Range Safety Guard

Range Safety Guard

New & Improved Range Safety Guard is designed to prevent a child from pulling a pot off the stove or touching the hot burners. Sturdy durable heat resistant material available in Black and White with hook and notch secure corner design. Attaches to the side of most 30″ wide free standing ranges – with a hook & loop fastener that maintains a pulling pressure of 15 lbs. per side. Easy Installation – pull range out 4″-5″ to properly attach. Attractive – Durable – wipes clean with a damp cloth. Lifetime Warranty. Made in Massachusetts – USA!

Main features

  • Fits most 30″ Wide Free Standing Ranges
  • Easy Installation – Connect side panel to front corner notch – No Tools Required
  • Attractive – Durable Heat Resistant Material available in White and Black – Wipes Clean With a Damp Cloth
  • Lifetime Warranty

Verified reviews


Guard is great, adhesive is horrible

Purchased this stove guard and really liked it. It was better than others I had purchased in the past. However, after about 3 days, the adhesive that sticks the Velcro to the guard and stove was no longer working. So I know have a nice, heavy duty stove guard but no way for it to attach to the stove.

Adele Decatur, MI

Very well made

This range safety guard is made of very thick metal. Its doesn’t look as nice as others but it really helped to prevent my toddler to reach the hot pots & things while I’m cooking. My daughter can’t see what I’m cooking as this guard is 4″ high & can’t see through. I’ve used it for 14 months & still like it a lot. It is easy to install to the stove (the kind you can pull out the whole stove & oven, not other kinds.One only problem is I sometimes got a bruise or scratch on my arms as I hit the corners of this guard (I’m short, 4.10f, I guess that’s why my arms hit this sometimes. If you’re tall you may not have problems).Over all, I recommend it if you have the kind of stove I talked above.

Katina Orrtanna, PA

Love it!

Works very well and easy to install. Yes, it does get warm when you cook, but not hot. Some people complained about the temperature, but you have to ask yourself: would you rather have your child touch a warm range guard, or put their hand directly on a hot burner? I choose to opt for the warm range guard. So glad they make products like this!

Phoebe Hillman, MN

Excellent product

This is an Excellent product. It is High quality. I am Highly satisfied and recommend it to all parents who are concerned with the stove

Molly Dothan, AL


Highly recommended. I tried other options but this one worked well. Easy to install and very practical & safe. Forms a safe barrier in front of the burners.

Emilia Fine, NY

Too heavy for velcro strips

It was so heavy I was afraid it would fall off in the middle of the night. Ended up going with the Dreambaby Stove Top Guard instead.

Madge Clayton, MI

good product, wish the hinges went both ways

This is a great product. It blends in well with our black stovetop, does not take up too much room, and provides a nice barrier to little hands. It is easy to mount on the stove. I just wish the hinges could open in both directions. They only have a 90 degree range. If they opened both ways, it would be much simpler to unfasten the side of the guard and move it aside for cleaning. As mounted, the guard does restrict the size of pot that can be used (with our stove, larger pots can no longer be centered over the burner). Also, the guard directs heat upward (as it should!), but this means that it can be tricky to stir the pots on the front of the stove without burning one’s arms. Overall, though, none of these things are deal breakers for me.

Frances Christiansburg, OH

Great buy for anyone with little ones in the house

I am so glad I bought this. If I leave the kitchen to answer the phone I don’t have to worry that my crazy kiddos are going to stick their hand on the stove or dump boiling on themselves. Does get very warm but not hot enough to burn

Odessa Lynchburg, VA

Great Safety Piece!

Love this. Easy install, within 5 minutes I had my oven pulled out, Velcro on, guard attached, and oven back in place. I cant say how well this piece would hold on an oven that does not have countertop on both sides. Our oven does, and this thing doesn’t budge. It is a heavy, well built piece and I am very pleased with this purchase. It does get warm when I am cooking, but I have placed my hand on it for several seconds and it doesn’t get hot enough to burn. Highly recommend!

Mayra Dodge, WI