Quinny Zapp 2009/2010 4 Wheel Stroller, Citro

Quinny Zapp 2009/2010 4 Wheel Stroller, Citro

Sleek looks and cutting edge design. Ease of use and innovative technology. Quinny stylishly incorporates these trademark features in their range of strollers designed to fit the lifestyle of today’s urban parents. Quinny is the urban mother’s perfect support system in a busy life, juggling motherhood with the tough demands of managing her professional career with a social life. Features Incredibly sleek and attractive design Ideal for traveling with any kind of transportation (car, train, plane) Full-size stroller with an ultra compact 3-D fold 12 x 28 Ideal travel system in combination with Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat Highly maneuverable front wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and be locked Including sun canopy, rainshield, basket, travel bag and adapters for use with Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat Click here to download the Quinny Zapp Stroller ManualA striking contemporary design that’s a lightweight, full-sized stroller when opened, yet the smallest stroller in the world when folded! Available in a range of eye-catching, stylish colors, the Zapp 4-wheel stroller comes complete with a travel bag, rainshield, basket and sun canopy. Converts quickly and easily into a travel system with the addition of a Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat. STROLLER SAFETY YOU Nothing can beat a parent8217;s bonding time with their child and the stroller has become a staple accessory in any bonding activity as it gives both a chance to enjoy the outdoors or do daily chores with each other Like with a car, one must look into safety precautions when using strollers. You spend your time securing your baby in your car to eliminate risks, why stop there? Your quality time with your child should be experienced with full enjoyment, and any accidents whether minor or major, can be avoided just by keeping in mind the following tips, as gathered from various sources who are experts in the field of child safety8230; the parents! Buckle Up! It is very important that baby or chil

Main features

  • Accommodates child up to 50 Pounds
  • Ultra-lightweight aluminum frame with compact fold
  • Convenient storage basket keeps supplies close by
  • Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat
  • Rain shield, canopy and travel bag for easy transport

Verified reviews


Wish I Had Bought an Umbrella Stroller

I bought the Zapp for an international trip. I wanted a smaller and more lightweight stroller that would be easier to travel with. The stroller did fine on that trip but I haven’t used it at all in the months since because it’s just not that functional. Overall I’ve been really disappointed with it and I’m probably going to sell it to buy a G-Luxe or Maclaren for my more general use.What I don’t like about the stroller:1. It doesn’t recline. In addition to the stroller not reclining, your baby sits very upright in this stroller, almost like sitting on a perch more than like sitting in a chair so it’s very uncomfortable for your child to nap in it. This was a huge negative when trying to sightsee during nap time. If you’re buying a stroller for use while travelling, seriously look into getting one that reclines.2. It’s heavy. So it folds down small enough to put in a duffle bag, but once it’s in that duffle bag it is really heavy and really awkward and difficult to carry. Note you must remove the front wheels to get it into the bag. I thought it would be great that I could put it in the overhead compartment of the plane, but with everyone bringing all their baggage on the plane because of the new charges I wasn’t even able to do that. Ironically, I might have been able to put an umbrella stroller in the first class jacket closet on the plane but my super compact stroller still needed to be gate checked.3. It’s awkward to open or close. It definitely takes one adult with both hands free and full freedom of motion to be able to open or close this, which means you must have two adults to use this because you can’t physically attend to a child and open or close this at the same time. Huge negative in my book. And once it’s closed it doesn’t stay closed easily. One thing I found compelling about the stroller before I bought it was the picture of the woman on the Quinny website jauntily walking through a subway turnstile carrying her baby in one arm and the stroller with one hand. In practice this is ridiculous. First, I find it impossible to carry the stroller easily with one hand because it doesn’t stay closed. Second, she must be super strong because she’s carrying 20 pounds in each arm. You will need two hands to carry this if it isn’t in the bag. If you’re already a parent then you know what a deal breaker occupying both hands is.4. It doesn’t really fold that small. The fold is short, but not that small in total. The total size isn’t that much smaller than a folded umbrella stroller although it is shorter. That doesn’t end up being very useful unless you want to put the stroller in the overhead compartment of a plane, and like I mentioned before, the ability to do that is extremely limited now with the increased demand for overhead storage space. I could store unbrella stroller in my coat closet but this stroller is too bulky to do that.5. The ride is really bumpy. I’m not sure this will be any better with any other lightweight stroller, but with the solid wheels combined with no shocks made the ride extremely bumpy. I noticed this more because we used it over uneven surfaces like brick sidewalks but it really struggled more than other strollers I’ve used over modestly uneven surfaces.

Carey Longville, MN

Basically just a “luxury” umbrella stroller….

If this had not been a gift: I would have returned it.The Quinny Zapp 4 (2009 model) is basically just a luxury umbrella stroller, and NOT worth a penny over $[…] if I had paid for it. It is quite loud when strolling outside on the sidewalk, due to the rubberwheel construction (it is not the type you pump up). The handle is also quite wobbly, I did call the manufacturer and they confirmed it “does have some give”…..Well: for a […] stroller: that is not what I would expect!The pros: it does fold down to a VERY handy size, and we did receive this as a gift for traveling (by air) and it will fit into the overhead compartment, which in turn will save us from arriving to our destination with a broken stroller (yeah: that has happened). And the color: cobalt blue, is very vivid and pretty.Hopefully it will last for a few years: which is what we will be needing it for. Until we are traveling: this stroller sits packed up in the garage. Will NOT recommend this to anyone other than people needing a very compact stroller for airline travel only.UPDATE JANUARY 2010: We traveled to Europe over the holidays and used 3 different airlines…NOT one airline will let you bring this stroller ON the plane, they make you check it at the gate (which to me completely defeated the purpose of this stroller!) To top it off: Lufthansa (at the Frankfurt airport) managed to LOOSE our stroller at gate check, so now we have nothing. Will NOT buy this stroller again. PS: It does NOT work in snow, while in Norway we had to borrow another stroller as this one would not even work on a snowy sidewalk. Still one star from us on this review….the only positive is that it looks good. That’s it.

Melody Plains, MT

Great middle sized stroller

I would not call this an umbrella stroller, more like mid sized.While we don’t own the 4-wheeled one, we have the Zapp in 3 wheels which we purchased when we lived in Europe.I wanted one for so long. We walked a lot on the bricks in Europe and we actually broke tires on our other strollers. I love the tries on this, like a rubbery material.Yes this does not recline so it works better if your child is older. The seat belt straps drive me insane. At the tightest setting, our 21 month old can climb out because they are still huge. No way to adjust it smaller.My daughter LOVES to sit in this.It folds really small and is airline carry on sized, but we just checked it plane side.The sun shade is detachable and you can buy different soft seats for them… at least the 3 wheeled Zapp you can (only in the UK).It takes a while to get used to the folding/unfolding process- 1,2,3.All in all it’s a great stroller but it has a few minor flaws with the seat belt and it not reclining, this is a great buy.

Marina Groveland, CA

A Glorified Umbrella Stroller

I got this stroller together with the Maxi Cosi car seat, and have used it mainly as the base for the car seat. This had its pros and cons:Pros:Looks REALLY cool -received tons of complimentsFolds pretty compactly, not as long or bulky as lots of other car seat frameshandles pretty well, though not really a one-handed operationSUPER compact to take to restaurants and other tight places. This is probably the biggest “pro”, since you can fold the handle down and push the stroller all the way to the table.Cons:Difficult to insert and remove the seat, since the process required two hands.It takes some fiddling to get the seat to snap onto the adaptersAt 18lbs, it is still pretty heavyManeuverability is not as good as I had hopedNow that my son has outgrown his infant car seat, however, I find the actual stroller insufficient for our needs since it does not have a recline. (The 2011 model does, but this requires taking off the seat, which is something I wouldn’t like either.) I do like how upright the stroller places the baby – my son is a fan of that – but we can only use it for short trips since he cannot nap in it. Yet at 18lbs, this makes for a pretty hefty umbrella stroller, and we just end up reaching for the Maclaren Volo instead. I still love the way it looks, the blue is a lovely, rich color… but I really wish the seat had a recline feature.So I would rate it 3 stars for utility, plus another star for the sheer coolness factor, but I’m afraid I’ll still have to sell mine…

Kirsten Canal Point, FL

Owned it for a year

I have had this stroller for a year.PROS: My son is 2 now and has always loved riding in the Zapp. I think the seat is incredibly comfy for him. When I was testing strollers out at the store he wouldn’t get out of this one so that helped in the decision! When I bought this my son was a year old and would not fall asleep in the stroller anymore so the fact that it doesn’t recline was no big deal. It folds down to nothing. It’s very easy to steer (one-handed no problem), and turns like a dream. The brake has always worked great and I feel safe taking my hands off of it with the brake on. It comes with its own bag and I noticed a few reviews said you have to take the front wheels off in order to fit it in the bag. This is not true. The wheels need to be turned in for it to fit, and it’s a squeeze as the bag is contoured to fit the stroller, but I can definitely get it in there!CONS: When I took it home I noticed the wheels sounded like grocery cart wheels. I couldn’t believe this was normal so I called Quinny. Apparently this is a common problem because without hesitation they sent me new wheels, free. So I guess the con is having to wait for the new wheels to arrive and install them, the pro being that it was hassle-free otherwise. I was a bit annoyed I had to buy a separate cup holder (Munchkin brand). The basket under the stroller is awkward to access and holds very little. The canopy isn’t very good and I wish it had more of an angle to block the strong Colorado sun (if your kid will wear a hat or sunglasses then lucky you!). Also it is a bit of a pain to open and close. About 6 months ago it started to stick when I would try closing it and I still don’t know the secret to why it’s doing that. It’s true that you cannot put your purse, diaper bag, or shopping bags on the handles, it will make the stroller fall backwards. My son a few times has made it fall backward when in a tantrum and slamming his body front to back. He’s never been injured because the stroller just falls onto the handlebars, so his head is still secure, but of course there are a lot of other situations where this would be very dangerous if you’re not paying close attention.Would I buy this stroller again? No. I think there’s better out there. I LOVE the style, so I wish they could keep the modern look while addressing these issues.

Terri Albin, WY