RaZbaby RaZ-Pak Formula and Snack Container, Transparent Blue

RaZbaby RaZ-Pak Formula and Snack Container, Transparent Blue

Our compact and handy pack-and-stack container grows with your child, from formula to solids and snacks like raisins, cereals, vitamins, crackers, and special treats. The container comes with two additional lids to make three 6 ounce individual containers. Each container has a screw-on lid and a snap-on cap for the spout. They’re BPA-free and perfect for traveling with the easy-to-pour spouts. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Each snack container measures 2″H x 3″ in diameter. Comes in a color combination of transparent blue, yellow, green and orange.

Main features

  • Ideal for On-the-Go moms and perfect for traveling
  • One compact container with two additional lids to make three 6 oz. individual containers
  • Can be used for powder formula, veggies, fruits, cereals, vitamins
  • They are BPA free with 3 easy-to-pour spouts

Verified reviews


I don’t like that they can’t be sterilized

It’s important to me that EVERY item I use for feeding my baby can be sterilized. Had I known these are made with cheap plastic that cannot be sterilized, I would never have bought them. Too bad because it has the nice funnel-shaped top I have been searching for for easy and more efficient dispensing.Since I don’t care to pay for shipping to return these to Amazon, I decided to give them to the Goodwill instead.If you have an infant under the age of 1 and you sterilize bottles and nipples, good luck using an non-sterile formula dispenser.

Pamala Mc Dermott, OH

Just ok

I liked the idea If you have to go out for about an hour and just need to bring one bottle that you could use one of these containers for formula. However the tops don’t screw on very easily and it’s really quite annoying. Also when They are separated i don’t like that you can’t stack them because the tops are curved. Anyone that has a baby knows How much baby crap there is so having the ability to stack these would be a SpaceSaver!!

Randi Morriston, FL


These make carrying formula for my son super easy. This way I dont have to carry the tin and scoop. And the opening to dump the formula into the bottles fits perfectly into my bottles opening.

Christian Dickens, NE

Very happy

I had the munchkin dispenser which is not that great (hard to twist, formula goes into other compartments etc and quite bulky)This is PERFECT.. loved it.

Elsie Swan Lake, NY

A must for formula feed babies

I am so glad I got 2 of these for the diaper bag for my daughters formula. We go out a lot and this is so easy to use. I have recommended these to other mothers too.

Mai West Brooklyn, IL

Need more actually

Very helpful for at home or outside home. I use it for formula and it fits great in the diaper bag. I don’t have to tote the whole can of formula and fight with it on quick trips to do errands. I wish the lids were connected some how but still love it and will buy more one day 🙂

Sheila Windsor, MA


I really like to use these containers for formula… I no longer spill half of the powder every time I try to make my son a bottle. I can also see how these containers will grow with him. My only disappointment was the colors shown are not the colors I recieved. Instead of clear containers I recieved translucent blue containers with orange writing. Not a deal breaker, I just wish they were clear.

Liz Tazewell, VA

Best formula dispenser!

This is a great formula dispenser! they are easy to use, clean, and pour without getting caught up on any ridges or anything straight into the bottle! This is one of those items that is a MUST for a formula feeding parent on the go! They easily hold 4 scoops of formula without any problem, enough for a large bottle.

Liz Saratoga, IN

Good product

These little containers are great for formula powder and the spout is very convenient. You can use them individually (because they each have a lid), or stacked one on top of the other. I would recommend this item anytime.

Lorna Forbes, ND

Love this Container!

This container is great for snacks, that is why I give it 5 stars. It comes with extra lids to use when you choose to use the containers individually. I think it’s just right for cereal or fish crackers, but I could see using it for formula powder as well.

Pamala Tallulah, LA

Really practical

I love these containers, are very practicall, really easy to use especially if you are in the road, or outside home

Ingrid Rupert, ID

Exactly what I wanted

These are great – used them for formula so far. They are great and work really well. I’m it sure if they can go in the dishwasher, nothing on the package indicates if the dishwasher is okay.

Audra Littleton, IL

handy but…

I had hoped that these would be simple like another brand I had purchased, but they’re not. They don’t screw together easy and the openings don’t line up. Formula also gets trapped in the groove for the cap. I would have purchased another like the previous brand, but it was too late. Oh well. The price wasn’t ridiculous so I’m OK with it not meeting my expectations.

Kris Woodbury, GA

Fantastic for formula and beyond

We first started using these great containers about 7 months ago, when we started to supplement with formula. I wanted something that would keep the powder completely separate, so there was no risk of formula spilling over to the other compartment as is common with most other formula containers. It worked great for formula, my only complaint was sometimes misplacing the caps, since they are not attached. Now that my daughter is 13 months, we have been using them to carry a variety of snacks, and having them in separate, crush-proof containers that can be screwed together has been so great. We can carry grapes in one, cheese in another, and baby puffs or steamed carrots in the third.We ended up buying a couple conventional formula holders while on vacation, and they just confirmed how great that this product really is. I bought a second set, so I always have a container or two free.

Julianne Chama, NM

Great for formula

I love these containers! I use them several times a week to take formula for bottles with me. I have twin 4 month olds, so always need to have enough formula. Currently, they take 5 oz bottles, and that amount of formula (plus a little rice cereal) fits just great. I’m sure I could fit enough formula powder for 6 oz or even 8 oz bottles in each container. I have never had a problem with the powder leaking out.I like the small opening that fits right into the top of the bottle, even standard size bottle openings, so that the powder goes right into the bottle and not all over the place.I have been washing the containers in the dishwasher and have not had any problems except when I didn’t secure the little caps in a closed basket. The force of the water pushed them out of an open basket and they fell near the heating element. One of the caps is a little melted on one side, now, but still works.One little annoying thing is that the lids do not twist on as you would expect. You must snap them on, then twist to tighten.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to take individual servings of formula powder with them.

Edith Grayville, IL

Pros and Cons after 1 year of use.

I have had this product for about a year now and I can say that it has its pros and cons. Pros: sturdy, convenient, never spills in diaper bag, can be separated in to one, two, or three units. Cons: Plastic is starting to wear, the “plugs” don’t attach in anyway to the container, so I am always scared they will get lost or get choked on, in a rush the lids can be tricky to screw on (realign over and over again). Still, a better snack container than most that I have owned.

Kathy Cushman, AR

Poor tread

The tread is difficult. Fully closed it’s difficult to unscrew. And it’s hard to get all the caps to line up after you’ve unscrewed them unless you screw them halfway.Returned the product and got a Thermababy instead.

Berta Oconto Falls, WI


Finally, I dont get formula all over myself when im trying to make a bottle on the go!!!!!! A Must have!!!

Ruthie Pittsford, NY

nice size – easy to pour spout.

I like this formula container better than the larger Munchkin brand ones. These are a nice portable size – screw together easily if you need to bring enough for multiple feedings too. The pout is also a little longer on these than the Munchkin brand containers, so this makes it easier to pour powder without spills. The price is great too! no complaints!

Ellen Millville, DE

Great for formula

These are great for storing formula, the spout is good for pouring the powder formula out. The only thing I don’t like is the tops are a little hard to get off sometimes.

Kate Cozad, NE