Pura Kiki Silicone Sip Spouts

Pura Kiki Silicone Sip Spouts

Pura Kiki wide neck soft spouts are designed to be the perfect transition from Mom or an infant bottle. Of course our spouts operate with both our infant bottle and toddler bottles; when junior outgrows a Pura Kiki infant bottle all you need to purchase is a spout to convert your 5 ounce or 11 ounce bottle into a toddler sippy cup. Our soft spouts are crafted from safe, non toxic 100% medical grade silicone just like our nipples. They do not contain plastic, latex, nitrosamine or BPA.

Main features

  • Includes two (2) soft silicone sip spouts per pack
  • The safest: contains no plastic, no BPA and no nitrosamine
  • Soft spouts allow for an easy transition from bottle feeding or nursing
  • Spill free

Verified reviews


Great spouts

I really like the Pura Kiki Stainless steel sippy cups. I recently ordered a small 5oz bottle size one, because my daughter is small and only 8 months, so the smaller one was easier for her to handle. So I ordered the sippy cup spouts to go on it, and it works great as a sippy cup for her. They do drip when turned up side down, but I don’t mind, as the only liquid I give her is water. She learned to suck out of these very fast and easy, unlike some other sippy cup spouts I have tried. There are not of parts, just the bottle, spout and screw ring, all very easy to keep clean.

Winifred Tryon, NC

Fits other bases too.

Bought these in conjunction with the Kiki bottle trying to get my daughter to give up her Avent bottles. I LOVE that they fit other bases (these fit an Avent bottle and the Avent sippy bases) and that’s really what I bought them for. The plastic seems a little flimsy, but that’s not a bad thing for my purposes, since my girl won’t take milk from anything but a bottle nipple top (the other sippys, which she uses for juices etc, have harder silicone or plastic tips, and I was hoping something closer to a nipple feel would get her off the nipple). My only compliant is that the flow is a little fast, but that’s really not an issue unless you’re trying to give this to a kid under 12 mo. All in all a great system!

Sheryl Amana, IA

Great toddler spout

My toddler loves this spout. I would give it five stars except that the spout has a tendency to implode in the bottle sometimes.

Young Severn, VA

Like another reviewer said

Like another reviewer said….when my 14 month old drinks from this spout , it collapses…. not sure why but it is quite aggravating…I’ve thought about puncturing the hole in the spout bigger but then I am afraid it will flow too fast and she will choke on the water……The bottle itself is great… agree with another reviewer as to why paint them…perhaps just do a silicone holder or something instead of painting it…. Again, every time I try it , the spout collapses….Just not working for us!!!

Michaela Wilson Creek, WA

somewhere between a sippy and a bottle nipple

The good news: these work perfectly with pura and avent bottles. My daughter took to them very easily.The bad news: this is as advanced as they get, and it’s really just a glorified bottle nipple.Realizing that this wasn’t much different from a regular bottle nipple, I thought it would be a good transition until we switched to the (sadly plastic) avent spouts, but the avent spouts don’t work on pura bottles as advertised (word to the wise!). So my daughter loves these, and they work fine, but now she’s 17 months old and stuck- won’t drink milk out of anything else.

Carmella New Blaine, AR

Great way to extend the use of the Kiki bottle!

We had been very happy with our Kiki stainless steel bottles and were happy to be able to transform them to sippy cups when the time came. Very useful!

Julia Dickens, IA