Real Nappies Diaper Liners, 100 Sheets

Real Nappies Diaper Liners, 100 Sheets

Real Nappies diaper liners make using cloth diapers easy and much less messy. To use a diaper liner, simply tear off a sheet, place the diaper liner sheet in the cloth diaper, fasten the cover, and you’re set! Once soiled, the diaper liner can be disposed of by flushing it down the toilet or tossing it in the trash. The Real Nappies diaper liner is made from corn fiber, a natural fiber that is soft on baby’s skin and friendly to the environment. The Real Nappies diaper liner’s unique weave promotes the absorption of liquids while effectively capturing solids, making diaper changes less messy and much easier for Mom or Dad. Standardized sizing means Real Nappies diaper liners can be used with any other cloth diaper or disposable diaper brands. Each sheet measures 11″ by 7 7⁄8″. Because it is totally earth-friendly, the Real Nappies diaper liner can even contribute to your compost pile or worm farm! Real Nappies offers a range of great cloth diapering products at hard-to-beat prices. Check out the full Real Nappies range.

Main features

  • 100 easy tear off, perforated diaper liner sheets
  • Eliminate mess by sitting on top of the diaper and capturing solids
  • Once soiled, simply flush down the toilet
  • Fully biodegradable and earth-friendly
  • Can be used with any other cloth or disposable diaper brands

Verified reviews



this product repels moister. great concept as alternative to traditional diapers but just doesn’t work. big mess. ended up trying to use these for general cleaning instead but they are basically useless, except to maybe wipe up dust.

Louella Frederiksted, VI


These are not flushable! We used these a week and had to call a plummer to snake the main line after a wad of these jammed up in our pipe! $180 pluming bill!

Rae Farmland, IN

Love these!

These are fantastic. Soft right off the roll, catches the poop and seems to even keep it from spreading as much as it would otherwise. If you don’t put them in the dryer, you can wash the un-pooped ones over and over. I can’t even count how many times I’ve washed some of them and they’re still going strong. I am able to flush them, but I do live in a large building that gets a lot of water movement in the pipes, so I haven’t had to worry about any clogging, but I’m not sure how flushable they are in other situations. My son is older (about a year) but his poop is definitely not always solid, and these still work really well to reduce the amount of poop that gets on the diaper. I would recommend these to anybody looking to use a disposable diaper liner.

Reva Geneva, OH

For sensitive skin

Soft, soft, soft! Contains solid waste as intended. Granted these are not as long as the GroviaGrovia Bio Liner Diaper Liners but they are a bit wider and whisper soft. They are about a half inch shorter than the Grovia. Once the baby is on solids or on formula, liners should be used to make solid waste just lift off the diaper and be flushed away neatly. My baby is on solids now and we’ve been using these for three months. When my Real Nappies ran out I decided to try a roll of the aforementioned Grovia. The Grovia seem scratchier and she got a lot of redness from them. These are made from something different because they will hold up to multiple washes whereas the Grovia looks very linty and wadded after one wash. If your baby has no solid waste and you want to save a little money then just wash them with your cloth diapers. I let them air dry and they’re dry in about an hour without hanging them. They flush well even in an iffy system. Since switching back to Real Nappies, her redness is completely gone. Grovia were irritating to her sensitive skin.Real Nappies does not come with a cardboard tube. Minimal packaging. I will not switch again.As of May 5th, 2012, I’ve changed toCuteyBaby 6 Pack Biodegradable Diaper Liners. They are as soft as the original Real Nappies and not as wide.

Kimberlee Ocean Grove, NJ

Very good diaper liners

I normally buy the Imse Vimse brand diaper liners, but saw that these are a little cheaper, so I thought I would try them out. They do work well. I thought I would try washing the pee diaper ones like I do with the Imse Vimse ones and see how they hold up. They do well in the wash- other than the fact that they shrink a little bit. Overall, a good product though. They are soft feeling, and I would probably buy them again.

Graciela Hunter, OK

Not The Best..

I’ve been using the Bumkins diaper liners and have been very happy with them. Wanted to try these since it’s less packaging and comes in a roll rather than tissue paper style…these are definitely not as soft or absorbent. They’re also not as big. Even my mother who helps babysit during the day asked what happened to the old liners (i.e. Bumkins). She refuses to use these and would rather go without the liners. Sticking to the Bumkins from now on!

Theresa Jackson, TN

So Much Better Than Bumkins

I first bought the Bumkins flushable liners and was disappointed so I tried these instead and love them. The Bumkins are not in a roll. They are in a tissue style pop-up box but they don’t even pop up. They are so soft and thin, that they stick to each other so it’s a real hassle trying to separate them. And once you manage to get just one and place them on the cloth diaper, they are so soft that they constantly shift and move around, making the diaper changing process long and tedious. These Real Nappies are much easier to use because you simply pull out a sheet and tear one off along the perforated line. They are just a tad bit more rigid (but still soft and silky feeling) so once you place one on the cloth diaper, it doesn’t shift around, even with a squirmy baby.

Debra Piermont, NY

Mixed Reviews From My Household

First, I bought three different brands of diaper liners, and I see no substantial difference among them. This one is a bit stiffer than he bummis at first, but once it’s all sweaty/wet, it seems about the same. It does not stand up well to washing in my washing machine, but that’s probably good if it claims to be flushable. It does stand up to hand-rinsing, so if you want to get extended use out of a wet one, I recommend rinsing it and hanging it up to dry.Here’s where it gets a bit graphic, so if you can’t handle the poop talk… oh, nevermind. You’re reading about diaper products! Clearly you can handle the poop talk!My mom loves these, so I make sure to put one in my daughter’s diaper before my mom comes to babysit. Mom claims that it makes things very neat and tidy, and makes it easy to dispose of the poop.In my experience, it is true that the liner makes it easy to lift out a formed poop, but I find it easy enough to get formed poops off my diapers even without a liner. I basically just roll them off into the toilet using the diaper itself (formed poop sticks to itself better than to the diaper). It’s not the formed poops I’m worried about: it’s the soft or liquid poops. For soft or liquid poops, the liners don’t offer much advantage. Sure you can lift SOME of the poop off the diaper, but I generally get messy hands doing so, and a lot of poop is left in the diaper despite the liner. It just oozes around the edges and up the front or up the back beyond the confines of the liner. I end up having to spray or wipe the diaper anyway, and at that point, it doesn’t feel as though the liner saved me anything.So there you have it. One brand seems much like the others to me, so you might as well buy the cheaper ones. My mom loves them and swears by them, and anything that keeps her happy about my choice to use cloth diapers is a good thing in my book, so I’ll continue to buy them, but when it’s just me dealing with the diapers, I don’t use the liners at all because I don’t think they make a huge difference.

Isabella Albertville, AL

Gave my daughter diaper rash

These liners were horrible, they got wet and stuck to my daughter’s skin and gave her diaper rash, which she did not have before we started using them and cleared up after we stopped.

Brandie Versailles, CT

Not working for me

Would not buy again. Sticks to my son. There is still the same amount of mess that my toddler would have without these liners. Maybe if it was a little thicker but its so thin. Fragile almost. Tears easy. Moves around alot especially with toddler. Find something else.

Charlotte Coleville, CA

Love These

I love these Nappies Bioliners. I have used cloth diapers off and on for four years, I have tried the G-Diapers but don’t like the process of taking them apart and stirring. These liners are fantastic. Keeps the dirty off the diapers so you can just toss them in the laundry bag until wash time. Makes the whole process so much cleaner!

Clare Dayton, OR

first time user!

i am new to cloth diapering and currently i use fuzzi bunz, oh katy and prefolds. i ordered these liners because i heard liners were great for catching poop instead of having the poop all over the diapers. so far its been good, i hope that once my son starts making more solid poop this will work better. but i dont have complaints and i love that they are flushable!

Dale Saint Paul, OR

Must Have for Cloth Diapering

We didn’t use these much when our son was little, for regular diaper rash use I prefer the fleece liners. However, since he started eating solid foods, and having messier diapers to change, we’ve starting using these a lot. It makes clean up so much easier! Also, they can be washed if they are just wet. This fact makes me question the “flushable” claim, so I just put them in the trash. Great product for cloth diaper users who are just a little squeamish about large amounts of BM in the washer.

Keisha Grapeview, WA

Caution, they are not biodegradable

The liner is big enough to catch all the poop, ok, I give it that. However, I spent $200 with a plumber that pulled out of my pipes ALL the liners. To my surprised all the liners were intact, not even the corners had broken down in the sewage. If you buy these please do yourself a favor and throw them in the garbage, this things does not breakdown at all. The plumber with a "snake" 3 months worth of these, all intact!

Earlene State Center, IA

They’re so so.

I have been using these to line gDiapers for a few months now. They do have a tendancy to bunch and shift about now that my twins are crawling. I can tuck them around a gDiaper insert for my daughter who is in a size medium and they work pretty well, she also has a tendancy to have a more solid BM and pretty much doesn’t even need a liner anyway. My son, on the other hand is wearing a size xlarge and I have to use 2 of them turned sideways and tucked around the liner to keep it in place and even then it only fully protects the insert about 1/2 of the time. It could be because he has rather large soft BMs (sorry to gross you out.)I also don’t like that my babys’ skin feels very wet and cool when I use these liners. I don’t know why that is.There is one good thing about these- I accidently washed one of these liners with my diaper inserts once and it came out clean and like brand new so now I wash and reuse the ones from just wet diapers and sometimes more solid soiled ones and that saves $$.I’m going to try some other brands of liners and see if I have better luck.

Jade Rancocas, NJ

Love these!

I use Charlie Banana diapers so I tried their liners, but they are stiff like wax paper, but these Nappies Bioliners are soft like dryer sheets and keep all the “stuff” contained to make it easy to flush. Plus they are cheaper than Charlie Banana 🙂

Judy Keller, TX

Not happy with those

Super flimsy and rip easily. I ended up having a mess in my cloth diapers anyways so these were completely pointless. My daughter got a major diaper rash as well.

Erica Elk Grove Village, IL

Pretty darn good, for the price!

I bought and used these with my FuzziBunz diapers. They were a little bit cheaper than some of the other brands, so I figured I would try them and see. Wow…clean up is GREAT!! My son poops, I pull the liner away from his butt (it does stick there), and take it to the toilet to flush it. There is hardly any leftover poop on my cloth diaper and the pee goes right through. No more toilet swishing, which is great news for me!! The only reason I did give it 4 instead of 5 stars is because the liner is quite large width ways, so it needs to be folded, but not in half, because then it wouldn’t cover the whole diaper. So that is a little anoying to get it folded just right, but it’s really only a few extra seconds. I started lining all of my clean diapers when I fold them and put them into the changing table this way it’s ready to go when I need it. And the second reason is because the liner sticks to the baby after they have pooped, so you really can’t wait too long before changing them. So when my son poops overnight and the liner has been stuck to his butt for a number of hours, his poor behind is a little red once I change him. It’s never been real bad, and I’ve heard most liners do stick, so maybe it is just a small price to pay for the ease of clean-up. I say if you’re using them and changing the diaper as soon, or soon after, they’ve pooped, it wouldn’t be a problem with rashes at all. It could just be my kid though too; he has very sensitive skin, which is why I started using cloth to begin with.

Hannah Bosler, WY