Pura Stainless Kiki Infant Bottle Stainless Steel, 11 Ounce, Natural

Pura Stainless Kiki Infant Bottle Stainless Steel, 11 Ounce, Natural

PK11BN Color: Natural, Size: 11oz. Features: -Stainless steel bottle with silicone nipple. -Not insulated. -Material: 100% Plastic Free. -Internal volume markings. Product Type: -Bottles. Dimensions: Overall Width – Side to Side: -2.25 Inches. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -2.25 Inches.

Main features

  • Smart: includes medical-grade silicone nipple in medium-flow; Wide-neck design supports breast feeding; Well vented nipple reduces colic; Nitrosamine free
  • Compatible with nipples from Pura, Born Free, Dr. Brown’s, and Think Baby
  • Adaptable: grows with your baby converting into a sippy bottle with Pura Silicone Spouts, Avent Sport Spouts (fast flow) or Nuk Latex Spouts
  • Functional: includes internal volume markings and silicone travel cover
  • Replacement nipples available in slow, medium, and fast flow rates

Verified reviews


Best sippy cup. Love it!

We’ve tried many bottles and cups and none has come close to this one. We love that it’s not made of plastic and is easy to put together. The infant spout was great for when our little one was younger but now that she’s a toddler, we use the sip spouts which has held up surprisingly well despite vigorous chewing. It’s easy to clean (we actually boil the whole set every once in a while to really disinfect, spout included since it’s silicone), easy to use, and even comes with a great no-spill cover for traveling (also made of silicone which is a huge plus). Love it!

Helen Vanleer, TN

Leaks, Leaks, Leaks!

If you want your 15m old to walk around the house and create milk puddles everywhere then this is the bottle for you! I’ve never had a bottle/sippy leak sooo bad. We’ve always been a klean kanteen family so I’m going to stick with those bottles with a MAM nipple. The only thing that the Pura bottle has going for it is the cool factor, and forget about those silicone grip covers, they are impossible to get on and off!

Lakisha Bridgeville, CA

Didnt work for us

This is a nice looking bottle and I love that its stainless steel. The hole in the nipple is too big so my little one chokes when feeding. Pretty pricey for something that isn’t perfect.

Jaime Weeksbury, KY

bottle top gets hot when warming milk and not safe for child or caregiver; sleeve won’t cover this

bottles are cute but the stainless steel rim on the lid gets super-hot when the bottle is warmed and not safe for the child or the caregiver. the sleeve is a great idea for the bottom of the bottle, but does not fix the too hot issue of the stainless steel lid. this brand/bottle would be ok if using as a sippy cup or if do not need to warm milk for your little one.

Sondra Vernon, UT

great bottle!

I have been using the pura bottles for the past couple months and I am really loving them. I originally was using glass bottles, but the stainless is so much better because there is no chance of breakage, and unlike the glass can be safely converted to a sippy cup when it is time (so I can justify the higher price). Sunlight breaks down vitamin c and other nutrients in milk, so it is great to not have to put a cover on the bottles like I did with the glass. Their customer service is also excellent. The reason I didn’t give it above 4 stars:1. They currently do not come with sealing discs. I bought some avent ones, and they work great, but would have rather not had to buy them separately.2. I wish that I could pump directly into them rather than transferring (exposure to air also causes oxidation of vitamin c in milk). They say they are coming out with an adapter soon. It may be too late for me unfortunately!3. The nipple it comes with is way too fast of a flow for a breastfed baby. I had to buy other nipples as well. The good news is that they are compatible with a lot more than they state on their boxes. I stuck to newborn vented nipples — think baby nipples, mam vented, and coddlelife classic vented all work well. I think my daughter likes the mam nipples best. BUT that was more cash I had to shell out on top of the price of the bottle.——-Edit 3 years later.1. These have held up well as I am using them with my 2nd baby – with the exception of the paint!!! Almost all the paint has chipped off after 3 years of hard use. I have the silicone sleeves to hide it, but I think they chipped more because I leave the sleeves on in the dishwasher. The non-painted ones still look amazing. I have started to try to manually chip the paint off the others after a run in the dishwasher. Stick to the non-painted ones for long term use. To be fair, this is also the case with our Kleen kanteen bottles. I guess it’s just not good to put painted steel in the dishwasher.2. The nipple has improved, they now are very similar to the think baby nipples, but they were still too fast of a flow until about 3/4 months ( I had to supplement the first week). I still had to use the mam nipple for my tiny newborn.3. They now sell their own sealing disks, but they are much more expensive than the avent ones.

Morgan Lockport, NY

Very satisfied

We have both this bottle and the organickidz 4 oz bottles, and I prefer this one slightly even though the organickidz can hold more volume. The size is a little shorter, so it fits in my fridge a little better and I like that there is no plastic at all. We are using Mam nipples with it as my daughter wouldn’t take the nipple it came with, and they work great. This bottle isn’t cheap, but effort would be required to break one, so we know it will last long after we are done with children needing bottles or sippy cups.

Laura Moosic, PA

Great system, cute base/bottle part

Bought this to use to try to get my daughter off the bottle (She’ll only take milk from a bottle nipple – everything else goes over fine in a sippy or big girl cup, but not milk *sigh*). I love the system, and wish I had used it from the beginning with her. Only two complaints, which are things I should have realized with this being steel.. when you put cold milk in, the whole thing top-to-bottom gets REALLY REALLY COLD. We solved this by using one of the baby leggs legging things as a bottle sock, and it works perfectly. No more cold hands for her! The second complaint is that milk goes bad really fast in these. Like, if she doesn’t finish off the bottle overnight by the morning its chunky…her Avents only did that after a full day or more (not that she was drinking them, just if it got left out somewhere or whatever). I think its a chemical reaction or just the lack of lining that does it. Not a big complaint but one to be noted if your kid sleeps with it (don’t want them to wake up and drink chunky milk!). The bottle is CUTE, like, really really cute. We haven’t had anything but compliments on it. No problems with paint chipping either, although I don’t have a chewer. The tops are interchangeable with Avent bottles (nipples fit this, and these tops fit on the Avent bases) which wasn’t completely clear in their advertising (I was afraid only CERTAIN Avent tops like the sport one would fit, but the regular bottle nipples fit fine). No leakage problems here unless you don’t screw the top on right. All in all this is a great system and I wish a) I had bought more of them and b) I’d been using them all along rather than wasting money on Avents!

Tanya Julesburg, CO

Paint Chips

Within the first minute of use, my baby was chipping the paint off of the outside of the bottle with his teeth. Perhaps a company which hangs its hat on non-toxic, plastic-free claims should consider their market and not use paint that will end up in a baby’s mouth.

Jane Jarrell, TX

Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

Lets start with, I am not someone to usually write reviews but I absolutely love these so wanted to share why…..I have tried every bottle out there with my little boy. He has awful reflux so I wanted to try out and see what worked best for him and me. I tried Medea, Avnet, dr brown’s, playtex drop ins and evflow….then I came across these on line while I was doing research “being that crazy Mom” about harsh chemicals in plastics bottles so I ordered on liking the idea that they were stainless steel and had no plastic, I also ordered on of there nipples to try. I ordered the 11 oz one which I thought was going to be ridiculous in size but I was surprised when I got it, I loved the size. He loved the bottle!! I used there nipple and it helped with his reflux now that he is a little older I use the Dr browns as well and he does just fine with that too!!! I ordered 4 large and three small the next week….. I got some of the little caps too and they are great for packing bottles to go…..or when he starts eating for some snacks! Best part is they also turn into a sippy cup….so it’s worth the price you spend on them. If you put them in the fridge they get so cold and all I have to do is run some hot water on bottle to warm it up and it takes seconds because the stainless steel. Also, you can put in purse and not worry about any leaks!!!! With nipple on it or with the cap. I would recommend these to anyone. Especially moms who are pumping at work and putting there milk in coolers…. They get really cold and stay that way even if your ice packs failed you. I hope this has helped!!!!

Kendra Carlton, TX

Just ok

I bought this to use as a stainless steel sippy cup. My child never quite understood how to use the sippy by tipping it back enough so we put a straw into the sippy nipple. The stainless steel bottle is fine however the silicone sippy spout can easily be pushed into the bottle by the child,making a mess. I have since gotten the Safe Sippy 2 and like it better since it has a straw included and holds more liquid. If you are looking for a stainless steel bottle to feed your baby, go with the Kleen Kanteen. I am really happy with the bottle and the nipple that goes with it. Also, for first time parents there is no point in getting a small bottle since the baby outgrows that amount of liquid, just go with the larger 9 oz and save yourself some money!

Leah Nemo, SD

stylishly practical!

Love that in todays world, baby can have things that are stylish, practical, and heirloom quality! These stainless steel bottles are so wonderful! With colors to match every personal taste!

Gertrude Upper Tract, WV

Love it !!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I did tons of research on a stainless steel bottle and sippy cup for my daughter. This one kept coming up as the best. I actually bought this smaller one that has the bottle nipple, then bought the sippy spouts and made it into a sippy cup. It is perfect for my 8 month old, we started using it with her when she was 6 months old. Great cup, no metal smell, no rough edges. Clean, sleek nice design. We also bought her the 11oz one for when she gets a little bigger. Love them. Will probably buy more as she grows.

Deana Faulkton, SD

Good bottle, with just a few problems

Overall I really like these stainless steel bottles. I wanted something that was completely free of plastics, and this one fit the bill.The main drawback is that you cannot microwave these, so you have to heat water for formula first and then make the bottle. (I know they say you shouldn’t microwave formula anyway, but please. Sometimes when baby is screaming for a bottle you have to do what is fastest). Or, with these, you can use warm water from the tap, but that is not recommended either.At any rate, I’ve ended up using these bottles more to offer my daughter a bit of water or watered down juice with her meals. I like that they stay cool, and they convert to sippy cups with a spout you can buy.The paint on the outside makes these look cute, but it does chip. Sometimes my daughter tries to gnaw on the bottle now that she is teething, so I really have to watch her with these.Overall, these are good bottles but I prefer Lifefactory glass bottles with the silicon sleeve, for the reasons indicated above.

Michael Mauricetown, NJ

Durable and functional

These bottles are easy to use and clean, durable, and come with a perfect wide-base nipple. I love the colors, too.

Marina Pie Town, NM

Phenomenal Invention for Babies!

This bottle is truly ONE OF THE KIND. My son really loves holding it and has no problem carrying it around, which makes life much more easy for me. It was a breeze to switch from the 5 ounce bottle to the 9 ounce bottle and then convert it to a zippy cup. My toddler hasn’t had any issues at all. We also love the extremely convenient silicone cases that are available in multiple fun colors! It is a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves and cares about the environment as much as our family does. THANK YOU PURA KIKI!!!

Audra Macomb, MI

Good, solid baby bottle

I needed a basic stainless steel bottle and this one really works for us. However I wish there were latex nipples available to fit it since we avoid plastic whenever possible (and silicone… not to be confused with the element silicon… is plastic, no matter what they call it). In my search for latex I tried a few brands of nipples other than the ones listed as compatible on the Pura website and indeed none of them fit. It supposedly came with slow flow nipples but I found them too fast for my baby (and much faster than the other slow flow bottles we had) so I bought another brand of compatible slow flow nipple which worked fine.The ounce markings in the bottle aren’t helpful. Unless you have a flashlight and a periscope you can’t actually look into the bottle and read the markings. I don’t need this feature anyway but if you want to easily be able to tell how much is in the bottle you’re going to want to go with glass (or plastic).

Jessica Donora, PA


I don’t have any problems with scratches or paint chipping like others have experienced. I ALWAYS wash it by hand. My 18mo old uses it all the time with the sippy nipple. No problems with leaking and its the perfect size for him because he never drinks more than 4 oz with a meal anyway Also, he tossing this thing around and watches roll off the table onto the floor and it is still like new.

Angelina Centrahoma, OK

Great Sippy

Great sippy cup. Goes from a bottle to a sippy cup. It is easy to clean and doesn’t leak. I get comments on these only time.The paint does come off of the stainless steel, so I do prefer the stainless steel ones.

Jimmie Newburg, WI

Perfect size for your diaper bag!

My daughter loves the pura bottles. We use the sippy cup nipple with this bottle and it’s perfect size for our outings. Light, stylish and sanitary! Awesome little bottle. Can be used for newbies or older kids as a sippy cup with the right attachment. Highly recommend!!!!

Gina Canton Center, CT

great bottle

was a great bottle i would reccomend never did dish washer on it jus hand wash cause i read sum bad reviews bout the dishwasher taken the paint off so i never put in there i loved it isa great bottle

Suzanne Harvard, ID

No Selection in Nipples

I really like this stainless steel bottles, easy to keep clean, no plastic, and durable. My only issue is the nipples. I bought this brand over other stainless steel bottles because you can use different nipples brands, however, the styles are all the same. This bottle only works for wide nipples. So if you baby prefers a wide nipple you should it, but if not don’t get it.

Sherri Niota, TN

Great little bottle

We use this with the Pura sip spout for my son’s milk with meals because I hope the smaller size will get him comfortable holding a child’s regular cup eventually.The first 5oz bottle we received got some kind of corrosion on the inside within a few days. When I contacted Pura they were very helpful and quickly sent a replacement. We haven’t had any issues with the new bottle.

Jimmie Canton, OH

Learning Curve

There is a learning curve with these bottles. For some reason the short bottles leak and the large bottles don’t. I am leaving this review on the 5 oz bottle to let you know. The only difference I can see between the two sizes is that the inside band on the 5 oz is brushed stainless and the tall is still shiny. If I were you I would just skip the small size and just get the talls. Just order newborn nipples and save the fast nipples for later.We still use the shorts when the talls aren’t clean. You just have to make sure that the lid is on really tight and you will be fine.We use MAM nipples with these, these are the only nipples our son will take, maybe if we used pura nipples or a different brand this won’t be a problem.I do like that they just came out with sealing discs for the bottles, then we use the 5oz to hold snacks or something.

Mae Elsberry, MO


I give this a four because I love that the entire thing is stainless, apart from the spout. But, it does leak. It’s so easy for my little one to tip and drink from. Just the right size as a first bottle to hold herself around 8-9 months, but it leaks. Did I mention it leaks? :). I am so bummed about that. We only use it for water because of that and won’t be using it much on cold days…

Estelle Tatamy, PA

no plastic so fantastic

If I knew about these earlier I would have purchased for my first child they are definitely worth every cent!

Noemi Cecilia, LA

Great alternative to plastic bottles

These stainless steel bottles are a great alternative to plastic bottles. We used glass bottles too, but always reached for these when traveling or spending time outside, where breakability was more of an issue. These are sturdy (held up to the dishwasher and several drops) and the nipples seemed to please my baby. I also like that you can buy a sippy-type top for the Kiki when your kid outgrows bottle nipples. We did that and were happy with using it as a sippy cup as well. The colors are also very fun and cute!

Carmen Chewalla, TN

Great transition bottle

We bought this bottle to use as a water bottle for our6 mo old son. I love that you can transition from a bottlenipple to a sippy cup style top on the same bottle. Sofar we love this bottle. It was also great to be able toswitch to Dr. Brown’s nipples since that is what wegenerally use.I have had no problems with paint chipping or sharp metaledges that another reviewer commented on.

Geneva Northfield, MN

LOVE this bottle!

I love the wide mouth – it makes it super easy to clean. I also really like that I can change out the nipple and put in a sippy spout so it can grow with my daughter. I just wish it had some sort of way to tell how much is in the bottle instead of having to open it up and look into it which doesn’t feel very accurate.

Gracie Sneads Ferry, NC

Excellent bottle with some caveats

At the time of writing this review our daughter is 9 weeks old. in the months leading up to her birth we researched many items including which bottles to buy. With a wealth of information on the Internet we had certain criteria. We didn’t want plastic bottles, as while new ones are BPA free we still have concerns on the longer term effects of exposure to plastics when our daughter is so young. We therefore looked at glass bottles and in so doing came across some great reviews of Pura Kikki. note: We supplement breastfeeding with formula and our daughter has around 6-8 bottles a day. We have had no major issues with her latching onto bottles or breast.We ended up buying a Life Factory glass bottle, a ComoTomo silicone bottle and a PuraKiki stainless bottle. Since then we have bought another 9 x PuraKiki 5oz bottles and 4 x PuraKiki 8oz bottles so for those who don’t want to read further you can see which we prefer.We liked the PuraKiki bottles over glass bottles as they are SO much lighter. That makes a big difference when carrying them, or having the little one hold them etc. Also even with the most careful parents it is inevitable that the bottles will end up getting dropped at some point. The last thing I wanted was to have a crying hungry baby, a dropped broken bottle and the stress of trying to solve this – particularly when tired from lack of sleep!The ComoTomo silicone bottle was also good, however the PuraKiki is better for us in terms of:a) durability – the stainless steel design is holding up very well to the dishwasherb) durability – we had made some spaghetti bolognese and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher with the baby bottles/nipples.. Now the ComoTomo bottle and all nipples have a nice orange/brown tinge from being stained by the tomato residue from the bolognese! The PuraKiki stainless bottles are unaffected.c) durability – fitting a new replacement nipple to the PuraKiki is easy and cheap. Replacement nipples for the ComoTomo are more expensive.d) flexibility – the PuraKiki can take different brands of nipples, we like MAM and PuraKiki nipples. With the ComoTomo you have no option but ComoTomo nipples.e) flexibility – The PuraKiki can convert to Storage Jar and Sippy cup. We’ve bought the Sippy Spouts but not used them yet. We have used the Silicone Sealing Disks and they work well. We use them when mixing formula and also when going out on day trips.f) longevity – I can see us still having the same PuraKiki bottles in 1,2,3,4,5 years time. We’ll either be using them for storage or for no. 2 if we have another child.The PuraKiki bottles do cost more, however for us it is absolutely worth it.So why only 4 stars….a) Leakage – we occasionally have had some leakage from the bottle. To be fair this could be because we bought some older style PuraKiki and newer style PuraKiki bottles and perhaps the design has changed in more than just a cosmetic way. I’ve not had a chance to see whether there is any real difference in the threading on the lid and hence whether we only get a leak when we put an old style lid on a new bottle (and vice versa). The reason we have an older style bottle is we found some on a discount website and didn’t realize it was an older style until it arrived. Since then we’ve ensured we get the latest design. The leakage is a rare occurrence.b) Pura Nipples – the new style Pura Nipples have a single vent hole on them, however I find that when I have a fussy baby it is difficult to see where the vent hole is and ensure it is facing up. I’d rather see the design modified to include 2 vent holes or make the vent hole easier to see. This is only really a minor issue, however when trying to feed a crying baby the MAM nipples are just so much less stressful as you don’t need to worry about orientation. Hence I really like using MAM nipples on the PuraKiki bottles.c) Measurement Markings – When pouring liquid into the bottle you need to have reasonable lighting to see the 1,2,3oz markings as they are on the inside. Once the baby has drunk, assuming their is liquid remaining, then it is difficult to measure how much is left and hence how much has been drunk. In the first few months of the babies life keeping track of milk intake is important. We bought a glass 2oz measuring cup and just pour whatever is left into it. I guess we need to wait for someone to invent transparent stainless steel!d) Opening – My wife has struggled a few times to open a used bottle. This could be due to me tightening them too much, dried milk in the thread or just the design. This isn’t a major issue to me however my wife has expressed very vocal frustration a couple of times and with a young daughter a happy wife is a happy husband!e) Sterilizing – Not necessarily a negative however you cannot sterilize the Pura bottles in the microwave as they are metal, instead once a week you put them in a saucepan of boiling water (or you could try the sterilize setting on your dishwasher if it has one)Overall VERY pleased with the Pura bottles as demonstrated by us buying more of them. However others may find the bottles don’t suit their needs based on the points above hence 4 stars.

Dorothy La Mesa, CA