QuickZip Crib Zipper Sheet – Ecru

QuickZip Crib Zipper Sheet – Ecru

The patented QuickZip® zipper sheet is designed to be simple, safe and stylish. Zips on and off for easy changing. Do less laundry! Keep several zipper sheets on hand for those toughest days. These 100% cotton, 200+ thread-count or 100 poly mink sheets will not shrink even after multiple washings (or multiple kids!). For use with QuickZip® Crib Sheet Set, sold separately

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • The world’s easiest crib sheet – To change, just zip off, zip on and relax.
  • Stays safely and securely on the mattress to minimize entanglement hazards
  • No more wrestling with the mattress or untying bumpers
  • Mix and match fabrics – Zipper sheets are interchangeable on all QuickZip® Crib Sheet bases.
  • For use with QuickZip® Crib Sheet Set, sold separately

Verified reviews


Must have sheets!!

I am so pleased with these sheets! What a time saver! I have one set of sheets that came with baby’s crib set that are the regular type and it takes forever to get those on and off – I have to take out the whole mattress. These are so fast – just zip on and zip off. I have three of them so that at least one is always clean. Just make sure to purchase one that has the base with it as these only come with the actual sheet. I have recommended these to all of my pregnant friends!

Juliet Adrian, GA

Saves time, energy

The quick zip sheets are awesome, *IF* you don’t use a bumper or sheet protector. I have the breathable bumpers (love them) and a crib protector (it ties onto the rails) and it is difficult to reach around them and zip/unzip the sheet set. However, that said, the sheets have maintained their size (no shrinkage) and (I don’t have the flannel kind) they have also maintained their softness. I plan to take off the bumpers soon, since my son is about the age to start climbing around, so this product is probably more useful for infants 6 months and older. Also, I’d like to note that if you use a mattress pad, you need to purchase the kind that doesn’t have elastic to slip under the corners — or if you have a late night accident to clean up, you’ll still have to take off the entire sheet set in order to get the mattress pad off. As far as ordering different color top sheets, I have the base sheet and top sheet set in white, and a top sheet in sage: when the sage top sheet zips onto the white base, you can see the white on the sides between the crib rails, so you may want to go with matching colors. Personally, this look doesn’t bother me and it goes with our nursery, but it’s something to consider.

Kellie Hornell, NY

A wonderful time saver!

I love these sheets. I recommend it to all my pregnant friends. It’s so easy to zip on and off and honestly, when you have a billion things to do and no time to do it, it REALLY helps! My son is now 20 months old and (knock on wood) I haven’t had to deal with any crazy explosions in the crib (outside of the crib is another story) but had I had to, these sheets would have made it so much easier. I used a waterproof mattress cover underneath it and just zip these right on. I have two sets that I trade off between washings. I think the only thing they could improve on is to up the cuteness factor. I think that’s probably the only reason why more of my friends haven’t bought these.

Katheryn Smith Center, KS

Need to also purchase base

I was excited to receive this after I saw all the positive reviews. What I didn’t realize was that you also need to buy the base sheet to use this product. I am annoyed that I bought the wrong product and need to return this now. I wish they were more clear about this in the product description. I re-read it after purchasing, and I now see that it says it at the very bottom, but it’s buried with everything else. I feel like I was totally mis-led.

Ola Mountville, SC

Great creation!

Just started using this a few weeks ago as we moved my son to the crib from the bassinet and its fantastic. He started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago and with that came some leak throughs (before I bought night diapers) and this thing was amazing! I was able to just unzip within 30 seconds and re-zip on the new sheet. I highly recommend buying this sheet system and replacement sheets. There are some extra wrinkles with all the extra edges coming out to of the wash/dryer, but so worth it in not having to lift the mattress or snap buttons around the edge! Loved this!

Cassie Foreman, AR

Easy crib sheets

These are so simple. They require a bit of effort at first since sheet goes underneath, but much easier than changing whole sheet. Just make sure to put a pad between sheet and mattress cover so you can wash that if baby has an accident.

Elisabeth Herington, KS

Don’t be cheap, just buy them!

These are amazing! Zip, zip and you’re done! You don’t have to remove the bumper or lift the mattress. So what if they don’t exactly match your bedding set. They are good looking and so quick and easy to use. Zipper never gets stuck and baby can’t get hurt on the plastic zipper. Get 3 sheets and 2 mattress pads. Look for a package deal to save money. When I was debating about getting these, I asked 3 girlfriends if their “regular” sheets where a pain to change. They all said no, because they make their husbands do it and their husbands all hate it!

Lindsay Gusher, UT

If you haven’t discovered these yet…..you need to!

This is the most amazing product ever… You don’t have to take the entire sheet off crib ( which is a pain). It just zips off! Awesome

Monika Cora, WY

Such a good idea

I decided to try these sheets when my second child was born, and I think they are great. It’s so much easier to just zip off the top than remove the bumper and mattress in order to change the sheet. Great product! Worth the money.

Ora Stottville, NY

Must have item for baby/toddler!

This makes my life so much easier! Before this product, I had to pull the entire crib mattress out and take the sheet off with out pulling the mattress pad off as well. Then I had to stick it back in the crib where it would smash the bumper crib down and then I would have to fix that. With this sheet set, all you do is zip off and wash and zip it back on or buy an extra sheet and you’ll have a backup when one is in the wash! What a lifesaver and time saver for those accidents in the middle of the night also!!

Mildred Center Ossipee, NH

Love this product. You won’t regret getting it

Yes it’s expensive. But goodness gracious it’s worth the price in the amount of time and hassle you save. In addition, as the mattress gets lowered when the baby grows this will also save your back. Having to pluck the mattress up every time from such a low position is extremely awkward on the back and for those of you with back issues, this will save you a few episodes… making it absolutely priceless.I bought the starter kit and one extra zip sheet. That’s all I’ve needed for 7 months now and going. It’s definitely durable and my son hasn’t learned to unzip it yet 😛 It fits nice and snugly on our mattress. The edge does stick up after laundering and the zipper will show, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. The zipper is made of plastic and hasn’t scratched or hurt my baby at all.

Tabitha Forestburgh, NY

Buy these and buy them now 🙂

These sheets are great!! They make changing sheets so easy. I would be lost with out them. Every new mommy should have them. Make sure you get the base and the sheet… you will love them.

Lora Pimento, IN

Love these sheets!

It was such a pain changing my son’s crib sheet until I got these! Now it takes less than a minute and there is no lifting involved!

Lena Kennedy, NY

very easy to use

This works exactly how I thought it should… easy to get off and put a clean one on… even when you have bumpers up. And no trying to dislodge the mattress which is in so tight its somewhat annoying to pull the whole thing out. If my daughter’s diaper leaked during the night, etc, i just zip it off first thing in the morning to make sure I don’t get lazy or forget later so that I’m forced to zip a clean one on… busy life with a 9 month old and a full time job…. I’ll take all the easy way outs I can!

Bonnie Cairo, WV


Lifesaver! Great product. Definitely recommend it. My son is now 4 months old and we have switched the top sheet many times. It is so easy bc you don’t have to pick up the mattress which you would have to do to change any other fitted sheet. It is very easy to zip and unzip. My husband also loves it. We bought one set and one extra sheet. We just change the top sheet and wash it. One set and one top sheet is all you need!

Jerri White Water, CA


I love quickzip crib sheets and recommend them to all my friends. They fit wonderfully, you don’t have to worry about the sheet corners coming up, and they are so easy to change. Unzip, rezip, and you are done! I gave up the crib sheet from my decorative bedding set so fast after my son kept leaking at night. These work as promised and I would buy again and again.

Robbie Anderson, IN


It’s so great product for my baby’s crib. Easy to use. I defenately recommand it.

Amber London, TX


These sheets are the greatest invention; I wish I could buy them for my own mattress. They fit very snuggly around the mattress with or without a waterproof mattress pad. It was extremely easy to just zip off the top sheet when soiled without stretching or having to budge the mattress. They are not super soft, but they are soft enough and would never use a regular fitted sheet for a crib ever again!

Dona Pahoa, HI


This is the greatest. Only thing is it is not the set it is just one part. Was unaware of that. But, this makes changing the sheets in my sons crib no problem at all. Just unzip and throw in the washer!!! I would highly recommend this to all moms!

Taylor Neshanic Station, NJ

LOVE these sheets!

I cannot say enough good things about these sheets, they are amazing and so easy to work with! I hated changes the sheets on my daughters crib when I found these. They zip on and off so easily and make changing her bed a snap now! These are a must in my house and should be for every parent! Definitely worth every penny!

Debora Kimball, SD

Wonderful product

These sheets were wonderful when our daughter was in a crib. Once past the troublesome part of putting the mattress in the base sheet, the sheets were super easy to change. No worries with a middle-of-the-night pee or other accident – just zip off the dirty one, zip on the new.This sheet is so safe, with no risk of the baby being able to get under it and smother. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Chrystal King City, CA

Wish I had it with my first child

Does exactly what it says. It’s wonderful if you have the bumperpads on the crib. A definate A+ in my book!

Beverley Atlantic, NC

Wonderfully easy to change!

Purchased several of these so we could quickly and easily change sheets in the middle of the night when our babies diapers leaked or they spit up- and we didn’t have to lift the mattress or take long enough to wake baby. You can be quick with these and baby will go right back to sleep. I recommend them to all my expecting friends.

Millicent Frazee, MN

Super convenient – great idea!

I read about this product in the book Baby Bargains and I’m so glad I found out about them. This product makes sheet changes super quick and easy! My only complaint is that they don’t come out of the dryer very pretty – they wrinkle and get mishapen a bit, but will easily go on the mattress. Such a great idea – bravo to the inventors!

Adrienne Pomona, MO

Makes sheet changing so easy!

What a great concept. I hate changing fitted sheets and the zipper makes this a complete breeze. The only drawback is that they’re relatively expensive, but I guess that’s the cost of convenience.

Betty West Bend, WI

so far so good

This didn’t get stellar reviews, can’t figure out why just yet. A friend recommended these zippered sheets and teh concept is great so I went with it. Fits the standard mattress well, zippered no problem too. The plastic zipper doesn’t look that flimsy so I think it should hold up fine.

Maryellen Hazlet, NJ

Soooo convenient!

What a great invention! The quick zip makes it sooooo much easier to change baby’s sheets without lifting the mattress, removing bumpers, etc. Now that our little one is almost a year old, I consider this as one of the best baby items I have purchased/received to date. Eventhough it is a basic item, it is something you deal with every week (or maybe day if your LO is sick or spitting up a lot). Anything that makes life a little quicker and easier is good by me! If you have to change a crib sheet in the middle of the night, you know what I’m talking about!We purchased one set (with the base sheet) and one extra zip-on top sheet, and we have been able to make due with rotating between the two without much issue of not having a clean one when we need it!

Eva Butte Falls, OR


I don’t know why these are not on every mom’s top wish list or registry…but they should be!!! I know they are on the pricey side – but for me they have been worth every penny!1.They hold up extremely well to multiple washings. (I’ve had mine for over a year and have used them daily)2. Easiest bedding changes EVER ….When my little one was first born these were great to be able to change bedding one-handed (which sometimes needs to happen), and really beats taking the entire mattress out of the crib to get the other sheets on the right way. Later when my little one was several months old, I started layering the sheets (don’t do this too early on as it could increase the risk of SIDS to have super soft bedding) , I would put this one down first then a water-proof mat, then a normal sheet (a pain in the butt – but I had them so whatever) and now if she does have an accident I just pull a layer off and poof – bed is made or zip and bed is done in half a second.3.. SUPER safe!! … Even if you are a big fan of the easiest bedding changes ever, consider that this is also super safe for your newborn … if you read all that research on SIDS they tell you not to use excess bedding or mattress pads and if you use one to find one that goes all the way around the mattress, which this does, so it’s super safe!

Aisha Crocheron, MD

Great Idea

I love these sheets. I’m so thankful because our crib mattress fits very tightly into our crib and I have to practically remove the mattress to change the sheets. Not now, I just unzip the dirty and zip the clean one on!

Lara De Pere, WI

Easy to use

I highly recommend this sheet. It is so easy to change. This is very important in the middle of the night.

Teri Okeana, OH