Re-Play 3 Count Divided Plates, Pink, Green, Sunny Yellow

Re-Play 3 Count Divided Plates, Pink, Green, Sunny Yellow

Re-Play Divided Plates are Made in the USA, from recycled milk jugs. With funky bright colors and chunky shapes Re-Play tableware is Toddler Tuff! Each Divided Plate has 2 small & 1 large section, and come in a pack of 3. Choose from Pink, Green & Orange plates or Aqua, Green & Orange plates. Re-Play Divided Plates are perfectly proportioned for your toddler, with 3 sections so you can offer a variety of healthy foods at mealtime, but still keep foods separate for picky eaters. Plates have deep sides to help little ones that are learning to eat independently. All Re-Play products are BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, melamine-free…and dishwasher safe! Products are made, assembled and tested in the USA from recycled milk jugs that are FDA approved for Food Contact. The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gases and saves energy.

Main features

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from FDA approved Recycled Milk Jugs
  • BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Melamine FREE
  • Dishwasher safe, not recommended for microwave use

Verified reviews


Very good deal

These are recycled milk jugs. Pretty neat. I like that these are deeper so my daughter can spoon her foods better. Love the colors too!

Tamra Upton, NY

Eight months later, still GREAT

I purchased this for my son when he was a six months old and started using them for baby food. Eight months later, we still love them. They held up to abuse. They have been thrown repeatedly. I hand wash them and they always come clean, even if I have forgotten and they have sat with crusted food for a few hours. They are a great size and easy to hold. Very durable and not made of cheap toxic crap.

Debra Sharon, GA

Love these plates!

I have been buying green eats plates and bowls and cups but when it came time to buy divided plates I liked the look of these better. They looked deeper and more spacious. And they were cheaper. I am so glad I went with these divided plates. They are indeed the perfect size for food! I have a 10 month old and 2 1/2 year old. Plus we always have cousins and friends over- everyone loves these plates! I want to buy the matching bowls now because the colors are so vibrant. i still like my green eats plates and bowls but i LOVE these!

Susanna Capitol Heights, MD


These are awesome for young children. They are light weight and I love that they are portioned in a way that allows you to actually put something in the smaller parts 🙂

Jennie Utica, KS

Great, but wish they were microwaveable

Each section is nice and deep and had good portion control. Colors are also nice. I tried to look all over the packaging and in other reviews whether they were microwaveable…they are NOT:[…]I wish they were so I could buy more, but not worth investing much more if they can’t go in the microwave, as well.

Esther Crowell, TX

Great kids plates

Good quality kids dinnerware. Nice heavy plastic, bright and vibrant colors and they wash well. Very happy with them overall.

Germaine Sigel, PA

Perfect plates

I like section plates. I had been searching for great ones for a while though. The sections are deep. We like to eat soup & sandwiches often, using these plates reduces the amount of dishes since the sections are deep enough to hold about a 1/2 cup of soup.I hand wash and dishwasher them; they have held up great. I love them.I wish the orange was more "orange" though. It’s a very unattractive color for a kid.

Jamie Cascade Locks, OR

Love these plates

I love these plates for my 4 yo & 1 yo they are cute, deep & great colors plus they r made from recycled materials and bpa free

Roxie Bagwell, TX

Great Divisions for food: Fun and a Must Buy

It took us a while to find something we liked. When I saw this, I realized it was a must buy. It has perfect divisions for different items and is nice, sturdy and easy to clean.

Ivy North Aurora, IL

Well sized, holing up well.

I’ve been using these plates with my toddler for over a year now, and they work quite well! The smaller size perfectly holds a single-serving cup of sliced fruit (to give an idea of portion sizes), and the large section is great for 1-2 cut-up chicken nuggets with ketchup on the side =) No sign of warping or damage from my dishwasher (and occasionally I will toss one in the bottom rack). These plates aren’t flimsy, so they’re not likely to slide or slip across the table like some of the cheaper sets.I will say, though, that using a knife on food that is already in the plates will damage the bottom. A few of my plates have small slice marks across the bottom from doing this, and for days where that was for pasta, there is also some residual staining of tomato sauce which got into the tiny slices. This is probably true for some other plastic plates as well, so probably not a unique problem to this model. Other than that, I anticipate these holding up well for several more years!

Lucia Ellenville, NY

Very nice plates!

Sturdy and simple design. No sharp edges, very cute. Very American in design. Love it. Made in USA. A rare find these days.

Marjorie Pontiac, IL

The greatest divided plates ever

These plates are simply awesome. We own many princess, pirate, hello kitty, you name it, little melamine plates and they simply don’t hold a candle to these. What we love about these is that they are recycled, made from old milk jugs, BPA free, bright cute colors, and the compartments are nice and deep. The plate is a great size for kids, similar to the aforementioned plates, but they are much deeper leading to less spilled food and more room to pile in brocolli! These wash extremely well in the dishwasher and so far have not become stained with anything, even tomato sauce. They also stack compactly and come in really nice vibrant colors, pretty true to what you see on the website. Additionally, they come in minimal cardboard (recyclable) packaging. These are the only plates we use now. They also sell these at our local Wal-mart, so compare prices before buying, but either way, they are totally worth it.

Candice Camano Island, WA


I love these plates ! They are durable and easy to clean. I love that they are made from recycled plastic and are also recyclable when no longer needed. Also, they are made in the USA ! So, not only are you getting a great, safe product, but you are making a difference !

Renee Okahumpka, FL

Good divided plates

I like that all of the re-play items are recycled items. I love the bright colors and the fact that they are gender neutral. However, I noticed that it requires a lot of soap to remove any greasy residue from ordinary foods (cheese, chicken, etc.) Not that much of an issue, but a good swipe of dish soap doesn’t cut it. It really requires a good scrubbing. Just a little heads up.

Lidia Reidsville, NC


The best. Not too big. Not too small. Easy to clean. I’ve had a few times where I was worried spaghetti sauce was going to stain them but didn’t after some elbow grease and/or a soak. Happy! 🙂

Louisa Downsville, LA

Sturdy and environmentally friendly!

We love these plates for my toddler. They are the perfect size, and extremely solid. They’re the first plates we use every time. They wash great, don’t hold smells, and are heavy enough to not easily tip off the table. Highly recommend them! They’re also food safe, bpa free, etc.

Leann Teresita, MO

but a nice plate for little ones learning to feed themselves

A bit hard to wash, but a nice plate for little ones learning to feed themselves. It has some weight without being heavy, the spaces are a good size, and the walls a good height in proportion to the dish.

Lynda Willard, OH

very cute and sturdy

We try 3 types of foods at dinner and this allows for us to try a palette of foods for our baby. We rinse them and stick them in the dishwasher with no issues.

Ernestine Maxwell, NM

nice but not microwave safe

I like these trays but not being able to warm the food in the tray means that I have to dirty other dishes to warm the food if it is cold. I had read this in the reviews before buying but I didn’t think it would bother me as much as it does now that I am using them. I don’t use these very often because of that. Otherwise, very good size and shape. Trays are deep and useful.

Cecelia Halfway, OR


I love these plates. They are deep and a great little sturdy plate. They gave held up great in the dishwasher.

Dianna Port O Connor, TX

Great, but with a few problems

We use these plates three times a day, every day, and they still look brand new. They are a good size, and we love the colors, but we have a few problems:1) Not microwave safe– really wish they were!2) No lids– and since cling wrap doesn’t stick, it’s hard to save leftovers3) Since the sides are so steep it’s a little tough to cut up food in the plate itself, but that’s nitpicking.Other than that these are awesome, and I would love to see more gender-neutral colors!

Katy Argusville, ND

These divided plates are awesome!!!

They are super sturdy, they stack well in the cabinet, are easy to load in dishwasher tray and you can put a good amount of food in each section since the sections are pretty deep (deeper than Tommee Tippee divided plates that we own). I know my 17 month old son is going to get lots of use out of these! I also love that they are recycled! Awesome product!

Sheree Bushnell, IL

Great plates for little ones!

I bought two sets of these great little plates that don’t stain, they have a smooth finish that cleans up easily.

Jeanie Garrochales, PR

beautiful colors and sturdy design

These plates are very nice. They are very durable, I love the 3 compartments, and the colors are very appealing. I am going to purchase more of these. I also love the fact that they are made from recycled materials. They can also be ran through the dishwasher. Not microwavable though.

Rose Carthage, MS


my daughter enjoys eating food from these trays. Very solid built. Colors are nice too. Easy to clean. Good space to divide food.

Pamela Schell City, MO

Great Product

I purchased these because I wanted some divided plates for snack time. I usually offer my 2yr old girls various choices to share and was getting tired of it getting all mixed up on a plate. Yes….. I’m OCD. But sometimes I felt bad when cracker crumbs wound up all over their sliced bananas. Anyway, I was looking for a tray-like dish that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. This fit the bill.Sturdy, hard plastic. Doesn’t bend or give.Even though it’s thick, study plastic it’s not heavy. So if one of the girls konks the other in the head with it I don’t have to worry about it doing too much damage.Washes up easy enough.High ridges/deep sections. So holds quite a bit.Dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. I have found this is actually the norm with kids dishes. Not sure why or what genius thought that up……but it is what it is. Either way I’m ok with it as I said I purchased specifically for snacks. And I typically hand wash the girls dishes because let’s face it….dishwashers ruin ANYTHING plastic. (Side note: Ikea sells awesome microwavable kids dishes. I also have a review on those)The only thing I don’t like, which is the ONLY reason I didn’t give 5 stars is they are smaller than I thought. I was looking for a larger tray for the girls to share at snack time.If taken care of properly I believe these plates will last a very, very long time.Overall, I am very happy and would not only recommend to a friend I am adding to my Baby Shower Gifts list.

Lakesha Pine Hall, NC

Great for toddlers, could be improved

We opened the package and my 21 month old grabbed them and ran to the table to set the table for dinner! He was so excited he immediately wanted a snack using the new plates! They are very thick and seem very duable and the colors are very fun. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that the following would be improvements that would have made them a 5 star product:1. a non-slip bottom so a toddler can’t accidently knock them off the table2. Bottom rack dishwasher safe – with a toddler my top rack is always packed full3. Microwaveable save

Cherie Sabana Seca, PR