Pura Stainless Kiki Sippy Bottle Stainless Steel, 11 Ounce, Natural

Pura Stainless Kiki Sippy Bottle Stainless Steel, 11 Ounce, Natural

Pura Kiki stainless steel bottles are the safe and environmentally conscious choice for your baby. Why? Pura Kiki bottles and collars are crafted from high grade stainless steel (304), are BPA free, naturally anti bacterial, lightweight, durable, and will not leach anything into your child’s milk, water or juice. Pura stainless was created with a simple vision: to make a difference by responsibly manufacturing a safe and durable alternative to plastic infant bottles and toddler sippy cups. We bring a strong spirit of environmentalism and innovation to our products. We strive to eliminate plastic waste, fund progressive environmental concerns with our Green15TM program, and develop compelling new products that help make life safe and fun. Pura stainless is proud to have been selected as one of the Top 50 small companies for 2009.

Main features

  • Smart: includes a Pura silicone no spill sip spout, plastic and BPA free
  • Compatible with the Avent Sport Spout (fast flow) and Nuk Latex Spout
  • Compatible with nipples from Pura, Born Free, Dr. Brownand#8217;s, and Think Baby
  • Functional: includes internal volume markings and silicone travel cover
  • 6 months and older

Verified reviews


Wanted to love it…but there are just too many design flaws.

I really wanted to love this bottle. There aren’t a ton of choices out there in stainless steel, and this is the cutest of all the options I’ve seen. The bottle itself is okay — it could be better, but it gets the job done.BUT…- The paint chipped pretty quickly/easily, and I found green flecks on my baby’s lips!!! So if you go with this bottle, I highly suggest getting the plain silver finish instead of the fun colors.- The nipple ring sliced my hand open. If you look closely at the ring in the picture, you can see how the bottom edge curls up and inward. Well, it doesn’t curl inward enough, and that inside edge is kind of sharp. I screwed it on a little too tight, and sliced my hand open trying to unscrew it. Now, I was exerting a lot of pressure (far more than a baby would be able to), so I don’t think it’s dangerous for the kiddos, but I’m a lot more cautious when I put this thing together now.- The volume markings could be better. Since you can’t see through these bottles like you can glass, not having every ounce marked on the inside makes filling them a guessing game. The 5oz bottle, for example, only has markings for 2 and 3 oz. That said, a lot of the stainless steel bottles out there don’t have ANY markings, so it’s better than nothing.- The nipples/spouts are wicked fast. The level 1 that came with the bottle is comparable to the level 3 nipples from all the other brands I tried. The sippy-cup transition spout is NOT a sippy cup — it’s just a soft (pliable as a silicone nipple) spout shaped like a sippy cup. Both the sippy spout and the level 1 nipples will drip (quickly and steadily) without any suction whatsoever. My daughter (now 8 months) won’t touch this with the sippy spout on. The sizing is standard (wide-mouth), so it’s easy to buy replacement parts…but should you have to??- The cap is a soft, fold-on/peel-off deal that is pretty annoying, difficult to put on, and gets dirty easily. I’d much prefer a cap that is more rigid (so it stays on and keeps the nipple or spout from leaking) and snaps on/off. Kleen Kanteen manages to do it, so I don’t know why Pura can’t.All in all, this is a good bottle if you avoid the painted finishes, replace the nipple/spout with another brand, are careful with the sharp edge on the ring, and don’t mind not having a decent lid. Seems like a lot of trouble to have to go to for the price, though.

Helen Elvaston, IL

An excellent sippy, with a few small caveats

In general, this is an excellent sippy bottle with several important features:1. The bottle is metal, the ring is metal, the nipple and lid are silicone. This is particularly comforting if you are trying to get rid of plastic bottles and parts. The metal pieces go through the dishwasher nicely and the nipple and lid are very easy to hand wash (though we often put the lids in the dishwasher as well).2. The entire unit is durable. Even the small flap on the nipple has held up well in many months of use by our twin toddlers. I consider that a resounding success. We have also experienced no dents or other physical deformities in the parts.3. This bottle is easy to use. It fits perfectly into our kids hands, is not overly slick (unless, of course, they ‘slime’ it up with some food), and is easy to assemble and disassemble.I have a couple of caveats, however. I do not like that they paint began peeling off soon after we got the bottles (we also have the green one, and the behavior is the same). There is no paint on the inside, so ingestion via liquid is not the primary concern, but we do worry that our kids will ‘pick’ at the peeling areas and that chips might end up being consumed. The other ‘concern’ is likely conditional on how active your kids are with their bottles. The nipple design of this bottle is quite simple, but this means that if they flip the bottle upside down and ‘bounce’ the nipple on the table/a tray, it leaks profusely. If your kids are not so aggressive with their bottles this will not be a concern, but be aware that you might need to clean up a bit more than with a bottle with a hard nipple!All in all, this is an excellent bottle and our entire family loves them.

Marion Jacksonboro, SC

Love this sippy cup

In an attempt to go plastic-free, I did tons of research online about what sippy cup to start my daughter out on, she is 6 months. Finding this one was great! It’s stylish, high quality, no plastic, durable and amazon was the only dealer that did not have it out of stock, so I was able to order it and get it in the mail quickly.

Candy Saint Cloud, WI

Our Favorite Sippy Cup Ever

Im on my second kiddo and have used many Sippy cups. This one is the best for many reasons.Love the silicone mouth piece. After boiling in water it no longer had chemical smell on it. It also was softer and more manageable. My son is 13 months and has been breastfeeding since birth and prefers this spout to bottle nipples. He has been able to drink water effortlessly and also enjoys chewing on it for teething.The stainless steel keeps his water cool. It’s 11 ounces so carries enough for long outings. I fill it less when we are home some can carry it. I haven’t had it in the hot sun yet, but I’m hoping it doesn’t get too hot. I will update when I know.We have had no leakage or spilling. The cap is twist on and off. There are no extra plugs, just the top nozzle. I’ve tried it, it’s tough tigger water through, but again my baby does it effortlessly.Cleaning is easy. I either throw it in with dishes using hot soapy water or I’ve thrown it in the dishwasher. Every now and then I book the silicone top to make sure it’s sanitized. I like that it’s not plastic! It’s so much softer and bendy.Overall great Sippy cup and the only one we use anymore.

Patsy Dutch Flat, CA

No problems with paint chipping or baby disliking taste

I’m not sure what the other reviewers are talking about, but these bottles have worked perfectly for us. We haven’t had any issues with paint chipping or with our little girl not liking to drink from them. Definitely try them out – we love them and wouldn’t change a thing.

Amalia Bass Harbor, ME

The only way to go plastic free!

I love this bottle. It vents as well as avent bottles, with no complicated valve pieces. It’s the only bottle I know of with no plastic whatsoever. I know a lot of bottles are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, but it wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t realize those chemicals were a problem. So, who knows what else is in the plastics we now think are safe, but really aren’t.The downsides to this bottle are that your baby/toddler can poke the nipple into the bottle, and then it leaks everywhere. It’s also tall and skinny, which means little hands can grip it, but it’s also a little unwieldy, although my 14 month old is starting to have an easier time with it.It does work with the avent sippy spouts, but those of course introduce plastic. I wish that Pura offered different plastic free spouts for older babies. My daughter loves the silicone toddler spout, but I worry that it’s just a glorified bottle nipple. Maybe a harder silicone spout that just sort of slows the flow would be good.

Janet Tawas City, MI

Great Item

I’ve been trying to contribute as least as possible to the “pacific garbage patch” so I’m on a quest to stop buying plastic. This has proved very tricky with respect to baby items so I was very pleased to find this item available. The bottle is great, it works well and our son really likes it. I bought one in green and blue.

Hattie Roy, NM

Love it!!!

I have 4 different brands of stainless steel sippy cups & this is by far my favorite!! I use the Avent sippy spouts but the other ones fit well too, it’s just I needed a hard spout that wouldn’t leak b/c my son likes to tip his cup over to force milk out of it…definitely recommend this cup!

Dianna Scioto Furnace, OH

Great Bottle Wish These Were Around For My 1st Kid!

I love these bottles! When I found out we were having another child I was on a mission to be plastic free. I researched and I found this bottle, klean Kanteen, and Lifefactory. But, I didn’t like the idea of giving a glass bottle to a baby when they get old enough to hold it by themselves. So then it was down to Klean Kanteen and Pura. I picked Pura because it can go to newborn to toddler with one bottle and had different nipple options. No more buying plastic sippies. I took the advice of other reviewers and got different nipples right away, we got MAM. Other advice, get the sleeves to go with they are really nice to have.And as far as leaking goes, just make sure that the you screw it together really tight and you won’t have a problem with the 11 oz bottle. If you are thinking of getting the smaller 5 oz, we had problems with those w/ the MAM nipples, they were prone to leaking. The only thing I could see was a difference between the two… the 5 oz bottle, on the rim the steel has a brushed finish, the 11 oz is shiny. So if you are thinking you should get some 5 oz bottles too, just get these 11 oz and buy newborn nipples and save the fast nipples for later.And an added bonus, they just came out with sealing discs to make your babies bottle into a water bottle for later, or a snack container (which is what we will do for the 5 oz bottles we have). All and all I am glad I spend the money on these, I feel like I am really getting my moneys worth!

Sally Talco, TX

Nipple Can Be Pushed In–huge mess!

My daughter was about 13 months when I started trying to get her to use this as a sippy. She quickly discovered (in a department store!!!) that she can push the whole nipple into the bottle and dump all the milk out! I thought it may have been a fluke, or I screwed it on wrong, or maybe it was the sippy nipple so I tried a normal one…she continued to push it in and dump her (expensive, raw) milk out! Perhaps if you start it as a normal bottle with a smaller baby and transition to sippy they won’t realize what it can do…but I can’t recommend it.

Janell North Waterboro, ME

Spout is good unless you’re sucking hard…

The sippy spout is good unless you’re sucking very hard – then it seems to kinda collapse and also baby got some air bubbles and was hiccuping.I do like that the spout interchangeable with ThinkBaby – we have those and I’ll give those a try as well.Overall I prefer glass (more inert), however this stainless is better for travel and lighter for baby to hold up than glass.I have quite a few healthy drink holder options at home for him for different scenarios and needs.This a good option. Not HG though…. sigh.

Kay Perry, MO


Love these. My child carries it all over and despite months of constant use, the color hasnt peeled off. My daughter is hard on these. I see that other people have had issues but that hasnt been the case for us.

Carissa Berthoud, CO

Love bottle not the cap

My daughter use this everyday. We changed the nipple with an avent sippy spout. No leaks and she can hold it by her self because its skinny.

Concepcion Scotch Plains, NJ


It’s difficult to get it to vent properly and not leak. We use the mam nipples and get leaks pretty much every time but still use this bottle daily to stay away from plastic. Our bottle leaks from the bottom of the screw on ring. We have tried new nipples and it.did not help. It’s not huge leaks just enough to be annoying and get everything sticky.

Becky Sadler, TX

LOVE this bottle

I am absolutely loving this bottle. I was so tired of having to replace plastic bottles over and over as the plastic broke down and they started to harbor bacteria and smells, I swear we must’ve gone through 50 bottles in 18mos (my daughter has a health condition that required her to have 8oz every 2 hours most of her first year- her bottles take a lot of abuse). I considered glass bottles but was concerned about my active toddler breaking them, and I could not find one glass bottle that someone had not complained about the ring not fitting well and/or cracking.This stainless bottle on the other hand, is a dream come true. Its crisp and clean, lightweight, easy to clean and never holds on to smells. My toddler also absolutely loves it- I actually got her to drink 20oz of water in one day, when I usually struggle to get 8oz in her. She loves the crisp taste of water with no plasticy taste. I’m going to have to order another one, because its hard to get her to put it down long enough to clean it. She’ll drink a full bottle of water, hand it to me and say “more water!”.As far as some of the issues in other reviews, I have had none of those problems. I don’t find the cap to be sharp, it screws on easily if you don’t force it. As with any stainless bottle, you have to carefully make sure the threads are lined up before you start twisting or you’ll end up with it at a bad angle- and of course its going to leak if you don’t put the lid on correctly. That is a matter of user error, not any flaw in the bottle.As far as mixing formula in it, just put your finger over the nipple like you would with any bottle, I don’t understand the reviewer who said it spilled when shaking it… doesn’t everyone cover the nipple when they shake a bottle?I’m also very happy with the silicone cap, it goes on super easy and pulls off easy, and it really gets the job done. I keep this bottle in my purse with no fear of the cap leaking.This bottle works perfectly, I love it, my daughter loves it, AND it has a lifetime warranty. Can’t beat that! I’m recommending this to everyone.

Madeleine Salem, MI