Reflo Smart Cup, Blue

Reflo Smart Cup, Blue

Reflo Smart Cup, #1 training cup on market. Recommended by Pediatricians and healthcare professionals for healthy oral and dental development.

Main features

  • Cup training without the mess and hassle
  • BPA/Pthalate free and dishwasher safe
  • Holds up to 6 ounces of pulp-free beverage
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Ages 6mos and up

Verified reviews


Not quite ready for it yet…

A good idea, but probably for 1 year+…My son isn’t quite 1 year old, but this cup was a little advanced for him. Granted, he is in the stage of throwing everything and we just got rid of the bottles. I think it could work well in a few months once he is more used to drinking from a cup.

Ma Hendley, NE

Great idea but needs practice…

Purchased for my little man who has yet to find a sippy cup that works for him but he’s still to little to not down himself when he tries to take a drink. I had no problem getting the insert in and out but it just doesn’t minimize the water flow as much as we need.

Imogene Nyack, NY

I was a little surprised..

I have a daycare child who isn’t catching on to the whole "no lid on the cup" thing. I tried a different cup from a chain store, and it was nearly impossible to use. I refuse to use the sucky cups with the stoppers, so we use simple stackable cups with straws, or no lid at all.I ordered this simple little cup, and it’s perfect. It’s so simple I wonder why nobody thought of it before. But, it was totally worth the cost.

Beth Mandan, ND

Wish I would have found these before I tried a dozen other types of cups!

These are fantastic! They work really well. I haven’t had the trouble that others have mentioned with getting the disk out of the cup. My daughter wants more milk than she should have at every meal and guzzles sippy cups down in no time flat, then she’ll ask for more. With these cups she slows down and drinks intermittently throughout the meal like normal. They seem durable and I like that they are made for smaller hands so that when she’s ready, she can still use them without the disk. I’ll get more use out of them than just for a few months like you would with a sippy. I also like that they are made in the USA. Highly recommend.

Latasha Kingsley, PA

FINALLY a transition cup that works!

I have been purchasing several different types of cups to assist my 2 year old in transitioning from straws to regular cups. He did not like any of them. I ended up giving them away. I decided I would try again when I saw this on amazon. It arrived yesterday. I gave it to him, he said “thank you” and started drinking from it right away. He had a few spills the first few gulps and then he got used to it and it will be real cups from here on out. THANK YOU for this great product, I am going to order more today… THANK YOU!!!6.23.2014I wanted to update this review. I have had this cup for about one week and I decided that since my son had an easy time using it that I would try a regular cup. Well today I gave him a toddler sized cup and the first time he started drinking from it with no issues. I am so excited that this Reflo Smart cup was a quick transition and the best part is that I can still use this cup with or without the insert so there is no money wasted here! Again, I am very pleased with this purchase!

Sheena Townsend, WI

Great training cups

These are great cups. I’m not sure why the other reviewers had such a hard time with the plastic inserts. They aren’t necessarily super easy – but I haven’t had any trouble yet. I always test it out to make sure I have it in properly before giving it to my son. He absolutely loves these. They allow him to have cups like us without the major mess that’s always gone along with that.I still only give him water in these since he tends to blow bubbles while drinking out of these (which he also loves), but he doesn’t spill much (unless it’s an intentional thing…which he also loves to do occasionally).The price is a bit steep – but they’re made in the USA, so that’s a nice bit too.

Consuelo Loveland, CO