Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate, White

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate, White

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate – White This Easy Step Extra Tall Walk through Gate is 41″ height is perfect for little climbers and large pets as well. It fits openings from29 to 40″. This comes with a 6″ extension. It is easy to install and remove. It features pressure mounts for easy set up and take down around the house and on the road. The lever style handle offers an easy one touch release. The convenient walk through design is perfect for doorways and staircases. It is made up of sturdy and durable all steel construction.

Main features

  • Stands 41-inches tall; All steel design
  • Expands up to 40-inches wide to accommodate a variety of openings
  • Pressure mounting system for easy installation; Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified
  • Convenient walk through design
  • Safety locking feature with one hand release; Great for pets too!

Verified reviews


Maybe ok for animals, not that great for kids, not necessarily pressure mounted

I just tried to install this gate this past weekend. It had a great price (at a local store), and I’ve used Regalo’s hook-on dining chairs (with satisfaction). However, I was disappointed in this gate for a couple of reasons (noted below). I have a KidCo Center Gateway installed on the bottom of my stairs – and it is truly pressure mounted – no screwing/nailing involved. However, the Kidco is “short” or regular sized. I haven’t tried any other brand of gate.Cons:
• This is not a truly pressure gate as the description says. You have to put screws in your wall to install little cups on the wall. The description says how easy it is to put and take down – ummmm – are you going to put these screws in the wall everywhere you go? The directions say many times you have to mount these screws/cups.
• Installed without the screws/cups and pressure mounted as tight as I could (I did not need an extension)…the gate seemed flimsy for a toddler to stand there and shake/rattle it. I think the handle/locking-mechanism could be designed better to make it more solid when closed.
• The gate opening is not very wide (although I think I read that up front or in a review somewhere else)…the Kidco gate is nice and wide (although shorter)Pros:
• The price and size
• I imagine this would be good for medium to small animals (not sure about large) – I’m just guessing.
• One small extension comes with it.I’m returning this gate – I just don’t feel its going to hold up and be safe enough for my toddlers (without putting holes in my wall). However, if you are getting this for animals or for some other reason where there won’t be much wear and tear…or you don’t mind putting holes in your wall…this gate might work for you!

Doreen Talco, TX

Tallest Gate I have found!

I wanted a gate to keept he cats out of our nursery. I love the gate – it is tall, taller than the door knob and second hinge on the door frame. I had a ‘tall’ gate previously, but the cat could still jump it. This one is great on the tall side, however the slats are a little wider. I haven’t seen a cat enter the room yet, but I will be watching just in case they can actually fit. Overall it is wonderful.

Brenda Colton, NY

Love these gates!

Originally purchased because I had a new baby and a couple medium size dogs that I wanted to limit access around the home. My dogs are about 50lb and one is a very good jumper, so I needed tall but also needed something that would allow me to pass through rooms while carrying an infant.These gates are perfect!Yes – these gates require a very small screw for the cup to get mounted to the wall, and they are not designed to be taken down or moved all the time; move of a long term solution. They install within minutes and are extremely sturdy once installed. My very energentic dogs have not been able to un-mount them by getting overzealous or excited, and my jumper has not attempted to jump them. They even contain my sisters 110lb Mastiff-mix dog that can see over the top of the gate without flaw.Meanwhile, my infant is now a toddler that has turned into a climbing machine. He proved he is able to life the latch when it is not locked, but is not strong enough to unlock when locked. I can unlock one handed. My toddler has attempted to climb, jump off, scale, climb over and every in between with these gates. He has only been success to bypass the gates when getting assisted with a really tall chair, and at that point, he then scaled down the opposite side.These gates have put up to the test of a toddler. Despite his best efforts, they have not given in, come down, come loose, failed, or given me any reason to question their stability. I have used them in 2 different homes with doorways and stair ways, and they have performed flawlessly.For the price, sturdiness, quality of product and convenience, I highly recommend these gates as a ‘must have’ for someone that either has larger dogs that need to be contained, or to control access for pets and children. I have been extremely happy with them.

Sherri Camp Nelson, CA


Bought this to keep the dog out of certain rooms. Seems pretty sturdy and was easy to install. I like the latch handle and the "optional" locking mechanism — if the handle is pushed all the way down, it locks and you must slide a button to open it again. Otherwise, just putting the handle down secures the gate, at least enough for a dog. We’ll have to see once our dog is fully grown whether the gate will hold up with her jumping on it. If the kids lean or bump too hard on the gate, it does shift out of position a bit which is easily corrected. We may actually need to screw it into the doorway in the future but for now it’s working for us.

Beverly Ocean Gate, NJ

Way to skinny

unless you wear skinny jeans and people say they look good on you without laughing the opening on this product is WAY to narrow.I would not recommend this to anyone but underfeed models

Camilla Priddy, TX


Easy to install, easy to use, walk through gate is perfect width. We needed a way to keep the pets out of the babies room, but still allow for air to heat and cool the room more efficiently. This gate is perfect.

Diann Henning, TN

Received broken

The gate we received was definitely purchased previously and broken. This was returned.Perhaps this gate is fine, but we ended up just going to Babies R Us and purchasing the same type of gate (Munchkin brand though) that my sister-in-law and brother-in-law have (and we know works well).Too bad because I always like to give my business to Amazon (and get good use out of our Prime membership).

Carmella Valier, MT

does not pressure mount

I bought this for my 19 month old son’s room. He can get out of his crib, wakes up before everyone else, and runs all over the house. He also opens the door and runs outside. Needless to say, we needed a tall gate to keep him in his room so I can hear him when he wakes up and give me enough time to wake up also. Contrary to what the manufacturer states, this gate CAN’T be pressure mounted. It slips out of place or sometimes he pushes on the door and it open even though it’s "locked." We are not allowed to screw anything into the wall so this is useless.

Denise Franklin Square, NY

Does Not Tension Mount / Does Not Swing in Both Directions

I bought this gate thinking it would tension mount to our door frame and it does NOT. You may get lucky and just happen to have the right size door, but odds are you will have to drill to install yours. The gate is designed with a metal bar that extends the full width of the gate at the bottom, which allows you to get a snug fit at the bottom only. Problem is the gate is not a continuous piece at the top, but rather 3 pieces (the left side, the door, and the right side). In order to adjust the gate to stay snug at the top, you have to unscrew the plastic cups so far that it compresses the gate and it will not open. If you loosen it to allow the gate to open, it’s too loose to stay in the doorway. My other complaint is that I read the gate swings open in both directions and it does NOT. It simply means you can mount the gate to open into the room if the latch is mounted on the right, or open away from the room if mounted with the latch on the left. There is a permanent metal tab on the bottom of the door which allows the gate to open only in 1 direction, unless you remove the gate and flip it around. I think the gate is a poor design and am sending it back.

Christie Lowell, AR


Accurate description, fast shipping, and a very durable gate. Easy to install and simple to run. Can’t ask for much more in a gate for as good a price as this one was!

Claudine Burlington, OK

Perfect for pet owners

Great! It keeps my cats out by being too narrow and too tall. Perfect for owners of small animals. Kittens would still get through.

Flossie Stonington, ME

Keeps Cats out of Nursery

I needed a gate to keep the cat out of the baby’s room and as fat and lazy he is, he easily jumped over the standard height gates. This one has been up for a few weeks and I’ve yet to catch or hear him jumping over it.

Amparo Franklintown, PA

Gate opening too narrow

I ordered this for the top of my stairs. It’s a gate and it does what a gate should do, but the opening to walk through is so narrow. I am not large at all and I felt like I had to turn sideways to walk through. At the top of stairs, carrying a baby, this gate is not safe. It’s easy to lose your balance trying to manuver through. We got the munchkin gate after returning this one and it has a much wider opening.

Ella Descanso, CA

Works great with kids

I use this gate to block off my kitchen from my very active, very curious, and VERY strong 18 month old son. He beats on it, and it has held up great. I love that I can open it with one hand while he is screaming in my arms. I have a shorter one at the top of my stairs too. Highly recommend, very easy to install and use.

Nora Monmouth, IL

Has some flaws but its cost plus its height outweigh the negatives. Our standard poodle can open it with enough force.

First let me say that we use this gate to contain a dog to a certain part of the house. I cannot comment on how well that this would be for use with children. We have found:1. It is a bit flimsy in terms of how it connects to the hallway but we do have a large hallway and have not yet bought the adapter that will eliminate some of the gap–this could improve function. Otherwise, you can screw brackets into the wall to help keep it in place and that is what we did.2. The gate itself seems to be made of a sturdy enough metal but the locking mechanism of the gate can be open with the force of our standard poodle! Granted, she can jump up on the gate and its fine, but with a bit of a head start–she out! Of course, she’s also smart about it–she never busts out while we are home yet we always seem to come home to her rooting around the house!! She’s a wily one!3. I could not find a gate at this heigh anywhere else–making it invaluable for large dog owners. Any other options which came close to this height, were $$$$Bottom line for use with pets: Be prepared to have to screw into the moulding–if you don’t want to do that this may not be a good option for big dog owners. Know that with enough brains and a little bit of a running start–your big dog could break out! You will also need a bit of rope to tie the gate door to the support when away from home. Although, I’m hoping this doesn’t result in her ripping it from the wall….fingers crossed but so far so good! Despite what might seem like fatal flaws, I challenge you to find a gate at this height! If you have found one – please comment because I will definitely try it. Until then, it is the only show in town for us!If you have a small dog –this would probably be a great option, but then, you might not need the height anyway!

Rosemary Sodus Point, NY

Wonderful for Tall people

This gate is just what we needed. We’re 5’11 and 6’6 and normal gates just don’t cut it, this gate is the perfect height, especially when you’re carrying a sleeping baby into their room and can’t really bend over to unlatch a gate.

Sonia Canal Point, FL

This gate is wobbly and did not securely stay in place — seems dangerous!

I will start by saying we have 2 of The First Years Hands-free gates, they stay in place and are safe, but have their own set of cons (mainly, the foot petal hits the door when we close it). I thought I would try this gate because the price was right and because you open with your hand and didn’t have a large foot petal.I am sure this gate would be great if you are getting it for your cat or your small dog, however I could not get it to securely fit in the door way to my sons room. The grips were so loose that just swinging the door open and closed made the gate slip around. At first we tried increasing the tension, which helped it to stay in place, but then we could not get it to open/close (there was not a lot of tolerance in the latch for tightening). If my 20 lb son had had a chance to hang onto it and "dance" like he does on the other baby gates he would have knocked the thing over and face-planted on the floor. Dangerous, and completely useless.In addition, it seems very unlikely to open this gate with one hand. I had to use 2 hands (one to pull back the red piece and one to life the latch upward). This is not realistic when carrying the baby. Another thing to be aware of is if you plan to close the door and leave the gate installed, measure the height of your door handle first before purchasing the tall one because we could not close the door after the gate was installed. We returned this to Amazon (<3 Amazon).

Monica Hurley, MO