RECARO Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster, Vibe

RECARO Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster, Vibe

The RECARO Performance SPORT meets all new FMVSS 213 standards. It has a new upper weight limit of 65 pounds, which accommodates an average 9.5 year old child. The Performance SPORT has all-new features such as HERO harness system technology and comfort enhancing memory foam. HERO is a new, exclusive and innovative safety feature by RECARO. HERO ensures the highest level of protection and comfort by positioning the shoulder pads to appropriately fit the child’s neck, head and shoulders while resisting harness twisting and ensuring proper chest clip positioning. The Performance SPORT includes the RECARO Safety Stripe System, which is a racing-inspired white stripe that is clearly visible on the outside edge of the five-point harness. This stripe is designed as an easy alert to parents that a twist could occur, or has begun, thus preventing a safety hazard. Additional features include added mesh for breathability, improved comfort pad with memory foam, enhanced cup holders and stylish trim details. The Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster Car Seat has twist-resistance straps and a five-point harness system that accommodates children 20 to 65 pounds in harness mode and 30 to 120 pounds in booster mode. The Performance SPORT incorporates RECARO Side Impact Protection technology inspired by four decades of racing seat safety.

Main features

  • Cloud Comfort Memory Foam
  • Luxurious, temperature balancing fabrics & CoolMesh air ventilation keep your child cool, comfortable and happy
  • Racing-Inspired Full-Body Side Impact Protection with metal reinforced side wings designed to protect each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact crash: head, neck, face, torso and pelvis
  • Twist-resistant HERO harness technology ensures the highest level of protection and comfort
  • (Forward-facing only) Harness Mode: 20-65 pounds and 27-49 inches; High Back Booster Mode: 30-120 pounds and 37-59 inches

Verified reviews


Does not get any better than this!

Prior to this car seat, I owned a Graco and two Britax. When I started using Britax, I did not think car seats were made any better. My daughter was in aBritax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat, Onyxbefore this seat. I truly did not think car seats could be made better at all. In fact, I would have probably argued with you that I had the safest one. I felt the Britax was very safe but it was very hard to get my daughter in and out of the seat, the sides were high. Also, the black fabric was always warm. I keep my car in the garage; the fabric was never exposed to direct sunlight. However, if I put my daughter in the seat, it would get warm on short drives. That was a big concern of mine.I am ashamed to admit I had never heard of Recaro. My daughter is 2 years and nine month and felt the Britax was a tight fit for her. I was already on the lookout for a new seat. Little did I know that Recaro is located in Germany from a town I used to live near, Kaiserslautern, or K-town is what we called it. My father was a fighter pilot, Recaro makes airplane seats, did not know that. They also make racing seats.When I received the seat I felt like I was looking at one of my father’s fighter seats from back in the day or looking at a racing seat for Formula One. It did not have any protection in the box but it did not matter, the seat is made so well it was protected on it owns. At first I could not find the manual on the seat. I looked everywhere. It is behind the right side of the seat.I read the manual for several hours to get familiar with the chair. I needed it in harness mode; booster mode is for when my daughter gets older. You can never learn too much about your child’s car seat. I wanted to make sure I knew how to work every function and that it was installed correctly. I even spent a few hours having my daughter get in and out of the seat prior to install to make sure I knew how the seat worked, that she fit. This is really important; you want to make sure the straps are aligned properly prior to installing it. My daughter enjoyed `trying it out’ while I adjusted it for her fit.When I removed the Britax, which I still think is an incredible brand; I was shocked at how flimsy it felt compared to the Recaro. After getting myself familiar with the Recaro, I found myself comparing areas and was disappointed in the Britax. Again, it is a great seat but it is NOT a Recaro! The Britax has a plastic back and when you adjust the headrest area, it moves all around. To do so with the Recaro, it has a steel bar across the back you pull out, and place in. There is no movement, it is a firm fit! Everything on the Recaro was just beyond my expectations; I have never seen a car seat this well made.Installing it was easy in my Mazda 3 sedan. My car is compact and I did not feel I would have a lot of room. It of course is forward facing but it fit great! I have the latch system so I know it is secure and safe. I also have the top tether which gives me the added security for the top of the seat. I tried to wiggle the seat, it was in there!The first time I used it my daughter was so happy. It is a lot easier to get her in and out of and she tells me it is more comfortable. Also, even though the seat is primarily black, the fabric does not get hot like the Britax. I was shocked! I received it during the hottest months here in North Carolina and it never feels warm and my daughter never complains.For the last few weeks that I have owned it, I have received so many compliments. I feel I was the last person on the earth to know about Recaro. A few people have said they love it and want to look at it and are so surprised at the quality but then they quickly say they know Recaro makes racing seats, I shake my head like I was part of the club, even though I wasn’t.Not knowing what to expect, I am so blown away by this seat. I feel I am getting the full use of it since I am using it in harness mode now and will switch to the booster mode when my daughter is older. Now that I know this is the only seat you will need from here on out, I feel very confident and secure knowing how safe she is. If you have not heard on Recaro, look them up and also check them out locally. The quality will blow you away. I know it did for me.

Millicent Pascola, MO

No instructions, manuals, help

It looks great. My daughter was happy as it is pink…she sat in it and thought it was comfortable…but when I looked for the instructions to get her into the harness there were none. When I called amazon – amazon was lovely – I was told that that was how it arrived from the manufacturer. Ok. But so manufacturer also sent it simply in a box with a plastic bag on it. Hopeful that this wasn’t thrown around too much in transit. I really wanted to like this…we need a new car seat ….but I am returning this tomorrow. (Note: many of the reviews that I have read on this said that it was very important to read the manual as it is hard to install)

Rebekah New Lisbon, NY

Great seat!

We purchased a Recaro convertible seat when my daughter turned one, but now that her brother needs that seat, we bought this one to carry her through the next few years. We are big fans of Recaro from our first seat, and this one just sealed it for us. You can tell this company knows what they’re doing when it comes to safe seats. Yes, you’ll pay a little more than the store brands, but for me, it’s completely worth it to know that I’ve put my child in the safest seat I could find.This seat installed quickly & easily. I love the new, updated features too. Attaching the shoulder pads to the back of the seat (what they call the HERO system) was such a simple change, but really genius. They can’t be pulled off by a bored toddler and they’re always in the right place. Also, they do a great job of helping to keep the straps from getting twisted, which brings me to my favorite feature of this seat: the white striping on one side of the straps! Again, it’s such a simple idea, but what a difference! You can tell at a glance whether the strap is twisted or not. And to anyone who’s ever been in a hurry trying to get their child buckled in safely, I don’t need to tell you how great it is to not be messing around with those straps! The seat is also very well padded (lots of nice memory foam in the seat!), easily adjustable, and my daughter absolutely loves it.There is no question in my mind that any future seats we buy will come from Recaro!

Erma New Richmond, WV

Forced to return it because of a poorly design Latch system

Let me first say I was extremely sorry to had to return this back to Amazon. I loved this car seat. It looks like a racing seat and solidly built. However, there were two problems that is caused by one design adoption that we could not live with. I won’t get into the pros of this car seat as many reviewers have described in detail that I mostly agree Rather, I will focus on the two flaws that may apply to you and should be heavily considered before making this purchase.Flaw #1 – This does not apply to everyone, but the latch system of this car seat is a poor fit for our 2013 BMW X3. The Recaro ProSport’s latch system is designed similar to how a lap belt secures a person. The latch belt travels around the car seat back, between the car seat fabric and seat back. Problem is, our car’s latch connector spots for the middle seat was located wide apart. The consequence of this meant our car seat can slide side to side. I measured our car seat sled about 3 ~ 4 inches side-to-side despite the fact the latch was as tight as it can be. In a side collision, those 3 inches could be pronounced and may cause serious harm to your child.Flaw #2 – Also a consequence of designing the latch to secure the car seat by hugging the car seat like a lap belt, the belt protrudes out from the seat back. What you don’t see from the car seat pictures is how the latch belt is located right behind the car seat fabric. When the latch belt is tightened, the belt extends outward about an inch from the seat back. So when our child sits, the belt pokes at our child’s back. See this video review on youtube describing the problem. The problem is described at about a min in. […]If Recaro can redesign the latch system that addresses these two problems, I would not hesitate buying Recaro ProSport again. However, for now, this one design flaw is too great to live with, which is a terrible shame.

Socorro Alma, WI

Excellent, with a few minor drawbacks

This Recaro Performance Sport Booster car seat is only a convertible in the fact that it converts to a booster seat. It does NOT convert from an infant seat, rear or front facting. It is a straight-back chair that sits directly on the vehicle’s seat without any type of base. According to the paperwork, it’s best used by children weighing 20-120lbs and 27-59in tall, with more specifics based on harness usage. My five-year-old daughter is 35lbs and just over 40in, so she’s definitely on the lower end of this.The material on the back of the seat is separate from the bottom and held on by snaps, which makes for easy adjustments to the shouldrer straps so you don’t have to remove the entire thing. There are also white stiripes on the belts so parents can quickly tell if the straps are twisted or not, but I have yet to see that be as big a problem as our Britax seat (whose straps get frustratingly tangled all the time).There are mesh pockets on either side of the seat, but it was difficult for my daughter to put in (and take out) a regular-sized water bottles while she is seated. Also, she was able to strap herself into her Britax carseat almost all the time, but with this Recaro seat, I have to help her with at least one side every time. Perhaps the straps just need to be “stretched” a bit, but that is a complication for her. She can still unhook the top portion but not the bottom, which I think is meant to be difficult for children on all seats. Furthermore, it took at least five minutes for her to strap herself in when we tried the seat out as a booster, and it was not much quicker for me. The first time she buckled it into the wrong receiver, which is understandable since hers was not easily noticeable, and in our Ford Edge, the clips are deep in the cushions which makes it difficult to clip. Plus, since there is the added safety of the high sides, that means tha children have to maneuver themselves around those sides to buckle. Then, of course, there’s the process of placing the belt in all the appropriate slots on the bootster. It seems extremely safe, but it’s time consuming and could take practice for younger children (I know many who are bigger than my daugheter but younger).Since my daughter still needs the five-point harness, I have not actually made the converston to a booster (other than as a test). As for installation itself, I’d say it’s on par with any other car seat on the market (we’ve used Britax, Graco, and Evenflo, with and without the LATCH system). On the plus side, this Recaro is large and very plush. My daughter, overall, has not had kind words for it, but I feel certain it’s because she is not able to buckle herself every time as she did with our Britax. Still, if you’re in the market for a straight-back car seat or booster, this seems like a good option.

Michell Wixom, MI

i love recaro but I’m having issues with the harness on this one compared to the other Recaros I’ve had

I have always loved recaro. This is my second carseat. I previously had the convertible one. This one does not quite meet the expectations based on the previous one i had. The harness is difficult to tighten down once you have your child harnessed in. The harness pads are stuck to the seat so they can’t be adjusted like the convertible carseat i had. It is still strong and sturdy and safe as ever and that is my main concern but I’m disappointed in the harness on this one.

Ronda Stratton, CO

A little uncomfortable

We’ve been Recaro users from the beginning with our kids (now 2 1/2 and 6 months). We’ve really liked them so far, but as our 2 year old gets bigger we thought since we needed another car seat anyway, we’d purchase the Sport for him. I think it’s a bit easier for him to climb in and out of by himself because there isn’t the extra base for backward seating that the ProRide has. Well, that is true. It is much easier for him to get in and out of. Of course, the buckles are still way too hard for him to open which is exactly how it should be. I just find that the back rest is totally hard. There isn’t any spine cushioning at all so we folded up a small muslin blanket to give him a little comfort in there hopefully without compromising the function of the car seat. I also really like how the ProRide has a crank on the side to adjust the head rest as the kid gets taller so you don’t have to take the whole mechanism apart like most car seats. But, this one slides up and down with the handle at the top. I’m pretty sure we’ll have to take it out of the car as he gets taller and readjust. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something that I liked better with a different model. One other thing that is frustrating is the seat belt is difficult to loosen when getting him out of the seat. It’s like the straps get stuck on something in the back every time. All in all, safety is #1 and we really feel that Recaro offers that in solid construction so those little things are to be ignored when discussing the safety of our children.

Patsy Saltville, VA

Excellent Ergonomics and Ease of Use. Needs a Better Cup Holder.

My wife and I have had five kids in the past six years, and have been through probably 10 car seats and booster products from various vendors during that time. This one proved to be exceptional.Recaro thought the car seat through pretty well and kept things simple for parents. It comes in huge box and you literally pull the seat out by the top handle and it’s fully assembled and ready to attach to your car. The LATCH anchors are higher-end buckles instead of just hooks like some other brands, the height of the seat and shoulder straps are fully adjustable with the pull of a lever (without having to rethread the belt through different holes) and the shoulder pads are literally sewn in to the back of the seat which not only keeps them in the proper position, but also helps guide the belts to prevent them from getting twisted (which is SUPER common with five point harness car seats).They even provided a velcro pocket on the side of the chair, specifically designed to hold the instructions (which you’d typically lose before it’s time to convert the seat from five-point-harness to booster mode.It’s simple enough that my five year old and get herself in and out of it, usually without requiring help.The construction feels sturdy and the seat feels very well-protecting, especially from side impacts.The only real downside in my opinion is the cup holder, which is basically just a pocket of netting with an elastic band around the top to hold cups. You’d need both hands to insert the cup, and it would work poorly for crushable paper or styrofoam cups from fast food restaurants.Otherwise the seat is pretty perfect!

Rachelle Martindale, PA

Wow. So much support with room to grow and easy buckles/adjustment/installation

I’ve been a Britax snob for a while, and then I fell in love with the Graco Nautilus, and I thought I was done exploring car seats. I had my favorites, or so I thought.Enter this seat. We have two two-year-olds, so the one Nautilus wasn’t enough. I was planning to just get a second one when I discovered this. I was skeptical, but the stats looked like it was at least equal to if not way better than the Nautilus. Given the higher price tag, I needed it to be A LOT better to justify the price. While I definitely prefer this over the Nautilus, I have to be honest: I’m not sure it’s better enough to justify the higher price. (That said, my husband is super impressed by the Recaro name from racing, and to him, Recaro = top of the line safety, so guys might be big fans because of that too.)The mesh and other fabrics allow a lot more airflow for your little one, which is huge for our littlest because she sweats more than any child I know. In the Nautilus on a warm day, she’s a hot mess in no time. I’ve never been able to adjust the straps of our Britax or Graco seats without making them a jumbled and unsafe mess, but the adjustments for this one are intuitive and easy. I also like that this will allow our little girl to stay in a five-point harness system up to 90 lbs (compared to 65 in the Nautilus) and belt-positioned booster up to 120 lbs (compared to 100 in the Nautilus). This seat also offers a max child height of 59 compared to the Nautilus’ 57, though I don’t know if two inches make that big of a deal. And my hubby likes the way the molding of the seat reminds him of the safe molding of Recaro’s racing seats.Is this the superior seat? Heck yes. Is it worth the extra cost? You’ll have to decide that for yourself given your family’s budget.

Gladys Mc Connells, SC


This is really a great car seat! I have had many Britax car seats, and this one is far superior. It is extremely comfortable and durable. Kids should be very safe in it. I like the extra padding for the kids. In fact, it is the only car seat that I have purchased that seemed comfortable. I also like the adjustable straps and the versatility of the seat. It can be used as a convertible car seat and a booster seat. I am only going to buy Recaro seats from now on! Also, I forgot to mention that the fabric on the seat washes easily and that the side pockets for sippy cups work really well. I cannot recommend this seat enough!!

Janie Golva, ND

Wide and nicely cushioned carseat

My daughter loves the pink color! Is definitely wider & takes up more space. Love the extra cushion, adds more comfort. Wish it had actual cupholders instead of mesh netting (they don’t hold much). Ratcheting system does get stuck if the belt is accidentally pulled to the side, while tightening your child in.

Luz Augusta, GA

Best convertible car seat out there

I researched a TON of seats for my precious little one before deciding to give the Recaro a try (trust me, it was a big leap of faith since I looked at all of the seats in the stores beforehand). First of all, I knew I trusted the name alone. Secondly, the price was right. The seat also showed up on a few "best of" car seat lists from and other parenting websites. I didn’t want to have to buy 3 car seats through my little ones growth, so after she outgrew her Chicco (plug! They have the best safety stats in the game) I needed something I could feel as good about. Recaro does not release their safety stats (and they don’t have to, according to the US government)

Marilyn Lazear, CO

Beautiful and sturdy car seat

Worth the price! I purchased this car seat for my 2 year old to replace our Evenflo Momentum, after being rear ended on the freeway. The seat came put together in the box, but I ended up needing my husbands assistance to make the seat taller. I think with practice it will be easier for me. I also had to remove the crotch buckle so that there was more space, also hard to do. Installing the car seat with the latch buckles was super easy, something I was never able to do with my foreword facing Momentum. The car seat instructions indicated that I also use the rear latch and connect it in the trunk area. My 2011 NIssan Rogue has a solid headrest and my car’s instructions indicated to go right over the headrest to secure it. Looks funny but I am able to get a rock solid install, something I never had with the Evenflo Momentum.

Diana Bartlett, NE

Fits like a glove in 2006 Mustang GT

I bought this car seat for our now 5-year-old son specifically because I found reviews that said it would fit great in our Mustang. This is the only seat I have found that is a perfect fit in our 2006 Ford Mustang GT. He fits very secure in the harness and the seat fits the back seat like a glove. This is a beautiful seat and the grey one looks like it was made to match the car fabric perfectly. I liked that it didn’t have as much black material as most car seat due to the hot summer. Our son is now 46" tall and the top of the headrest almost touches the back window. When that happens, we will put him in a backless booster. This seat appears to fit him more snugly than the Britax Frointer 85 that is in our Highlander.

Leeann Angola, LA

We love this carseat so much, we just bought the 2nd one

We bought this carseat for our son when he was around 2.5 years old.He loved it straight away.He came from the Recaro proRIDE but was outgrowing it a bit.The harness straps on this carseat stay better and straight in place as the ones on the proRIDE.My son, now 3 years old, climbs into his carseat by himself. He is not able to open and close the harness straps, but that is only for the better, I guess.He also loves the side pockets on the seat. His own stuff gets in there. He loves it.We bought exactly the same carseat again for our other car, so we don’t have to move them over again and again. And in the future we will be able to use it for our daughter. Who is now happy in the Recaro ProRIDE.My kids are both very happy and always satisfied in the car in their carseats. And we make 10hr car drives for vacation.We feel our children could not be safer in the car.We are originally from Europe and we know Germany (where Recaro is based) has a very good reputation as it goes for safety, cars and car related products. As we say the Germans are Punktlich

Penny Scammon Bay, AK

Good seat

Good car seat. Comfortable and offers lots of protection. I did not notice any problem with the belt or noticing it’s too short. As others mentioned, mesh pocket is useless. I use 7-11 plastic cup in the mesh and place his sippy cup inside 7-11 cup. I noticed that the chest buckle can slide down very easily where as with my Britax it’s very secure.

Lucinda Fallsburg, NY

Great Carseat!

My son loves it and is very comfortable in it. It looks wonderful in my car and is very sturdy. We like it better than the Britax that it replaced!

Edwina Chiefland, FL

Great harness seat. Will be a great booster.

Tested this out with our slightly older than 2 year old. We’re very pleased, and he’s happy too, as it is roomier than his previous “carseat” while still giving him a safe environment for those rides.Pros:- Latch system and top harness – the good kind that’s easy to install and adjust. No fiddly little cheap clips here, just high quality.- Oh my gosh. It has pockets and a cupholder. After the six millionth time picking up a dropped cup, I am so thankful he has somewhere to store his drink that he can access, and he’s happy to put it there and own it as “his.”- Recaro quality – built sturdily, high quality, and very happy with it in every way. I’d pick up another once my daughter is old enough.Cons:- It’s very heavy. A non-starter once it’s in the car, but wrangling it there was quite a bit of work.

Frances Wetmore, MI


Coming from Britax stuff this is even better. You can use this seat for SO many years, its simply worth the money. Love it.

Carmela Belspring, VA

Big Fan of Recaro car seats!

Just put this in the car, love it and love the look and safety features. Had a Recaro for my first boy 7 years ago and the standards and quality are just as good if not better!

Lynnette Camp Lake, WI

Straps and Harness Adjust Easier than Britax

We have always been a Britax family. In fact we’ve had 6 different Britax seats throughout the years. This is our first time picking a seat from a different manufacturer and we love it. What sets this seat apart from Britax is how easy the straps are to adjust. You can get an amazing fit each and very time because tightening and loosening the harness is unbelievably easy. My daughter finds it comfortable too. I also like how there is a little pocket on the side of the seat for the manual so it’s always with the seat should you need to reference it.

Megan Osborn, MO

Our 3rd Recaro Purchase

Sorry, I didn’t purchase it from here, though, because we wanted to get the Performance Booster and it was not for sale anywhere but at one select retailer. We were using the ProSport before this one but were in a car accident and had to replace our seats. As any super-fan of Recaro knows, the ProSport and Performance Sport and very similar. Super tank-like in weight, convertible from forward facing to booster, etc. Still parent-friendly to install and I’m definitely converting other parents who have less expensive seats by showing them how ours install. Great additions to this seat? The cup holders – HOWEVER? They are only the meshy holders. Not great for younger kids who really can’t put them back in the cup holders themselves. Not a dealbreaker IMO, but at least they’re there. The new shoulder pads – FANTASTIC. They help keep the straps from getting twisted and have more cushion to them. They also stay in place, but do not have any give to them, so they do not slide up and down at all. My next positive? Adjusting the straps. Wow, tightening the straps is so much easier. To the point that it scared me for the first couple weeks thinking they were no where near tight enough. After owning this seat and its Booster counter part for a few weeks, we happened to be at a big box store with some lower end seats (but still easily in the $100 range) on display. I walked up to them to inspect them out of curiosity and felt them with my hands and noticed that I was able to bend the entire upper portion of the seats with my hands – and keep in mind, I’m a small framed woman. I was horrified. I looked at my husband and flat out told him our kids will never, EVER ride in anything but these seats again.

Jeri Ubly, MI

So far so good

We bought these to replace new Britax Pinnacle 90s which were much too difficult to tighten. We’ve only had Britax seats before, and still have a Frontier. I’m happy with the Recaro seats so far. I love that it doesn’t have the pointy but pointless arm rests. Lifting a 30 pound kid into a seat in a minivan is made harder if you have to lift them over the armrest that inevitably bumps them in the behind! These don’t have cupholders, but do have little pockets. We rarely used the cupholders anyways so it’s nice to not have to work around those too. My husband says installation was easy, we actually got a tighter fit with the seat belt than with the latch. I love the hero straps. What a great idea. And the harness tightened well, not as smooth as our frontier, but miles better than the pinnacle.

Bridgette Steuben, ME

Recaro is #1 in our house!

We did not purchase our two Recaro PRORide Sport car seats via Amazon because we need car seats that day. Although if I had the time to wait for a shipment I would of purchased it at Amazon but still wanted to share our great experience with this seat with other parents. The comfort, quality, ease of install/use/removal and Recaro reputation were all pros and continue to meet our expectations. Another plus with this seat is that we have used it for air travel on multiple occasions and it fit without any issue on both Southwest and United flights in the window seat as instructed. We did have to put the arm rest up between the window and middle seat but really wasn’t an issue because it was either my husband or I sitting next to the car seat. Only one flight attendant asked to check if it was FAA approved which it is so it wasn’t an issue. The only con is the weight can be an issue if you try to lug it through an airport but a cart can easily lighten that burden. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great, sporty, reliable seat!

Jan Bainbridge, NY

The best seat ever!

I bought this seat to replace a Graco seat that I bought about one year ago for my four year old daughter. She hated seating in her Graco and kept complaining that she was not a baby anymore, even though the seat was designed to be used with a harness upto 65lbs. Once we got the Recaro seat, she immediately beamed up and sat right in. She didn’t complain about the harness at all. So a happy kid. Now, the seat… It is definitely the sturdiest seat we have ever owned. Once properly placed the seat doesn’t move even a millimeter (I could never get the Graco that tight). The side wing are exceptionally deep but still allow my daughter to see outside. I love how enclosed the seat feels around her. The buckles are great and snap and unsnap easily but still too hard for her to unsnap herself (just the way I like it). The strap cushions are great because they do not slide up or down. They are sawn in and are always at the proper place protecting her shoulders and neck from getting chafed. The extra seat cushion is so soft that she now readily falls asleep in the car. Bottom line… this is the best seat we ever had and I feel that she is completely safe and fully protected while riding in the car. I am saving money to upgrade my 2 year-old into this seat from her Graco. I would definitely recommend this seat to anyone that is looking to buy a seat that will be useable until they can ride without one.

Arline Bethany Beach, DE

Different color, different material (not a bad thing though!)

We only just received this carseat today, so the review is for looks only at this point.I had asked the question about colors and materials, and the answers from other reviewers say that all of the colors have the same material.However, I can report that that is not accurate. I saw the blue in a store, an then ordered the black, and the materials are not the same.The blue is a shiny type of material, while the black is a more matte type. I don’t know how to describe them, but I much prefer the matte. It looks nicer, and seems like it would actually be cooler. However, I like all of the recaro materials better than other brands, so if my kid really wanted the blue, we would still get it.I just wanted to share that all colors are NOT the same material.

Nora West Long Branch, NJ


I bought this car seat for my three year old son after extensive research. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually received it. It came very promptly. Of course everything was already put together and ready for install. The installation was very simple. My son loves it and is very comfortable in it (33 pounds, 38 inches tall).The seat is very, very heavy compared to any car seat I’ve ever had. This makes me feel very good about it’s safety. I have not actually been in an accident with it and I hope to never be but I feel confident this car seat will do it’s job if that day every comes. Price wasn’t even a factor in this seat. Price should never be a factor in buying a child’s car seat. Safety was all that mattered to me. I am very happy with my purchase and have suggested this seat to all of my "mom and dad" friend’s since I’ve gotten it.

Claudine Elrod, AL

Two sides of the story!

While I completely love this seat I hate it at the same time! We’ve been using this seat for over a year now with my almost 3yr old 50lb 41" daughter in the Sand color (which I might add isn’t half bad). Before this seat we had the Prosport in Riley which had an issue and was replaced via Recaro.Now down to the basics:The tallest harness setting is a short 20"The seat width is 14" meaning 3 can be placed in a rowThe massive wings make for a nice head rest in sleeping childrenThe harness straps are SHORT, with a 50lb child they are on their very last inch of adjustment, we WILL grow out of the harness length before the height is met on this seat.The cover can be removed, its not as bad as it looks, and washed. Yes it holds weird stains and they do not come out.The latch system is great but again it can only be used in up to 50lbs then the belt MUST be used to secure the seat. When the belt is used to secure the seat in harness mode the child can feel the belt through the padding making about an inch gap.DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, if you have a tall wide child steer clear of this seat and go get a Britax 90 harness booster instead it WILL last longer than this short seat.Again I love this seat but its just too short for our needs.Prosport to Performance differences: HERO pads, that is the only difference.

Maryann Calion, AR