Pura Kiki 11-Ounce Stainless Steel Infant Bottle with Medium Flow Nipple, Aqua

Pura Kiki 11-Ounce Stainless Steel Infant Bottle with Medium Flow Nipple, Aqua

Pura was conceived with a simple notion… to provide the safest and most adaptable juvenile feeding solutions. We are proud to combine ground-breaking innovations with an eco-progressive business model. In 2012 Pura was recognized with 11 product and business awards and is now sold in more than 30 countries. Most importantly, we remain a family-owned business with a focus on innovation and unparalleled quality. Product Features: Why Pura Kiki? 1) Pura Kiki offers the only 100% plastic-free infant bottle and sippy cup in the world. NO plastic, NO BPA and NO EA. Crafted from only safe, anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel, the same material used in milk pasteurization equipment for 100+ years. 2) All nipples, spouts, travel covers and other components are crafted from medical grade silicone. Our silicone meets the strict European standards for silicone, is hypoallergenic, and does not contain any plastic. 3) The modular design allows each bottle to easily change from an infant bottle to a sippy cup, to a straw bottle, or to a sports bottle. All Kiki bottles are also compatible with nipples and spouts from many leading manufacturers 4) Lifetime Warranty on all metal components 5) Cost effective –plastic bottles and fragile glass bottles require frequent replacement – Kiki bottle lasts for years! 6) Pura Kiki products are designed in the USA by a dedicated team of committed parents. 7) Our optional silicone sleeves offer enhanced tactile feedback. 8) As a company, Pura Stainless has received Special Recognition from the US House of Representatives and California Assembly. 9) Stainless steel is recyclable and is comprised of 60% recycled content. One Life… One Bottle

Main features

  • Safe: The only 100% plastic free bottle in the world, stainless steel bottle and collar (304 grade) with medical grade silicone components guarantee your child is NEVER in contact with plastic, BPA, EA, or other petroleum derived toxins.
  • Adaptable: Grows with your Baby converting into a sippy bottle with Pura XL Sip Spout, or a water-tight drink or snack container with Pura Silicone Sealing Disks, also compatible with nipples from Pura, Born Free, Dr. Browns, and Think Baby
  • Includes: Pura medium-flow Natural Vent Nipple with an extended anti-colic vent and a broad design that supports breast feeding and Pura Travel Cover both crafted from medical grade silicone with NO plastic, NO BPA and NO EA AND internal volume measuring marks
  • Green: no plastic, no lining, no BPA, no EA, no petroleum-based chemicals, no lead, no phthalates
  • Hand wash recommended

Verified reviews


Great Bottle

It is a beautiful, safe alternative to plastic and will not break like the glass bottles. I used glass bottles when my daughter was younger, but now that she can hold her own bottle, I feel better about having this stainless steel one. The silicone cover does not always protect against leaks from the nipple itself when it is on because it is squishy, but my daughter likes to use it as a teether.

Libby Weston, MO

No plastic – love these bottles

These bottles were recommended to me and I am so glad I listened. I use them for my daughter’s daycare. I love not using plastic and they won’t accept glass so these were an awesome find. They also heat up much faster than the glass bottles. Would definitely purchase again.

Gwendolyn Coeburn, VA

buy these bottles

best overall – Pura Kiki. stainless steel and silicone. sanitary, chemical free, no plastic, unbreakable, heats quickly- though you should heat milk slowly to CDC standards like with kiinde kozii to protect nutritional content-, can be used for freezing, fully convertable- stages1-2-3-sippy-snack. attractive. $15-25 one time purchase, makes them cheapest. (amazon has best pricing) I wish I bought these first and only. its best to also have a small glass measuring cup, oz/ml. the nipples are not marked for stages so as you transition you need to keep track of which is which. I just put them in a marked bag for storage… I was worried metal would be too extreme for an infant. nope he loves it. its shiny and hold his attention, and stays at body temp in your hand so its not cold. buy these bottles. and the little one is just too cute… I did not buy the colored ones, just natural metal so I don’t know if there is a difference .update. after some use of both sizes, one issue we have is that you have to leave a little laxity in the screw on top to.allow for air flow. on the larger bottle, never smaller, it can be hard to.gushed amx occasionally milk spills out if he gets bored with it and sets it down/lays/throws/knocks over. the stages of nipples worked well for us, and we ate now starting sippy spouts, which require no slack. lid locks right and flow is great- and seems totally spill proof.

Allie Galva, IL

Some quality control issues

Generally I love these….all stainless option which are hard to find.I have purchased 3 that had issues (major) where the metal threading of the top was not aligned w the metal threading of the bottle. Caused major leaks and in some cases I couldn’t even get the things connected. Two of them I was able to exchange to the store where I bought them…the third I had already dishwashed in anticipation of using it so by the time I filled it the first time for use, I couldn’t return it. The company made ME pay to ship it back for a replacement which annoyed me since it is a defective product but thankfully they’re lightweight enough.i do still have many of these that I’m happy with….my major recommendation is to test the threading before you dishwash! Also not a fan at all if the sippy spout that goes with this….way too thick to be healthy for teeth development (hubby is a dentist). I use a different sippy spout with it.

Rachael Hanston, KS

Love these bottles

So easy to clean and I don’t feel like they’re absorbing anything like the plastic. I used to use the drop-in’s for that reason but with these it’s less money spent on boxes of inserts. Plus I love that they are a 3 step product, bottle, sippy cup and water bottle.

Lakesha Worthington, IN

easy to use

practical, safe, easy to use, awesome product!

Francis Gardenville, PA

Not too shabby

We’ve had these bottles for quite some time now. They do have the option of a toddler spout for a sippy cup and do take AVENT nipples for replacements. The silicone covers are EXTREMELY hard to get on and off, make sure you put a little dish soap in the cover before sliding it n. The paint does not chip when covers are applied but it does not stop them from denting either. Yes they hurt when dropped and thrown, they’re stainless steel and can break a tv screen when thrown!

Anna Calvert, AL