Re-Play 2 Count Spill Proof Cups, Aqua, Sunny Yellow

Re-Play 2 Count Spill Proof Cups, Aqua, Sunny Yellow

Re-Play Spill Proof Cups are Made in the USA, from recycled milk jugs. With funky bright colors and chunky shapes Re-Play tableware is Toddler Tuff! Re-Play Spill Proof Cups come in a pack of 2 and hold 10oz of liquid each. Choose from Pink & Green cups or Aqua & Orange cups. Each cup has an easy-to-clean silicone valve that prevents liquid from spilling. All Re-Play products are BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, melamine-free…and dishwasher safe! Products are made, assembled and tested in the USA from recycled milk jugs that are FDA approved for Food Contact. The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gases and saves energy. Our packaging is also made from recycled paperboard. The minimal package design does not use plastic blisters, twist ties or any other extra restraints that create more waste. Re-Play products are easy and fun for toddlers to use, unbelievably durable.

Main features

  • Made from recycled milk jugs
  • All Re Play products are made in the USA
  • FDA Approved recycled plastic
  • BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free

Verified reviews


Actually made in the usa, THAILAND, AND CHINA

We just received this item, but it looks to be mostly as described – sippy cups mostly made out of recycled plastic. Note however that it is not entirely made in the USA as advertised.One of the features that encouraged me to buy this product was the fact it is advertised as made in the US, rather than a country with questionable employee treatment. It turns out that the valve is made in Thailand and China, so I’m a bit disappointed, and I feel a bit deceived. This is clear on the package, but only in small print, while the "Made in USA" is big and on the front. They shouldn’t be advertising it as only "Made in the USA". The majority of it is made in the USA, but not all of it, which is what is implied by their advertising.

Mabel Hampshire, IL

Don’t understand other people’s problems with these…

I’ve bought 3 sets of these from Walmart for my daughter (4 at home and 2 at grandma’s house). I’ve bought SO many other brands – from Munchkin to Thermos and they all leak or are impossible to get anything out of it or the parts are difficult to clean.First, they leak extremely minimally – maybe a drop or two and that’s it. The valve works excellent in these! They screw shut tightly and don’t leak that way either.Second, the actual valve is a simple design, one side round with the cuts for liquid to go thru and one side triangular that is the “control” portion of it. I guess if you’re not paying attention, you’ll switch them around and yes, then you can’t get anything out of it, but if you put it together correctly (and it’s just one piece, not 2+ pieces that come with a manual to use it!) it works fine. I would say it may be difficult for new sippy cup users, but I wouldn’t give a younger baby/toddler a hard spout anyway.Third, cleaning it is simple – throw it in the dishwasher and the put the spout in a bottle basket. I always rinse the rubber piece again, but as far as the spout getting moldy…well, maybe try not letting it sit with juice or milk in it?? I guess if you left liquid in it for a few days it would get moldy, but a bottle brush could easily get it out…Overall, these are my sippy cups of choice – and I’ve tried tons (I’ve got a sippy cup graveyard up in the cabinet!)

Marcie Pleasant Hill, IL

Great cups

I found these cups in wal-mart. My daughter loves them. I love them because they are made for recycled milk jars and made in the USA. You do not find a lot of products made in USA these days. So, when you see it…you buy it. :).

Courtney Baptistown, NJ

Too hard to get the drink

These were a disappointment. It was much too hard for my son to get any liquid from them at all. it did turn out to take a huge amount of effort, but without the valve, the spill completely. I will put them away and maybe try them again when he is a bit older.

Kate Palm Beach, FL

Own all of their stuff, it is the best!

I love this brand! I own the plates, bowls, plastic ware and cups!The cups are well made and love that you can put them in the top of the dishwasher. Make sure you remove the plastic think in the lid to prevent it getting moldy. The wash so well and are like new after!My daughter is two and loves the colors! I own the green and pink. She has a bright green OXO Sprout chair and it matches well. I love these because they have not leaked at all! I have found them on their side on the wood floors and there is not a drop of water on the floor!So glad I found this brand!

James Lawton, PA

Best Sippy cups ever

Best sippy cups ever. they do not leak i have tried many and i love the fact that they are made in the USA.

Michell Poole, KY

Best cups!

I bought a couple of these cups many months ago at a store and then I wasn’t able to find them again. Thankfully Amazon had my back!. We LOVE these cups. They don’t spill at all. I have never had any leak problems (unless someone forgets to put the silicon back in after washing). They are very durable. I love the fact that they are a "green" product made from recycled materials and that they are American made. Highly recommend this product.

Deidre Big Cove Tannery, PA

Well made cups, no leaks yet!

These cups are super sturdy, seem to be leak proof, and are easy to clean. I love that they are made from recycled materials, and that the packaging is too. They do seem to require quite a bit of suction, but my 2-year old doesn’t seem to mind this, he’s a pretty hungry/thirsty little guy and the cups don’t slow him down at all.

Nikki Piney Woods, MS

great sippy cups for older babies and toddlers

These recycled plastic sippy cups are great items for our toddler. They are lightweight and very durable. I love that they are made from recycled milk jugs, and they also look cooler than most sippy cups. I haven’t needed to use the no-spill valves, so I can’t vouch for their function, but the cups are easy enough to grip that our little guy seems to have no trouble holding them upright. They have survived numerous dives off the table and are still going strong. I’ve purchased several sets to give as gifts, and I like the rest of the Re-Play items as well.

Mitzi Terrell, TX

Great products!

• Update

• April 2013
• One dropped on the pavement and was chipped on the mouth piece where the holes are. I sanded it down, works fine, but left a mark.
• March 2013
• I bought 3 packs of these for my son’s first birthday gift bags. They were a perfect little gift for the infant and toddler guests!

Gloria Suches, GA

Works great and holds up well.

For the money and the recycle benefits, this is a great product. My 22 month old has been using them for over a month now and they work well for him. They get all the mistreatment of any product a toddler is working with and go through the diswasher at least 5 times a week and still look like they did out of the box.

Belinda Itasca, TX

Awesome sippy cups

I am impressed they do not leak, made in the USA, made of recycled material. The only down side is it is too big for a one-year-old hands to hold. I wish they put handles on making it easier for little people to hold on to it.

Kelley Huntsville, IL

Requires too much suction

I really liked the idea of a sippy cup made of recycled materials, but this one definitely isn’t the best product around.It requires so much suction even I have a hard time getting liquid out of it. It works better when you take out the rubber piece inside, but then the cup leaks every time it’s not standing straight.My 18 month old got very frustrated with it when the rubber piece was in like it’s supposed to be, but even without it, he doesn’t carry this sippy cup everywhere like he does with the other models we have.I definitely wouldn’t recommend these sippy cups.

Christian Corral, ID

Good product

No frills but does exactly what it is suppose to and it fits well in car seat cup holders, which is the most important thing.

Rosie Mechanicsburg, IL