Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard, White

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard, White

Regalo 4 in 1 Metal Play Yard encloses a large 19 square feet area. Numerous possibilities. Can be configured into a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Not only can it be used as a Play Yard, but also converts to a fire place guard, gate enclosure for extra wide openings, stairway barrier. Includes all hardware. Space between the bars (slate size) is 2.5 “es

Main features

  • Includes 8 removable and configurable panels that enclose 19 sq. feet
  • Expands to become a 192-inch wall mounted gate or free standing barrier
  • Convenient walk through design with safety locking feature
  • Folds down for easy set up and storage ; All steel durable design
  • Juvenile Product Association Certified ; Great for pet too!

Verified reviews


Product: Good; Customer Service: meh

The first thing I want to point out is that, as of this writing, it takes 2-4 MONTHS to ship this product. Given that childhood is a time-limited event, I double checked this startling fact with Amazon and it is correct. For this reason, and after a long search, I bought this product at a major retailer’s website that shipped in a week. I also contacted Regalo about this issue, but they never responded, so one star off for poor customer response.The product itself, however, is great on initial assessment. I looked at the North States Superyard but in order to match the square footage of this product you need to buy an extension, so the whole package is much more expensive. Other products I reviewed allowed children to climb up or push the product over, so this was the best option I was able to find for my 7 month old daughter.The product sets up quickly and is easily configured. The product feels substantial but still light enough to maneuver by one person. The gate locking mechanism can be operated with one hand, but it can be a awkward and it feels a bit flimsy. The control knobs at the top do not lock down rigidly, so there is some flex in the “walls” of the play yard. So one person can’t, for example, set it up and then pick it up and move it somewhere else. Laid out in a square configuration, the enclosed space is about 16 square feet. While this is generous compared to the North States Superyard (without extensions), my wife still felt there was a bit of the “caged baby” effect. So we may get another one when she (the baby, not my wife) gets older.

Fran Norphlet, AR

Mixed Feelings… Very Unsafe

I really liked this gate when I first bought it but now that our son is actually rolling a huge issue has come about. He gets his legs and arms stuck in between the rails. I’m constantly getting up and dislodging a leg or arm out. This kind of defeats the whole purpose of a play yard when its not safe. I think if he does not out grow this issue soon, we going to have to put it in the garbage. I tried contacting the company that sold us the gate here on Amazon telling them why it was unsafe and that we would like to return it, all I got was that it was passed the 30 day return period and we can’t send it back.

Clara Plainville, MA

Better than North States

Ordered this for half the price on Amazon from ATG. Same product, truly wonderful, sturdy but light, very easy to collapse and disassemble. We have friends with the North States Superyard and this is a better product, has a larger area, does not feel constricted at all. Highly recommend.

Michael German Valley, IL

Broken. Need I say anything else !?

It arrived broken. The opening where one of the poles is supposed to be attached is stripped. We didn’t even get through assembly. We also purchased the Regalo gate and it’s a total pile of poo. We are returning both items and will not purchase anything from Regalo again. Very disappointing.

Nicole Swink, CO


First of all, this doesn’t come with the wall anchors that it should come with. My 9 month old son pulled one side straight out of the wall. Second of all, it’s a pain in the a$$ to close with one hand. Third, even when closed with the red locking piece MY SON CAN OPEN IT! This won’t last until 2-3 like the listing says, I’ll be lucky if it lasts to 1!! Not only that but the pieces we aren’t using can’t be used for anything else. They’re taking up space in a closet somewhere, when they could be used for another space in the house. Honestly, this is the biggest waste of money ever. The only thing it stops is the dog, and even then not for long. It would have been cheaper and more effective to build my own baby gate.

Bette Mingo Junction, OH

Nice and easy to use, door is a little small

I got this to block off a large open area in my great room, and it can be configured every which way. It isnt very tall though. My dog Chewy can jump over it and he is not very big. Its funny they also sell this as a dog gate for more $, and its labeled “convertible pet yard”. Thats where you can get the extension, if you need one, thorough Carlson pet products. I just ordered it, I hope it fits! It is sturdy, My daughter Zoey is strong, and she cant move it 🙂

Kathi Hoffman Estates, IL

Great Product for the price!

I’m really impressed with this! This play yard is much bigger than I expected and seems very sturdy. We are going to mount it to the wall to enclose part of our living room for our 8 month old. This way I can leave the gate open when we can keep an eye on him or close it if I am making dinner or doing something where I cannot give him my undivided attention. This is helpful since he is into everything these days! There is plenty of room for both my husband and I to get in the enclosed area and play with him too! It comes with 2 more panels than most play yards and at a lower price. Even with one panel removed, which we did to make it fit better, there is tons of space.The only reason I will not give it 5 stars is that the latch on the gate seems cheap compared to the rest of the product. It still seems to function well though.

Enid Flemington, NJ

Not a great product.

When we first got this the instructions were a little confusing and the screws that it came with were way too short so we went and got some longer ones. It worked okay, but fell apart more easily than it should have and after a few months completely came apart. The plastic connecting pieces completely came out of the metal gate pieces. So it became totally unusable after only a few months. I loved the concept and the way it worked when it wasn’t falling apart, but still not built well enough.

Sybil Grover, MO

cheap joints

the joints that hold the sections of the gate are cheap plastic and easily snap if you have a rambunctious 1 year old pulling/rattling on the gate.

Hallie Lerose, KY

Too bad the pieces that hold the panels together are plastic

This gate is really easy to open (for us, not for DS) and it’s a good size. I like that it’s made of metal since it was harder for DS to move it (now at 14 months, he can move it very easily, but still can’t lift it which is good).At this point, we generally use this gate in pieces rather than all connected. We put a few panels around the tv, a few around our bird cage, etc. That way, our son doesn’t feel like he’s being contained and is much happier.My big complaint with this gate is that the pieces that hold the panels together are made out of plastic and since we often "scrunch" it up when it’s not in use, two of the plastic pieces already broke (after about 6 months of heavy use). We fixed them using duck tape and are still using this gate though.That said, I would probably buy this gate again (if it were on sale) … I’d just be more careful with the panel joints.

Bethany South Greenfield, MO

Thrilled with this

I have several of these and can’t say enough good about them. They are much longer than the alternatives available on Amazon and therefore more adaptable to many more configurations. And, it is ridiculously simple to set up.

Glenna Lelia Lake, TX

Versitle gate

We needed a gate to block off our kitchen in our home. We have an open kitchen/ dining area without a door, so we needed a long and sturdy gate. This did the trick. We were able to mounted it easily and its very strong.

Adrian Danielson, CT

nothing else like this on the market!

If you need a semipermanent gate to close off a LARGE opening, then this is your best bet. I looked at everything (everything!) and there is nothing else that compares to this.I strung it across a 144-inch opening between my living room and dining room. It works like a charm. It is metal and much sturdier than the plastic gates that I was considering. It anchors on both sides. The hinges connecting each section tighten so that the entire gate is tense. My 11-month-old daughter stands against it all the time and pushes and pulls, and I have never seen it shift so much as an inch. And while the latch is easy to use, the clip securing it is too strong for a child to open it. While we do leave it there all the time, we could easily remove a section and fold it all back if we wanted to open up the area. I highly recommend it.

Molly Camas Valley, OR

Versatile and easily moved

Great for baby proofing while traveling and for fencing off award spaces around the house.I have two of them. One keeps little boy out of the kitchen, the other keeps him out of the book shelf (although that one has temporarily been relocated to protect the Christmas tree from the baby and the baby from the Christmas tree).A determined child CAN get through this gate when it’s set up as a barrier, rather than a ring but not quickly. As long as an adult is monitoring it works very well.

Elisa Trinity, NC


I only use three panels for an odd space. It works great, as we expected. You can buy extra panels but no way to buy just the door. I would love to have an extra door to use with rest of the panels.

Marianne Hibbs, PA

It’s Perfect!

We bought this to keep my 14-month-old son from our tv. It was perfect and easy to install. The panels are very to easy to orient and the walk thru gate is easy to operate. Will be purchasing another one!

Bettie Rock Hill, SC

Does the job, but could be better.

I bought this gate to block off our fireplace from my son. Like the photo, we only needed 5 of the 8 panels to block off the fireplace. Unfortunately, it is impossible to only use 5 panels, you need to use 6 in order to secure it to the wall. I am highly disappointed that I need to have an extra panel flush against my wall to make this gate work.

Meagan Broadway, VA

Easy to use; heavy enough to stay in place even with ornery baby!

We purchased this metal play yard since I needed a safe place for baby while I did silly things like eat and use the bathroom. We wanted the metal yard because we have a large 11 month old, and wanted to make sure he couldn’t move it. He seems to actually like it, and its extremely sturdy even when he shakes it. Tear down is simply removing a bar at a joint, loosening other joints, then folding. SIMPLE. I’m sure it’s heavier than its plastic counterpart, but when you’re used to carrying around a 25lb baby with one arm, this is simple.Also, the plain white design is great. I love my child, but I don’t need everything in my house to be ridiculous primary colors. So ++ for least offensive looking baby jail.

Darcy Coeymans, NY


Love this little gate system for my baby-soon to be toddler. It gives her a safe place to play while I am doing something else. We can both see each other well through the slots and I like that the metal is a nice sturdy weight. I do wish we got more size for the money, but either way, I would purchase this product again. We use rubber number/letter mats on the floor under the gate so tumbles are safe.

Maritza Logan, KS

Amazing for the fireplace.

Our 8 month old wanted to climb on the fireplace hearth. This works perfectly to keep him off and attached to the wall. Does what I wanted it to and made the living room safe. Very pleased with the quality much better than the plastic ones.

Desiree Gray, PA

gets the job done

I like this, its the cheapest I have found a gate for. Its very customizable and sturdy. My baby is 9 month old and leans all over it. Although on a side note my cousins 2 year old figured it out in about 6 secods. But he is s very smart mischievous and active little guy.

Elvia Bolton, CT


This product is fantastic! I used it to divide my living room so I could have a safe area for my daughter to play.

Hazel Lisbon, NY

Great product at a great price!

I really like this play pen. I did a bit of research before I bought it, and honestly, the more expensive products just aren’t worth it! This opens out to 16ft long which is great if you need to use it to block off a room or staircase, or fireplace. Right now I have mine broken into two 8ft pieces, one around my fireplace and one separating my dining room from my living room, to keep an overactive puppy away from my 9mth old! It makes a great octagonal or rectangular playpen, the panels are easy to remove and replace, making it a very versatile product. The locking mechanism for the gate is great because it can either simply be a lift and open, or you can lock it more securely (like if said overactive puppy learns how to open it!) It’s sturdy, seems to be well made, and doesn’t look bad in my living room.If you want a bigger than standard play pen at a great price, look no further.

Marjorie Randolph, MN

Pee in Peace

This saved our sanity. We live in a small house, and we needed a place to put our kid when we cooked, cleaned and went to the bathroom. This was perfect. I have not had any quality issues. I do think this is superior to other play yards in that there are 8 sections instead of 6. This allows many more configurations. We have ours in a hexagon, configured like a half octagon. To keep it from sliding around, we ordered rubber floor mats and zip-tied the frame to the mat. SeeB003TU3ZZU

Carlene Fedora, SD


When trying to decide what gate to buy, I was unsure if I wanted a wooden or metal gate. Ultimately, I decided that the metal would be more sturdy. I don’t use it as a play yard as shown in the pictures. I have it stretched from wall to wall separating my open floor plan. It comes with brackets to attach to the wall, and this is done on both sides. I initially worried that it could get pushed in the middle–which has happened a few times–but it has stayed secure. If i did have one complaint, it would be the latch. They shouldn’t have made it red–that might as well be a flashing red light to a child! I know he can’t open it now, but he might be when he’s a little older.

Lorna Sabine Pass, TX

Very easy to put together and does the job well!

We’re pretty satisfied with this gate. When our daughter was a little younger, we were able to put her in it and she would play while we got some things done around the house. Now that she has gotten a little older (10 months old), she doesn’t like being confined so we have moved it to block out entertainment center as well as our fire place. I really like that it has grown with her and has been so versatile. My wife put this together by herself. It was very easy.

Shirley Raymond, MN

Great gate, just wish it had a couple extra features

This gate is great for the price! It stays in place really well (even without being anchored). It is a little on the lighter side, and I would have loved one with a spring close feature and that was a little sturdier (my brother has one with those features). But for what I paid, this is excellent and does the job!

Alicia Cascade, WI

Great when you have babes on-the-move

Got this play yard when my daughter started rolling around on the floor (because crawling was just way to conventional, ladies and gentlemen, all the cool babies roll apparently) and getting into everything within reach. If I needed to go down to our basement to do a load of laundry I was comfortable leaving her alone briefly in the play yard because I knew she would be safe and not even the dog could get to her). Once she actually started crawling and progressed to walking, we unlinked on of the joints and started using it as a massive baby gate between two of our rooms that had a large walkway that conventional baby gates couldn’t span.The aluminum is light enough to make it easy enough to lug around, but sturdy enough to make it safe and durable. The latch is BRIGHT red, but luckily for us the kiddo never figured out that was the way to get the swinging door open. Another advantage of this compared to other play yards that were comparable to this is that the aluminum posts are a million times easier to clean than the honey-comb pattern of the plastic play yards.

Carol Donnybrook, ND

Great play yard/baby gate

We use this as a baby gate and not a play yard. We have a staircase that is large and hooked it up to both sides of the staircase to keep our kid safe.

Angelique Westport, KY

Best value

With 8 panels this is very large and can be configured in any shape you desire. We use it as a ring. Plenty big enough for the baby and us to play. The baby is rough on it, but so far none of the breakages as in other reviews. Time will tell.Our baby is attracted to the red latch. That might be a problem as he gets older.Easy set up, no complaints. By far the best price for a metal fence of this size. It looks nice, not cheap at all.

Camilla Windsor, MO