Quinny Senzz 2011 Fashion Stroller, Star

Quinny Senzz 2011 Fashion Stroller, Star

The new Quinny Senzz offers you the freedom to live urban life your way It is lightweight easy to manuever compact and has a one hand flat one piece fold Like a full feature stroller the naturally shaped seat reclines for your child s seating comfort Combine the Quinny Senzz with a Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car seat or a Quinny Dreami Bassinet and move around your way from day one The Quinny Senzz accommodates a child up to pounds and the Stroller weight is just under pounds

Main features

  • One hand compact fold with one hand carry handle
  • Upright standing when folded for easy storage on the go and at home
  • Storage basket
  • Firm and rigid backrest structure with comfort padding for optimal support of the child’s back
  • Rainshield and car seat adapters included

Verified reviews


The folding system broke after a few months….

I am definitely not happy with this stroller….I love the design and how compact it promised to be. I wanted to buy a lightweight stroller that allowed me to use a car seat for the first few months. The folding system is very tricky, not easy to learn…even after a while of using it I had to remind myself the "special" movement I had to do in order to fold it. I think this stroller works ok when you use it with it’s original seat (not with a car seat) and when it’s used with a light baby/kid sitting in it. When used with a maxicosi pebble car seat the stroller is not very easy to manoeuvre, it feels forced and difficult. Also if your child is older and obviously heavier than an a small infant all the weight when trying to go up an the sidewalk goes on the frame and it doesn’t feel right. I am guessing that’s why the folding mechanism snapped and I was never able to fold it again. Not once I could go up from the street to the sidewalk without having to put my foot on the back to lift the front wheels.I got rid of this stroller and got a maclaren quest. My advie is to always go with a Maclaren…they are amazing.

Marissa Russell, PA

A stylish alternative to traditional umbrella strollers!

We have had our fair share of strollers so far… bugaboo, quinny, maclaren… For our upcoming trip we wanted something a lot more portable than our regular stroller (Quinny Buzz) so we did a ton of research and came across the Senzz. It’s amazing! Easy to figure out without a manual (more than I can say for our other selections), light weight, portable, stylish and comfortable for both me and my baby girl! The seat reclines pretty far back and she has very easily fallen asleep in it so far. The bag underneath is a decent size and with a Mommy Clip I can keep my diaper bag attached to the back without the entire stroller collapsing.I get stopped all the time asking what kind of stroller it is. My only problem is finding a cover for it to protect the stroller from damage when it’s checked. Other than that, it’s an awesome little stroller, perfect for daily use or just for travel.We keep this one in my husbands car and the Buzz in my car so we’re not switching strollers back and forth all the time. It’s great! Worth every penny (but we bought ours 2nd hand from a friend who used it once)… but I would have paid full price for it- it’s THAT awesome!

Lucy Zimmerman, MN

best stroller I have purchased

I love this stroller and so does my little one. I have had so many strollers about 10 to be exact trying to find one easy to push since I have RA and slim enough to take in the car we have spent so much on strollers I am so glade I found this one great buy seat is a little low but my 17 month can get in and out no problem so for us height of seat not an issue but is pretty low.

Chrystal Malden, MA

Favorite of our 3 strollers

This was my third stroller purchase. We also own a Bumbleride Indie and an UppaBaby G-Luxe.In the spirit of full disclosure, I got this on crazy clearance at Babies R Us for $43. It was a total impulse buy, but I’m sooo glad I went for it.Pros: The seat is very upright, which my 19 month old son loves, so he can see out and around, but the recline is quite deep so he could nap in it if necessary. The sunshade and basket are both huge, AND the basket is easily accessible. The ride on the stroller is very smooth, although it doesn’t handle as well as a 3 wheel stroller. It opens up very easy. I use this for trips to the mall, zoo, and park all the time. And, frankly, it’s cool looking–whenever I’m out and about, I get compliments on it. As one cashier said, "it’s like he’s riding in a spaceship on wheels!" It’s a great in-between stroller–not a jogger, not an ultralight umbrella stroller. It reminds me of what those crappy travel systems would be if they actually put some thought into the products they put out.Cons: The fold is a little tricky. I have to think about it every time I do it, and I’ve had this for about 6 months now. It’s a weird, non-intuitive motion to get it to close. Some people mention that the square handle bothers them, but it’s never bothered me. Also, while I haven’t tried it yet, I wonder if it would be tricky to attach a parent console the way since the handle is pretty steep.I highly recommend this. I’m pretty sad Quinny has discontinued this model, and I’d love to see a new, slightly retooled Senzz come out in the future.

Nellie Kensington, KS

Overall a great purchase

I am very pleased overall with the Quinny Senzz. This stroller originally retailed for over $420 but has been discontinued and is now offered at a much lower price here on Amazon, so I couldn’t pass it up. I bought it in the “Star” color because I figure it is good for my son but will also be a good color in case we have a girl in the future. The first thing anyone notices about the Senzz is its unique appearance. People always comment that it looks “futuristic” or “space-age” which is cool I guess. It’s very eye-catching, it does always turn heads when I’m out (but that could also be because my super adorable baby boy is cruising around in it 😉 ). My son seems pretty comfortable in it, he is a big boy at 6 months and 20 pounds, so I like that it has a large seat and high weight capacity compared to other strollers like the Bugaboo Bee. I think that my little boy will be able to ride around in the Senzz for a long time. My husband is over six feet tall and loves the height of the handlebar. He doesn’t have to stoop down to reach it like with some shorter strollers. It is VERY sturdy, I have to turn it around backwards to get it to go up curbs. I can’t just tip it backwards like I used to do to get my travel system stroller up curbs and steps. Additionally, the stroller is easily maneuverable, I can wheel it through shops and around corners with only one hand on the handlebar.The fold does take some getting used to but like any stroller once you get the hang of it you can do it on the first try every time. To fold the stroller, the canopy must be completely closed and the seat must be returned to the fully upright position. I knocked the canopy off of the frame one time (a super easy fix) because the seat wasn’t all the way upright. It takes up a fraction of the space that my old stroller (a travel system stroller) took up in the trunk of my car. It has a lock and a carrying handle that make it really easy to pick up and put in the trunk. Unfolding the stroller is super easy too, just unlock it and pick up the handlebar and voila! The whole thing assembles as if by magic.The seat reclines but cannot be reversed to be parent-facing, which I think is the biggest drawback of this stroller. I really, really wish I could be face to face with my baby. In addition to that drawback, there is no option for a belly bar or snack tray to attach to the frame, and I wish the foot rest was a little more structured or adjustable. My son slides down in the seat after a while and I have to readjust him, and I think that with a stronger foot rest this would not be an issue. Also, the basket under the seat is a joke. It’s really tiny. I can usually fit more in the basket than I think I can but there’s really not room for much more than my diaper bag or one or two shopping bags. I haven’t tried clipping anything to the handle yet because I have heard that can make lightweight strollers tippy but like I said above this is a very sturdy stroller so it might be possible. I think that these are things that had to be sacrificed to achieve the nice small compact fold and really, they’re not deal breakers for me.I don’t have a Maxi-Cosi car seat and don’t plan to get one in the future so I will not be using this stroller with a newborn, but it’s nice that you can do that if you already have the right car seat or haven’t purchased one yet. I might get the carrycot in the future to use with my next baby, but we’ll see.If you can get a good deal on this stroller like the lower prices currently offered on Amazon, I think it’s definitely worth the money. I would recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a nice, easy, compact single stroller that has a little bit of extra flare or design. I definitely like it and I’m glad it’s going to be part of my family for years to come.

Alisa Lompoc, CA