Re-Play Utensils, Purple/Green/Pink, 8-Count

Re-Play Utensils, Purple/Green/Pink, 8-Count

Re-Play utensils are made in the usa, from recycled milk jugs. With funky bright colors and chunky shapes Re-Play tableware is toddler tuff. Utensils come in a pack of 8 each containing 4 spoons and 4 forks. Choose from purple, green and orange utensils or aqua, green and orange utensils. Spoons are deep so that food stays put and forks have blunt tips to keep kids safe. All Re-Play products are bpa free, PVC free, phthalate free, melamine free and dishwasher safe. Products are made, assembled and tested in the usa from recycled milk jugs that are fda approved for food contact. The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gases and saves energy. Our packaging is also made from recycled paperboard. The minimal package design does not use plastic blisters, twist ties or any other extra restraints that create more waste. Re-Play products are easy and fun for toddlers to use, unbelievably durable and eco friendly too.

Main features

  • Made from recycled milk jugs.
  • All Re-Play products are made in the USA
  • FDA approved recycled plastic
  • BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free

Verified reviews


Thin and flimsy.

These spoons are thin and flimsy and very small. I like the fact they are American made and safe, but they are just too small and lightweight, so I replaced them with the Green Toys spoons and forks, which I also reviewed.

Alta Dallas, IA

Works great and holds up well

For the money and the recycle benefits, this is a great product. My 22 month old has been using them for over a month now and they work well for him. They get all the mistreatment of any product a toddler is working with and go through the diswasher at least 5 times a week and still look like they did out of the box. We like how they are bigger than baby spoons but not too big. Just right for my son.

Tanisha Renick, MO

say what?

So this form of recycling actually sounds like a good idea until you actually receive the product. The texture feels like a thicker version of a milk carton, even after it’s been formed into utensils. Typically this wouldn’t bother me, or my kids for that matter, but they bend for anything and are extremely cheap. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Bette Sandia, TX

Good Utensils

My daughter has been using these since she was 12 months old. They’re very simplistic. I like the colors, especially the aqua. She can handle them better than the ones she has with very long handles. These utensils are kind of wide, so when she first got them, they were a little wide for her small mouth (mostly the spoons). They do make me feel more at easy than her other spoons, which are skinny and have a really long handle, because I’m afraid of her stabbing those down her throat, but I don’t worry about that with these. These are made from recycled milk jugs, which I thought was kind of neat. They feel like it, too, albeit thicker.

Luella Sarepta, LA

Five Stars

Made in USA. Thank you very much.

Nadia Maupin, OR

Slightly large

The size of the spoons and forks are very large. It is difficult to fit food into my one-year old child’s mouth without some of the food falling off. These may be better for an older child who is able to open their child more widely.

Brianna Santa Rosa, CA

great set

The forks and spoons are very durable and great for my toddler. The spoon is shallower and wider than most of the other spoons we have tried which makes it great for a variety of foods. The handle on the forks and spoons are very solid and my toddler has had no problems grasping onto them or keeping them in her hand.

Cindy Satsuma, FL

Reasonably priced and well made

These are great, well made and cool colors. I bought another set of cheap plastic forks/spoons for my 2-year old, and they were not nearly as easy to use or as well made as these. These are longer than the typical sets, which I think gives them a little bit more leverage and room to fit their chubby little hands.

Simone Bridgeport, IL

Replay utensils

I bought this 8 pack of spoons and forks for my son. I have a bunch of stainless utensils for him, but was a bit nervous to give them to him right away. I searched for a plastic I felt comfortable giving him, as well as a utensil thats shape was conducive to eating. I really like that this is a recycled plastic, and this set seemed to be the best of all the cheap plastic options.My son started “using” these at 12 months, which was actually more like playing with them & pushing them around into food, while feeding himself with his free bare hand =)He is 15 months now and getting better with them, but still prefers his hands. These are a great shape for little hands though – the bowl on the spoon is deep enough to hold food, but not overly deep. The fork can actually stab food, but isn’t too sharp.Overall, I feel these are a good training utensil for little ones outgrowing “baby” spoons. They are a great transition before giving your little one stainless steel utensils. Definitely worth the $3-4 price tag. I’d recommend these to friends.

Cara Haydenville, OH


I wish the spoons were a bit smaller or less square. They are the size of a regular spoon. Forks seem appropriately sized.

Lynda Orient, IA

Love these!

We’ve loved using these. They are a bit large for small babies, but around 1 year I think they’re a great training spoon. Haven’t really used the forks yet. They’ve washed well in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Angelica Richwood, WV

Buy these, they are great!

I’m going to keep this review short, because after all it is only forks and spoons for my toddler. These sell for a decent price and they are great quality. I highly recommend these to anybody looking for safe, convenient tableware for your child.

Tami Cable, WI

Good product

These utensils were cheap, and I always love a Made in the USA option. All of my other plastic tableware for my son is from Green Eats (Green Toys), but reviews for their utensils said they were small, so when I saw this, I got them instead. My son is 2 and they are a good size for him – a little larger than usual for plastic baby/toddler utensils. I’m sure this will be good in the long run too. They are good quality.

Angeline Arroyo Hondo, NM

Really like these but..

I bought these because not only are they made from recyclable material but they were a great deal, I rated them 3 stars because 1: I ended up finding them at wal mart cheaper (I paid a lot for shipping) & 2: I was looking for a toddler set for my son but they are not ergonomicaly designed for those who do not grasp utensils well mainly for those who are already "pros" but I do like them and will continue use until he no longer requires them.

Carolina Espanola, NM

Great for being green… not the best design for a younger toddler

Ok, so I love the fact these are made from milk jugs. I’m not such a fan of them for my 15 then 18 now 20 mos old son. They’re ok. So I averaged my feelings and gave them a 4 star. Why? because the design is more like a shovel than a slim spoon. I mean, imagine these adult size… they’d look like garden spades. Not the best design. They wash well (though we do choose to hand-wash) and stir well enough when I’m mixing oatmeal or the like. But as I’ve acquired other spoons with better shaped bowls, I think they’re called, I’ve definitely come to grab these more for stirring than for feeding… unless all the other ones are dirty.

Vanessa Clearfield, UT

spoons are perfect size

they help my 16 month old scoop up food much better than the seventy other spoons we’ve acquired along the way. he seems most competent with these and is starting to try with the forks.they are perfect paired with the divided plates and bowls!

Lynne Manchester, ME


I like how these were made out of milk cartons. They are very sturdy and great colors. Will be buying more.

Florence Black Creek, NC

Our kid loves these.

I love that our son has taken so well with these. They are sturdy and the spoons help to scrape the edges because of their shape.

Rita Rutland, ND

Great Set & Affordable Prices

I cannot say enough good things about the Re-Play brand. This set is great and the price is even better, compared to other competitors out there. These are very durable and safe for your toddler. Worth the buy!!

Lesley Castle Dale, UT

Love these!

These utensils are perfect. The forks pointy enough to actually pick things up and the spoons are wide enough without being too wide. LOVE them!

Wendi Perryville, KY

Yea Re-Play

These are great for my 2 and 3 year old kids. They have a sturdiness to them not thin. Made in USA of recycled materials, dishwasher safe, cute colors

Leigh Thompson, IA

So handy!

These are so handy and Eco-friendly. They’re also durable and great quality. My son has been using these for about 2 years now and we love them! We also have the little sectioned plates. This is a great brand!!!

Julia Raymond, ME

Skip em

I bought these to go with the matching divided plates. While the plates are great, these are meh. The forks aren’t good at forking and are a bit flat. The spoons have squarish edges and don’t hold enough. These utensils wouldn’t be functional enough for kids above 1.5 years.

Karin Fork, SC

Great, Safe Baby Forks

I bought this pack because my son loves eating off of our forks and I wanted to get him some forks that weren’t metal and seemed safe. These forks (and spoons) are easy for him to hold. They also seem to wash great in the dishwasher. Plus, since they’re recycled, I feel great about purchasing them. It’d definitely buy these again.

Agnes Millheim, PA

Spoons are great forks don’t work well

Save some money and get the forks made from metal. Plastic forks just don’t work very well wehn they are learning to eat with utencils.

Tommie Moravia, NY

Great Utensils!

These are the perfect size for kids 12 months and up. My son can hold them and attempt to feed himself. I really like these.

Lucille Beallsville, MD

Feed me

I like these utensils. They are a nice weight for a beginner aka a 2 year old. They are also nice colors and so far haven’t worn down.

Lilly Trezevant, TN

super cute

very nice and cute silverware. smooth to the touch and easy for my son to grab. also come out great in the dishwasher

Katy Bean Station, TN

Great utensils!

These forks and spoons are great for our 2 year old. They are the perfect size for her to learn to eat with utensils. The fork prongs are sharp enough to be effective but not sharp enough to be used as a weapon (which is ideal with a feisty toddler!). The spoon is short enough for her to effectively spoon (read: shovel) soup or oatmeal for herself with minimal mess (also ideal with a feisty toddler!). Great purchase and a great value too. I love Re-Play products — they’re the only ones we buy for our kids!!

Ashley Mc Neil, TX

Great utensils

These are great. Made in the USA. BPA free, and short enough that kids can use them easily. They are easy to clean and the forks are not sharp enough to poke hols in other things in a bag (or the kids mouth). great product. Hope this review is helpful.

Jill Elton, LA