Redmon Bongo Buckets

Redmon Bongo Buckets

Kids will love feeding their Bongo Buddy Pop Up Hamper with dirty clothes and Mom will appreciate a clean room. Bongo Buddy are also great for storing toys, clothing or anything you can think of. Made of durable nylon and double stitched for added strength. folds flat when not in use. Wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Main features

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  • Storage made easy
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Made of durable nylon; dimensions 15″ by 17″
  • Velcor closures
  • Two carrying handles

Verified reviews



Make sure you check the dimensions. I didn’t and was disappointed. I thought the largest one would be the size of a regular Bongo Bucket. That is my fault for not checking. I give this three stars because the smallest two are so little I have no idea what we will be able to put in there. I was hoping to use these for my son’s stuffed animals.

Deidre Deepwater, MO


Ok, these are perfect! We have a 2 story house, and with a baby in one arm I get sick of going up and down stairs. These are great for laundry! Everyone has their own and I can carry baby in one arm and the handle of the laundry bag with the other hand safely. They are super tough and fold for storage. Colorful too! Must have for busy homes. I think they’d be great in the back of a car too…..or toy storage! My only complaint is that you get a very small one, up to the largest which is the perfect size for laundry. I wish they were all the large size but it still works.

Antonia Chester, NE


These buckets are better and safer than a toy chest! The different sizes allow allow us to organize some if we choose or grab one to take on a trip. My daughter loves playing with them and it is easy for her to take her toys in and out. I haven’t had to worry about safety with them either as they collapse easily.

Rosalia Budd Lake, NJ

Great storage option!

Durable. Reasonably priced. Flexible. And you can fold them up and put them away when you don’t need them. Perfect!

Doreen Morrisonville, IL

Work Great

Potentially, these will work even better than the old green frog hamper they will replace. Rather than having one hamper in the closet, my grandson now has one in the closet, one in the bathroom, and two his bedroom. Funny how his clothes still end up on the floor but its a work in progress.They are well sized and appear durable. Their light weight makes it easy to carry the whole basket up and down stairs when doing laundry.

Lucinda Hurleyville, NY


These are great for storing toys and great to use as a tote to take some favs on the go! These are open buckets and fold flat for storing. We use them to keep toys off the floor of the living room. We opted for these over a toy box. The big one with hold several balls (a ton on small ones, 4-5 medium 12 inch), and the other buckets are great for everything else. My son loves to play with them too. He will put them on his head and play peek a boo, and he will “play” by picking up his toys and throwing them in these buckets. They are fun and easy to move out of the way or all the way to the Grandparent’s house! The fabric is pretty thick and we think they will make it through a ton of wear. We use the smallest bucket for his cars and trucks, which all together a pretty heavy, and it easily holds them with no strain on the fabric.

Nell Quaker Hill, CT

great for all kinds of storage!

Pretty happy with the purchase:I use these for toy storage and as baby laundry hamper+ collapsible+ bright colors+ handles+ 4 different sizes- the small bucket is REALLY small. Maybe good fore several small toys or really small items- the hadnles on the larger buckets are awkwardly attached at one point instead of making an arch, makes it difficult to carry

Arlene Brighton, TN

A vacation must

I take these on every vacation we go on. I use one for dirty laundry, one for beach toys etc, one for kids books, stuffed animals, trucks etc, and one for bath toys/bathroom stuff. It helps keep everything picked up and out of everyone’s way, especially when your sharing a small space.- They collapse down to be flat so they are very easily packed- They are very lightweight, so once again, easy to pack- So far they are holding up great, no rips, tears, or broken handles- The colors are pretty

Coleen Hiawatha, WV

Great for Organization

I bought these for my daughter’s room and I love them. I use them as toy “collectors”, but when the toys are scattered around the room, my kiddos love to play with them as well.

Isabella Paxton, IN

Pleasantly surprised

I just received my Bongo Buckets today. They are much larger and sturdier than I expected. The bright colors are fun and they are so big that they hold all of my son’s small and medium toys! I love how they collapse and the top velcros to the bottom for easy transport and storage. My 13 month old son was very excited to see them and started dumping his toys and playing with them as if they were brand new to him! Great product!

Leonor Roebuck, SC

anxiously awaiting restocking

I love our Bongo Buckets and am anxiously awaiting the restocking of this set of smaller buckets. I have the perfect uses in mind for them, with a very realistic expectation of the sizes. PLEASE restock soon! These are desperately needed at my house! I wish my husband would let me buy two sets!

Dianne Carthage, SD

These are fun and logical!

Just bought these to help store some more of my daughters toys (the toy box is full, yikes). These are not only a quick, nice looking storage, but they are fun for my daughter. She likes to dump everything out and then put them back in the buckets. Great price as well!

Doretha Ward, AR

Fun colors and work great

I use these for laundry, diaper shells, storage, and more in my baby’s room. The variety of sizes is handy. They fold up small – I even packed one for travel so that I would have a laundry hamper. The colors are great fun too.

Keri Dickson City, PA

Very useful!

These were a great purchase. I use them for laundry and toys. I have one in each room to eliminate clutter from toddler toys. I take 1 or 2 when we go on vacation too. They’re collapsible so the fit easily in luggage, and are very handy for laundry and/or toys on trips. It helps me keep up with everything so nothing gets lost.

Sierra Bandera, TX

Would not recommend – sharp wires poking through fabric – dangerous and poorly made

Would not recommend this product. The handles have literally fallen off all 4 containers. All four containers have had to be thrown away as sharp wire has broken through the fabric. As a result they became dangerous for my children, as I was storing stuffed animals and small toys in them. Would not recommend this product as it is dangerous and poorly made.

Norma Gilman, VT

Cute but not sturdy

These baskets are cute. But they are very flimsy. I guess I expected something a little stronger. I bought them to hold my sons’ toys. The 2 smallest ones are very small. But, my 3 year old loves them and has fun putting his stuff in there.

Ashley East Meadow, NY

Flimsy Nylon Pop-up buckets

These cute nylon buckets are really cheap! The straps are already tearing after a couple weeks. They tilt over easily and the fabric is really thin. I give this set 2 stars, barely, for at least holding stuff as promised… they won’t last and I do not recommend them. Cheap and cheaply made.

Caroline Cainsville, MO

Great little storage buckets

I love how easily these opened/closed, and how surprisingly sturdy and easy to move around that they are. My kids have A LOT of toys, and these greatly helped with organization. Helped that we made them "baskets" to throw stuffed animals/etc. in and "score", to make clean up more fun, too.

Angeline Memphis, NY

They don’t stand time very well

these buckets fold flat which is great when they aren’t in use. They are extremely bright in color but hold a lot. I would recommend them for toys and other random small things. However, after a couple of months, all of the buckets now have the metal rod that is in them exposed. It pokes a hole at the top of the buckets which is really dangerous if a child is trying to reach in and grab a toy because they may poke their eyes with the metal. They need to make the material stronger on the top or they need to use something other than metal inside the buckets. I would say to buy something that doesn’t have metal that is able to pierce material.

Edith Ringgold, LA

Perfect buckets especially for the price

I just wanted something to put my babies toys in. These are perfect! The larger ones can hold his stuffed animals, and the smaller ones hold his rattles and other little toys. My baby loves that he can dump the smaller bucket and get the toys out himself. The colors are a lot brighter and more saturated than pictured: the reddish one is actually hot pink.Pros:1. They fold down and will fit in such a small space when not in use.2. Good variety of sizes3. Bright, fun colors4. Handle nice for carryingCons:None really, as long as you don’t try to use them for something too heavy.

Ruby Ruthton, MN

Fun colors to store kid’s toys in!

I love these even though they are meant to be laundry bins, we use them as toys bins for our toddlers. The other reviewers were right in saying that the red, isn’t really red, but more like a hot pink. They are collapsible and light enough for my kids to stuff toys in and walk around the house with them. My son loves playing with them. Jumping in and out of them is one of the other uses for these. I love them so much I ordered more to put in the living room. Warning that the orange one is VERY small. It can fit maybe a bunch of legos in them, and that’s about all. I also wouldn’t put too many heavy toys in them either. The material is thin enough that heavy toys may not hold up very well. So far, I have been very pleased with these bins and how super functional they are.

Luann Lawsonville, NC

Good for toys but will not keep near my baby

I got these buckets to hold my son’s toys. It is lightweight and great to use for his toys but after taking them out of the house a few times, the wire in the top of the buckets started to poke through the fabric which makes it very dangerous for my toddler. It should have been made better at least where the wire is.

Terrie Lebanon, IL