Real Nappies 6-Pack of Snug Wrap Prefold Diaper Covers, Crawler Size, for babies 6-18 months, 18 lb to 31 lb

Real Nappies 6-Pack of Snug Wrap Prefold Diaper Covers, Crawler Size, for babies 6-18 months, 18 lb to 31 lb

Real Nappies 6-Pack of Snug Wrap Diaper Covers, Crawler Size, for babies 6-18 months, 18 lb to 31 lb Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, Real Nappies wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort. The Real Nappies Snug Wrap three-layer diaper cover is made of a completely breathable polyurethane laminate that wicks away moisture and provides top notch waterproofing. Its superfine leg and waist taping that stands up to vigorous wash and wear. The velcro-like tabs are hardy enough to survive industrial laundry cycles but still retain their stickiness without rashing up your baby. Waterproof diaper cover for daytime or night-time use Designed for use with Real Nappies Cloth Diapers Can be used with other cloth diapers or worn over disposables Fits snugly around baby’s tummy and legs Economical 6 pack for babies aged 6 to 18 months, 18-30 lb Each Real Nappies Snug Wrap can typically be worn a few times before needing to be washed, and is generally usable as soon as your washer’s spin cycle has finished. Just grab and go. Designed for use with Real Nappies Cloth Diapers and can also be used with other cloth diapers or worn over disposables.      Made from a water absorbent PUL fabric to remove moisture and keep baby drier, and can be worn several times before needing to be laundered. Soft, elastic leg binding contains mess and prevents leaks and adjustable velcro waist tabs ensure a snug fit. The Real Nappies Newborn Snug Wrap Cover is available in a choice of 4 sizes from Newborn 6-13lb, Infant 11-20lb, Crawler 18-31lb to Toddler 29-40lb.

Main features

  • Waterproof diaper cover for daytime or night-time use
  • Designed for use with Real Nappies Cloth Diapers
  • Can be used with other cloth diapers or worn over disposables
  • Fits snugly around baby’s tummy and legs
  • Economical 6 pack for babies 6-18 months, 18-31 lb

Verified reviews


no good

to small, and uncomfortable, and it was unsafe, i bought too early, when my boy was borned it was 6 months later. so i don’t return it, and just wast money

Kara South Tamworth, NH

Diaper Rash

Our baby had diaper rash so we stopped using the real nappies and cloth diapers all together. The Real Nappies was great at keeping the poop and pee in, but our baby went pee and poop so much (sometimes every 3 minutes) in the first 0-3 months, that the cloth diapers didn’t work since they don’t wick away the wetness. We also didn’t use the Real Nappies until baby’s umbilical cord fell off because it would contact the umbilical cord. Using cloth diapers also makes the bottoms of outfits tighter since they are puffier.

Rosetta Lewiston, CA

average diaper cover

this is one of the cheaper covers and you get what you pay for because the velcro sometimes does not stick which cause leaks. i would suggest paying more to get a better quality cover.

Dorothy East Taunton, MA

Durable & amazing price– but not the first ones I reach for

You absolutely cannot beat the current price on these (six bucks/apiece) for the quality of construction.Construction: Awesome economy wraps. Velcro seems industrial-strength, seams well-sewn, flap in interior to hold prefold, and nice laundry tabs. Fabric is thick, yet soft, certainly seems like it will maintain waterproof-ness for repeated washes. The company has a 2 child guarantee, meaning they will repair or replace your covers– not sure how they enforce a time limit on this or ensure consumer honesty, but the guarantee made me fairly certain that if they fell apart at all within the next few months, I wouldn’t have to trash them and could at least resell. Sadly, they DO NOT have leg gussets. I find that gussets are helpful for walkers, because they provide more freedom of movement, and if fitted properly, reduced odds of chafing at the legs. We have not yet experienced any, but I know that I am not alone in my preference for gussets. The 2.5″ flap inside is helpful for placing a prefold, but I have to say when you’re dealing with a child this size (29+ lbs), the whole flap idea is much better in theory than practice. Please note they are not “pocket diapers,” which I absolutely never took to, but they just have a small “placeholder” for the diaper layer. They fit gDiaper disposable refills well.Sizing: These are indeed true-to-size. Which makes them a bit “meh” for us right now, as son is just barely 29 lbs– they are a bit large-looking, but have yet to leak. He can also undo the velcro tabs by himself, but I don’t blame the company for that– that’s the price you pay for h & l with a toddler (son is nearly 2).Now don’t get me wrong, these are nice, plain, quality wraps for the price, BUT Thirsties wraps are thinner material and more flexible AND have leg gussets. They are also significantly more expensive, but I just mention them for comparison sake.It is also entirely possible that I am a bit spoiled by the Best Bottoms system I prefer– I like that the inserts snap in and thus do not bunch up or roll out when trying to diaper a very active little one. They are easily double the price– again, simply comparison for moms that may be debating between several choices. Overall, I am pleased with the price I paid for these covers and will continue to us them at home, at least for a while yet, or keep them as backups. If they had leg gussets, snaps for inserts (instead of prefold pocket) and snap-ins to match, and the choice of snaps v. velcro (kind of like ease of velcro, but more of a pain to launder and child removes them when he sees fit!), they would be a perfect five stars. Oh wait, did I just describe Best Bottoms? I recommend moms check those out too– and no, I do not work for, nor was I paid, by that company, but maybe I should be. :)[…]

Deborah Ellendale, ND

Good basic diaper cover

I purchased a ton of different diaper covers to figure out what I like best. Overall, I’m happy with the Real Nappies covers. They are VERY similar to the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in design and feel, but the hook and loop tape is narrower and the tabs smaller so they don’t hold quite as securely – we’ll see how they hold up longer term. The fit is good, no issues with leakage around the legs if you get it reasonably snug. I stuff mine with good-quality prefolds and don’t bother pinning. Don’t buy the singles. It doubles the price per cover, and at that point you might as well buy the Bummis, which are a little nicer. However, you really can’t beat the quality for the price when you buy the plain white six pack.

Winifred Courtland, MS

Love these diaper covers!

I had given up on the idea of cloth diapering my newborn, but immediately got sick of all of the disposables I was wasting money on. However, my “one size” diapers were way too big. I found these on Amazon, and decided to give them a go. My baby is just now growing out of them at almost 13 pounds (3 1/2 months), and I am sad to have to move into my already-purchased larger size diapers. These diapers never seemed to get damp from the inserts/prefolds, they didn’t stain, the insides aren’t the plasticy-type material you get with most diaper covers, and my baby never had a blowout out the tops. However, I really wish they had leg gussets…as leaking occasionally occurred (but not often). If they made them with leg gussets, I think they would be pretty close to the perfect diaper at the perfect price (I’d even pay a bit more for the gussets!). I suppose leaking could have been averted if I used prefolds with a snappy…but I folded them into simple “inserts” instead…and they weren’t secured tightly around the baby’s legs. I will definitely be using these for the next baby!

Kristie Martinsdale, MT

The Velcro straps were nice the first time I used them

They don’t leak, but I had trouble with the diapers shifting around the legs. I would have to change covers every time I did a diaper change because the legs would twist and allow gaps which caused some messy clean ups. They are newborn size, but they would rub her umbilical cord a lot. I ended up using disposable until the cord came off. The Velcro straps were nice the first time I used them, but didn’t hold up after washing.They served their purpose, but I wouldn’t buy more.

Paula Murchison, TX

good buy

we got these in preparing for our first child-who we planned to cloth diaper! when he arrived-he was a cool 8lb 2oz 😉 n these were good- quite comfy from the looks of it. sadly tho they got tight by the time he reached 5 wks. thankfully we had bought two sets together so we already had the next size up!the problem that i noticed with these tho was the fact that i either had to “fit the waist”-which was way tight on the leg or “fit the leg” which made the waist have a pucker in the front n while it was a cool fit to have the sides curve around front to paste the velcro this became a problem in that it came loose whenever baby would pull his legs up. but for what it’s worth i guess this was a sign that he needed the other size up.all in all: good buy. i definitely see us getting the other sizes as baby grows!(i only gave it four stars because i think the leg/waist sizing could have been a little better proportioned)unfortunately after some considerations- we opted to get the Thirsties instead-and i definitely dont regret it.

Hillary Craley, PA

These are frustrating covers, great price but not worth the hassle.

Real Nappies 6-Pack of Snug Wrap Diaper Covers, White, Newborn Size, for babies up to 12 weeks, 6-13 lbThese were a gift off of my amazon baby registry for baby #2. I cloth diapered with baby #1 as well, so I’m not new to this. These covers seemed to work fine at first. We did have issues with trying to keep them away from his umbilical cord stump it would rub against it. The leg holes also are pretty tight in comparison to the waist if I get the waist fitted well the diaper is too tight on the legs and leaves red marks. All the reviews I read say there are no leak issues. I am constantly getting wet spots on my clothes, the bed or any where he lays for a bit. I am washing them properly and I know how to put the diaper on correctly to avoid leaks. I think the sandwich PUL causes wicking to be honest. It doesn’t make much sense to me, I don’t see why sandwich PUL is ever a good idea it’s not like the PUL ever touches baby’s skin the diaper does. All the sandwich PUL does is soak up pee which makes the use of the cover good for maybe… just, maybe 2 changes then you need a new cover, which is not the case with regular PUL diaper covers you could use the same one all day. I have also noticed that the covers seem to not necessarily leak but more seep moisture right through the whole cover. His whole diaper will feel slightly “damp”. That’s the last thing I want to worry about, that and changing his outfit nearly everytime we change is diaper is getting frustrating. What is the issue with these, they just make me mad! We use flats secured with a snappi under these covers. My son is only 3 weeks and we have had these issues nearly since day one of using these. Not sure if I just have some bad covers or what but I would not recommend these to anyone. I rate them 2 stars because they could definitely be worse and they are still a great price, but I feel at least with my experience you get what you pay for with this product.Contacted Real Nappies customer service and they are going to send me 6 more covers which is great. Although they inquired how I was washing them and what detergent when I told them the detergent I was using and they basically told me that my issues were from the natural, chemical free detergent because its vegetable based soap. The only directions about detergent on the Real Nappies website is to use chemical free laundry soap. That is what I am using, so if the manufacturer is wary of vegetable based soaps then they need to be clear and concise about what is safe and what isn’t. All my other diapers have been fine with this detergent Bumgenius, Thirsties, and Rumparooz. But maybe thats because they are higher quality diapers they were even used when I diapered my daughter. The Real Nappies are the newest diapers I own and they are the only ones that leak with the wash routine I have.I am glad they are going to replace them but I am not happy that they seemed to point the blame at myself for the leaking issues.

Maude Rowe, NM

Good, inexpensive diaper covers.

I haven’t used these yet because I’m not due for a while, but I can say that they are well made. The fabric is not flimsy. They have laundry tabs which is nice. I washed them once in warm water with mild detergent and they came out great. I just laid them out to dry and they were dry in no time. I would not recommend the dryer. I believe they will hold up for as long as necessary as long as they are not put in the dryer.

Wendi Changewater, NJ

Not a great fit for my baby

I got these for my fifth baby; I finally converted to exclusively cloth after number four was ten months old after dabbling with it since baby # 2. I wanted to try starting with cloth for this one.Overall, the quality of these covers is great. The material is thick, the velcro is fine. My problem was with the fit. My babies have all been born at 6 lbs and change. I wanted a diaper that would fit from the very beginning. These covers were too big for several weeks, and then it seemed they were too small. They never fit her well. It was difficult to get a tight fit around her legs and belly. I ended up using a combination of disposables and custom cloth covers a friend made for me and barely used these at all. Once she got big enough, we switched to small G diapers covers with cloth prefolds or cloth inserts.I am not even sure what could be fixed to make these fit better. Maybe my baby just didn’t have the right body type. If you are trying for a good fit for a newborn, I would say to keep looking.

Esperanza Mack, CO

Very sturdy diapers!

I received these as a gift from my Mom. She ordered the largest size (6-18 months) We are using green mountain prefold diapers (the large dark brown size.) These diapers did not fit my son until he was about 10 months old. I had Thirstie diaper covers before these for the smaller sizes (which have gussets.) These diapers do not have gussets but for my son’s age they were no longer necissary. These diaper covers are super easy to put on and have not stained at all. My husband prefer’s these covers as they are alot easier than the Thirstie’s snap covers and theres no tucking the prefolds in the sides of the legs. I figured the velcro wouldn’t hold up but it is very durable and doesn’t stick to anything else in the wash. I would assume this is because they stick to a velcro piece that is on the inside of the diapers. Overall these are a good buy. I’m not sure if I would have gotten them for a younger child who might have looser movements but I know they are wonderful for my now 15 month son.

Tanya Concord, VA

Excellent value

These were perfect for our new baby. There are no gussets, so we didn’t order the next size up (when baby gets more active). We had a similar style for our oldest child in the M size and they leaked quite a bit — when he would crawl, his clothing could get wedged into the diaper cover and the wetness would spread. We only use covers with gussets now (Thirsties is our favorite brand — or homemade!) for older age baby/toddler due to movement. But for newborns, these are perfect, totally affordable, and very well made! If they made a 6-pack with gussets for older babies I’d totally buy them!!!! Keep me posted if they do!

Leonor Antwerp, NY

Do not fit well, causes irritation and leaks

First time parents we got these and also waited till the umbilical cord fell off due to rubbing. Our baby was full term and over 8 lbs at birth. I cannot get these to fit her right. The legs are too tight, leaving a red mark, even if I fasten as loosely as possible and she cries when I put them on. Then it’s too loose around the waist. Yes, they are very bulky so the “newborn” outfits won’t fit my newborn, sleep gowns are good for this. They still function, if not well. But I would not recommend these. We also purchased Thirsties diaper covers and I just put one on her today. So far so good, she seems much more comfortable.

Corinne Cape Neddick, ME

Get’s the job done

I’ve been using these exclusively for about two weeks now (overnights as well) and have had NO leaks. My baby is still only breastfeeding and has runny poo…these covers are working great. I use them with prefolds and flats. I just bought a pack of the Real Nappies prefolds and will review those in a week or so. As for the covers, they were leaving red marks on my baby’s legs until I figured out how to put them on right…I was pulling them up to tight in the front. User error. It’s fine now, you really just lay it over in the front and secure the tabs. Also, if the velcro rubs against the tummy, just angle the tabs slightly downward when fastening…problem solved. These covers are not as thin and flexibe as other more expensive brands, but they seem comfy enough. They get a little softer after they’re washed a few times. I hang mine to dry…only takes about a half hour. Great so far…would recommend these.

Rena Mather, PA

don’t buy

These covers are not efficient. Each diaper change constituted a new cover because they would get so soaked. Her pants would be wet too! I went to the Real Nappies website and was disappointed to read that I had "wrecked" them by not washing them properly. So I swallowed my pride and stripped them. That didn’t change anything. I now realize that it wasn’t me because I bought new covers (Thirsties) and I have yet to strip them (been using for 5 months).

June De Kalb, MO

oh where, oh where did the strong velcro go?

I bought 3 or 4 sizes of these as my daughter has grown, pairing them with basic unbleached Indian cotton pre-folds andSnappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 3 (Mint color mix). My daughter has been around the 50th percentile since she was born and we haven’t had too many issues as long as the pre-fold is tucked inside the cover as it should be.I read about the velcro wearing out from previous reviewers. While this initially wasn’t an issue since my daughter initially jumped sizes every few months, she’s been in the last round of covers for about a year. The velcro isn’t nearly as strong as it used to be and has started curling outward, which means it catches on almost everything–shirt sleeves of the changer, changing table cover as a wriggly changee writhes to get away, the velcro tab on the opposite side of the diaper, or some other wayward item that crosses its path. I considered purchasing plain velcro and sewing it on myself to “update” the same covers, but haven’t. Unsure if I’ll purchase another round of the same size covers or just get something completely different.My year-old covers are slightly stained, but a quick pre-laundered rinse with water for overly wet (pee-pee) covers or a little hand soap and brief scrub (sometimes sit and scrub) for those whose fate is worse have kept them relatively white. Hanging them dry (a few hours) may have also helped with staining or lack of worsening the velcro’s demise.

Agnes Pecks Mill, WV

I like this

They are a good deal, don’t hold odors and fit well and give a good amount of growing room. I have bought 2 different sizes.

Tiffany Nett Lake, MN

Seem to run a bit small

These work well, but run a bit small. I have had no leaks, and they have been tested by my daughter in that respect. The elastic holds it all in. We paired them with indian prefolds that I cut to make contoured inserts. These are a good, budget-friendly cloth diaper.

Winnie Moore Haven, FL

they are okay

These covers didn’t work well for us. No matter how tight we fasten the velcro and no matter what fold it covers, our son does manage to leak from the legs. It does seem to be a lot less frequent now that our son has filled out a little more, though. My husband and I were just thrilled when the Flip covers fit better. Also, these covers stain badly. I’ve tried every trick from the cloth diapering pros and they still look like I’m using a dirty diaper on my little man. I now only use these as backup if the Flips are still drying. I do not think these are terrible covers. They just didn’t work for us.

Isabelle Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Newborn solution!

After deciding to do cloth diapers, you quickly realize that all the research you just did about using all-in-ones or pocket diapers or pre-folds is meaningless when you’re dealing with a newborn. But finding a DIFFERENT solution just for those first few weeks seems so silly.These diaper covers with newborn prefold diapers (which can later be used as doublers) are an effective and affordable solution to get you started. The price cannot be beat, the velcro is so much easier than snaps (especially in the middle of the night….or even on your 12th diaper change of the day), and the fit was perfect (for us, at least) for containing many a messy, newborn diaper. They clean up well, too, when the mess spreads outside the prefold. However, we do have some staining from his umbilical cord where we folded down the top edge of the cover. I haven’t tried much of anything to get the stains out, but I’m sure (being that these are white) that I could find something to lift the stain if I really tried. On that note, my other word of caution is that the velcro strip on the belly has very sharp edges when you fold the cloth part down to make room for the umbilical cord stump. I fear that that may have contributed to a somewhat quicker detachment of his umbilical cord, since it would often get caught by the sharper edge of the velcro. After that, though, the cloth edge provided perfect protection for his belly from the velcro edge.I look forward to using these again with baby #2.

Lee Excelsior, PA

Great Price

My husband and I knew we wanted to use cloth diapers from the start, but most cloth diaper systems are too expensive. We have tries Thirsties and Kushies and found that these work just as well and are less expensive. Our son is almost 5M at around 19lbs. and he fits perfectly in the crawler size.When we first got these diapers I was worried about them leaking because the don’t have a plastic coating, but now having used them, I have found that they don’t leak any faster than the coated ones. There are 2 downsides however. 1) They hold poop stains and 2) The velcro rubs against our son’s stomach, leaving red marks.

Lynn Haskell, NJ

Not worth it, didn’t fit for long enough to merit buying these

I’d say don’t waste your time. Just buy the adjustable covers from Thirsties or Blueberry. They are more worth the money.

Shannon Tickfaw, LA

Great price!

Great price for the amount of diapers! Haven’t tried them yet but baby is due in 4 days so they will get tried out very soon!

Rebekah Akron, IN

Good buy.

Baby is 12lbs and these are still rather large on her but they seem to do a good job. Haven’t had any leaks although it would be nice if you could just wipe out the inside when it gets wet. I’ts “clothy” inside so if it gets soild or wet you need a new nappie, while other products can be wiped out and re-used. Velcro holds well and is adjustable. They have a nice pocket inside to put liners into.They seem a little still rather than being flexable

Doretha Chataignier, LA

Strong, well-fitted cover

These are a great deal! They are thick and fit well. I ordered the 18-31 lb and they fit my son well at 14lbs. Glad they’ll be able to last him a while.Easy to clean; Just throw in the wash or rinse and air dry. They do dry fast.

Benita Savannah, TN

Love them – much more than bummis

We plan to cloth diaper our first child, and have some homemade inserts/covers as well as some bum genius pocket diapers, but these definitely don’t fit our newborn. So, I originally purchased two bummis coversBummis Super Brite Diaper Cover, Blueberry Dot, Newborn, and used these with our handmade inserts. They worked ok, but smelled like urine with every wet diaper, and seemed to make the skin around the edges of the diaper feel sweaty/wet, even when his diaper was dry.These diaper covers do not do that. The fabric is much softer than the bummis, and they can be used several times before they need to be washed – no stinky odor, no sweating. Although they do not have the leg gussets like the bummis do, we have not had any problems with leaks (which we did have with the bummis). I originally planned to use these six covers in addition to the bummis covers to extend our diaper laundry intervals, but I like them so much more than the bummis I will probably use them exclusively.I’m not sure how they compare to the other cloth diapers out there, but at the sale price on Amazon right now ($36 for 6), they are a great deal and I would definitely recommend them for newborn diapering.

Carlene Coalinga, CA

not too bad, but they do leak

I got these set to avoid the snap marks on the skin from using G-diapers. Originally I was attracted to diaper covers I did not need to wash with every single change, however, they tend to leak, the velcros don’t work so well after a month, and for it to leak less you need to put it tight which hurts my baby’s skin.I guess it is an ok option if you run out of other diaper covers and are at home able to change your little one every 1 to 2 hrs.I would not travel with these at all!

Kaitlyn Shelton, CT