Re-Play Utensils, Pink, 8-Count

Re-Play Utensils, Pink, 8-Count

Re-Play utensils are made in the USA, from recycled milk jugs. With funky bright colors and chunky shapes Re-Play tableware is toddler tuff. Utensils come in a 8 count – each containing 4 spoons and 4 forks. Re-Play utensils are sized just right for your toddler, with pudgy handles that are easy to grip and use. Spoons are deep so that food stays put and forks have blunt tips to keep kids safe. All Re-Play products are BPA free, PVC free, phthalate free, melamine free and dishwasher safe. Products are made, assembled and tested in the USA from recycled milk jugs that are FDA approved for food contact. The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gases and saves energy. Our packaging is also made from recycled paperboard. The minimal package design does not use plastic blisters, twist ties or any other extra restraints that create more waste. Re-Play products are easy and fun for toddlers to use, unbelievably durable too.

Main features

  • 100% Plastic
  • Made in US
  • Set of four forks and four spoons made from recycled milk jugs (FDA approved recycled plastic)
  • All Re Play products are made in the USA
  • Perfect size for toddlers
  • BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free, melamine free
  • Dimensions: 55″ by 125″ by 25″

Verified reviews


Great utensils

Nice deep spoons and not pointed forks. They are great for my baby to learn feeding herself.

Tracie Vanderbilt Beach, FL

Great quality

I bought these as a gift with the plates and bowls. I wish I knew of these when my kids were younger and just starting to feed themselves. I love all the color choices also.

Jessica Brainardsville, NY

My Daughter Loves Them!

My 2yo daughter has been working on feeding herself for months, and it seems like every spoon I found in the stores had long handles and either teeny-tiny or flat "bowls" and, consequently, she had a hard time keeping the food in the spoon. These utentils have a wider, deeper bowl, and now mealtime is much easier. She is less likely to use her hands since she can control the shorter handle better, too.

Flossie Fonda, IA

A Good Set for Toddlers

I bought this for my one year old. It’s a good set that she can take on her own, or we can use to feed her. It’s just the right size and quite sturdy. Much better than what I have seen in stores. Plus it’s ECO-Friendly!

Shelia Stanford, IN

Perfect for toddlers!

These are perfect for my toddler. They are small and short enough for my daughter for her to feed herself. Plus the plastic makes me feel better in giving these for my daughter to use instead of the metal ones.

Evangeline Ramsey, WV

The spoon base is a little wide but I still like them!

I really like this entire line of products. The bowls and plates are great and I wanted some matching utensils. The spoon is much like a soup spoon. A little wider and a not as deep as most spoons. I still think they hold the same amount of food just in a different way. It seems to be easier for my LO to feed themself with our other spoons compared to these but i like the that spoon head is not as long as others. I’m always afraid they will stick the spoon in too far and choke. Others may not have this concern and might find the spoon to be too big for their needs.

Holly Huttonsville, WV


Doesn’t list that they’re made in US anywhere (came in a plastic wrapper with card from distributer only) but, I believe them because I have bought some things from another company called Green Eats that looks similar. Also most recycled goods are from here and these are much better than the other company because they are bigger which works great for our 5 year old. The other ones are really small more for a baby which worked good for our 8 month old. To stay on topic I love them because they are made in US not China junk and work just as well as a metal fork or spoon. Id like to also thank the company for keeping it here in America, that is the main thing I looked for in my search for utensils and will buy more things from your company in the near future!

Renee Mission Ridge, SD