RECARO ProBOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat, Blue Opal

RECARO ProBOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat, Blue Opal

The ProBOOSTER is part of the world class ProSERIES of child safety seats by Recaro, the international leader in automobile, racecar and child seat technology and a leading innovator in side impact protection. Assembled in the United States the ProBOOSTER is a high quality child restraint that provides parents and children the luxury and safety they need for happy travels. The ProBOOSTER incorporates Recaro’s Side Impact Protection designed to distinctly protect each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact collision their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis. Recaro developed and optimized side impact protection for racecar seats in the 1990’s then quickly adapted our expertise to set a new standard for premium child safety seats. EPS energy absorbing foam and the proprietary Recaro seat structure design combine to provide seating safety, style and comfort for your little one, once reserved only for the most prestigious automobile and racing seats in the world. Recaro, known throughout the world for its unique ergonomic designs has included the sumptuous “Recaro” feel in the ProBOOSTER. Real automotive PUR comfort foam in the seat, soft ware resistant fabric, the CoolMesh air ventilation system and ergonomic shell design provide luxury comfort qualities in the ProBOOSTER that are equal to the Recaro name. All Recaro seats are evaluated in our seating competency centers in both the United States and Europe. For added safety, we test our seats through independent agencies including the globally respected ADAC. Because of our rigorous testing to the world’s most stringent safety standards, Recaro confidently believes our seats are the safest in the market. With expertise designing seats for the most prestigious automobiles, world class racecars and premium child car seats, you can be assured of the quality and safety of the ProBOOSTER seat by Recaro.

Main features

  • Appropriate for children who are 37 to 61″ tall and weigh 30 to 120 pounds
  • Racing-Inspired Side Impact Protection – designed to protect each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact crash including their head, neck, face, torso and pelvis
  • Soft Touch Seat Cushion
  • CoolMesh air ventilation
  • Energy Absorbing EPS Foam

Verified reviews


Really Sturdy and Safe Booster

I really like this booster. I spent a long time researching which one to buy, and finally chose this one. First off, I should explain that it was bought for my 7-year-old daughter who is very tall and broad shouldered for her age. She is well past the post that she is required by law to be in a booster, but I want her to stay in one because she has a very hard time sitting correctly in the car without a booster. For a larger child, this seat is perfect. She is on the second to top head support slot, which I was amazed by. As a comparison, she is too tall for the older Recaro booster seat (the Vivo) as well as the other Boosters with backs that we have tried. She loves how comfortable the seat is. Also, it is a very sturdy feeling seat, not flimsy at all. We have had the seat in a Ford Expedition, Honda Accord, Cadillac Deville, Ford F-150 and Honda Pilot; in all of these we did not have the tipping problem some people talk about. I really love this seat and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid booster.

Antoinette Mount Freedom, NJ

Great car seat BUT might not fit in your car

I Selected this seat after lots of research. I am picky when it comes to car seat and wanted an excellent car seat.I was really happy when i took it out of the box..this is no cheap graco. It’s a nice seat with lots of side impact protection.However it did not work in either of our car. I drive a Honda Element and because of the shape of the seats it’s harder to find car seats. But i was sure it would fit better in my husband’s civic…no such luck. In both cars it tips over when we make turns.We have had several car seats and know how to put them in. We have tried with both the bar up and down and it makes no difference.It’s very dispointing. For the same amount, i bought the sunshine kids monterey..not only it fits great but it latches.

Jerry Willow River, MN

Does Not Fit Many Vehicle Seats – Tips Over

The booster seat itself is excellent as far as side impact protection, comfort, and quality. It’s why we chose it for our 7 yr old. However, we had to immediately return it, because when properly installed, it is very unstable and tips over (with child sitting in it) on every turn. And, despite what someone here accused others who complained of the same problem of doing, we were NOT racing around turns. The problem is this booster seat has a very small footprint, but the “feet” under the base are even narrower than the actual base appears to be (you can see them in the product picture- what looks like a dark shadow under the seat base is actually the “feet” of the seat, aka what is actually going to be in contact with your vehicle’s seat). Pair that with the much wider top/back of the seat, and it’s very top-heavy and tippy. Unless it’s being used in a bucket type seat, captain’s chair, or something equally deep, it’s likely going to be tippy. The manual casually stated that if the seat tips to the sides, the seat isn’t compatible with the vehicle. Well, nice to know…but why don’t they just re-design this seat? I saw many reviews here and on a carseat safety web forum that warned me about it being a troublesome seat due to tipping, but I decided to just try it out for myself to see if it would work for us. It didn’t. It’s a real shame that so many have to choose something else simply because they designed the seat in a way that causes problems in many vehicles.After returning this seat, I went with the SK Monterey Booster, which fits our car like a glove yet still provides the same side impact protection…and it actually will last longer because it allows for a couple extra inches of growth, and it also becomes a backless booster later on (this one does not). Not a bit of tipping, and just to test it out, I actually did do some hard turns with my son in it, just to test it. 😉 I highly recommend the Monterey booster instead!

Olga Longdale, OK

Extremely unsafe!

Like other reviewers mentioned, this booster TIPS OVER easily on a bench seat. Even when the belt is pulled extra tight, there is way too much “wobble”. I can’t believe this is on the market. I am notifying both the CPSC and the NHTSA and returning my purchase. This is the 13th booster/seat I’ve bought for my family and the only one I’ve ever had a issue with. I research, research, research my purchases.

Brittney Sandy Hook, VA

same as Sunshine Kids but without the cup-holder

We own the Sunshine Kids booster seat and wanted to try something different for the heck of it. (They look the same…why not?!) Turns out this one does have a softer seat cover. And the side impact is supposed to be better/more impressive. The sides are a little more angled to protect your child better on this seat. So that’s really great. I don’t know that it’s enough to make a significant difference. I think I’d choose the cup holders that come with the Sunshine Kids seat over the suede seat on this one… if I had to do it again. All in all, an okay purchase.

Doreen Saint Anthony, ND

We really like this booster seat

This is a great booster seat that easily fits in any car – including my BMW M3 convertible (which has very narrow back seats).It is very safe and we really prefer the high back to the other type of seats without a back. This has a very wide range of weight and height adjustments. My daughter finds it very comfortable. One thing I really like is that using a seatbelt with this is completely idiot proof. The red areas show where the belt goes. The whole shoulder belt system fits perfectly.Recaro has a very strong history of making very safe seats, so we have no concerns about this at all.UPDATE: The first one we bought is still working great, but we just bought another one (in purple) for our second car. So, we liked it enough to buy two. An added benefit that we like is that it is easy to run the seatbelt – my daughter can do it herself (she’s 4.5).

Debbie Burkittsville, MD

Does rock even with having recaro seats in my car

I read the reviews about this booster rocking if you don’t have the sport seats in your car. I thought since I have recaro seats in my car that the booster would fit just perfect. It does rock some what a lot in my opinion but I do not know if this is normal for these type of boosters since I’m so use to a strapped down carseat. I put my middle arm rest down so it helps the rocking a lot and make sure its positioned in the middle every time she gets in because sometimes it gets moved and needs to be repositioned each time she gets in. I have choose to keep it because I have not yet found a booster that doesn’t talk about rocking so Im not sure if this rocking is just normal for all or not plus the rocking isn’t enough to concern me too much.

Shelby Sublette, IL

I think you need a bucket seat

it’s tippy in our Honda CRV, we have to lock it in with the seatbelt. Otherwise it’s comfortable for my 4 year old.

Jenna Springfield, SC

Solid car seat

Love this seat.I spent alot of time looking for car seats that will fit three across in my SUV. I chose this seat based on the good reviews and after trying and returning other seats. I use two Recaro ProBooster seats along with a Chicco Keyfit 30 (newborn, 3 year old and 6 year old). The three seats fit snuggly across the back seat of my dodge nitro. It is somewhat difficult to buckle the kids as the seat belt receptacle is hidden between the seats. I have not yet researched the safety or feasibility of a seat belt extender.The quality of the seat is superior. The fabric is high quality and doesn’t look like it would tear. Easy to wipe clean also. The head rest and side panels are solid and are great for long trips when the kids doze off. Colors are vibrant and look like the picture (vivid dark pink and dark brown). The seat is easy to get in and out of the vehicle if needed. The back comes apart from the bottom fairly easily, but the product manual states that the seat should only be used with the back attached.I initially purchased one seat and was so satisfied, that I purchased another to have matching seats and replace a graco booster seat.

Aisha Wilburn, AR

Great Booster Seat

This Booster Seat is the natural follow-up to the Recaro ProRide Convertible Child Seat. It looks like the ProRide, and when you have both in a Vehicle, they look almost identical.The ProBOOSTER is very easy to install. First use is a little trickier than expected, as the Seat Belt has to be fed through it. But, after that, it’s a great Product.

Ladonna Alpha, IL

Recaro seat

Great seats! We own 2 of them, one for each child. The colors are nice, they have a good safety rating and weight limit.

Michaela Ashton, IL

Great seat for taller kids who need a high-back booster …

Great seat for taller kids who need a high-back booster rather than just a backless. There are 10 height settings. My daughter, who had nearly outgrown her Graco Turbobooster, is on 7. She had been using a backless booster (8 years old) but kept leaning completely out of it whenever she fell asleep. As she sits in the 3rd row of my SUV, this was a big problem, as we couldn’t just wake her up. This keeps her upright, even when sleeping. It is also very comfortable & well-cushioned. Be aware of course, that it is a bit wide at the shoulders. The only complaint I have is that the base is a bit tippy. After getting buckled we have to wriggle it a bit to get it to sit level — EVERY TIME. It’s annoying. I’m sure it’s great though for cars with narrow areas for the seat to sit in — bucket type seats & such. Ours is a bench.

Della Chapmansboro, TN