Pura Kiki Pebble Silicone Bottle Sleeve, Grape, Short

Pura Kiki Pebble Silicone Bottle Sleeve, Grape, Short

Add some fun and color to your little one’s life with a silicone sleeve. Our sleeves provide insulation for hot and cold liquids, enhance tactile feedback for small hands and virtually eliminate dents and scratches to your kiki bottle. Best of all kids love the feel of the raised bumps. And of course, like all products in the kiki line, the silicone sleeve are BPA-free, non-toxic, and 100% plastic free.

Main features

  • Tactile feedback for small hands; the semi tacky feel and embossed “pebbles” are fun and give the bottle a pleasant feel for small hands, The Pura sleeves fit most standard glass bottles including those from Medela and Evenflo, An array of modern and fun colors- change the look or color of your bottle by adding a sleeve; Dishwasher safe, Ambient temperature to the touch- our sleeves keep the exterior of the bottle at near ambient temperature so a bottle filled with ice cold juice will not feel cold to the touch nor will a hot bottle burn one’s hands, Semi-permanent design- The Kiki sleeve was designed to fit tightly so that it will stay on the bottle even through repeated dishwashing cycles or when tugged by little hands. The sleeve can easily be removed to clean or change the look of the bottle

Verified reviews


Does what it says!

I love Pura Kiki products. I avoid plastic for my girl. Pura Kiki makes this easy. I’ve been using the Kiki bottles for over a year before buying a sleeve. I chose this sleeve, and tried to use it on the taller bottles (11 ounce) so it would only fit partially up the bottle instead of the whole bottle. Well, the slightly curved shape did not allow for this. So I put it in the bottle that it was intended for (5 oz) and it’s great. My girl likes it too. Keeps condensation at bay and makes it non-slip.

Lucinda Harrington Park, NJ

Works perfectly- just follow directions

I feel like I need to counter what the other reviewer posted.I have 2 sleeves for our tall Kiki bottles. They work great for insulation, and they DO slide right on. I think the other reviewer missed the little piece of paper with the directions printed on it.”To install: Spread a pea-sized drop of liquid dish soap inside the sleeve then slide sleeve onto the bottle. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry.”As long as you add the bit of soap (and a bit of water, as that helps too), they fit right on. Very simple.

Emilie Clarissa, MN

nice skin

Best thing about these bottles are being able to warm milk by running hot water on them. it does scorn my flesh a bit when closing the cap as metal rubs on metal but other than this the bottles are great. I bought the rubber sleeve to cover the bottle in case the stainless steel starts to dent but so far so good.

Elvira Portland, IN

Truly made my life easier!!!

The best bottles in the world deserve to have the best accessories as well! The Pura Kiki brand has the best, most friendly user baby bottles available in the market and it is expected to also find handy accessories as well. Any mom on the planet would agree with me when I say that stainless steel is the way to go nowadays. Plastic bottles have chemicals in them that are used in order to make the bottle and keep it resistant to the environment and glass bottles have the tendency to crack and/or break easily. Pura Kiki on the other hand has created this stainless steel bottle that not only is BPA free but it also is so convenient to use. This handle is a must for it makes it much easier to grasp/hold the bottle and keep our little ones’ hands at a regular temperature. I definitely must say that Pura Kiki is a MUST HAVE item for any parent, grandparent, or guardian in the world.

Tammie Wing, AL

Easier to hold

The first time it was a struggle to out this on but after that I got the hang of it. This sleeve helps you hold the bottle easier, and once our granddaughter is able to hold it I think this will help her grip it better too. I like how it protects the metal bottle broom denting if it falls on the floor.

Jewel Oatman, AZ


I really like these sleeves. They make the bottle easier to grab. The sleeve also covers the bottom, so it doesn’t slide on surfaces. I like it because it protects the bottles too. The only thing, and why I gave it a 4 star… they are a you know what to get on the tall bottles!!! lol. The shorts are easy to get on, but not tall! : )

Luella Meadows, NH

Great product

I’m glad we purchased this sleeve for the water bottle. It does a great job of protecting the stainless steel when dropped. The only thing I didn’t like is that it’s hard to get on. But I think that’s a good thing too since it fits nice and snug.

Sydney Hamlin, KY

Works well

The product works as intended. Using a drop of water helps to fit it onto the cup. We don’t use the cup often but the sleeve has held up well.

Fran Manteno, IL

A must have!!!

If you purchase the bottle then you MUST get a sleeve. Without the sleeve the bottles get really hot during cleaning.

Hannah Presque Isle, MI

Works well on Medela bottles, not Evenflo

I got this to use on Medela and Evenflo glass bottles like the description said. It fits well on the Medela bottles but the Evenflo ones are too narrow, it falls off. It’s pretty east to use and holds up well when washed in a dishwasher.

Dixie South Lima, NY

Works well but should be less expensive.

The bottle absolutely needs these, they should come with the bottle considering how expensive the bottles are as well as these. If the fluid is cold the sippy is freezing so these are a must have.

Alice Wendell, MA

It works

I like that this makes the stainless steel bottle easier to hold despite extreme temps, but I wish it had a few more holes in it to make it easier to warm milk inside the bottle. We boil water and stick the bottle in it, which is working well for us.

Maryann Diggs, VA