Razbaby Raz-Berry silicone Teethers Double Pack Both Colors in One Package.

Razbaby Raz-Berry silicone Teethers Double Pack Both Colors in One Package.

One Green blue and one green red * gently massages and cools baby’s tender gums * bumpy texture aids in thec teething process * hands-free teether – soothes baby’s gums while they play * stimulating Multi texture can be frozen for extra soothing comfort * non-toxic 100% food grade silicone. Safe and Durable.

Main features

  • gently massages and cools baby’s tender gums
  • bumpy texture aids in thec teething process
  • hands-free teether – soothes baby’s gums while they play
  • stimulating Multi texture can be frozen for extra soothing comfort
  • non-toxic 100% food grade silicone. Safe and Durable.

Verified reviews


Too Big for Baby’s Mouth

My daughter will not go anywhere near this “teether” – it’s WAY too big for her mouth…if you compare the size of it to a normal pacifier, it’s HUGE…I didn’t think to do that as I was purchasing it. She’s intrigued by the colors of it, but all she does is hold it in her hand and then eventually she throws it – it’s not worth paying for this.

Maude Terlton, OK

Teething babies love these.

I used this teether for my son 3 years ago and I just bought another set for my 4 month old daughter. She really likes to chew on these. She can also suck on it like a paci. They’re small so she can hold onto it much easier than other large teething rings.

Brianna Flemingsburg, KY

Must have for Teething Babies

My son was a monster when he started teething and these were one of the only things to sooth his gums! Thankfully with the help of these we made it past the first phase of teething:) Oh and we are stationed overseas and it got here in about a week!

Ophelia Leary, GA

Nice little teether

The teether is actually very soft & pliable. I was thinking it might be hard after I hit the checkout button, but I was wrong. There is nothing wrong with this teether, other than the bulb is a little too big for my little man’s mouth. It is definitely better for an older child 6+ moths.

Silvia Leachville, AR

I like it better than he does

For some reason I thought these were cute-and based on a recommendation from another parent, we opted to try one. But the truth is, our kid just isn’t that into it. In truth he seems to be somewhat anti-pacifier. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad about this, since I’ve never been able to use one to calm him, but he won’t have dental implications from a paci either. The other parent swears by the nubs but unfortunately it did not work for us.

Mia Dixon, KY

Great product but didnt really entertain my daughter

Now I will say that my daughter, who is now 1yr and a month old, has never liked pacifiers. She has not and will not take them, but I bought these hoping to give her some gum relief for her upcoming teeth. The pacifiers themselves are great products. They seem to offer good comfort for teething gums, but my daughter only used them sparingly. I tried to encourage its use as much as possible, especially when I knew her gums were bothering her, but shes only used them a few times in the 3 months weve had them. I dont feel as though it was a waste of my money, but I would like a potential buyer to keep in mind that it may not solve your child’s teething discomfort, especially if they dont really like pacifiers to begin with. My daughter enjoys rubber toys that she can bite on, especially the frozen or refrigerated kind, so I would recommend that.

Esperanza Quakertown, NJ

a must have for teething babies!

our son just loves to chew down on these. he was never into pacifiers, but once he really starting teething he seemed to get relief from these bumpy textured teething pacifiers. I don’t leave the house without one in the diaper bag.

Hester Ursa, IL

Okay but for older babies

We have 6 month old twins and they are just starting to use them. These teethers are just so big. They didn’t fit in their mouths. But this week the twins started to enjoy them.

Barbra Mahanoy Plane, PA

Great Teether

These are my daughter’s favorite teethers! We keep them in the freezer, and even though they don’t stay cold for too long, she really seems to enjoy gnawing on them. She didn’t really take to any other teether we offered, but she gets all excited when we take these out of the freezer.The only con I can think of (and it’s very small), is that that the type of rubber they are seems to attract dirt and hair. Almost like it’s sticky (even though it’s not). But they rinse off very easily!I’ve actually bought these a few times because our dog loves to chew them up when she can get ahold of one.

Ashlee Monticello, MN

Love them!

These were the only teether my daughter would take! We plan to buy more for my son! Handy and easy to carry around!

Georgina Valley Falls, NY

My son loves these

My son loves having these. They are not his go-to teethers but they are up there. He tries to use them as a pacifier but ends up just chewing all over them. I have to say he is does really like teethers in general though and chewing on just about anything!

Della Deland, FL

love it!

My baby loves it, he can chew on any part of it. I’ve seen him try to stuff it in his mouth, and he’s never succeeded despite having a ridiculously big mouth for a baby. Right up there with Sophie for us. I love especially that the nubby texture makes him not likely to suck on it, he had a tongue tie and gets easily nipple confused with bottle nipples or pacifiers, but he definitely treats this like a teether, NOT a pacifier, and that’s great by me.

Rachael Bulger, PA

Loves to chew on it.

I first introduced it when he was 3 months old and he wasn’t a fan. He’s now five months old and loves to chew on this. I think it is because he has better hand coordination. He does not like pacifiers and does not try to suck on this. he just puts it in his mouth and chews on it and seems to enjoy it. Small. Easy to clean.

Inez Puckett, MS

My son loves these

These are the best when put in the freezer or fridge, my son chews on these quite a bit. At first he didn’t understand it was like a pacifier but then he got the hang of it. These are really great for teething because they have nubs on the razzberry part of it and they can hold them in with the ring, you can also attach these to a boggin head so they never get dropped.

Wanda Carlsbad, NM

Best Teether EVER!!!

This product is great! I give it all 5 stars because my little girl loves these! I am so happy I purchased them right after her first tooth appeared. She can handle these better than her other teething products, although they are a bit big for her mouth. I am very happy with my purchase!

Kristine Camp Nelson, CA

Interest didn’t last long

My daughter liked these initially, but after a few times, refused them. I would consider using again, but Im not sure the texture is appealing to a baby. They also do not stay cold for long.

Kara Barton, AR

Great product – unique design for a teether

Although they’re shaped like a pacifier, babies can teeth on any and every part of this teether. Our daughter loves it, and I love that it is portable, fits in a paci pod (attached to our stroller and diaper bag, but was essentially useless until now because she’d never take a pacifier), and you can use a paci clip to attach it to baby’s clothes so it doesn’t fall on the ground when dropped (although I suppose there are a lot of teethers you could do that with).

Lydia Lansing, WV


These were too big for a my 4 month old’s mouth. The round part fit awkwardly in this mouth. Maybe it’ll be better as he gets older, but not at 4 months old.

Whitney Millersburg, IA

My baby loves these and she doesn’t even use pacifiers!

My 6 month old has never taken to pacifiers so when I first heard about these teethers I assumed she wouldn’t like them. Boy, was I wrong! She started daycare and they had some of these. I went to pick her up one day and she was just knawing away at one of the raz-berry teethers. I asked the daycare provider if she usually chews on these and she said that she did all the time. I decided to buy some for the house and am so glad I did. My daughter absolutely loves these! We have other teethers that she will chew on, but she seems to be content with these ones for the longest period of time. We attached a pacifier clip on one to prevent her from dropping it too. Love these teethers and this dual pack is a great value!

Gladys Coleraine, MN

Happy with purchase

My daughter likes these and is 4 months so the chewing on everything has started to happen . The texture on them is great and she can grasp them easily .

Erma Atchison, KS

Baby loves them!

She chews on everything, and won’t take a standard pacifier, but she LOVES these! And they’re super cute, I get compliments everywhere I go!

Ashleigh Yuma, TN

Too bulky

My daughter never took to these. I think maybe they were too big for her mouth? Everytime I gave her one she would take it out of her mouth and chew on the green part and then drop it.

Joni Springfield, SC

Great product!

Very happy with these. My daughter loves to chew on them and play with them and she doesn’t even like regular pacifiers. I like the way they’re made. Flexible and fun!

Corina Fort Oglethorpe, GA

My son LOVES this teether

My son LOVES this teether!!! He uses it daily. He is very fussy when it comes to teething and this helps him a lot. He is not a fan of the gel teethers.

Jillian Jennings, KS

Love it

I bought these for my daughter, she started teething at 3 months…she could hold these just yet, but she LOVES them now! Makes her slobber like a drool monster while she chomps away on them!

Yvette Newgulf, TX

GREAT for teething babies!

My daughter NEVER took a pacifier, but she would chew on these while teething. She is over a year old now and still likes to chew on these more than any other teether i have bought her!

Avis Jefferson, MA

My kids loved these

At first it might seem that these are HUGE compared to regular pacifiers but it’s not like these are to be used regularly in replacement of. I originally got these because when my daughter was teething last year, there was nothing that would soothe her gums (aside from numbing gels & tablets), the bit and chewed on anything she could get her little hands on and would end up frustrated. When I got these I gave her the red one and boy, she was hooked on it. It felt so good to her little gums and she wasn’t crying as much as she used to before I started using these. I saved the blue one for when my son started teething, which he begun 2 months ago. He also loves it. Since I gave him this as soon as he started teething he hasn’t cried as much through this process.THANK YOU Razbaby Raz-Berry for helping me and my babies through their teething. These are such lifesavers!!

Alexandra Crockett, TX

Great Teether, Especially For The Younger Baby

My son starting teething very young and wanted to bite bite bite all the time (usually on mama!) These teethers were a lifesaver. He was far too young to keep a good grip on most traditional teething toys, but he took right to these the way he took to his other pacifiers. Now he is older and loves to hold them by the handle and drag it in and out of his mouth letting the bumps massage his gums (it makes an adorable squeak squeak squeak sound from the rubbing). I cannot recommend these enough.

Nancy Meridian, OK

great for teething

my son loves these. I got them early on, they were too big for his mouth till he was about 7 months old, then he really took to them. He loves to chew on the leaves and the handle too. The nubbiness seems to really help and you can cool them down to help.

Clare Wallingford, IA