Razbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier, Adam Airplane, 0-36 Months

Razbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier, Adam Airplane, 0-36 Months

Our pacifier closes when dropped. “Nipple stays clean” the closing shields are attached to the pacifier, no more lost pacifier covers.

Main features

  • The only pacifier that closes when dropped, “nipple stays clean”
  • Shields are built in so no more lost pacifier covers.
  • They are BPA free
  • There are various colors and stylish designs to choose from

Verified reviews


nice concept, but not ideal for baby

The concept is nice, but as other reviewers pointed out, it closes AS it hits something, not before. My bigger problem with it is that it’s hard, and not soft like most other pacifiers, so his face can get red while sucking on this. If he were to hit something with it in his mouth, he could probably get really hurt, so we just don’t use this because of that.

Deanne Boons Camp, KY

Great concept, but made me nervous

Purchased this to try, since I thought it was an interesting concept, but found that it made me nervous, because it would pinch shut while on my son’s mouth. In addition, it also left an indentation around his lips because of the tension. Overall it’s a great idea, but it didn’t do well for me.

Rochelle Drakesboro, KY

Cute But Not Great

We purchased this because we love elephants and liked the idea of it closing itself to prevent it hitting the ground. Unforchantley (sp) the portion that closes when dropped also prevents it from staying in babies mouth well.It’s the only pacifier he refuses to use…and seeing that he can’t get it in his mouth well…I understand why.

Herminia Upson, WI

It’s a cute idea but my son doesn’t love it

It’s cute and I like how it closes when it hits a hard surface. But my son doesn’t really like to suck on it. Also the color on the penguin is fading after one boil (prior to first use) and two sterilizations. My son still prefers the Avent ones.

Monique Winton, CA

Great concept, looking forward to use!

I am giving this product 4 stars for now until I actually have a chance to use it. Otherwise, I love the concept of keeping the pacifier cleaner. I will have to report back in a few months with an update. Smiles…

Gayle Cherryvale, KS

Adore these!

We only use these pacis! DS won’t take any others, and they’re so clever with the self-closing casing. Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because of the red ring it leaves around his mouth when he uses it for a while (like at nap time) but I think it says, “Not to be used for sleep” so that may be user error 😉

Mable Newell, SD

Great, sanitary paci

Our granddaughter has long outgrown these, and I forgot to write a review, but this was a great product that we loved.

Esperanza Spearville, KS

Useless Item

It’s a cool idea…But, the darn thing keeps closing when it’s in the baby’s mouth.Better off getting a bunch of cheap pacifiers so you always have back-up when they fall on the floor and you’re not near a sink.

Tammie Woodlawn, TN

Cute, practical and hygienic

See review under other similar items; love Ethan the Penguin. These close up as promised to keep pacifier cleaner for baby.

Christine Seabeck, WA


This pacifier is not my son’s all time favorite but it does what it’s supposed to: it closes on the way to the floor when he spits it up. and that’s why I’d recommend it

Cornelia Rodman, NY

Flat nipple not loved by newborns .

I loved the idea of these pacifiers as I saw them on Pinterest. However the nipple is flat and I’ve found that my son will only take pacifiers with a round nipple. I’ve heard this about some of my friends kids too. Maybe he will use them in a few months, I’m not sure.

Gale Ogdensburg, WI

Didn’t work for my baby

I thought this was a neat idea, because my son often drops his pacifier. When I take him out, I use a pacifier clip, but not while we’re in the house. However, the nipple and the shape of the Razbaby is too big and clumsy, he didn’t take to it. He prefers Nuk pacifiers.

Willie East Millinocket, ME

great concept but no likey

This is a great idea, but my son is not too fond of it, and either am I. it seems a little heavy and the sides don’t stay down. I more than likely would not buy again.

Annmarie West Dennis, MA

Great pacifier, but harder to clean.

5/1/2012: We’ve had these pacifiers since Super Bowl weekend (beg of Feb). We do love them, but they do require more work to clean, so we don’t use them as often. True, they don’t fall open on the floor, but they still need to be washed. You have to wash them in warm soap water, so it takes more time than the dishwasher. Not a lot more time, but with babies, it’s hard to find time to do this sometimes. Only other issue, they don’t always close when they hit the floor. Usually they do, but it’s about a 5% chance it doesn’t close, espcially if it’s on carpet. Otherwise, good product. I wouldn’t pay the $7 I did for the baseball one again, but the $4 ones are okay on price.PS: You also can’t have the baby sleep with this pacifier because it closes and they can’t open it on their own until about 11/12 months.

Darcy De Witt, AR

good product

good product, it does what it is supposed to. worth the money i paid for. good in every way. it is not my babies favorite, but thats ok.

Cecile Milford, OH


~*Concept is great, just needs a little work. a little on the small side; needs more room for baby’s mouth. unique and very cute, however,i wouldnt recommend for prolonged usage tho.*~

Elisa Uxbridge, MA