Recaro Vivo High Back Booster Car Seat, Midnight Desert Micofiber

Recaro Vivo High Back Booster Car Seat, Midnight Desert Micofiber

Features Booster car seat from Recaro is a univeral lightweight restraint system Recaro car seat features SIP System which is side impact protection Adjustable backrest on the Recaro seat One hand headrest adustment featured on the booster seat from Recaro Recaro car seat has a reinforced aluminum structure Innovative belt routing system on the Recaro seat Booster car seat has 3 different seating positions Booster seat from Recaro is forward facing only Recaro seat is made of extremely durable microfiber Booster car seat is for chilren 3-12 years For children 30-100 lbs. Recaro car seat is for children up to 37-59 in. 6 Different headrest positions on the booster car seat Weight of booster seat: 11 lbs. Dimensions: 17.5 x 14 x 27-32.5 in.

Main features

  • Innovative and easy-to-clean Microfiber cover
  • Suitable for children who weigh between 30-pounds to 100-pounds
  • Forward-facing installation only
  • Highly visible red markings show the belt routing locations and help to guide the seat belt into the right position
  • One hand headrest adjustment

Verified reviews


31lbs, 37″ not good fit

My son meets the minimum height and weight requirements for this seat and he does not fit in the seat the way the manual claims he should so I’m going to suggest waiting until your child is at least 38″ tall for the shortest setting. I say this because torso lengths vary person to person. Otherwise, it’s a lightweight seat, easy to use and install, and my son is excited about his big boy seat.

Stacey Butler, PA

Perfect Booster Seat!

This seat is perfect in every way. It fully supports my four-year-old son, is easily adjusted to change with him, and he says it’s very comfortable. It has an aluminum back support, big wings that support his head better when he falls asleep in it, and it’s one of the best rated car seats of this type. I would recommend this for anyone with a child in this age group.

Krystal Eddyville, OR

Perfect upgrade from convertible seat

I currently have a 4 yo, 2 yo, 1 yo, and another due any day now. As a result, we have 12 car seats! I bought two of these as my 4 yo was outgrowing the Britax Marathon (which we have several of). They serve us well but they are so bulky.I wanted something safe like the Marathons but my 4 yo is not quite ready for a no back booster seat. So as soon as he reached the requirements, I bought these for him. He loves them! I mean, what kid wouldn’t want a Recaro racing style seat?First of all, he feels like a big boy since he uses a regular seat belt and not the five point lock down belts. I even gave him a Wii steering wheel to use so he can pretend he’s driving too. More importantly, here’s why we love it also:A. He can now buckle and unbuckle himself, a savior when dealing with multiple kids.B. I have to play musical chairs with all the seats in the minivan from time to time (and sometimes between vehicles). This allows me to simply pick up and place wherever I want without having the need to install. These also work with off-center seats in the second row of our minivan.C. Not sure what other reviewers are used to but these are actually pretty light. Then again, I’m comparing to my Britax Marathons. I “clean” these in 5 seconds flat: pick up, turn upside down, shake, and put back on seat.D. The headrests on the sides allow him to sleep better when he dozes off.In short, if you care about safety, convenience, and value, this seat is the perfect upgrade to your convertible seat. Your kid will love it, too! My younger ones can’t wait to graduate to these one day.

Lana Gable, SC

Works great

The other reviewers are right – this seat is narrow. If you have a huskier child, it could be a snug horizontal fit. However, I have a skinny 3 1/2 year old and he fits just fine in it. This is a seriously sturdy seat and I feel very comfortable putting him in it. Instructions are easy to understand and its very easy to install in my Chevy Equinox. It will be a breeze to put into another car. We’ve only had it about a week, but so far its great and both my husband and son think its a pretty slick looking seat. As far as comfort is concerned, my son has been falling asleep in it without his head flopping down whether we’re on a 10 minute car ride around town or a 2 hour one to grandma’s, whereas he was getting old enough that he rarely fell asleep in his Graco ComfortSport.UPDATE:My little guy has been using this for a couple months now and its working great. It transfers really easily to other cars and is really easy to use. He definitely feels like a big boy in this carseat. The only downside to this carseat is that it doesn’t have any cup holders, but thats not exactly the most important thing when it comes to safety. There’s a very good chance we will purchase another one – right now our second car has a carseat that fits him, but eventually he’ll need a booster for that one as well.

Jeanie Warners, NY


We have 2 children & 2 Recaro car seats & 2 Recaro boosters. These are by far the best seats. I replaced my Britax car seat for this one. Fits my child better and is more comfortable. Both of my children are very thin. These seats have great side protection unlike other seats I looked at. These seats also look great. Highly recommend.

Rosanna Jay, NY