts to promote better flow and reduce irritation to the nipple area. They also allow you to sit back in a reclining position while pumping and are considerably more comfortable than traditional flanges for most women. Larger-breasted women may find Super Shields more comfortable than our standard flanges too. Fits into your flange or flange set and not into the flange base. Also available in Medium B/C Cup (23-29mm) and Extra Large d+ Cup (35+mm).

Main features

  • Perfect for the mom returning full-time to school or work, Pumpin’ pal super shields are BPA free, Promotes better milk flow and reduces irritation

Verified reviews


Does not fit Ameda flanges

I was very excited to use these with my Ameda pump but upon receiving these shields, I quickly realized they would not work with my Ameda flanges. The tapered portion is too long and does not fit into the flanges securely. Disappointed.*********UPDATEAccording to the manufacturer’s website, the XL size are the only size that fit Ameda flanges. I’ll be exchanging the size Large and hopefully they will work as they should!

Esmeralda Aurora, OR

Definitely try this first!

If you are pumping several times a day, you need to buy these. They are a ….booby saver! Sorry, couldn’t resist. :-)Seriously though, they are wonderful. I tried so many different sizes of the Medela flanges. They were OK, but none seemed to be a perfect fit. I also started to experience sharp pains on the sides of my breasts, which I attributed to a poor fit.These Pumpin pals are great, fit wonderfully, and most of all are comfortable! They don’t feel like they are sucking you into the pump. It alleviates soreness and other problems you might experience with pumping. I bought two sets so I could always have a clean pair on hand. I didn’t see any pumping output increase as stated, but it didn’t matter because they felt so much better and my output did not decrease with them.

Katrina Statham, GA

So much better than Medela standard flanges!

I love, love, love these. I don’t know why anyone would want to sit all hunched over, leaning forward while they pump…you can actually sit up straight with these. The sizing is different from Medela. It is more based on breast size than nipple size. I am a D or DD, and the large fits well in the pumpin’ pals (I would use a medium in Medela). I can also use the medium pumpin’ pals, but I don’t get as much output. I initially bought the 3-pack to see which size fit the best, and then bought an extra set of the large to take to work with me. These are more comfortable because there is not a hard edge to rub against the breast. I use the Pumpease hands free bustier, and have always achieved a good seal/suction.

Olive Elroy, WI

Wrong size

I got a size too big for these, so I never got to use them as they didn’t fit into my pump parts. I got a full refund and didn’t have to return them.

Twila Elk Rapids, MI

WOW! These REALLY ARE pain killers!

Where do I begin??For starters, I ordered the 3 pk. starter set from the actual website. For under $30 you receive a pair of ALL THREE sizes! This was the perfect option for me because I really wasn’t sure which size I would need. I actually called a local boutique to see if they could help me decide on a size just by looking at my breasts. They are, after all, a PREGNANCY specialty boutique. They offered their assistance for a $30 fee! YIKES! I figured since I could simply order ALL THREE sizes for the same price as their “fitting consultation” I may as well do that.Good Deal: checkAfter conversing with the owner of the company Jon, via email, he sent my order out right away. Seriously…I received these lifesavers, or breastfriends ;p THE NEXT DAY!!!!! Pretty sure that’s NEVER happened before. The shipping was something like $5.60 so I certainly didn’t pay for the speedy overnight service that I received.Good Customer Service: check CHECKI nursed exclusively from my left breast last night. Our son sleeps with us, and I often opt to sideline feed him so that I may fall back to sleep. I ended up “sidelining” him from the SAME breast ALL night! Needless to say I was ENGORGED this morning around 5am when I got up to test my new pumpin’ pals. I have an average frame (size 8-10); however, I am very large busted (34G pre pregnancy and currently measuring 34L). I didn’t even know Ls existed! Anyway..after boiling these bad boys as directed for about 8min or so, it was time to put them to the test. I started with the XL. Right away, I noticed a HUGE improvement in breast comfort. I read some reviews mentioning an issue with suctioning; however, such was not the case for me. My sister gifted me the Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra at my baby shower, and it works like a charm (even with the XL flange). The pumpin’ pal never fell off or lost suction during my session; I tend to pump for 35 plus min. each time. I actually found myself switching to the Large halfway through this morning. I think I was just excited to test the difference between the two. I will say, the Large produced more milk at a faster rate; however, this may have been due to the fact that my milk was already flowing. I will start with the large tomorrow and update if a big difference occurs.As far as the angled flange design is concerned, WHAT A RELIEF!!!! It makes all the difference in the world being able to RELAX while pumping. I was able to get 5oz in this first session from the ONE boob. Perhaps even more importantly, my neck and back weren’t aching during and afterwards. Until I found these super shields, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to continue to breast feed my son (only 7weeks old at the moment) for the desired year or two. Now, I feel this will be easily attainable.Good Product: check check check (one for each size!)In writing this review, I hope to help women like myself, find some relief. It is so special to be able to breastfeed. I truly believe it is a gift, one that I may now enjoy pain FREE.Overall, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I wish I had known about these earlier,

Alexandra Independence, CA

not get good suction

I didn’t think the flanges got good suction- I liked the idea of them being angled but found myself having to hold them on to get the same suction I did with medela flanges.

Terry Bayside, NY

Much more comfort

The angle of these flanges allows you to actually sit comfortably in the chair without worrying about milk flowing correctly. I am a plus size woman and the large is a much better fit for me than the set than came with my Medela pump.

Alberta Lilliwaup, WA

Highly recommend starting with the 3 pack

I used these with my Medela pump after returning to work. As another reviewer said they made of a similar rigid plastic like other flanges, but I found them MUCH more comfortable to use than the Medela ones. I highly recommend getting the package with all three sizes. I used one of the larger size Medela flanges and I wear a DDD bra or larger and so I thought I would need the XL flanges. However, I actually got higher milk production (with no increase in discomfort) with one of the smaller sizes. You won’t know until you try for yourself. Once I figured out the size I liked best, I ordered an extra set so I didn’t have to spend so much time washing them. Hope they work for you. I really liked them a lot…well as much as anything related to pumping (which is really not my favorite part of being a mom)!!!

Lena Firestone, CO

decreased milk production

These actually decreased my production of milk. I had problems producing so this wasn’t good at all. Waste of money.

Matilda Baltimore, MD

Great product, but warning…did not fit my older Medela In Style

I have a Medela In Style pump with the black cover. These didn’t fit. I can say that they’re very good if they do fit because I was able to use them on my manual Medela pump. It’s nice not to have to sit a perfect 90 degree angle. I think if these fit your pump, they’re awesome and well worth the money not to have to be so uncomfortable and spill milk all over yourself when removing your flanges from your breast after pumping. They don’t cut into your skin either and have a good seal.BUT MAKE SURE THEY FIT before you waste your money and have more baby gear lying around the house for your husband to get annoyed that your bought 🙂

Abby East Livermore, ME

great for women between sizes

I switched to these because I found that Medela’s 27’s were too big but the 24’s were too small. These (in size medium) are in between the two sizes. I never noticed that I had to lean forward with medela’s standard issue ones, but I had no problems adjusting to the angle of these. They really don’t seem all that different from Medelas, frankly, other than the sizing. I think it is good for people to have other options, though.

Maribel Somes Bar, CA

My wife loves these

She says they’re very comfortable. She cried when the dog chewed one of them up, so we had to order another set.I guess that’s quite an endorsement from her.

Dina Chatfield, MN

Fine but didn’t feel any differnet from my medela flanges

For me, I didn’t notice any difference between these and the medela flanges that came with my pump. I experienced pain with both brands so I wish I hadn’t spent the extra money for these. They do the job, but aren’t worth spending money on in my opinion.

Jannie Defuniak Springs, FL

Must have for pumping

My friend recommended these to me and let me try them out. They are amazing!! So much more comfort than the typical flanges and I think they offer the ability to make more milk as well. If you pump daily, these are a must have.

Evangelina Sneads Ferry, NC

Life savers

I’m, unfortunately, an exclusive pumper so I consider myself an expert on all things pumping, much to my dismay! Well, I LOVE these flanges. The angle has allowed me to lounge back on the couch, in a laid back position in bed, and even in the car without drenching my simple wishes bra. I’ve even fallen asleep while pumping a couple times, so I guess I was fairly comfy! They also feel a lot softer to me than the regular medela flanges, but i use both as it’s helpful to have extra pairs instead of cleaning all the time! Anyhow, not sure I could’ve made it without these.

Kathy Magnet, NE

Comfortable edges and back saver!

I was using the medela flanges for a month before a friend introduced me to pumpin pals. I used the handsfree bra with the medela flanges but found that i still had to lean forward for it to drain out. My shoulders and back were in so much pain. I tried these and it’s great! I can situp right and it naturally flows down into the bottle. If you expect to NOT hold the flanges at all, you are wrong in either case. I found to get the right amount of suction in both cases I still had to lightly hold on to them, even with the handsfree bra. it’s a big difference though because if you are holding them in hard, you are at risk for wrist injury.

Trisha Douds, IA

These were a life saver!

I did a lot of research before purchasing these and I am so glad I did! They were comfortable and they were the perfect size for me!

Carmela Valley, AL

No improvement over Medela flange

I bought these before I had my baby because I had heard rave reviews. This has been my first time pumping and I wanted to be prepared. I use the Medela pump in style for 4 months and I prefer the Medela flange, they just seem to fit and suction on more efficiently. These flanges fit the medela parts exactly. I do not notice a difference in milk production between the two, so that is good. I just dont think having the angle on the flange made pumping any more efficient or comfortable for me, so I really didn’t need these

Rosario Nicktown, PA