Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields, Angled Pumping Flanges, the Best Flanges By Far in a Complete Set of All Sizes Mom Will Need

Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields, Angled Pumping Flanges, the Best Flanges By Far in a Complete Set of All Sizes Mom Will Need

Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields are simply the best designed breast pumping flanges on the market today. The oval design of the nipple area creates Better Flow of milk and allows ducts to drain faster and more efficiently. The Angle of the Super Shield allows mom to sit in a much more comfortable position with improved posture. The Ripple Design on the bell of the Super Shields moves the suction area away from the nipple and places it in a much less sensitive area on the breast, reducing nipple trauma and tissue abrasions. The overall design aids in the reduction of plugged ducts and mastitis. These flanges can be used in all major brands of pumps, some as a replacement and some as an insert. The Super Shields come highly recommended by Lactation Consultants and are featured in current breast feeding books as an answer for moms to improve their milk output and comfort with pumping. An absolute must have for all pumping moms. The set comes with a pair of all three sizes a mom will need because her body will change throughout the time she is pumping and throughout the day as well. Having the set of all 3 sizes assures mom she has what she needs when she needs it and is priced more economically than when purchased separately.

Main features

  • Super Shields work with Ameda, Medela, Bailey, Lansinoh, Rumble Tuff, Avent Isis, 25mm Maymom one piece.
  • Fits Avent pumps except the new Comfort pump
  • Eliminates constriction of milk ducts caused by traditional flanges
  • Promotes better flow, Aids in the prevention of mastitis and other breast infections caused by plugged ducts
  • Helps users to sit back in a more comfortable, natural position while pumping, Can be used with hands-free systems for the ultimate in relaxed and productive pumping

Verified reviews


Huge Disappointment

I’ll start by saying that I am a seasoned pumper (on my second child) with my Medela double electric pump. I’ve also been trained on postpartum breastfeeding support as a doula. I ordered these because I liked the idea of increasing output and thought that if they were more comfortable so I could avoid the occasional pinch, then great. The positive reviews of a mommy blog I love pushed me to make the purchase.I woke this morning after baby slept through the night (yay) and after baby nursed only a little and I had some still very lumpy ducts, I was excited to try the flanges out. I expected a huge output (I didn’t even nurse at all on one side), and got next to nothing – exactly half of what I typically get in the same scenario with regular flanges. I wasn’t close to empty and had to stop because I hate pumping for too long – and these were not any more comfortable than the Medela flanges.Other problems:I use a PumpEase hands-free bra pumping bra; the medium flanges were difficult to fit through the openings… can’t imagine trying the large.When I went to take the flanges out of the bra, milk came pouring down the flange in the wrong direction! I feel like the ridges actually helped some milk escape. With my other flanges I would just lean forward before removing to prevent this, but that didn’t seem to help in this case.Later, while nursing my son, I looked at how he was latched. I’m not an engineer, but I breastfeed full-time. There may be the slightest angle, but for the most part, he latches straight-on. In the diagram on Pumpin Pals website, the "proper baby latch" reflects what I imagine a baby nursing with mother well-reclined or on her back looks like (positions suggested to help discourage a strong let-down from inundating baby with TOO MUCH milk at once). I Googled unbiased diagrams, and lo-and-behold, the nipple goes straight back into the mouth – NOT at an extreme downward angle, and even bends upward in the back of the mouth in some diagrams!I wanted to love this product and I am all for parent-invented products, but these did not help me, and upon closer inspection, it makes sense that they did not. I was going to give them a more neutral review until I discovered the biased diagrams. Good luck to the creators in their future endeavors, and I’m happy for those that this apparently helped, but I would never recommend this product to anyone.

Eleanor Penrose, NC

Less pain pumping

I bought these to use with my Medala Pump In Style Advanced. I am an “exclusive pumper” meaning I am hooked up to my pump many times throughout the day because my baby can’t nurse at the breast due to issues. Pumping so much it can get uncomfortable. With the Pumpin’ Pals, they fit more comfortably (you just use them instead of your Medela flanges) they are angled down so that more of the milk drains versus sitting in the tube next to your breast tissue. I bought these off of many recommendations from pumping moms on a support board that I visit, and I am extremely happy with them.Note: These flanges are not sized like other pump flanges. The set of three includes medium, large, and extra large. I use size 24mm Medela flanges, and for me, the medium (aka smallest Pumpin’ Pals size) works perfect for me. You just have to try them out and see what fits/works best for you when pumping. There is no standard “you use this size flange, so this size Pumpin’ Pal will work for you”.

Bridgette Petroleum, IN

Blessed Relief

I found these after months of exclusively pumping for my twins and suffering every second. I am now nearly 15 months of pumping and counting and I consider a large part of my success due to these beauties. Here are the benefits:- MORE COMFORTABLE! I cannot emphasize this enough. No pinching. No torquing on the nipple. I had a permanent tear going around the circumference of my nipple. It healed up as soon as I started using these and no problems since.-Sleep and pump! Because of the design, you can lean back a little. I can successfully nap while pumping and no worries about leaking.- No leaking! I used to get leaks out from the bottom of the regular shields all the time. These just don’t leak.- Better emptying! Haven’t had a single bout of mastitis since I started using these. Had one clog (damn underwire bra) and was able to use these to help get it out.- Improved supply! Emptying the breast more completely helped to up my supply ounce counts.- Reduced pump time! It’s so much more comfortable, I can really crank the pump up and get done way faster. This cut my pumping time in half.You may need to turn up the power more since this draws in more breast tissue, but that actually helps the process since you can comfortably pump on a higher setting. I really can’t say enough good things about these. They are the single best item I’ve purchased for my pumping process. I made my goal of a year and now I’m cruising along. I fully expect to go to 18 months and maybe even two years.

Lauren Ulysses, PA

So much more comfortable than the flanges that came with my pump! Pros vs Cons

I purchased these to replace the flanges that came with my Medela Pump in Style Advaced. I love the pump, but the original flanges were uncomfortable and contributed to excess soreness. These flanges are very different and a great improvement in my opinion. I’ve listed the pros and cons below.PROS-The angle of these is so much more comfortable than the flanges I was using. Those were angled much like a traditional funnel with a sharper angle between the widest and narrowest parts of the flange. The best way I can describe these is more “cone shaped” so that angle is not there. For me, this made for a much more pleasant pumping experience.-The part of the flange that connects to the rest of the pumping mechanism is angled downward, which means milk flows into the collection containers much more easily and you don’t have to worry as much about leaning forward when pumping to prevent milk loss.-The widest part of the flange has gentle ridges, which I believe are also to prevent milk loss. These certainly do not affect comfort. I rarely lose even a few drops of milk with these flanges.CONS-Still made out of the same rigid plastic as the originals. I would like to see maybe a silicone lining or something else to add some extra padding against the breast. I also have a lansinoh hand pump, and it has a molded silicone lining that makes it much more comfortable to use.-Though I do think the angle of the flanges is an improvement. I feel obligated to mention that it does make the bottles (or whatever I’m pumping into) hang at a somewhat odd angle for me. Somewhat awkward but still much better because I’m not losing milk.Finally, as other reviewers have mentioned, I would recommend ordering this set with all of the sizes in order to be able to try them and see which works best for you, giving you the most comfort and output.

Yvette Kinston, NC

didn’t help, left a bruise

I was excited about these after reading the reviews, but they didn’t help me at all, neither with comfort nor increased output. first, note that if you use an ameda pump it only works with the smallest flanges. so if you don’t have those, it won’t work. I have both a medela and a hospital grade ameda. I can see this working better with the medela as I think those flanges leave more to be desired than the ameda. I tried both the medium and larges. They both seemed to fit fine, but I was left with a horrible bruise. I was really looking forward to these, but sadly they didn’t work.

Blanca Stowell, TX

Didn’t work for me

Maybe it’s user error, but I could never get these to work well neither on their own or with the medela shields. I couldn’t get them to fit as inserts into the medela shields. On their own, it just was messy and awkward.

Alba Gramling, SC


These didn’t work at all for me. I tried multiple sizes. It was just a huge waste of money. It wasn’t any easier than without the darn flanges, and I certainly didn’t get any more milk. I pump 2-3 times a day and it was just not helpful. It would have been more of a pain to clean the parts off. Maybe these work for some people, but not for me.

Keisha Houston, AK

Good idea — wish that they worked for me…

These seem like a great idea — but they didn’t work for me. I was still unable to find a size that would fit properly and no milk came out when I tried the different sizes.

Susan Ashley Falls, MA


I had high expectations for these, but I’m not noticing a huge difference with pumping more milk when I use these. They are definitely more comfortable than my other ones that came with the pump though. I use the biggest size because the other ones are too small for my boobs and hurt (I’m a DDD). Maybe if I was a little smaller they would work better? Not sure. I’m not returning them though because they make pumping much more comfortable.

Paulette Hinton, IA

Work great and fit pump

These are great – I use a bigger size when I first pump in the morning and am fuller and a smaller size during the day – both fit well and work well and are comfortable. I always assumed soreness was just a result of exclusive pumping, but these have shown me that isn’t so. Thanks!!

Amelia Uehling, NE

More than I needed, but great for figuring out my size

My breasts are large (pre-pregnancy a D; post-pregnancy an E / F), so the largest shield ended up working great. Kind of wish I had just purchased the one set of large shields, but I wasn’t sure what I would need, so I guess I do like the options that a multi-size kit provides. Apparently they’re the "Best Flanges By Far", and I am completely satisfied with using them with my Medela Pump in Style breast pump. Didn’t ever try the Medela flanges, but I trust the Pumpin’ Pal company and all the other reviews when they say they are more comfortable than Medela’s flanges because they really are totally comfortable.

Loretta Outing, MN

lifesaver, milk saver, sanity saver

I used these to exclusively breast pump milk for 8 months. It helped me increase supply because they were more comfortable than the ones provided with the pump. I flipped them up and down 1/2 way through pumping session. I will be forever grateful for this product because it helped me provide milk to a child that wouldn’t nurse.

Nora Holland, OH


They leak.. a lot! I tried so bad for this to work out for me since I have been pumping x 6 months and thought maybe these would be better than the medela shields. When removing from breast the milk tend to pool on bottom and leak out (not good!) .I am returning them (at least they accept returns! )

Lacy Tignall, GA

meh… not impressed

I think it would help mom’s who get chaffed a lot, or help get through the biting phase of nursing. for me it wasn’t a spectacular experience… still had to sit up, just didn’t need to lean forward.

Delia Saint Francisville, LA

Not for hygeia q

I have the hygeia q and these don’t work with it. Had to sadly return. The quality of them seemed great though, the plastic was very thick and solid.

Hattie East Moriches, NY

Can’t say enough how much I loved these!

I bought these to use with my Medela Freestyle pump. I am a low producer and was pumping every 2 hours all day in order to try to increase my supply. My nipples were very sore and getting chaffed by the flanges that came with my pump. I had spent a lot of money trying different size Medela flanges and none of them were comfortable. Then I found these, and I wish I had found them sooner! They fit perfectly on my pump and allowed me to sit much more comfortably while pumping. The pain of pumping instantly went away, and my supply increased slightly after a few days of using these. I think I would have given up on breastfeeding my son if I had not found the Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields.

Corine Huxley, IA

Unsure if these make a difference

They did hurt less than others…but I don’t know what kind of a difference they made on my production. Only used one size

Sophie Sedalia, NC

Wanted these to work, but the holes are too large

I wanted these to work, but alas, they did not. I was able to fit them into my Dr Brown Simplisse pump’s softcups, but having already been used to the silicone softcups, these hard plastic cups were not for me. I also felt the holes were too large (even on the smallest cup), and it sucked too much of my aureola into the pump. These cups were a last ditch effort to save my Dr Brown from going out the window (love the pump, but hate how small the nipple holes are on the softcups), but it looks like I have to get another pump (since the Dr Brown’s softcups only come in one size). Sadness.

Lesa Moran, WY

Not for me… doesn’t work with me hands free bra

I just used these and made a MESS! Hard to use with a hands free bra… I couldn’t pull the flange out of the bra without removing it from the bottle… which made a mess. Ugh! Not a good thing when pumping at work! So I wouldn’t advise unless holding the bottles with your hands or whatnot.As far as how well they worked, I’d say just alright, thus the 3 star rating. I got 4 ounces… its a Monday, first thing in the morning, so I should have had better output… more like 6 ounces. One side is larger, so I did try to use two different sizes to see if that would help, trying first two mediums and then a medium and a large. Nope. Also, maybe I’m just different.. but I found I still couldn’t really lean back in my chair if I wanted the flanges angled down. Try these if you had problems with stock flanges… worth a shot… I didn’t have swelling etc with stock flanges, but needed to go up a size so decided to try these instead of medela due to the rave reviews. Oh well… off to order the 27mm flanges now!

Ester Belford, NJ

Not as great as I was hoping

I will say it was REALLY nice to be able to lean back with these, but I honestly feel like I didn’t get as much out when I used them. Not sure if they just didn’t form as good of a seal as the regular ones, but I was really disappointed overall. I SO wanted to like these. 🙁

Corinne Biggsville, IL

Ok, not bad, not great, really not worth it

I bought this set along with the hands free system and the little mesh bag thing. I exclusively pump for my child and was attracted to the reviewers who said this increased their breast milk supply.Sad to say I have not seen an increase. They will then tell you to finish pumping sessions with your original flanges until you get used to these. Again, no dice, but at least I didn’t decrease in supply.I thought the plastic was more flexible, but it’s the same rigid plastic as my Medela flanges, which I didn’t find all that uncomfortable really. I do not find this any more or less comfortable than my Medela flanges.One thing I really, really dislike is that milk easily drips out from the bottom of these flanges while pumping. I use hands free pumping bras- from homemade cutting holes in a bra to purchased and $$$) and they will always have wet spots on them at the bottom of the flanges. I don’t have this problem with my Medela flanges.Nipple comfort is a bit better, but nothing spectacular.The sizing is weird. The 3 sizes are Medium, Large, and XL. I am a 38 DDD and use 27 mm Medela flanges, but find the Medium (aka smallest) Pumpin Pal flanges work best for me. The middle size (aka large) is ok, but I tend to see a small decrease in output with that size. However, with the Medium, the exact same amount of nipple and areola are being pulled in as the Medela flange, so again, not seeing a huge difference.The shape, while advertised as allowing you to lean back and be more comfortable, really isn’t much different from the Medelas. Stick them in some bottles side by side and you’ll see. The downward angle is visible a bit, but if I don’t lean forward slightly the milk doesn’t go down. This is not a suction issue, I use a Medela Symphony to pump. The one advantage to the shape that I have noticed is that I use my hands free bra to pump while driving and the slight difference is just enough to be more comfortable when you have a steering wheel in front of you.Overall it’s not a huge difference in comfort, output, or even shape from my Medela flanges, so I just use them as extra sets when the Medelas are dirty.

Lynnette Derma, MS

Not for me

Let’s start by saying I have a lot of trouble at the pump. I pump three times a day while at work and I only produce 3 ounces each time. That’s okay, but not enough to go without supplementation at day care. I’ve tried everything, 4 different pumps, different flange sizes, all.the.things. I was really hoping this would be the cure all. It wasn’t. Not even close. I had to use the smallest size which is still too big (fits like a standard Medela). I had zero output with these. I took them off and went back to my regular flange and had an immediate let down. I think that if you have small nipples, its best to pass on these. I’m so glad they work beautifullly for some women and I’ve heard they have excellent customer service but these just aren’t for me.

Rhonda Labelle, FL

Doesn’t quite live up to the hype

I spoke to an LC on the phone who suggested I try using lanolin or the next size up Medela flange to remedy my issues with painful friction. I happened across a forum full of women raving about the Pumpin’ Pal flanges. After reading the mostly wonderful Amazon reviews I decided to try these instead of the next size Medela flange. I’ve got to say I honestly didn’t see any significant improvement using any of these over the 24mm Medela flanges I’ve been using for the past 3 months. There was no difference in comfort, output was the same – if not less, and while I liked the feeling of not having to lean forward while pumping, I couldn’t help but feel like the downward pulling was slightly unnatural. When I breastfeed, my LO is latched nearly straight on – certainly not the sharp downward angle of these flanges. I tried all three sizes, while engorged and not engorged and just wasn’t impressed. Not to mention it was just extra parts to hassle with and clean. I think I’ll just stick to the 24mm Medela shields I’ve been using with lanolin for lubrication.

Denise Escanaba, MI

Must have With A Medela Pump

These are much more comfortable that the standard shields that come with the Medela pumps. I had tried every size they make and none of them were comfortable – I ran into these on Amazon and decided to try. Glad I did! Relieved months of soreness and damage in just a week or so. Production was better too.

Fanny Triplett, MO

Comfortable but…

takes me twice as long to get the same amount of milk I was getting from my Medela shields. I went back to work 8 weeks ago and starting pumping 3 times a day. I bought these when I came across a flyer in something else that I had purchased. I figured since I’d be spending so much time pumping that I might as well be comfortable.Whilst pumping I got a text from my sister in law saying that she was getting more milk when she switched back to her Medela shields. I tried going back and she was totally right!I guess I’ll keep these around for an extra set, maybe for using on the weekend when I have more time to pump and am not restricted to a 15 minute window.

Gail Okolona, MS

more painful than regular flanges

maybe these do work for some women, but these were more painful than my regular flanges… i’m sending these back!

Dianne Schenley, PA

Don’t get the hype of these

I bought these Pumpin Pals after reading so many people boast about them, but after receiving them I figured out they were a huge waster of money for me. First, they did not connect properly to my breast pump and were always loose on the ends. Second, they actually hurt my nipple more than my regular flanges and it was the only time my nipples were left hurting was after using these. They come in three sizes, which I tried all three, but I didn’t care for any of them.

Lenora Schurz, NV


I don’t think these are any more comfortable or efficient than the Medela flanges. In fact, I think they’re more awkward. I still can’t sit comfortably while pumping and because of the angled shape of the flange, it doesn’t hold to my breast like the Medela flanges. Also, I’m annoyed that it only comes with in packs of 3 sizes because I only use one size (making the other two sets useless and a waste of money). Stick to the Medela flanges.

Imogene Sumas, WA

Saved my pumping!

These are very comfortable. I used them with an Avent double electric pump and they fit perfectly well and made my pumping experience much less painful! The fact that they come in 3 sizes is awesome so you can see which size works best for you! I just lube them up with some olive oil and I’m good to go! Have been using them for 3 weeks and love them. I only wish there were some directions on how to know which size works best, but other than that its amazing! And there are videos on youtube if you want more info on how they work. A def must for a pumping mom.

Robert North Royalton, OH


These are great shield for moms who have to pump full time or even part time. My daughter was a preemie and wouldn’t nurse at all for the first eight weeks. I had to pump 24/7 and ended up with mastitis and clogged ducts. NOT fun. I decided to try these despite the cost and they are wonderful. I like to switch these out with the Medela shields because it seems to help to drain milk out more effectively when you change them out.Super comfortable and makes it easier to sit in the hands free bra by Simple Wishes. Saved me from going crazy those first few weeks!

Rosa North Eastham, MA