QuickZip Cotton Crib Sheet, 1 Zip-On Sheet + 1 Drop-in Base, White

QuickZip Cotton Crib Sheet, 1 Zip-On Sheet + 1 Drop-in Base, White

QuickZip: Crib Sheets Made Easy! It’s About Time! – – – – From middle-of-the-night messes to crib sheets that always pop off at the corners, keeping clean, secure sheets with babies can be a challenge. That’s why QuickZip reinvented the crib sheet. QuickZip is a patented, two-piece crib sheet system that easily zips off and on. With QuickZip, you can change sheets fast and often so that baby can get back to sleep and you can get back to your day. – – – – Simply drop the mattress in the base one time and our Zip-On Sheet zips off and on in seconds so there’s no more wrestling with mattresses or bumpers. Unlike loose-fitting sheets that can cause an entanglement danger to your baby, QuickZip fully surrounds your mattress and won’t pop off. And since we preshrink all our fabrics, our sheets fit wash after wash (and kid after kid). – – – – The QuickZip Crib Sheet – – – – Includes one Zip-On Sheet and one Drop-In Base. Most customers buy two extra QuickZip Crib Zip-On Sheets (sold separately) for convenience and variety. And any crib flat mattress pad (no skirt around the mattress) works perfectly with the QuickZip Crib Sheet. – – – – Buy QuickZip for you, one for the babysitter and one for grandma. Hands down, the QuickZip Crib Sheet is the best baby shower gift for any parent. Fits standard crib/toddler mattress (52″ x 27″) and 5″ to 7″ thick.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • CRIB SHEETS REINVENTED – QuickZip is a patented, two-piece crib sheet system – Simply drop the mattress in the base ONE TIME and the Zip-On Sheet zips off and on in seconds so there’s no more wrestling with mattresses or bumpers.
  • SAFER THAN CONVENTIONAL CRIB SHEETS – QuickZip wraps all the way around the mattress – a safer alternative to traditional crib sheets that can pop off your baby’s mattress, which can pose an entanglement risk. Zipper is fully covered and pull tucks away – Highest quality, durable zipper (YKK) used on all products.
  • RECOMMENDED BY EXPERIENCED PARENTS – Join the thousands of parents who love QuickZip and declare they will never go back to traditional crib sheets.
  • INCLUDES 1 ZIP-ON SHEET & 1 DROP-IN BASE – we suggest purchasing two extra QuickZip Crib Zip-On Sheets (SOLD SEPARATELY) for convenience and variety – QuickZip Crib Zip-On Sheets are available in a variety of colors and fabrics to coordinate with your nursery.
  • SAVE THE FRUSTRATION – SWITCH TO QuickZip – 100% Cotton, Pre-Shrunk

Verified reviews


not impressed

Was thrilled with the idea at first, but not with the sheets. The description says they will fit matresses 5.5-7 inches deep. That is a bit of a problem, because there will be loose fabric unless your mattress is 7″. But wait, they shrink!!! And I believe by more than the 3% stated on the company website. (BTW, the product description on Amazon says “preshrunk”). My mattress is Baby Luxe Organic (6 inches deep) and I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out the sheets shrunk after washing in warm water and drying in low heat. So now the sheets fit around the mattress (they were loose around it too), but I still need to use a thick mattress pad for a better fit in depth, which I was not planning to get. Since these are bedding items, and also I washed them, the sheets cannot be returned. Basically, changing will be easy with these sheets, but a good fit is a crap shoot. I also HATE the embellishment around the sheet (about 1 inch fabric with absolutely no practical purpose), since the top sheet shrunk by more than the bottom, and so the embellishment, instead of being at the corners of the crib, is inside.If you must buy, proceed with caution. And be prepared to fiddle with bedding items until you get them to behave.The only reason why I am giving 3 stars instead of 1 is because they are 200 count 100% cotton sheets, and most crib sheets out there don’t even state the thread count (and seem to hide a small polyester content in the back of the package).UPDATEI resolved the problem by sewing a few strips of 1″ wide elastic at the back of the bottom sheet. This took care of the loose fabric, and the sheets fit snugly. The irony is that my kid (now 2) did not sleep a single night on these sheets. He refused to sleep anywhere (crib, pack’n’play, bassinette, etc, except for our bed…). So all you mommas-to-be out there, relax and go with simple (possibly second-hand) sheets at the beginning until you figure out what your kid likes.

Beverly Pelion, SC

Great Idea, but I found a better one

The QuickZip Sheet Set is a great idea–easy to use, and great quality. However, the set only comes with one base and one top sheet, so you have to buy a separate spare top sheet for those “middle-the-night” bedding changes that this product is supposed to ease. That adds up to a lot of money. Plus, these aren’t waterproof, so you have to buy their mattress pad (which did poorly in other customer reviews) or another brand of waterproof pad. Again, more money. I found a product called ZipSheets at […] and they are better in every way. They were on sale for $49 and included the base and TWO top sheets (called piddle pads), which are WATERPROOF with a hospital grade barrier fabric! No need for a separate mattress pad or a spare sheet bought separately. The piddle pads are also quilted, which is a nice touch. Their webiste does a side-by-side 7-point comparison to four similar products, and the ZipSheets are clearly superior. Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t sell ZipSheets, but should. You can still add them with the Universal Wish List. Plus, they offer the same product for twin-size beds, which I shared with a coworker who is caring for a sick elderly parent who is incontinent. One last thing, QuickZip doesn’t offer flannel top sheets, which are a must in winter, in my opinion. I contacted the company and they said that they don’t offer it because the flannel doesn’t keep its shape. Well, I ended up sewing a piece of prewashed flannel onto one of the top sheets and it worked just fine. I’ll probably do the same with the ZipSheets. Good luck!

Edith Angie, LA

Great Idea, but….

These sheets are so itchy it is unbelievable. I have a hard time putting these against my skin, so it pains me knowing that my precious little one with his sensitive skin is sleeping on these.I love the concept, the ease of use, and the fact that they fit like a glove. They are genius, I just wish that the fabric wasn’t so itchy! I am hoping that with a few more washes they will become softer, otherwise I would have given them a 5 star review.

Lynnette Five Points, TN

Much better than Ultimate Crib Sheet

I have used multiple ultimate crib sheets during the last 4 years. I knew that the back plastic seemed to crumble off especially after using the dryer, but I didn’t think much of it. That was until I saw a product review that stated that it’s made of PVC, which is harmful if swallowed by babies. I stopped immediately and starting researching for an alternative, and found this. I love it. It’s easy to use and wash, and it feels very soft. The only complaint I have is that when my baby gets sweaty or drools, the water stain looks huge, but I think it’s just because the sheet is quite thin. I can live with that considering everything else that’s wonderful about it.

Mina Detroit, ME

Great product

These are wonderful! I layer with a wet pad so changes are easy. I just wish they made a 100% organic cotton.

Gwen Comstock, TX

Great idea

This sheet set is genius. Zipping out the insert is so quick compared to removing the bumper and taking out the whole mattress. I highly recommend.

Yolanda Germantown, IL

Don’t know why anyone is not using this!!!

This is one of the best purchases we have made. I can’t imagine having to take the whole sheet out of the crib everytime we change it, which is every week. This is super, super easy. Not to be mean, but the people who struggled with this must have a problem with all zippers. I can’t imagine life without this product!! And the color (yellow gingham) is pretty too.

Brenda Star, NC


This is the greatest invention ever!!! I wish I had thought of it. It is soooo easy to take on and off, you don’t even have to take the mattress off to change the sheet!! My husband can even do it! That speaks for itself.

Geraldine Stamping Ground, KY

Great idea

A friend recommended these QuickZip sheets and I’m very glad I followed her advice to spend a little more on these vs traditional sheets; love them. They are such a genius idea to make bedding changes quicker and less cumbersom, especially in the middle of the night. I do wish they were available in more colors, especially a nice yellow, but I have the green and white sets and three additional top sheets (including gingham and velour) that I got elsewhere, and I just use them all interchangeably. I love the velour sheet in particular. These cotton ones wrinkle very badly, which is my only small criticism of the product. I dry on low heat and remove immediately from the dryer, but they are still very wrinkled. I’m not uptight enough to iron them, but that’s what you’d have to do to have them look really good. But function being more important than aesthetics, I would absolutely buy these again.

Angelique Chesterhill, OH

So easy!!

Love these sheets!! They are so easy to take on and off, and they fit a standard crib mattress perfectly! There might have been a tiny bit of shrinkage in the wash but only the way cotton normally does, it actually made our top sheet a little more taut when I zipped it back on, which I’d prefer to loose fitting anyway.Minus one star because they aren’t quite as soft as the cotton sateen sheets that we also have, but they are just fine and Baby has no complaints! 🙂

Esther Samnorwood, TX

GENIUS, but not perfect…

I’d give 5 stars, but have a few drawbacks:1) They are expensive…(If I knew how to sew zippers properly, I would’ve been happy to sew a set myself out of softer facric.) That said, they make a good shower gift at this price point, and seem like an “indulgence” for the recipient. Given them a few times to new moms.2) In my book, 200thread count is NOT ‘soft’, but they are not any more rough than a typical baby bedding sheet. I don’t like sleeping on any less than 350 so I hate putting my son on 200 :-(3) The fit is a crap-shoot. They did shrink a bit more than the company’s estimated 3% but happen to fit just fine on our thick mattress that is very tightly fitted to the sides of the crib.But overall, these sheets are all the company claims. They fit pretty well, are safer than the competition, and MUCH EASIER than a typical fitted sheet!Update: My son (2yrs) likes to unzip them, but can’t get it past the corner! Also, the zipper is great quality; countless washings and still functions like new.And FYI: One of the sets I bought I wanted to be warmer/softer for wintertime, so I sewed on some pre-washed flannel over them, but the top sheet has pilled badly over the years.Update: For baby #2 due April 2012, I’m buying this white set again and sewing mink to the top sheets, and flannel to the base again. I’d buy the mink version, but its color is not snow white, and the base IS.(That’s stupid.) Also, the base isn’t sold in mink so I’d have to buy a white base set, which leaves me with a white sheet leftover, which I’d have to sew anyway! Love these, but the company doesn’t seem to be logical :(Update: Going 4yrs strong on these! They’re really are ingenious!

Christina Polaris, MT

You need these!

Usually, I write epic reviews talking about ups and downs of a product but this review doesn’t need any of that. Simply, you need QuickZip sheets. I can change my daughter’s crib sheet in under 30 seconds, the sheets are soft, and they wash really well. They don’t look stupid like the snap on Ultimate Crib Sheet — these look like regular sheets but simply zip off making a mom’s life so much better. Love, love, love them.

Cheryl Harrisburg, MO

Easy to use.

Easy to use. Easy to change. The flap covering the zipper does flip up, but doesn’t get in the way of the little one.

Carly Chromo, CO

Makes changing sheets a snap!

Wow! These are so great and make sheet changes so easy! I love them, have washed and dried them as directed with no trouble or shrinkage. As long as we have a crib, I will not go back to regular fitted sheets again! These make middle of the night sheet changes a breeze. We have one set and two replacements and it works out great.

Rosalyn Billings, MT


Great product. We bought one sheet set and one extra top sheet. Our son is now 4 months old and we have changed these sheets many times as he throws up milk etc. My husband also loves it bc you don’t have to pick up the entire mattress to change the sheets, just unzip the top sheet and zip up a clean one…Great idea!

Wanda Plano, TX


These are really nice sheets. They are nice and soft and fit our mattress perfectly. It is so easy to change the top sheet. I love the convenience!

Paula Auburn, WY

Saves time, stress and sleep in the middle of the night

This sheet set is awesome! For about a month, my son kept leaking out of his diaper at night and it was such a hassle to continuously change the crib sheet and lift up the mattress; especially because we were using sheet suspenders to secure the regular crib sheet under the mattress. I looked on amazon and read the review for thiss and am so pleased with this item. We have bought 2 more separate crib sheets so we have 3 altogether (one to use, one in the wash, and one extra). I highly recommend this as a product to save yourself a lot of extra hassle with middle of the night leaky diapers (or spit-up).

Christy Lisbon Falls, ME

What a concept!!

We LOVE this product. Wish I would have thought of something like this! The sheets are super soft and cool to touch. Its so easy and quick to change out the sheet when our baby spits up or has an accident. We are doing the sage and cream colored sheets…..they look great.

Simone Romulus, MI

Best product ever!

These sheets are the greatest invention; I wish I could buy them for my own mattress. They fit very snuggly around the mattress with or without a waterproof mattress pad. It was extremely easy to just zip off the top sheet when soiled without stretching or having to budge the mattress. They are not super soft, but they are soft enough and would never use a regular fitted sheet for a crib ever again!

Beverly Holly Grove, AR


Took two of us to change the sheets in the baby crib before I got this. I love it and recommend it to all parents!!

Ellen Continental, OH

So easy!

We bought these for our first daughter and had to get them for our second. They make changing the cribs sheets SO much easier and the colors work well with the colors in the room!

Avis Macomb, MI

Won’t work for an IKEA (or other thinner) mattress

I loved the idea of this sheet. However it will not work if your mattress is on the thinner side. We have an IKEA mattress we love, however, since it is thinner than some of the other mattresses, the sheet does not sit appropriately on the mattress – there is too much left over material. I tried pulling the excess material under the mattress to make the sheet more snug, but it didn’t work. So make sure you have a thicker mattress if you are going to by this sheet set.

Amparo Metamora, OH

Sheets look ok although baby not here yet!

My husband and I are expecting a baby. We have bought a crib with no drop sides and I was concerned about the labor involved in changing sheets regularly given the mattress is harder to access in these cribs. When we discovered these sheets on Amazon we thought they might just do the job as theoretically only the top of the sheet set needs to be unzippered and washed if baby makes a mess in the bed. Obviously I am happy to wash the entire sheet set regularly but in the middle of the night I’d rather just replace the top of the sheet if I can get away with it.When the sheets arrived, I was slightly disappointed to find them a trifle too big for the crib mattress. I still wanted to keep them though and I decided to sew a little elastic to the underneath of the base portion of the sheets to tighten up the fit.Fortunately, I washed these items before doing any sewing. They shrank to the perfect size in the wash and dry. (Washed in cold water and dried using a low setting in the dryer).These sheets now fit my standard crib mattress (DaVinci Twilight 6″ Crib Mattress) perfectly.I can’t give these sheets 5*’s because I haven’t yet actually used them and I was surprised that such expensive sheets shrank. However, I am absolutely delighted at the good fit now so really cannot complain!****UODATE*******Baby is a year old and these sheets still look just like they did on the first day I put them on the bed. Just THRILLED with them. They performed exactly as expected. I was worried that the white ones might stain but that hasn’t been the case for us. I think I have changed the bottom of the sheets only a handfull of times, basically just when my guilt kicks in and I think I should. Such an easy product to use – and we have the cot at the lowest level now so I reckon it would be even harder to change the usual sheets in this configuration.

Kerri Norfork, AR

Zip-off sheets are a great way to make changing baby’s sheets easy

I absolutely love these zipper sheets. They make it so that you don’t have to lift the entire crib mattress whenever you want to change the sheet. The only thing to consider is that if you get different colors and plan to interchange them, the mattress can look a bit weird with the contrasting colors around the outside and then the top. Not a big deal but worth thinking through when you are deciding what colors to buy.

Miranda Casstown, OH

Very nice sheets

Unlike most of the reviewers, I didn’t order this product for the ease of changing the sheets. I’ve never found it to be particularly difficult to change a crib sheet. I can only imagine many of these reviewers have bumpers on their cribs and I’ve seen a few who say that the crib mattress is really heavy. I’ve never used a bumper and the crib mattresses I’ve owned were the cheapest we could find and were very lightweight, so changing crib sheets has never struck me as any sort of chore. I’m on my second kid and never gave crib sheets any second thought until my little one decided that the second she gets in the crib she wants to take the crib sheet off. Every. Single. Time. I was worried about it being a strangulation hazard and she would wake up all sweaty from laying against the plastic mattress. I needed a sheet that would completely zip around the mattress and stay on despite her trying to pull it off.The reason I bring this up is that if you are a new mom and trying to figure out what products to buy for your baby, I’d start out with a basic sheet and see how much it bugs you to change them. You can find decent fitted sheets a lot cheaper than this and it may not be worth the price. Do I find it easier to change this sheet than a regular sheet? No. But it might be if you use a bumper.Having said all that, I really do like these sheets. They are very soft and solidly constructed. The price is high for a crib sheet, but they are very nice sheets. The bottom piece was way too big when I first put it on but it shrunk to the perfect size after the first wash.Overall I’m happy with this product. I suggest the mink sheets to go along with this. Very soft!

Brittney Swansea, MA

solid construction

I really like this sheet set. Zipper is well constructed, doesn’t kink in teh wash. Easy on, easy off the baby mattress. Great purchase, recommended.

Terrie Coal Center, PA

Helpful invention for new parents!

We LOVE how quick and easy this is to use… No pulling up mattresses to change fitted sheets when you have spitups or blowouts at night! Definitely worth it! We registered for one set, and one additional zip-on top, and it has been perfect!

Eunice Solon, OH

What did parents do before this?

This sheet set makes changing sheets so simple. What a great product. The material seems like good quality.

Faye Sabine Pass, TX

Easiest sheet for crib mattress

I absolutely love these sheets. I have used them for almost two years now with my first son and now have bought additional ones for my second son. They are so easy to change. There is never a need to pull out the entire mattress in order to change the sheet. Also, they wear very well. I have been using the blue and white sheets with my other son for almost 2 years and they still look and work great. I would absolutely buy these again and again!

Valarie Mary Alice, KY

Great sheets

These sheets are great! We have a bumper and a very tight mattress so in order to change the sheets we need to untie the bumper and pull out the mattress, no easy feat. With these I can change the sheets so easily. It zips off very easily and the new one zips on. We bought the white and the great thing is you can bleach out stains. The sheets are not really soft, but certainly not rough and so far have held up great.

Amelia Orient, NY