RayShade® UV Protective Stroller Shade Improves Sun Protection for Strollers, Joggers and Prams Black

RayShade® UV Protective Stroller Shade Improves Sun Protection for Strollers, Joggers and Prams Black

Sun-proof your stroller canopy. Careful: most stroller canopies still leave some tender skin exposed! Don’t take chances – strap our bigger, better, sun-blocking canopy right over the top. Easy to attach and adjust, with handy bottle and storage pockets. Rolls into a self-pocket for storage. Fits all single strollers, even umbrellas with small canopies. Black Only. Hand wash. Imported. Award winner: Winner of the Parenting Media And Parenting Hot Product Awards Provides protection for infants in canopies stroller from over 99% of harmful solar UVA and UVB rays Adjust to protect all the way down to tender toes Side pockets for lotions and special pocket to hold bottles and sippy cups upright Folds into its own pocket/stuff sack Single Dimensions: 18″L x 36″W x 1/4″H Folded dimensions: 10″L x 10″W

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Easy to attache with hook and loop straps
  • Provides more shade area then any other stroller canopy
  • Provides a UPF of 50+

Verified reviews


Provides lots of shade for baby

I really like my stroller, but the canopy is very small and my baby is very, very fair. I thought about buying a new stroller with a fancy canopy, but decided to try this first.It did take some time to figure out the best way to attach it to the stroller. But now that I know how to get it on (so that I can still collapse the stroller), it is very easy to use. The material is very stretchy and it easily covers my Peg Perego Aria stroller. If anything, it is a bit too long. I really like the fact that it offers side protection too. It rolls up into a small little pouch too.My only complaint is that on windy days the lightweight canopy can blow upward, let the sun hit baby. I’m thinking about sewing a little weight into the top of it.

Beth Alva, OK

Flimsy..did not work well with my stroller

I bought 2 of these ray shade to use on our trip to the bahamas. We had 2 umbrella strollers one was a chicco stroller and another was a first year stroller. Did not work with our strollers at all. You need a full umbrella in order to use this shade. YOu have to place the ray shade over your current umbrella in order for it to work. The umbrella on my chicco stroller was a square shape,so that totally did not work, and my first year stroller came with a small umbrella and the ray shade barely hung on. So after trying to use the shade it was packed back into our suitcase for the rest of the week. Once we got home I did try it on our double stroller at home that had a big umbrella and it did fit well, but I originally purchased it for our umbrella stroller. So therefore i packed it back in its box for return and was about to ship it out only to find it cost half the price i paid for it to ship back. So now it is sitting in its box in the garage never to be used again. I will probably give it away to someone who has an appropriate stroller to use it with. So make sure your stroller has an umbrella large enough to support this ray shade otherwise it will not work.

Allene Howard, PA

Its just a canopy, your stroller already has one!

I’m mystified by this product and all the positive reviews for it. Its just a canopy, your stroller already has a canopy. I bought this expecting that it would somehow cover more of the stroller than the normal canopy on my Britax but it is nothing other than what comes for free with the stroller itself.I’m disappointed and also disappointed that the seller (baby haven) is insisting that I should pay to return it. This is not up to Amazon standards or my usual experience with Amazon sellers.

Marcie Davisville, MO

Works Fine For The Price!

I am using this shade on Maclaren Volo and it works great! I am able to fold shade down, still attached to stroller when i dont not need the shade and also folding the stroller with the shade NO PROBLEM!! I dont understand why there is reviews that stated the shade MUST be removed before folding the stroller?!See the photo I provided..

Justine Johnstown, CO

Keeps my baby out of the sun

This is easy to use and effectively meets its purpose in keeping the sun off my baby. I recommend it!

Nichole Oskaloosa, IA

Sufficient Shade

We purchased this shade to supplement the inadequate shade provided by our first years stroller (which we love). This is a good product, however, it’s flexibility and ease of installation result in some drawbacks. First, it does not provide much shade when it is windy, as the front part of the shade can and will blow back. Second, a setting sun will not be blocked by this shade… but that is more a timing/geometry issue.This has proven to be a durable product, just know, that this cannot fix all of your sun issues. You will still have to carefully plan timing of walks, and do not forget to use sun screen on your baby!

Maria Minneapolis, MN

fits any stroller!

I love this sun shade, i previously had a shade for a specific stroller, was great, other than the Velcro on the stroller pulled the mesh, and was continually something i was having to fiddle with when folding and unfolding (as long as my stroller when unfolded) I love how this will fit any stroller! my only tweak would be a separate bag for the shade that could hang off the back of the stroller when not in use. I think the current pocket storage is a bit fiddly to figure out, and i’m not sure i am even doing it correctly. But all in all, we love this awning.

Lessie Eddy, TX

Great for umbrellas strollers

I was required by my OB with my second pregnancy to use an umbrella stroller because of a hemorage at 14 weeks pregnant. We purchased an umbrella stroller that had a very small canopy. This sun shade fit perfectly over the very small conopy. It covers my 14 month old who is tall and lean. When pulled all of the way down, he can still see out of the stroller, but his shins are in the sun. He is able to bend it, move it, and play with it, but he can’t pull it off because of the way the velcro is secured on the lower portion of the stroller itself. I would recommend this with any umbrella stroller AS LONG AS IT HAS SOME TYPE OF CANOPY.Also, it fits fine on our BOB and our Perego.

Claudia Sims, NC

Need shade on stroller for it to work

Only works with umbrella strollers that already have a shade! Please take note. This was not mentioned in the description.

Maricela Strongsville, OH

A Necessity for Most Strollers

In my experience as a mom, I know that the majority of strollers come with abnormally small canopies. I honestly don’t know why manufacturers haven’t picked up on this and changed it. Regardless, this product is fantastic for using over your existing canopy to allow for it to completely block the sun from your baby. It works with my umbrella stroller as well as my full size stroller. It can be stretch all the way down to completely cover your baby if necessary, and is completely adjustable to literally any point you want the canopy to end. I highly recommend this to buy with any stroller that has a small canopy. I keep it in my stroller basket at all times (just in case).

Vicky Neville, OH

a necessity!

I don’t understand how stroller makers get away with making the shades so small! This cover is great for all strollers & actually does the job. I LOVE how my daughter is protected from the sun, both on her skin & in her eyes. I saw a review say it wasn’t good int he wind and I have to agree that it’s not that strong. But, it’s better then having nothing and if it’s that windy, you probably won’t be outside very long anyway.

Mara Monument, OR

Flimsy, but works as advertised

This thing is flimsy. I was surprised as the pictures hide this. But it did serve its purpose blocking the sun from my son’s face on our afternoon walk, so I can’t really complain.

Veronica Leonard, OK

Protection is a relief.

Being a mom who loves being outdoors and a sons who loves it even more protection him is my main concern with the added shade he receives and that it protection him from the sun is wonderful. Now we spend even more time outside.

Mary West Chatham, MA

Good additional coverage

We have a Chicco Liteway stroller that this works nicely on and provides a great deal of extra shade from the sun. The product works well and folds up fairly small. I’ve given it 4 instead of 5 stars because both attaching it to the stroller and folding it for storage aren’t incredibly hard, but not exactly intuitive either. The directions to attach it are fine, but understandably vague since it would vary slightly from stroller to stroller. There are no instructions to refold it, so closely watch it open when you remove it from the original packaging. Spend 5 minutes figuring these things out initially, and you’ll be good to go–it’s well worth it for all the added sun protection it provides. Another plus is that it folds back well when you need to access your child, putting him/her in or out of the stroller seat.

Michael Camp Sherman, OR

Extra shade for baby trend expedition xl

So glad I bought this for our Disney trip! This came in handy and is still used frequently. It is very easy to strap on, I’ve even managed to do so while running. 🙂 It provides enough extra protection to keep the sun off of her face and hands, yet allows her to see where we are going. I almost purchased the protect a bub pricey shade, but I’m glad I didn’t. I ended up purchasing this one for sun protection and the Protect a bub universal weather rain cover in addition, in case it were to rain. Both fold up nicely. I keep them tucked away in the bottom storage "just in case"!

Rowena Boonsboro, MD

Excellent for the money 4.5 star

My sister suggested this for our Britax Blink. Granted that stroller has a large sunshade, but we are very concerned about too much sun exposure.What’s great? It stores, fold, attached very easily. The material is so soft; my wife and I joked that it was like lingere. But seriously, it’s a great thing to have if you are concerned about the sun.What’s so-so? It’s not a tight fit with the straps, probably because it’s a standard universal size and not a model specific one.As far as the wind… unless it’s actually part of the stroller, a heavy wind is going to do a number on a lot of things. Ever see an umbrella turn inside out or a hat blow off someone’s head?Update… September 22, 2009… My sister showed us how to fit it better. It looks great. Now if we could just figure out how to fold it into itself…

Neva Montgomeryville, PA

super shade

This fit over several strollers I have and helps keep my son out of the shade. it is easy to install, easy to travel with, still allows enough air to pass through and keep him cool.

James New London, IA

Love it

I really like this shade. Before, I was draping a blanket over the stroller to keep the son off my baby, which is annoying and he can’t see. This is nice and big and easy to put on. I definitely recommend.

Jocelyn Camuy, PR

Great solution

We needed extra shade coverage for our stroller and can easily tie this on each time we leave the house on a sunny day. Folds up nicely when we take it off. Recommended.

Linda Sun City Center, FL

Alright for umbrella strollers

I bought this stroller shade for my First Years lightweight umbrella stroller and mounting it turned a bit challenging. The only way I could put it on was by pulling the canopy over the handles of the stroller. This obviously is a bit of a nuisance since I can’t get a good grip of the handles with the canopy stretched over them.

Carolina Mccain, NC

Great shade!

I have a travel system stroller and a light weight stroller that I use very often, this shade fits both of them perfectly. We took this with us to the zoo on a day when it was almost 90 degrees and baby stayed cool and shaded the whole time. He was even able to catch a nap when we pulled the shade all the way down.I have read complaints that the shade blows up in the wind, however I don’t have this problem. If you attach the bottom straps low enough on the stroller you won’t either.This is a great product and a must for amusement parks, zoo trips, picnics or any extended outdoor activity.

Blanche Picayune, MS

Big mistake ordering this!

This shade is big and floppy. No support at all! Such a waste of money. Doesn’t stay on and honestly a trash bag would have worked better than this shade at blocking the sun! Don’t waste your money.

Corine Wernersville, PA

Great Shade to keep baby protected

I bought this shade after seeing another mom pushing a stroller with one on it. I stopped her in the street to ask what it was because it looked so helpful! My poor baby was unhappily squinting in the bright sun since her carseat shade is pretty much useless. I’ve used this every single day since it arrived and I love it. I can position it in several different ways depending on whether I want more shade (or darkness for sleeping) or more visibility. It works great with our carseat attached to the stroller but I can see using this on a stroller without the carseat as well. I can’t figure out how to get it to "fold up into its own pocket" yet but that’s not really an issue.

Elnora Hyampom, CA

Fits our Bugaboo Cameleon

This is great – just wish it was in white since the black absorbs the sun and gets hot underneath.Attaches to the sides of the Bugaboo and I just leave it over the top without needing to attach it at the back. I posted a photo — not sure if it will show up.

Maritza Fogelsville, PA

great additional shade!

We live in Hawaii so it’s basically sunny most of the time. The stroller I recently purchased has a canopy, but it was so small that it didn’t do much. This product has made our walks so much more pleasant! It adds a lot more shade for my baby and it was very easy to put on. It’s pretty breezy and windy where we are, but I haven’t had any problems with it.

Elisa Coello, IL

Good but not complete

I was hoping this device would extend out and shade my child when walking head into the sun. It does get the face….where the stock one would not, but the legs are certainly in the sun, so you still have to be careful on how much you are in the sun and which way you are facing. Overall a good product and I would love it if it did cover completely. Quality is good and we don’t have to take it on and off with our stroller…it works to be folded up with the stroller. Perhaps not understadning that it would shade our child is my fault, if it is, I would give it five stars.

Rhoda Owen, WI

Great Addition For Our Umbrella Stroller

The shade on our umbrella stroller is a joke – it don’t cover our baby at all. So this shade is essential to protect our baby from UV rays when we go for walks. It extends pretty far out to where it covers our baby entirely. Sometimes her feet stick out, depending on where the sun is during the day. It also folds up nice and neat so it doesn’t take up much space.Keep in mind if you are planning on using it with your umbrella stroller, your umbrella stroller needs to have a shade that goes on it. Because this shade uses the umbrella stroller’s shade for support. This shade is flimsy on its own and wouldn’t be able to hold itself up without the support of the umbrella stroller’s shade.

Hilary Sandstone, WV

Very Functional

I got this for my Chicco Liteway stroller because the canopy on it was less than ideal. This gets the job done! I really like it and it doesn’t interfere with folding up my stroller either. It doesn’t add any bulk at all. If I had any complaints, it would be that it covers up the window in the stroller’s canopy so I can’t look in on my son easily (but then again I can always just stop walking and peak in the old-fashioned way) and that it’s kind of floppy (but I don’t live in a very windy place so I don’t run into many problems). The way I see it, my son isn’t blinded so I’m pleased. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing product on the market, but when it comes to protecting my son from harmful UV rays, I don’t particularly care what the product looks like. We live in Phoenix, so protecting him from the son is a priority.I’m mostly just miffed that companies have made it necessary for us to purchase additional canopies for a product that should have a proper sunshade.

Twila Eldridge, IA


We bought this for a vacation to Key West. We knew there’d be a lot of stroller time in blazing hot sun so we wanted to make sure our little guy was protected. We have a Maclaren XLR stroller and this fit great. It extended the canopy to completely keep the sun off his legs, while it did allow him to still look out and check out his surroundings. It is super lightweight and was able to fold up on itself and fit into the stroller’s storage pocket. I don’t see how this product would work if your stroller didn’t have any canopy at all on it. This was the best thing we took on our vacation, besides our little guy. 🙂

Laura Ottawa, WV

Works Okay

Ordered this for my stroller that already has a sufficient amount of canopy, but still allowed too much sun on my granddaughter when we strolled. The RayShade was easy to attach to my existing canopy. The first time I used it, I liked it for the shade it provided. The next time I used it, I was disappointed even though it shielded her face and most of her body, her legs were still exposed to the sun. Depending on the time of day, the sun would shine under the canopy and/or on the sides of the stroller defeating the purpose of protecting the baby from the sun. The third time I used it it was very windy so the RayShade kept flipping back which was a big hassle. For the most part it does the job it was intended to do. For the price it is worth it, but there are improvements that could be made on it making it even better.

Mariana Rice, MN