RECARO Euro Convertible Seat, River

RECARO Euro Convertible Seat, River

The Euro Convertible Car Seat is appropriate for children weighing between 5 and 35 pounds rear-facing or 20 to 70 pounds forward-facing. It features the RECARO Side Impact Protection (SIP) system, which is designed to specifically protect each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact collision the head, neck, face, torso and pelvis. Also included is the RECARO safety stripe system a racing-inspired white stripe which will be clearly visible on the outside edge of the 5-point harness. This stripe is designed to alert a parent that a twist could occur, or has begun, thus preventing a safety hazard.

Main features

  • Cotton 60%/Rayon 40%
  • Imported
  • Racing-Inspired Side Impact Protection – designed to protect each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact crash including their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis
  • Designed and engineered to provide optimum safety and protection in the event of an accident
  • Accommodates children from 5- 40 pounds rear-facing and 20-65 pounds forward-facing
  • Soft Touch Seat Cushion
  • Energy Absorbing EPS Foam

Verified reviews


Love this seat

I was very excited to be able to try out this car seat. I currently have a convertible car seat of a different brand and will compare my experience.As for the seat, it is much lighter than other convertible car seats although it is still not comfortable to carry. I really like the soft lining in the seat. It is very comfortable for my 5 month old. I really like the adjustable seat padding. You can take it out or leave it in, whatever you decide. The best part about this seat as compared to another brand is that the head support can easily be moved up or down depending on the size of your child where other brands either don’t have this padding or you need to turn a crank to adjust it. IT keeps my 5 month olds head pretty straight and have not had him slouching in this seat like he has been in his infant carrier. It uses the friction from the lining to stick in whatever place you want it to. The straps are easily adjustable and adjust more smothely than the other one I have.When it comes to the installation, no matter what seat you have it is tricky. We have bucket seats in our car and needed to roll up a town to put underneath the base so that it would be level in the rear facing position. The latch system is super easy to use and I like that there is a storage area for the latches when they are not in use (the other brand I have does not have that and I end up dragging them or trying to clip them somewhere on the back when I take it out of the car).This seat will definitely last a long time. The age range is a year longer than other brands. The only issue I have with the life expectancy is that even though you can use it until they are 100 lbs, the seat is only “good” 5 years from the manufacture date. Just beware if you think this is the only seat that you will ever buy.Bottom line, this is a great seat from a great company. My 5 month old loves it and so do I!

Lilian Bronson, FL

Perfect car seat

I have three other car seats. The quality on this is amazing. It also fits into the back of my jeep rear facing without taking up too much room. The best part is that you can’t mess up the installation. It doesn’t need a pool noodle to be at the right angle. That’s where the cheap car seats and the expensive ones differ – its super easy to mess up the instillation of the cheap ones. I keep this one in the garage for grandmas because I caught grandmas (and husband!) not installing a cheap extra one we had correctly. It almost gave me a heart attack when I got my baby girl out of the car seat and it was rear facing and almost straight up (it was supposed to lean back). It’s so worth it now to have one that I know people will install correctly.The quality of this one is also top knotch. It’s easy to buckle up and the latch works great.

Sasha Lothair, MT

Great seat, “lower end” version of the ProRIDE

I had just purchased the Recaro ProRIDE seat when I had a chance to get this seat. The description on Amazon for this seat is vague at best, not really explaining much about the seat in order to see what the differences are between the two. If you look at the ProRIDE seat reviews,Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat, Blue Opalyou will see it is a well loved seat with great safety features. Both seats offer the following:1. Smooth operation on tightening the straps. My daughter didn’t get mad when I tightened the straps on these seats like she does in her infant carrier.2. Plush seating surfaces. Seriously, *I* wanted to crawl into these seats and go to sleep, my daughter looked so comfy in them.3. Super easy installation.4. GREAT head support. The wings by the head are large and supportive.5. Tested for side impact protection and have passed European side impact testing. They haven’t passed US side impact testing. Why? Would you believe the US doesn’t require side impact testing on car seats? Kind of crazy.6. Both made by a racing company. Who would know more about auto safety than a company that makes race car seats?7. Rear facing 5 to 35 pounds, and forward facing 20 to 70 pounds. Your child should stay rear facing until AT LEAST two years old for maximum safety.8. Both will accommodate children to 50 inches tall.9. Both have a push button LATCH system and it makes them super fast to install, assuming your car is equipped with a LATCH. If not, you can use a regular locking seat belt.10. Both have a top tether.Differences:1. ProRIDE has “fancier” seating surfaces, with cool mesh fabric. The Euro has a simpler seating surface.2. ProRIDE is assembled in the US, the Euro is not.3. ProRIDE has an easy adjust strap height and head rest height by using a turn knob, the Euro needs to be manually re-threaded. The headrest is threaded along with the straps on the Euro, though, so the head restraint will be at the correct height when re-threaded.4. The Euro weighs just over 18 pounds, the ProRIDE is just over 20 pounds. Not a huge difference, but if you are moving it car to car, lighter is likely better.5. The Euro has the lowest harness height of 11.25 inches, highest height of 19.5 inches and a seat width of 15 inches. The ProRIDE has a low harness height of 11 inches, highest height of 18.5 inches and a seat width of 14 inches. So, if you have a bigger child, the Euro might be a better choice for you.Cons to both:1. Seat material has to be hand washed. It is removable, but not machine washable.2. Both are very tall, so they can make rear visibility diminished. Although in order to be safe to 50 inches, they need to be as tall as they are.3. The button in the front to adjust the straps feels like it should be different. It works just fine, but it is a metal latch that feels unfinished somehow. I don’t know how to explain it other than it is very utilitarian and made me feel like it was the wrong button to be pushing.4. This is a con for the Euro only, but a lack of colors to choose from is a bummer. The ProRIDE now has many more color options.5. While the wings make it safe, they also limit space to get your child in and out rear facing. I have a Mazda minivan and there is not much space to get my daughter in and out while sitting in the seat behind the driver’s seat. Putting her in the seat behind the passenger gives me more room because that seat is more in the middle of the van so I can climb in to get her. My van is smaller than most minivans, though, so this might not be an issue for you.6. Because of the height, it makes having a back seat mirror to see your child more difficult. You might have to put the mirror at a diagonal or up higher.My friend put this in her Honda Civic, rear facing, in the middle, and it fit fine and didn’t cut down on her visibility as long as the seat was in the middle, not behind the driver seat.I contacted Recaro directly to ask about the differences because on their site they don’t even have the Euro listed. The main differences they mentioned were trim level, where they were assembled, and the manual vs. knob adjustment. Please see my images for the product sheets for each seat. I really don’t think you can go wrong with either seat, they both look great and have fantastic safety ratings. They also cost less than many other seats on the market. I decided to go with the ProRIDE seat as my main seat because I prefer the color options, but could have gone with either seat as our main seat if this was offered in the same color combos.***UPDATE*** I have since purchased a Honda Odyssey minivan, and this seat (well, the ProRIDE, which is essentially the same size) fits GREAT behind the driver’s seat, much more easily than my old Mazda MPV van. It is tall, but it doesn’t hamper my visibility. After using it longer, I am concerned with being able to keep my daughter rear facing even until being two years old. At 17 months, she is getting cramped, although not so much that she complains about it after the initial buckling in.

Leonor Barlow, KY

Great convertible car seat but. . .

This is a great convertible car seat choice, but before receiving this one to review, we had already been using our Britax Marathon for over a year. I am pretty sure that the Recaro is comparable to Britax seats, but our Britax is still our most used and first choice. The fabric on the Recaro is not as nice or soft. Another major issue for us, was installation. My husband, the designated car seat installer in our house, made it a point to say how the Recaro was no where as easy to install as the Britax. Of course now that it’s finally in, we don’t have any problems with it. But for baby number two, I think we will stick with Britax when we transition out of the infant car seat. They are both great car seats once you get them installed, so if you are looking to save a few bucks then the Recaro will do just fine. Just as a heads up you may need a pool noodle or rolled up towel to install the Recaro.Update: The Recaro wins against the Britax when it comes to ease of buckling and unbuckling and tightening and loosening the straps. I definitely the the Recaro is much nicer in this respect.

Inez Cashmere, WA

Super Safe

We purchased this seat because of it’s safety and we love it for that. I’m not going to re write all of it’s features but I’ll just let you know that this seat is solid and it has tons of extra protection built it. I love how this seat reclines with the pull of a lever! As regard to other reviewers saying that there is not enough leg room, they are pretty much correct. I purchased this seat knowing that because it is the closest option to what we were looking for. My son is 14M and his legs are already at the end of the seat but I don’t really see this being an issue for us right now. The sides of the seat aren’t as high as I was thinking they would be so I don’t see why crossing his legs when he is older would be an issue. My friend has a britax and it’s not too much of a difference. When my 4.5 year old sits in the seat her head is just about over the top of the seat. We love it for now but might have to switch over to a radian in a couple of years.

Kitty Talbott, TN

Recaro Euro vs Britax Marathon/Roundabout

We have 3 vehicles and so we have 3 carseats. We have a Britax Marathon 70, a Britax Roundabout 55, and most recently, this Recaro Euro. I’m writing this review based on what I’ve been able to compare between the 2 since it seems that when making a decision, most people I know go back and forth between Recaro and Britax quite a bit.While I understand that the Recaro seats have higher standards and test slightly better in crashes, the Britax are smaller and sit slightly lower and therefore, will fit better in a smaller car. We have a Chevy Traverse which is our only car the Recaro will fit in. It will not fit in our Ford F-250 or our Chevy Trailblazer unless it goes in the middle seat and can be installed via the seatbelt. (because the seat is so high, the middle seatbelts aren’t long enough to go through the belt path to install rear facing). The Britax install easier with both with the seatbelts and with the latch system while the Recaro seems to be harder to get a snug install with. Even when installing with LATCH, it’s difficult to tighten it to the level of tightness required because it has only 1 belt and 1 point of adjustment where the Britax has 2 belts (one on each side) and therefore 2 points of adjustment.Overall, it’s a wonderful and very safe seat. Because it sits up so high, our son can see out easily and loves it. However, as I said, this could also make it to install in many cars. It has a nice wipe clean fabric, belts are easily adjustable even with the re-thread requirement of this seat. Like any carseat, it’s not very breathable and seems hot in the summer but I’ve yet to come across one that doesn’t have this downfall. If I had to do it again, I’d buy another Britax Marathon but I’m over all pleased with this purchase.

Susana Marston, MO

Still like it.

An earlier review. Hard to install, needed a rolled up towel. And very large and tall, not good for small cars. But we still love this seat and feel it is very safe.

Diana Dupont, OH

Best car seat

We bought this as an extra car seat to share between my husband and the nanny and to use for travel. It is very easy to install and move back and forth. The seat is very sturdy and safe as well as comfortable for baby. The straps never get twisted. We started using this seat when our baby was about 10 lbs and she sat in it at the second from the bottom strap so it would definitely fit a smaller baby. I think they even offer a free insert for infants. We love this seat and had my parents get the same one to keep at their house. We have the black and it looks nice. My parents got “river” which is a really nice light blue that would work for boys or girls too.I wish our other car seat was this one too – we like it but that one was $60 more and the straps are always twisted driving me nuts.

Yolanda Hickory, PA

Great Seat!

I bought this seat for my mom’s car and I love it as much as the Recaro ProRide convertible car seat. This time I purchased the Euro because it was less expensive on the day I was looking to purchase. A couple of issues I have with it are minor and I would probably have never noticed them or been bothered by them had I not already used the ProRide for 6 months. The head rest padding is not attached to the seat so it flops all over the place. The straps are fed through the head rest so it’s not like it falls completely out of the seat though. It can be difficult to get everything in the right place and keep it there while trying to put a child in the seat. Additionally, the strap between the legs that is used to tighten and loosen the straps is just a little bit shorter than the ProRide. It makes it more difficult to get a grip on it to tighten it and a little bit tighter when it’s time to get the child out. Third is that the strap adjustment is just 3 levels like the infant car seats where you have to remove the straps in the back and feed them through different holes in the back of the seat. The ProRide adjusts by turning a handle on the seat so you never have to remove the straps. I’m sure these are the reasons that the seat is a little more inexpensive. The seat is otherwise easy to install and take out and it sits up high so the child can see out the window.

Gayle Ninde, VA

Installed fine but needed pool noodles

I installed it on 2007 Nissan Maxima and other than having to use the pool noodles everything looks great. I can see the blind spot fine from the driver seat if I turn my head(which I always do). Had to wrestle with the seat strap to get it tight enough but thats expected if you want it installed correctly. I had to use 5 pieces of pool noodles(bought 2 and made six pieces out of them) so that the read line is almost parallel to the ground. I have it in rear facing position.I must say that the way the seat is my 8 month old can touch the back of the car seat. Also I can see how it won’t be super easy to put her in and out like it was with the baby carrier. Once she grows up so that I can use it in forward facing position it will be easy.

Adelaide Opelika, AL

Love this seat

I love this seat. It is SO comfortable for my baby and it’s so easy to use. The only downside is that it is a pretty big seat and a little heavy. But, as a stationary carseat that doesn’t need to be switched out much, this is perfect. I also have the britax and I can’t decide which I like better. So I am completely happy with this seat and I feel like she will be safe in this seat which is most important.

Tina Bull Shoals, AR

Great carseat

It’s been a month since we purchased this carseat. Our daughter seems to like it.It looks very comfy. Based on the safety ratings, it’s one of the best out there.Overall, it is a very good carseat.I just wish it was a little easier to carry around – we live in NYC and rent a car whenever we travel, so carrying it around is not comfortable. It is bulky and big, but this is true for any convertible seat on the market. We didn’t have a problem fitting it into the car.UPDATE. So far we drove Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Audi 3 and had no problem fitting this car seat in the back seat.

Gayla Spring Valley, IL