Pumpin’ Pal 2 Pack Super Shields Angled Breast Pumping Flanges, Medium

Pumpin’ Pal 2 Pack Super Shields Angled Breast Pumping Flanges, Medium

Super Shields – Medium B/C Cup (23-29mm) (pair) These innovative flanges, made by Pumpin’ Pal, fit into your flange set and eliminate constriction of milk ducts to promote better flow and reduce irritation to the nipple area. They also allow you to sit back in a reclining position while pumping and are considerably more comfortable than traditional flanges for most women. Larger-breasted women may find Super Shields more comfortable than our standard flanges too. Fits into your flange or flange set and not into the flange base. Also available in Large C/D Cup (29-35mm) and Extra Large d+ Cup (35+mm).

Main features

  • Perfect for the mom returning full-time to school or work, Pumpin’ pal super shields are BPA free, Promotes better milk flow and reduces irritation

Verified reviews


Angle helps, but pumping still hurts

I purchased this item mostly because I had a c section and sitting forward or standing to pump the whole time was not really comfortable. These do allow me to sit back slightly and did fit the pump I use (Medela Freestyle) but still do not hurt less which I was also hoping for. Also, while they do fit, they are not as snuggly attached and have actually come unattached a few times.

Alyssa Rexford, KS

Fantastic flanges

These flanges are wonderful. The angled shape allows gravity to work for you while pumping. Milk flows downward — ingenious! Also, these allow you to sit more comfortably while pumping — no more leaning forward!The graduated shape was also more comfortable for me. Additionally, the bottom of the flange has several grooves that prevent milk from dripping out of the flange when it is removed after pumping, which means I don’t have to pump with a towel in my lap or worry about dripping all over my pants. These flanges are fantastic and have made pumping much easier. Anything that makes pumping easier is a bonus in my book!

Minnie Pingree, ID


Awesome!- True to size…- Make pumping much less painful.- Let my lean back while pumping without leakageThey do not work with the medela hands free…but do work with simple wishes!

Bobby Deane, KY

Helped my back!!!

I hated leaning over with traditional shields.I almost have up pumping several times because of heart breaking spillage and a sore back.The angles provided me with more comfort and no issues fitting them into a pumping bra. Fit well with my Madela Freestyle.

Ann Timber, OR

Reduced my output, not for all moms

I agree with this previous reviewer, these are not for all moms. My complaints:1) I still had to lean forward. For some reason, the angle did not help me at all.2) I lost suction with these flanges, resulting in reduced pumping output. Since I exclusively pump, this was a MAJOR problem!3) I sometimes like to move the flanges around mid-pump to better attach to the nipple. Sometimes these flanges would disconnect entirely from the connector when I did this. This never happened with Medela flanges.

Natasha Winfield, IA

Didn’t work with Pump in Style (Metro Tote)

The flanges themselves were great. Much more comfortable than the Medela ones that came with my pump, however when they were placed properly on my breasts the change in angle caused the collection bottles to hit me in the ribs. (This is when they were directly placed into the connector.) The only way I could get these to work was to rotate the entire collection bottle off to the side of my body which meant the bottles were nearly horizontal and I couldn’t fully put my arms down. It was just a giant hassle. If I tried to place the flanges inside my Medela flanges, the neck portion of the Pumpin’ Pals weren’t long enough to reach, so the two wouldn’t fit properly together. If you forced it you could get the pieces together, but the hold wasn’t strong enough so the pump couldn’t get any suction.

Melissa Mount Crawford, VA

Fantastic product

I decided to review these flanges because the description, which references A/B cup sizes is misleading. The size flange you need is related to your nipple diameter while pumping, not your bra size. I recommend ordering direct from the company (not something I would normally say on an Amazon review) because you can get all three sizes of flange in one package. With all three sizes, you can figure out which size works the best for you. For me, medium works best for one nipple, and on the other size I prefer to use large. They fit directly into the medela connectorsMedela Personal Fit Breastsheild Connectors – Medela 87071, which makes setup and cleanup easier. Overall, I highly recommend these flanges. It took a couple of tries for me to get used to them, and now they work great.

Rowena Bowdoin, ME

Much more comfortable than the standard flange

I hate pumping. Loathe it. It’s awkward, painful, and uncomfortable for me. To add insult to injury, I don’t even end up with a decent amount of milk. The biggest problem for me is that with the standard flange, I have to lean forward. Try it, just hunch over forward for 15-20 minutes. You don’t even have to be pumping to end up in pain.The first thing I noticed when I received these angled flanges is that while I ordered the Medium, the sticker on the package said Large. I was concerned about that, but they fit and they worked well. Now, as a result I’m not sure if I was using the M or the L. But the flanges were a relief to use. I was able to sit up straight while pumping, even sit somewhat back on a bunch of pillows. Pumping didn’t last long for me, due to thyroid issues my production was terrible no matter what flange was used. However, I will be passing these on to my sister-in-law.

Lilia Langsville, OH

A Saving Grace for the Torture that is Pumping

Do not pump without these. They’ve saved me since returning to work and becoming a slave to my breast pump.

Hilda Galesburg, IL