Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate, White

Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate, White

This sturdy, all-metal gate is designed to keep tots safe and out of trouble. Designed with a convenient 1-touch release, it expands from 29–43″ to fit a variety of openings (extension kit included). Perfect in doorways and staircases. For ages 6 months to 24 months. Imported. 30-1/2H”.

Main features

  • Pressure mounted – Easy to install and remove
  • Expands from 29-34 inches wide; includes a 6 and 4-inch wide extension kit for openings up to 44-inches wide
  • Can be used at top of stairs if included wall cups are utilized to more firmly affix gate
  • Lever style handle with safety lock offers an easy one touch release
  • Perfect for doorways and staircases
  • Convenient walk through and durable steel design
  • Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified; Great for Pets too!

Verified reviews


Perfect Wide Gate

We bought this product for the bottom of our staircase, which is 54 inches wide. Not many companies offer wide pressure mounted gates and this one provides quite a bit of flexibility with 3 extensions provided. The product was easy to install – took 15 minutes and works great. Our daughter will be safe and we did not have to drill into our banister at both the bottom and top of our staircase.We would definitely recommend this product.

Erna Carson, VA

Great Pet Gate

We just purchased this gate to restrict our dog to the kitchen while we are out. We had hesitated to buy a gate because gates wide enough for our opening are not cheap, but from what I can tell about the quality of this gate, we should get our moneys worth. The gate feels like it is good quality and looks nice enough. It was easy to install, my husband’s assistance made it easier but it can be done with one person. I like that it can be left open so that we (and the dog) can move freely between the rooms when we don’t need to restrict her. The latch requires two steps to open it – pull to the side and then lift a lever up. This can be done with one hand, although you need a strong hand. The latch is the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5. You can just not use the pull to the side part of the latch – therefore, you just lift up the lever to open and close the gate. This is great for our current use of the gate, but when our baby gets older, we are probably going to need it to be a little more secure than that. This just adds another step to opening and closing the gate – pull the latch to the side before opening, and press the lever down firmly after closing. It is not a big deal, but I can imagine it would be easy to forget when chasing after a toddler. The other gate we own self-latches, which is convenient. This gate also only opens one direction.It is worth mentioning that our 55 lb dog does not attempt to jump over, push over, or otherwise get through either gate, so the strength of the latches have not really been tested. To the user who commented that a strong toddler could pull the gate over, it does come with cups to install the gate to the wall. I have not tried them but they may be worth trying to help with that problem.

Tessa Cedar Hill, TX

Very easy to use

Very easy to operate with one hand and fit perfectly in the archway between the living room/kitchen. Keeps the kid in, and the dog out!

Hollie Fort Washington, PA

Secure, easy installation, quiet

I bought this as a replacement for the Summer Infant Tall gate (wrote a review for that one, too). This gate is so much better. I really prefer not having the automatic closing feature. It does have a metal-on-metal tab at the bottom; I just put one of those fuzzy/sticky pads designed for the feet of chairs and it’s nice and quiet now. The benefit of the regular height is that I can carry a laundry basket easily over the top. Let’s be frank: I spend about 82% of my at-home time doing laundry so this is a big plus. Unlike the awkward fit of Summer Infant gate, this one fits our hallway perfectly with both extensions. Great purchase.

Odessa Churchville, MD

It is okay.

This gate is okay and serves it’s purpose. However the walk thru is very narrow. I have several gates around my house (different kinds) and this one is my least favorite.

Wanda Ledgewood, NJ

Works fine so far

We’re expecting our first child this summer, so we’re replacing the makeshift gates we’ve used with our dogs for the past few years. I purchased this one because it was eligible for 20% off through an Amazon Mom sale, and I’m happy with the purchase so far. I installed the gate myself (pregnant and all) in about 15-20 minutes. The instructions weren’t as clear as they probably could have been, but I got the gist pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I realized I installed it so the door opened out into the hallway instead of into the room. So I had to take it down and re-install it the way I wanted it. That took less than 5 minutes because I knew what I was doing. For our doors, which I assume are standard width, we didn’t need any of the extensions.My only concern is that the spaces between the bars is a little wide. Our larger dogs can’t get their heads through or anything, but I don’t know if a curious child might be able to injure themselves somehow.

Martina Philipsburg, PA

3 1/2 stars

Very easy to install and reasonably priced. My biggest complaint is the quality. Right after installation we noticed that the gate door was sticking and rubbing against something. I ignored it for a couple of weeks, but I know somebody else with this gate and they do not have that problem, so It really began to annoy me. I spent 20-30 minutes diagnosing exactly what the issue was, and it was that two parts of the gate were bent out of place slightly. I managed to bend them back in place enough to fix the sticking and most of the rubbing, but its still not perfect. I’m mechanically inclined and found this challenging to fix.

Jewell Manchester, CA