Rear & Side Window Shade Set

Rear & Side Window Shade Set


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I bought these about a month ago. Was looking for a whole set, found this one. If you’re looking, you’ll notice some brands are charging about $15.00 for just one shade. This comes with all 3, and they work perfectly. I’ve had them in the car stuck to the windows for months, and they haven’t fallen down. They’re not too dark, and can easily be seen out of. Still lets in some light, but takes the edge off the brightness, and my 7 month old isn’t squinting his eyes! Great buy! Thanks Amazon!

Selina Petersburg, PA


good for the amount of money you spend, but they are pretty thin and they tear easily. But I stil recommend them since they are a good deal for the money.

Bertie Manokotak, AK

Suction cups do not work

I tried to use these and had to eventually return them because the suction cups do not stick. They were constantly falling down.

Caitlin Hazlehurst, MS

Will not stick to windows — even with duct tape and adhesive!

Will not stick to windows — even with duct tape and adhesive! Very frustrating as I needed this to keep the sun out of my infant girl’s eyes while riding in the car.

Ebony Russellville, TN

Not great but I’m not sure a better solution exists.

As others have mentioned, they’re hard to see through (nearly impossible in some cases) and sometimes they have a hard time sticking to the window. On the other hand, they are easily removable (which is why I bought them) so you can see out your windows on cloudy days and at night. We’ve rolled the windows down and crunched them a little but they sprang right back into shape. What we really need as parents are variable tint films like those sun responsive eye glass lenses.

Amelia Akron, PA

poorly put together

this was quite possibly the most flimsy thing i have bought to date. out of the pack i got spare parts: the eye on one of the smaller shades came right out when i picked it up. now i am left with two and i am constantly having to hold it down when my son (17 mths) is in the car because i am afraid that he will yank on the edges and make fragments of them as well.i somehow think they could’ve been made a little better.but once you hold it in place it does offer a little protection from the sun.note:the shade i received is not the one in this picture: mine just had one eye let each in the center along with rubber nipples to attach.

Francesca Hurley, NM

too big for my windows, suction cups do not stay attached to window or screen

the screens are too big for my side windows and I cannot get the suction cups to hold properly. I will try again in our new vehicle, but not holding my breathe!

Jacquelyn Hubbard, NE

Fits 05-09 Subaru Outback and Legacy wagon without using suction cups.

Like others have said, the suction cups are pretty worthless; replace them. That being said, mounting this set in the cargo area of my 07 Subaru Outback didn’t require suction cups. The wire frames provide enough tension behind the window trim to keep themselves in place. Also as others have said, don’t use this while driving unless your rear window is close to vertical. I used a similar set in a sedan and the rearward visibility in the day was dangerously low.

Harriett Gerald, MO

Good and Bad

The side window sun screens are great, they block just enough sun and you can still see out the window ok. The large sun screen for the back window though makes it very difficult to see out. It could be the angle of the window(it may be different in other vehicles, haven’t tried that yet), but I was unable to use that part of the set in my car. All in all I am satisfied and so are my kids! 🙂

Shana Pittsburg, KY

They do the job

They don’t seem very sturdy, but they serve the intended purpose. Not something to write home about, but useful still.

Jodie El Dorado, KS

cheap but work

I wouldn’t buys these as they are cheap, but they are working until we have the back and side windows tinted.

Carolina Stitzer, WI

Cuts heat and glare.

I live in a sunny place and this product cuts out so much glare. I love it.

Millie Cross Hill, SC

Great… unless you want to see out your windows…

This are great… unless of course you’re more concerned about being able to see out your windows than the sun being in your kiddo’s eyes.

Maggie Ewa Beach, HI

the small clings are a little too small

Visibility isn’t as good with these but it wasn’t good when I put the shade stickers on either. I liked these except for visability and the small shades are so little.

Janette Ranson, WV

It works

The side shades look different from the picture but they still work. They have one suction attachment instead of two. I would have liked it better if the shades were larger/wider.

Enid Cummington, MA

To dark

They seemed really nice however they are too dark and can’t see out back window, therefore I don’t use unless we are on the road for a few hours.

Shelby Otisco, IN