Pura Kiki Stainless Sippy Bottle Stainless Steel with XL Sipper Spout, 11 Ounce, Pretty Pink, 6 Months+

Pura Kiki Stainless Sippy Bottle Stainless Steel with XL Sipper Spout, 11 Ounce, Pretty Pink, 6 Months+

Pura was conceived with a simple notion… to provide the safest and most adaptable juvenile feeding solutions. We are proud to combine ground-breaking innovations with an eco-progressive business model. In 2012 Pura was recognized with 11 product and business awards and is now sold in more than 30 countries. Most importantly, we remain a family-owned business with a focus on innovation and unparalleled quality. Product Features: Why Pura Kiki? 1) Pura Kiki offers the only 100% plastic-free infant bottle and sippy cup in the world. NO plastic, NO BPA and NO EA. Crafted from only safe, anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel, the same material used in milk pasteurization equipment for 100+ years. 2) All nipples, spouts, travel covers and other components are crafted from medical grade silicone. Our silicone meets the strict European standards for silicone, is hypoallergenic, and does not contain any plastic. 3) The modular design allows each bottle to easily change from an infant bottle to a sippy cup, to a straw bottle, or to a sports bottle. All Kiki bottles are also compatible with nipples and spouts from many leading manufacturers 4) Lifetime Warranty on all metal components 5) Cost effective –plastic bottles and fragile glass bottles require frequent replacement – Kiki bottle lasts for years! 6) Pura Kiki products are designed in the USA by a dedicated team of committed parents. 7) Our optional silicone sleeves offer enhanced tactile feedback. 8) As a company, Pura Stainless has received Special Recognition from the US House of Representatives and California Assembly. 9) Stainless steel is recyclable and is comprised of 60% recycled content. One Life… One Bottle

Main features

  • Safe: The only 100% plastic free bottle in the world, stainless steel bottle and collar (304 grade) with medical grade silicone components guarantee your child is NEVER in contact with plastic, BPA, EA, or other petroleum derived toxins.
  • Adaptable: Grows with your Baby converting into an infant bottle with Pura nipple, or a water-tight drink or snack container with Pura Silicone Sealing Disks, also compatible with nipples from Pura, Born Free, Dr. Browns, and spouts from Avent
  • Includes: Pura no-spill XL Sipper Spout and Travel Cover both crafted from medical grade silicone with NO plastic, NO BPA and NO EA AND internal volume measuring marks
  • Green: no plastic, no lining, no BPA, no EA, no petroleum-based chemicals, no lead, no phthalates
  • Hand wash recommended

Verified reviews


no plastics, avent spout AND trainer cup handles work on this

I was on the hunt for a stainless cup for water for my kids’ always available house/car/outside cup. Even bpa free tasted weird if the water sat it it too long and that gave me the heebie geebies.I got this for my 11 month old, and a Contigo autoseal for my 2.5 year old. Returning the contigo and getting another one of these for my oldest. Previously for my infant we had the new Avent sippy cup that I really really liked, but just wanted to get away from plastics. The avent spout fits on this, as well as the handle. Whoo hoo, solved the handle-less problem!Also for condensation, I fold a “baby legs” sock in half and it is the perfect fit for a sleeve. cute cheap solution. Based on other reviews, I am avoiding the colored bottles, but with the baby legs I can still personalize them for each girl.The blue spout works great for my 2.5 year old, even though she prefers the spoutless travel mug style. She uses straws or open glass in a mason jar at home so she really is a little big, but she’s not ready for an open water bottle in the car. No plastics make this worth it till she makes that jump…and then with the sealing discs this can still be her cup!Just saw a review on the sealing discs where someone punched a hole for a straw! I am now ceremoniously tossing every other sippy in the house. Pura all the way.

Gretchen Kildare, TX

Gave me a metal splinter!

I was happy with this for the week since I got this – until it gave me a metal splinter! At least I got it and not the baby. It was from the rolled rim around the top screw-on cap. Going to return it now. And, just FYI – it only comes with the spout shown in the picture, and a flimsy silicone cover that slips on, but does not have a string or anything to keep it attached to the bottle so it seems very likely to get lost.

Ella Fayetteville, OH

100% plastic free sippy cup!

I have tried several other brands of stainless steel sippy cups for my children and this one is my favorite so far. My favorite feature of this Pura bottle is probably that it is 100% plastic free (I have yet to find another sippy that is). The entire bottle and cap are stainless steel and the nipple and bottle cover are composed of pure silicone.The silicone spout is well designed and does not leak when held upside down but liquid still comes out fairly easily when sucked on so your little one won’t have to work too hard to stay hydrated. I found with other brands that I tried that their no leak feature made it very difficult to get any liquid out, and although they usually break in with a bit with use, they still give me a headache to try and drink out of. With one brand, Thermos Foogo, I have resorted to removing the no leak valve altogether (and I am very glad that they designed it to be removable because otherwise my kids wouldn’t use them at all).Some people reported that the metal caps on their Pura bottles have sharp edges but I haven’t found that to be the case with the two that I have.Overall I am happy with these bottles and I highly recommend them.—- UPDATE 2/23/14 —-After having had these cups for over a year we still love them and they are still the favorite of my two kids (2.5 years and 11 months). They have held up well to abuse, and multiple drops on tile floors, and only have a few dents to show for it (do keep in mind that we do not use the protective silicone sleeves). One thing that I have noticed however is that over time the bottle nipples do begin to leak (but it is still fairly minimal compared to “free-flowing” sippy cups). If the leaking becomes a problem for you replacing the nipple on a regular basis (probably once every 6-8 months I’d guess) would keep the leaking at bay.I still highly recommend this product and I hope my review is helpful to you.

Nichole Arcola, VA

Stinking Odor Free!!!

What amazes me the most of the Pura Kiki brand is that they make their bottles having everyone in mind, from babies to grown ups, no one likes to smell something that is old or disgusting. This Sippy Bottle is odor free every time I wash it and not to mention it is heat/cold resistant. Excellent for toddlers because it protects the liquid from spilling quite majestically! Def. child approved =)

Rosemarie Waimanalo, HI

Baby does great with these

Our baby went straight from the MimiJumi bottles with a Medium flow nipple to these Pura Kiki bottles with a Medium flow nipple and has done great with them. I think these bottles are awesome. I will say that it is hard to gauge how much the baby has consumed because you have to look inside at the marker lines, which are hard to see in most light.Overall, the trade-off of having a stainless steel bottle over a plastic one is great, health wise. We go back and forth between these and regular glass Evenflo bottles. If I’m ever needing to have an exact measurement, I pour the milk into a glass Evenflo bottle to get a better measurement.One word of caution!: These bottles heat EXTREMELY fast! Like super duper wow fast. Much faster than even an glass bottle. So do not leave the room and come back to test the milk. It heats almost in an instant. Seriously.

Isabel Isom, KY

Awesome bottle for my 14M breast feeding baby

My son exclusively breast fed for 10 months and he never had a bottle or sippy. We just started him on this sippy/bottle at 14M. I use it with the avent nipples or the the xl sippy nipple. He loves the xl sippy nipple! This bottle is not as leaky as I was expecting based on reviews, I think it really depends on whether or not you screw the cap on tight and even. The silicone cover is a pain to get on and off, you really have to coat the inside with soap in order to slip it on. Overall I am VERY happy with this bottle!

Sandra Coal Hill, AR

Awesome bottle

This bottle is awesome! My 11 month old loves it and thinks he is such a big kid when drinking water out of it. I love that it is made from stainless steel with a silicon nipple. I only want to give my child the "cleanest" drinking bottle around. Other sippy cups are made from plastic which leaches harmful chemicals into the drinks. Great purchase! Now own 2! But make sure you order an extra set of travel covers, easy to lose or misplace.

Carey Colt, AR

Great toddler sippy

This was tough to drink out of for my under 1 year old daughter, but I’ve brought it back out now that she’s 20 months and it works GREAT. Three drawbacks, one of which others have noted:- The thin stainless steel makes for a very lightweight bottle, but also gets very cold when cold water from our fridge filter is put into it. I’m going to buy the sleeve to test out how it works.- My daughter has dropped this a few times, like everything else she gets her hands on. While the sides seem to withstand the fall very well, the bottom has rounded out so that it won’t stand flat on the counter, and wobbles a bit. Not the end of the world, but kind of odd that it would come out like that.- The flow seems to be a little slower than I would like for a child this old.The screw ring and nipple/sippy are much easier than most mouth parts on sippy cups. That plus the fact that this doesn’t drip and is lightweight will keep it as one of our top two sippy cups right now.

Doretha Pontiac, MO

Love it so far

This is exactly what I had been looking for. I needed an insulated cup or bottle to keep my one year old’s milk warm. I tried several cups and bottles and hated all of them. I don’t know if this is supposed to keep liquid warm but it does and I’m happy with it so far. Most importantly, I can just throw it in the diaper bag without it leaking all of the place. It is smaller than it looks in the picture but it is so pretty and modern looking. My toddler loves it so I’m going to buy one more to keep her water in. Love love love it.

Penny Mahomet, IL

Love this plastic free option!

When researching sippy cups, I wanted something with minimal plastic pieces. This sippy fit the bill. The bottle and neck ring are stainless steel, and the spout is silicone. The spout doesn’t leak when held upside down, and when it does leak by being smashed on a surface, it is only a small amount. This sippy is a great option for those who want to minimize the plastics and chemicals in their life!

Megan Lakin, KS

If you want someone/everyone to comment on your sippy this is it!

These are great, container, bottle and sippy could you ask for more? I think not. Everywhere we go we get comments about our "cool looking sippy" "crazy bottle" whatever…. everyone insists on talking about these to us. To me they are some cool bottles and I love the versatility to them. True they leak a very small amount (which sits on the top of the spout after the baby drinks), but it’s no big deal, and I really mean a very small small leak/ left over water/milk on the top. We took these to Europe with us since they were light and versatile!

Bonnie Lowgap, NC

Good Sippy Cup

Its a nice, quality stainless steel sippy cup for my little guy. Only issue I had with it was that my 3 year old tried to put the top on himself and we couldn’t get it off. Yes, pliers and nothing else work if you don’t put it on correctly. But we were able to return it and get a new one.

Greta Smoaks, SC


I really love this Pura Kiki sippy! I love that it is only stainless steel & silicone, so I don’t have to about chemicals leaching into my son’s milk. He just turned 1, and he will still only take milk from a silicone “soft” spout. I really like that this spout is a strong silicone. It doesn’t feel like a bottle nipple… Much sturdier, but not hard. He takes water from his other cup (safe sippy 2, with hard plastic spout) without issue, but I prefer these cups. They have no plastic components & are only 3 pieces to wash (bottle, ring, & spout. Also the silicone cover/lid, but we only use it while we are out.) He has no issue with the flow, and sucks down his milk just as quickly as he always does! I put a kidzikoo sleeve on it, and it works out well. I like the look of the Pura sleeves, but i want to be able to take the sleeve off after every use so i know it is getting properly cleaned. From my understanding they are difficult to get on, so that is not something you want to be constantly taking on & off. He can hold/tilt the bottle with no problem, and can get every last drop of milk. This is important to me as raw milk is expensive here. I’m back to get 4 more so we have enough for the day & 1 for water. I definitely recommend this sippy cup!

Wilda West Topsham, VT

Great non plastic option

We love this and the fact that is truly plastic free. My daughter likes the spout it also fits other brands spouts. I am anxious for them to come out with a straw option for this bottle!!!

Johnnie Taylorstown, PA


I really like these bottles, the sipper spout is easy for my baby to drink out of. My only complaint is that they are a little long for him now at 10 months. He cant hold it well and tip back his head. For now I put the sipper spout from this bottle on the 5 oz bottle.

Tricia Fort Ripley, MN


We love this water bottle because it doesn’t have any plastic and it’s very durable. The only complaint is that the paint comes off easily. I would have preferred to buy it without the paint. But ultimately it doesn’t matter because we bought the sleeve to go over.

Lorie Clarkston, MI

We like Pura

I like knowing this is a healthier type of sippy cup for my daughter. I also like the ease of cleaning it and the durability since my daughter likes to throw everything. I have purchased more now that we have tried this one.

Denise Saint James, LA

Five Stars

Absolutely love these!!!!

Andrea Macon, GA

Great product

I love the stainless steel pura kiki bottle for my daughter. She didnt like the spout t o i changed it to avent. Now shes using it everyday. No leaks.

Lorie Tunnel, NY

Love it!

I was unsure of buying this because it had no handles, but my now 1 yr old doesn’t mind a bit. I love that it is all metal and no valves to clean or mess with. It is cute and functional and the avent hard spout fits in for when we no longer want the rubber spout! One negative is that a little bit of the paint has scraped off, not a big deal to me but may be for some.

Lakisha Moss, MS

nice bottles

Best thing about these bottles are being able to warm milk by running hot water on them. it does scorn my flesh a bit when closing the cap as metal rubs on metal but other than this the bottles are great.

Becky Lemoore, CA

Need an alternative to glass? Use this.

This is a great alternative to glass bottles. If you’re traveling, glass bottles can be both heavy…and nerve-wracking. I’d hate for a glass bottle to get dropped, unless you have added a silicone sleeve to it. Even then, glass can shatter. I’d rather use stainless steel for travel, and this fits the bill!The only drawback is that the ounce/ml markers are hard to see from the inside. Not sure how to remedy this, though. I’m mainly using it for a sippy cup for water with the addition of the XL Sipper Spout, so the ounce markers are not that big of a deal to me now.

Tanisha Kinsale, VA