Re-Play 3pk Bowls

Re-Play 3pk Bowls

Re-Play bowls are made in the usa, from recycled milk jugs. With funky bright colors and chunky shapes Re-Play tableware is toddler tuff. Bowls come in a pack of 3 and are perfectly proportioned for your toddler. Finally a bowl that is sized just right big enough for a childs meal portion, but small enough for snack times, too. Choose from purple, green and orange bowls or aqua, green and orange bowls. Bowls have deep sides to help little ones that are learning to eat independently. All Re-Play products are bpa free, PVC free, phthalate free, melamine free and dishwasher safe. Products are made, assembled and tested in the usa from recycled milk jugs that are fda approved for food contact. The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gases and saves energy. Our packaging is also made from recycled paperboard. The minimal package design does not use plastic blisters, twist ties or any other extra restraints that create more waste. Re-Play products are easy and fun for toddlers to use, unbelievably durable and eco friendly too.

Main features

  • Made from recycled milk jugs.
  • All Re-Play products are made in the USA
  • FDA approved recycled plastic
  • BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free

Verified reviews


I love these bowls!

I just received these bowls 2 days ago and I have just ordered another set. They are much more substancial than I expected and the slope on the side of the bowl is just right for little eaters to be able to scoop up the food easily. The colors are bright and they feel very sturdy. I don’t normally microwave plastic anyway so the fact that they say not to use in the microwave is not an issue for me. The grandkids loved the colors and couldn’t wait to use them. I also ordered the divided plates and love them also. Great product.

Lori North Scituate, MA

great set for toddlers

These recycled plastic bowls are great items for our toddler. They are lightweight and very durable, and they stack well in the cabinet. They have survived numerous dives off the table, and also function well as impromptu hats (in case your 2 year old has a need for that). I’ve purchased several sets to give as gifts, and I like the rest of the Re-Play items as well.

Pansy Selawik, AK


I like these bowls because they have steep sides so when I am mixing rice cereal with my son’s food, none will spill. However, the packaging does not say whether I can place it in the microwave, so I have to guess! I do like that it is "green", as we try to live in a healthy way. Good set for the cost as well.

Ada Cowiche, WA

Great, but…..

Great bowls, like their other products, but wish they were microwaveable. It’s too bad because that’s the only reason why I won’t be buying more of their items.

Ashley Marshfield, WI

love these… but

I LOVE these bowls. They are the perfect size for my 1 and 3 year olds to use. My only complaint is that one of the green ones started peeling. They seem to have some thin coating on them. I had no clue about this until the one bowl started peeling. They do great with hot and cold foods. They don’t stain. So other then the one that peeled, we love them 🙂

Isabel High Springs, FL

Great bowls

I really like the bowls for the my kids. They are the perfect size. They’re durable, wash well in the sink or dishwasher. No regrets for this purchase!

Diane Pittsfield, VT

Durable, perfect size and great price

I tried a lot of different bowls before I found these and so I think I have a pretty good perspective on bowls. These are by far my favorite. They are so durable, are the perfect size and depth for my toddler. They are not too deep and are flat on the bottom which is easier for my son to eat from instead of the more rounded type of bowl. The only issue I have had is they will stain if you microwave red colored food in them like spagetti or indian curry. This is the only problem with them but I try to avoid putting them in the microwave. I use this brand’s plates too which are also great. I have several packs of these.

Suzette Allen, TX

Perfect Size!

These bowls are the perfect size for a toddler. They’re large enough for a package of oatmeal, small bowl of cereal, etc. Mommy even likes to use them for (adult) snack-sized bowls of ice cream or chips. They’re very durable, too, so we’ll probably be keeping them past the kids’ childhood. I don’t feel like we’ll be replacing these any time soon. Added bonus: they match the two different packages of toddler-sized Re-Play utensils we purchased!

Kris Shohola, PA


We’ve been using these for aprox. 8 months now. They are used very frequently and still look like new. They are very easily cleaned and are the perfect size for my 2 & 4 yr old. They also really like the brighter colors!

Tonya Ellery, IL

Great cereal/soup bowls for kids!

These bowls are great quality, made in the USA, and a great size for cereal, soup or snacks. And the best thing is, we know they are safe.

Betty Franklinton, LA

Sturdy, cute, NOT microwavable!

I was looking for microwavable bowls for my daughter. I made the mistake of thinking these were, but the paperwork enclosed said not to microwave. They are sturdy and cute, just shouldn’t go in the microwave. I guess glass bowls are best for that.

Deidra South Ryegate, VT

great bowls

These are really good, thick bowls. I bought these to match the plates and silverware that I bought for my toddler. I am impressed by how durable these products are.

Mavis Hancock, MN

Nice sized bowls, just wish they were a little heavier/weighted on the bottom

I love all the Re-Play products, these fall a little short compared to the others as they are so light my 2-year old needs me to hold the bowl for him to be able to use a spoon/fork by himself or the bowl will wander all over the table. They are a good quality however, and dishwasher safe and when my son sees the bright colors he runs to the kitchen table, knowing he’s about to get to eat something.

Elvia Pine Grove, CA

Simple, sturdy, and great for the environment

I love that these bowls are made from recycled materials. They are solid, hold up to my toddler’s constant banging and throwing, wash well, and are a great kid-sized portion. Would order again!

Mia Emerson, NE

Great kid bowls

I love these little bowls. Heavy and good quality, colors are bright and beautiful, good size for child portions and they wash up nicely.

Jolene Gotebo, OK

great bowls for my little guy

I love that these bowls are environmentally friendly and made here in the USA. Nice colors too! They wash easily, dry fast, and stack into one another nicely.

Geneva Natalia, TX

Safe, non-toxic, colorful, and environmentally friendly and made in USA!

These are reasonably priced, made in USA, and non-toxic. They are perfect size bowl and I am glad I made the purchase.

Yolanda Linn, MO

i LOVE the re-play products

i have the sectioned plates as well and I just love them. they are sturdy, the right size for toddler meals, dishwasher safe and they don’t stain! i would recomend them to anyone with toddlers for sure!

Melanie Easton, IL

Great Product and Price!

I had searched high and low for earth-friendly bowls and plates for my daughter when I came across Re-Play’s products. The price was so reasonable and the other reviews so complimentary that I purchased quite a few. These products are so durable; the plastic is much thicker than you might expect. The bowls are a great size and the plates have wonderfully deep sections to avoid spills. They are free of harmful chemicals and are even made in the US. I like everything about these products, even the fun colors! I hope you enjoy these bowls and plates as much as I do!

Estela Chester, VT


I do like these they a great size for 12 month olds and I use them myself for snacks which again a great portion sized for us all. Easy to clean and I love the neutral colors.

Lorie Elbow Lake, MN

Perfect size for my 22-month old

I really, really love these bowls (have the divided plates too). They are thick, sturdy, wash up beautifully, and are the perfect size for my little guy. He is 22-months old and can really be brutal on things (not to mention a large eater). Other bowls have been small or thin, or their lining starts to deteriorate after some usage. These are the perfect size for cereal with fruit and other snacks. Would put soup in there too– deep enough without being adult sized. Wanted to review this item because I was nervous about the size, but I have no complaints. Would buy again, buy as a gift, and recommend to anyone. Of course, I purchased them for their safe, environmentally friendly qualities; those do not disappoint either!

Claudette Ballinger, TX

Re-play bowls

I really like these bowls. We were using the Gerber bunch of bowls and wanted to find something more durable (like a Tupperware) without the bad plastic. These bowls are price perfect and they are very sturdy (think of the Tupperware bell tumblers). We plan to buy more. The size is right also for toddler to school age kids.

Jodi Barren Springs, VA


these bowls are great for my 16 month old with a healthy appetite. they are the perfect shape and weight.

Reyna Wayland, MO

Awesome recycled bowls

We first tried these at Wal-mart so we knew what we were getting when we ordered them from Amazon. These bowls are great, they are a perfect size for kids portions. Love that they are made from recycled milk bottles and BPA free. They are nice and thick, stack compactly, the colors are vibrant, they wash well on the top rack of the dishwasher and so far have shown no staining like a lot of other plastic–like how stuff seems to turn orange after spaghetti sauce, and stays that way forever. The divided plates are great also and everything comes in the same four colors (green, orange, aqua, and pink). These are the only plastic bowls in our house now!

Patti Tyner, IN


We have the plates, bowls & utensils for my 2 boys (1&4) I really like these and they are a lot cheaper then buying them at the health food store.

Holly Mongmong, GU


Great little bowls. I like how they are made out of milk cartons. They are the perfect size for what I need them for.

Nettie Beaufort, MO

Awesome Product

I bought a whole set from Re-Play and now wish I would have purchased more! I love how well made they are, being from recycled plastic. They are great and I would definitely recommend them to other parents!

Marylou Winfield, TN

Great product!

I bought these for my 16 month old and I just love this brand and the products. Bowls are perfect size and they clean up very well. I couldnt be happier with the purchase. I will never got back to cheap plastic bowls again.

Francine Caratunk, ME


Perfect little bowls for snacks or cereal for little ones. Made in USA, made of recycled materials, dishwasher safe, cute colors

Celina Montgomery, LA

good material! but toys for my little one

nice colors, so my little one loves to play with is good to put some foods for 30 sec, but then my little one flip them.anyway, bowls with very good material!it serves as a toy for my little one.

Augusta Selkirk, NY