Razbaby RaZberry Teether – Red/Blue 2-Pack

Razbaby RaZberry Teether – Red/Blue 2-Pack

First hands-free all silicone teether! One of each color.

Main features

  • Gently massages and cools baby’s tender gums.
  • Bumpy texture aids in the teething process.
  • Hands-free – soothes baby’s gums while they play!
  • Non-toxic 100% Silicone. Safe and durable.
  • Stimulating Multi-Texture can be frozen for EXTRA soothing comfort.
  • BPA Free
  • +3 Months

Verified reviews



We just received these today so I can’t say that I know much of their durability, that’s why I’m only giving it 4 stars. As of now, my daughter really likes them! I think it’s good for teething but also for learning different textures! She made a funny face when she first tried it but then was very interested in it. Any baby with a sensory problem or that isn’t fond of textures would probably not be too fond of these. I know the bulb is for chewing but when it looks like a pacifier of course baby is going to suck on it. I recommend these teethers and the Sophie teether. (SOPHIE IS WORTH THE MONEY!)

Sherry Douglasville, GA

too larger for an early teether

This item is not made for an early teether of 3 month. Too big. Maybe it is just my kid.

Tamika Rockfall, CT

Baby loves it

I like this teether. It works perfect for baby needs. I like price. Quality of material is also good. I will definitely recommend it.

Lakisha Zebulon, GA

Too big

Bought these for my 8 month old when he was teething. He didn’t like them and refused to use them. I think they were way too big and the texture wasn’t enjoyable for him.They are cute though.

Loraine Saint Ansgar, IA

Colorful, and very cute.

Nice vivid colors these are sure to get the baby’s attention, and they will have fun chewing on them. totally cute.

Elda Rotterdam Junction, NY

Not sucky

Good teething rings, but they are too big for our kiddo to put into her mouth to suck on. We like traditional rings better.

Beverley Granite City, IL

Baby loves

Now that my child is teething hard, he loves them. I got them when he was younger (6 months) and they were too big for his mouth. Now at 9 months, they are perfect!

Alisa Bakerstown, PA

Love! Love! Love!

My daughter has been teething for what feels like forever and these really help her. They are easy for her to hold and she will sit there and gnaw on them all day long.

Rosanna Gakona, AK

Not age appropriate

My daughter started teething around 1 1/2 mts 🙁 I got her these around 3 mts old. They were way too big for her mouth. Now she is 5 mts and its still big and awkward. If she shows interest in either it’s because I’m holding it in her mouth. Maybe there should be smaller versions. The idea of the design is great and it helps her, but it’s just still too big for her.

June Annapolis, MO

Great Item

We really love these they really helped our daughter when she is teething. She was able to hold these really well and chew on them even at a young age.

Janis Jackson, MS

Baby loves it for teething

My 6mo loves chewing on this for teething. I am not sure if it would cause confusion for babies who love pacifiers. Fortunately/Unfortunately, we never could get our little man to take a pacifier, so he does love to gnaw on this!

Araceli Alliance, NE

Awesome teething item

I have no idea why these are so attractive to my children (instead of rings, frozen teething thingies, etc) but these are great because while the raspberry part is textured to chew, the entire thing is silicone so son loves to flip it and chew the whole darn thing.I have 3. One for Infant Care, one for diaper bag, one for home . . . best price is here for the double pack.

Hannah Charles Town, WV

Good teething toys

Triplet boys and none take a pacifier, but they do grab it and chew on them especially when teething. They seem to enjoy chewing on the leaves rather then the bulb. If they did take a pacifier I believe they would enjoy it more.

Stephanie New London, PA

So fun!

My baby girl loves these teethers! The handle is a great size for her little hands to grip it and the raspberry part is a great size for her to use for many more months. I keep one at room temp and one in the freezer since she can’t seem to decide which she likes the best.

Tanya Winnebago, NE

Fun teether for babies

I ordered these Razbaby teehers for my 4, almost 5 month old baby girl. She loves them! They are kind of big (bigger than a normal pacifier) and bulky which makes it easy for her to hold on to. The whole product is made of silicon so it’s soft for baby’s gums no matter what part she/he happens to be chewing on. This is a really good product to add into the mix of the regular classic teethers that go in the frige. I recommend them for any teething baby.

Roslyn Union Grove, AL

cute, great price

Awesome price. Haven’t used these yet ass my twins were just born. However I’ve been stocking up on my teething stuff. With babies you never can start too early or have enough when it comes to teething

Susan Lagro, IN

Maybe to big for smaller babies

These seem to help my son in a very small way. He may like it more when he is older than 6 months. He gags when I try to put this in his mouth

Aurelia Cottondale, AL

Teether that looks like a pacifier.

Interestingly, my child prefers the flip side… The handle… To the blueberry side. The handle, when she sticks it in her mouth, rubs both sides of her mouth at the same time and seems more soothing to her. Also the pacifier is larger than a traditional pacifier. This is definitely a teether made to look like a pacifier but the whole thing is fun for babies to chew on and play with. Mine seems to like the whole feel of it, too.

Ashley Fair Oaks, CA

Razbaby Teether

Wow! My 5 month old granddaughter loves this teether. There is one at her house and one at my house for her. When she is offered this teether she is all smiles and won’t give it up for quite some time!

Sondra Troy, ME


This thing is enormous!! Way too big for my 9 month old to get in her mouth. Disappointed!

Sylvia Dunbar, KY