Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits spaces between 29″ and 39″ Wide

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits spaces between 29″ and 39″ Wide

This is a pressure mounted gate and must be pressured between an opening to properly function. When installed, the “2-inch” space between the bars is reduced by the pressure between the doorway or opening. Please note the top of page 3 within the Instruction Manual. The gate must be fully assembled within the doorway or opening to eliminate gap between the handle. Also, included in the packaging are wall cups that can be added to the gate for additional security. All of this information can be found within the Instruction Manual that is provided within the packaging. This Easy Step walk through gate is as 31″ tall gate is easy to install and remove. It comes with an extension (extends gate by 6″ “es) and fits opening from 29″ to 39”.This is perfect for pets too. The lever style handle offers an easy one touch release. This is a convenient walk through design and is perfect for doorways and staircases. It is easy to install and take down.

Main features

  • Pressure mounted – Easy to install and remove
  • This gate fits opening between 29-39 inches wide. Also, additional extensions are sold separately (carried by Amazon) to customize the width of this gate to meet any opening size up to 60-inches
  • Can be used at top of stairs if included wall cups are utilized to more firmly affix gate
  • Lever style handle with safety lock offers an easy one touch release
  • Perfect for doorways and staircases
  • Convenient walk through and durable steel design
  • Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified; Great for Pets too!
  • Note : Kindly refer the manual for any trouble shooting related issue

Verified reviews


(Used to be) an effective good value. Get the Regalo extra wide instead!

UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT HAS CHANGED MODELS SINCE I WROTE THE FOLLOWING REVIEW. PLEASE SEE UPDATE 2013 COMMENTS ON THE NEW MODEL AT THE END….We needed a baby gate that was wide enough to put at the bottom of our stairs (about 41 inches), but other extra wide gates were expensive once you had to get the extensions to make them wide enough or you had to hardware mount them to the wall and who wants to screw things into their wall? Or, in our case, the banisters on one side of the stairs. (the gate DOES come with hardware mounts though if you prefer)This gate is great and we feel it’s a good value. It operates easily,couldn’t have been easier to assemble and attaches securely. Our 5 month old daughter pulls herself up on it and it doesn’t budge and just the other day we had a very large 18mo old boy at our house and he was pulling on it and it still didn’t move.I think there had been a previous version of this gate where a child had gotten their finger injured in it, but after inspecting the latching system thoroughly and even letting it slam shut on my own finger (it couldn’t) I really can’t see how anyone child or adult could be injured. So I’d say this version seems to have corrected whatever problem the older model had.A tip for attaching it to a banister on one side, just velcro strap a board to the flat part of the banister so the pressure mounts have something to press against.A note…. the gate will look like it’s broken and won’t close properly if you hold it up straight out of the box. It’s the pressure put on the gate when it’s mounted that ensures it closes properly.And, a note for the surprising number of people who have gotten worked up thinking this is a “fake” manufacturer generated review….. it’s not. While it’s been very entertaining over the years to see people who have the time to get worked up over my review of a baby gate, I have no affiliation with the Regalo company other than as a satisfied customer. :)UPDATE 2013: We’re kind of annoyed that Amazon has kept all of the old reviews after Regalo changed product models and now probably most of the reviews you seee here which now no longer apply to this new model. It appears that the “Regalo Easy Open 52 Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Gate” now fits the description of the gate we have that I wrote the original review for and that’s the one we’re getting after we send this “new model” back. We wanted to get a second one of these gates because they’re so great and we got what we thought was the same gate we bought in 2010 when I first wrote the review, but opened the box and nope! Not exactly the same, a newer model (the one pictured) which does NOT have the same operating mechanism and does NOT come with the same number of extensions and thus does not expand as far! The old mechanism was very easy to use one-handed. It was simply a spring loaded thumb lever. Check out the closeup of the latch for the “Regalo Easy Open 52 Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Gate” which appears to still have the old latch mechanism and compare it to the closeup of the “EasyStep Walk Thru” mechanism. This new model, after you slide back the thumb lever, you have to use your other hand to lift up another latch to be able to open the gate. Any parent knows you’re going to be carrying kid+stuff a lot of the time and a gate you have to use two hands to open is a deal breaker for us! I should note that my husband has large hands and is technically able to open it one handed by pushing the lever with his thumb (instead of pulling it back as intended) and then using his other fingers on the same hand to kind of nudge the other latch up out of the way but he thinks it’s ridiculous and I definitely can’t physically do it.

Ingrid Ashburnham, MA

Not bad, but….

We have 2 baby gates the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru and the Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate. I would recommend the later. There is no real problem with the Regalo, the Munchkin is just better. 1. The Munchkin lock is a lift and squeeze function designed to be done with one hand, the Regalo requires that you pull back and lift up which can be done with one hand, but is far easier with two hands (and let’s face it if you have toddler you never have 2 free hands!) 2. The Munchkin has an additional 3rd lock feature at the bottom of the gate which also serves to determine which way you want the door to swing (it can also be left up so that the door swings both ways). The Regalo only swings 1 direction and has no additional lock feature. 3. The Munchkin will lock automatically when pulled closed. The Regalo must be manually locked (a 1 handed operation but still 1 addition action each time you go in and out.)So while there is nothing really bad about the Regalo, there are better options out there!

Maryanne Tome, NM

Eh. Narrow and only opens one way

We have a number of baby gates in our homes, and this one is my least favorite. I would not choose it for an opening you use often, because it is narrow (my husband and I find ourselves turning sideways to get through it most of the time) and clumsy to maneuver through. I wish it would swing open both ways, that really was the deal breaker for me. I removed it from its first spot and put it in another spot we use less often, but it’s still getting on my nerves. I hate how high the bottom bar is, we trip over it all the time. It’s cheap, but I would put the money toward another better gate costing 50% more.

Beatrice Frankfort, IL

This gate ONLY fits 29″ OR 40″ nothing in between.

The description for this is deceptive. It states it will fit doorways from 29-40″ but that is not true. The original piece fits a 29′ doorway, maybe up to 30″. Add the extender and it fits a 40-41″ doorway. It did not fit our 34, 35, or 37″ frames. We had to return them all. I wish the description was more accurate.

Susanna Arcadia, CA

immediately returned it!

I bought this gate to use at my mom’s house for my 14-month old daughter. It was simple to assemble, but completely insecure when installed. I installed it according to the directions, tightening the pieces that suspend it against the wall until they were tight. The gate wouldn’t open. I unscrewed them until the gate would just open. Unfortunately, when it was just loose enough to open the gate, I could easily pull the gate off the wall. If you are buying this gate to use as a suspension only gate, buy something else! The product information says it can be used as a suspension or a screw-mounted gate; this is definitely not the case. The gate is also really flimsy feeling. I’m now willing to pay more for a higher quality gate.

Esther Colden, NY

Had to return as the one in the picture was not as advertised

Chose this one explicitly because it has a tension mount but when it arrived it needed to be screwed into the wall, which we can’t do as the wall in question has marble edging, which I’m definitely not drilling into.Disappointing…

Lakesha South Easton, MA

Love this simple gate

For the money this gate is perfect for my 12 month old son. I have a wide hallway and it fit perfect. Cats can jump over it but toddler can’t.

Juliet Ogden, AR

a big disappointment

these gates were a big disappointment. they were tricky to install. when placed at stairs it was hard to step over the bottom rail of the gate and then safely make it down the stairs. also tricky even in doorways. i would not recommend.

Judi Woolwich, ME

Stiff, narrow walk-through, not as nice as our other gate

We have two different gates and dislike this one enough to give it away. I’d get a second one of the other model if it fit the doorway we want to use it in. This one here is difficult to operate — I wasn’t always able to manage it with one hand the way it’s shown in the picture. It’s considerably narrower in the part you walk through than many other gates. I bruised my hips several times on the pointy corners, walking through without looking carefully enough and hitting the sides. Since my son hates being put behind the gate — all the FUN stuff is on the other side! — he’s often struggling in my arms and carrying on as I try to open or close it, which makes things that should be easy, like walking, suddenly become literally a pain in the butt.Note that it’s called the “Easy Step” but does not have a “step on” mechanism. Such things do exist, where you step on a pedal to open the thing. This one is hand-operated. You lift a lever thingy and push it a certain way. The description does spell this out, but if you’ve been browsing lots of gates, you might have lost track, like I did.

Dorothy Rural Ridge, PA

Measure right… the gate is smaller than you think

I ended up having to purchase extenders for this and I couldn’t find the ones I needed on Amazon. My hall is just as wide as that on the picture but it didn’t fit.The gate itself is solid and it works great. My only other complaint is that the space through the gate is too narrow, I find myself turning side ways as I step through. I thought it might just be me but all my guests seem to do the same thing.

Randi Fairport, NY

32 Inch Door Here – Purchased for My Dogs – Decent Product

My review is a little long, so grab a drink and sit back. I know that this gate is mainly for children BUT it is also listed under pet products when you go to the Amazon pet category. My main reason for purchasing this gate is because my wife is tired of setting up our existing gate system for our two small dogs (10 lbs each) every time we leave the house. The gates we own are an older model of theEvenflo Memory Fit II Gate, which work VERY well (the pressure is strong enough to where they don’t/can’t push the gate down). However, setting them up is a real pain and because my wife’s mother purchasedNorth States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate, Bronzefor their home, my wife suggested we get one as well because she really liked how you can walk through those without complete disassembly.After using that gate at my mother-in-law’s house, I decided I didn’t like theNorth States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate, Bronze. The locking mechanism required you had to manually twist it back to lock it. Whether it was set up wrong or if it was an actual defect I’m not sure. But because of that AND the price of $50, I knew it wasn’t an option for us.So after looking around for baby gates, I found this one. My main reason for selecting this is because (as of June 2013) it’s ranked the #1 best seller for indoor baby gates, as listed here: . Plus the price point of $22.97 at the time of purchase means that it was really affordable.Before I purchased this gate, I compared dozens of different types and trust me I really read the Amazon reviews. For this particular gate, I took notice of the many 1 to 3 star reviews (many which complained of the fitment to doors). Most of the warnings come from doors that are greater than 33 inches and when I measured my door, mine was exactly 32 inches… so I thought I would be OK. However upon installation, I’m kind of indifferent about it but I’m keeping it because it works. The following are my thoughts about this product.## DOOR MECHANISM ##Although the door only opens in one direction, I really like how easy it is to open. You really can open this gate with one hand. Your thumb pushes the locking slider out and the rest of your fingers grip and pull up on the handle to open. To lock it (after the gate is closed), you push down on the handle and with enough pressure, it automatically slides the locking slider over the handle. That “click” sound assures you that the door is locked and that there is no way to open without going through the opening routine.## GATE FITMENT ##The fitment is done by extra long bolts that slide in horizontally into the frames of the gate. As you turn the dials on them, they basically “unscrew” from the frame and go outward. As it goes outward, it will eventually touch the wall/door frame you are trying to secure. By continually turning, you will cause enough pressure where the gate will mount itself and stand upright. However not every door frame/hall are the same width and the bolts are only so long. Meaning they can only extend out so far until they either become too flimsy to hold the gate up OR are not wide enough. That’s where the extensions come into play. You get a 6 inch extension with the gate but as with other reviewers mention, it’s too wide for most applications. Since my door frame is 32 inches wide (and the gate is around 28 inches), I couldn’t use the extension. I’m barely at the threshold of where this gate is too flimsy to be mounted at the door (I had to use the gate anchors) to secure it.## GATE PRESSURE ##The way this gate is secured to the wall or door frame is by pressure. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you turn the dials on them to tighten the gate to secure it. However, I have a few issues with this.The bottom part of the gate can be tightened as much as you want. Obviously the tighter you turn the knobs, the more pressure there is between the gate and with that, there is more resistance from movement. I’m not sure how it is with other products of the same type, but for this product, there is NO WAY you can tighten the TOP of the gate tight enough AND MAKE IT SECURE WITHOUT the use of the anchors. Let me explain why. If you look at pictures, the bottom frame of the gate is one piece and extends the entire length of the gate. When the gate is open, you step over that part. Structurally that makes this gate sturdy. However on the TOP PART, there is no such one-piece frame(that’s how you walk through the gate). Because of this, as you tighten, you run into the issue that if you tighten too much, it puts pressure on the actual gate door and it won’t open.If I’ve confused you, think about it this way… say you stuck a metal rod between a clamp where the ends of the rod are touching each side of the clamp… effectively turning the clamp’s “C” shape into a “D” shape (the rod in this diagram is the straight line of the letter D). That straight line is the door while the ends of the clamp are the gate itself. As the clamp stays loose, removal of that rod (aka, the act of openning the door) is easy to move from the clamp. As you tighten the clamp (to secure the gate between the hall/door frame), the harder it is to remove the metal bar. It gets to the point where if you want it really secure between the door, you won’t be able to open the gate because there’s so much pressure between the door, the gate, and the wall.So then you have to ask yourself, how tight is good enough? Well, personally I was able to “push” the top part of the gate to where it slid out with relative ease. That in itself can be DISASTROUS, especially if you’re buying this for the top of stairs. Now, I know a full grown adult male is considerably stronger than a baby, but still that causes some concern. A baby that can walk or toddler with sufficient strength can walk over and likely push/bang on this gate until it moves. BECAUSE OF THIS, YOU NEED TO USE THE ANCHORS. The anchors (supplied) are actually screwed into the wall and then the ends of the bolts fit into the anchors. By doing this, you prevent any movement of the gate. Because my dogs are pretty strong (and known to push on my other gates), I HAD to use the anchors. If my dog can push a gate down over time, then I can imagine a baby can do the same.## USAGE W/ DOGS ##As I mentioned, my dogs are both 10 lbs each. One is really skinny/slender and long. I did read a review where someone complained and docked a star because their dog could squeeze through the gate, but that’s not the case with my dogs. The spacing of the gate’s bars are close enough where they can’t go through and I made sure the gate was mounted center between my door frame so that there was no way they could escape on the sides either.All in all, I’m satisfied with this gate enough to where I’m going to keep it. I’m sure that when I do have a child I’ll move this over to the stairs and have a better fitment than I do now with my dogs. Overall I give this product 4 stars. The removal of a star is from the “GATE PRESSURE” category, where the fact that you cannot SECURE the gate FIRMLY without the use of the anchors. Hopefully this reviews helps with your purchasing decision.

Julie Vernonia, OR

Didn’t fit our space

Just an awkward fit for the space we wanted it for. It wasn’t big enough on its own, but it was too big using just one extension. So back to Amazon it went.

Gail Grand Junction, TN

Not all that great.

We bought this with a pretty specific purpose in mind, so for our uses, it got less stars than it would have otherwise. We needed a gate that would keep our dogs and 10 month old from going down the hallway and into the bedrooms but that was easy enough for our 2.5 year old to open/close so she could go to her room/potty, etc. The gate mounts easy enough, my husband had it up in about 25 minutes. I didn’t read the description where it states that it only opens one direction, so that was my fault and I thought we could live with it, but it’s just a pain in the butt. While our older child CAN open the gate, she doesn’t get how to close it. Maybe with a lot more practice, she’ll figure it out, but we’re just going to return it. You have to flick a latch/lock and then lift up on the handle to open the gate.After you let go, the latch falls down essentially blocking the gate from catching when you push it closed behind you. So, the dogs and my baby can easily push it open. We have replaced it with theDreambaby Swing Close Gate with Extension, Whiteand like it soooo much more. We didn’t get that one originally b/c I thought the opening mechanism would be too difficult for my toddler, but she’s got it figured out and the gate closes by itself and swings both ways.

Dorthy Woodlake, CA

Does NOT work!

Seriously dislike this one! I purchased it for an opening that is exactly 53", in order to keep my toddler in his playroom. This is beyond flimsy and will in no way work for the space.First of all, although the metal seems light, it does NOT seem sturdy. it came out of the (brand new, unopened) box looking slightly warped. In fact, the gate did not even latch properly (it came open with a gentle push, less than what my toddler is capable of exerting).Second, The entire gate is held together by pressure ALONE– the extensions don’t attach together, they are merely kept together by a 2" overlap (part of the extension slides into part of the main gate). Let me repeat, NO mechanism prevents them from sliding apart. Even when trying to put up the gate you need 3 or 4 hands just to keep it together. This also goes for the "screws" that are supposed to pressure mount it– the ends simply slide into the gate (no turning or fastening) and are kept there by pressure exerted by plastic disc on the OUTSIDE of the gate that is supposed to keep the screw from falling out. Not only does this not work effectively, but it is unsafe. If the gate ever falls, it breaks into 5-7 pieces (some of which are sharp, pointy or chokeable). And fall it did when tested… by my 7-lb cat.Third, beware if you are using this for wide spaces! If you are attempting to put it in an extra-wide doorway, the only thing "pressure" mounting it are the 4 screws that are once again NOT firmly attached to the structure– they merely slide into an opening of the gate and again require "pressure" to keep them firmly in place. When the screws are fully extended, there is a mere 1" of THIN (we’re talking 1/2 cm diameter) screw overlapping with (NOT firmly screwed into) the extension which, AGAIN, is not firmly mounted to the actual gate. In addition, the gate itself came bent and would not latch closed.I am sorry if some of this language is difficult to understand (I am having trouble explaining just how badly/cheaply this thing is designed) but I am hoping this review can help clarify some of the very real issues this product has. Yes, the pieces simply slide together and pressure mount- sounds easy enough. But easy in this case means not as sturdy, or as safe.I was looking forward to this, and was very sorely disappointed. Was not worth the time, money, or effort!

Heidi Vina, CA

Best of both worlds!

We got this gate for housebreaking puppies. Let me start by saying that again – our primary focus with this gate was to keep puppies in a small area to reduce housebreaking time. With that being said, the only reason it’s not 5 stars is because the bar spacing is such that the puppies can get through it. Now that the one negative is out of the way, let’s move on!I love this gate. In a month or two when the puppies are bigger, they won’t be able to squeeze their heads through, and this gate will shine. We currently have it mounted between our kitchen and mudroom. Pretty much every door frame in our house is uneven, so tension-mounted gates have always been an issue. With the unique ability to adjust EACH post – every corner is adjusted independently – this no longer matters. That being said, I thought installation would be a challenge (we chose NOT to use the cups since we know eventually the gate will move to another doorway, and eventually, just to the hall to block off the bedrooms). It took me all of 8 minutes… by myself. No one had to hold the other end, or keep anything steady. When I say installing this was easy, I mean it was friggin’ cake walk. The directions were crystal clear and I didn’t have to backtrack once. Once the gate was in the doorway, my kids were shown how to open the door, and VOILA! We have not had a single instance of ramming through the gate (hello brickhouse 3 year old!), or forcing the handle to get the gate open. During the day when we’re frequently coming and going, I leave it unlocked and the kids can get from the playroom to the bathroom and the rest of the house without assistance. I can keep doing the puzzle with the 5 year old while the 3 year old makes her umpteenth trip to the bathroom in 20 minutes. It’s great! I am pretty sure we are going to order a second gate as soon as the puppies can’t fit through any more – we’re using a standard tension gate for the playroom (which is off the other side of the mudroom), and now that we’ve been spoiled with the ability to leave the gate in place, it seems like a much bigger hassle to constantly have to take that gate down and put it back up. I would highly recommend this gate and even though we bought it for puppies, I think it would be wonderful for baby and toddler safety, too!

Lessie Callender, IA

My 2 1/2 year old can open this gate

My 2 1/2 year old can open this gate. Fail. We hadEvenflo Summit Pressure Mounted Metal Gatebut I wanted one that was easier to open since I’m having another baby soon and the Evenflo is hard for me to open with my non-dominate hand; and nearly impossible for grandma and grandpa to open.

Phyllis Amherst, CO


Doesn’t work, doesn’t fit and I hope the friends with the dog I gave it to can use it, because I sure can’t!

Shanna Lake Pleasant, NY

Did an okay job

Not easily assembled, be sure to follow the directions. It is somewhat rickety, even when put in place;however, I didn’t use the permanent placement caps that can be screwed to the wall. Primarily because I used the gate for a temporary situation. Part of the problem, for me at least, is the gate is in 2 parts. I would have preferred it be in one part and with sliding adjustment.

Brenda Sutton, AK

great gate!

I have 3 of these gates and they are awesome. I purchased then instead of more costly gates at Babies t Us. This is literally the same.thing. super easy to install, too

Esther Garden Valley, ID

Works well, once installed correctly

Installed this on our bedroom doorway to keep the dogs out. It’s a standard doorway so expected an easy, secure fit. Surprisingly it wasn’t as straight forward as we expected. It relies on the pressure of a super tight installation for the gate to work correctly — it has to be super tight so that the latch will reach the other piece that allows it to lock, otherwise it doesn’t close. Of course you want a secure installation, but it just seemed a little too tight to just barely reach. That being said, I like the latch itself and how it functions. It serves it’s purpose.

Stacy Laddonia, MO

You dont need to spend 60+ on a gate!

Over all very happy and a little surprised that they work so well.Don’t let the cheap price fool you. I bought two one for up stairs and one for down and they are perfect. I want to get a wider one for my kitchen.Really easy to put in as well and wont scuff your walls.The actual opening could be a little larger especially for the bottom of stairs but its great either way.

Caroline White Hall, AR


I’m very happy with this baby gate, it’s easy to install and it’s very good quality. Delivery was really quick. Overall very satisfied with the purchase.

Tasha Beaufort, SC


I sent this back and got a refund. It’s thin, flimsy, wobbly. I expected it to be sturdy like our other Regalo gates, but it wasn’t…it was made of very thin, round tubing.

Kate Kennebunkport, ME

Keeps my kid off the stairs.

Installed in minutes, easy adjustable hand screws. We use it at the top of the stairs, and my 10 month old has not been able to get through it.

Sophie Horicon, WI

Must have!

I was a nanny and petsitter… for kids or small pets those gates are absolutely great! Regarding shopping experience: never had a problem with amazon, always very please.

Colette Middletown Springs, VT

Not a good gate for the top of the stairs

I really want to like this gate, but unfortunately I just cannot give it a good review. There are some really good things about this gate. The instructions it came with are easy to follow and the gate was pretty easy to install. The gate unlatches easily, I had no trouble opening the gate with just one hand while holding my baby. It also seems pretty sturdy and pretty well made.However, I have to give this gate a bad review because we bought it specifically to use at the top of the stairs, which the description says this gate can be used for. I would NOT recommend using this gate at the top of the stairs at all. The gate has large lip at the bottom that you have to step over and its a huge trip hazard, especially at the top of the stairs. Also, the gate opening is really narrow. I am not a huge person, but when holding my baby I have to turn sideways to get through the gate.If you are going to use this gate on the ground floor somewhere, then this is a pretty good gate for the price. However I had to rate it poorly because it will not work for purpose for which we bought it.

Hollie Cedar Point, KS

it is probably a great product for most spaces

but for me its difficult to use as its barely too small without the spacer and WITH the spacer its too large. I suppose we fall in that weird in-between space and because of it its not very sturdy. we had to extend the screws all the way to the maximum depth so if you so much as brush against it they pop out of place. Obviously not something you would want when a child is large enough to lean against it as it is at the top of the stairs.the construction is sturdy, the handle works well and the door is easy to open and close one-handed making it an otherwise great gate which is why i gave it 3 stars instead of 1 or 2.

Earnestine La Motte, IA

simple, easy to put up, does the job

it is a simple furniture to put together and it works great. It can withstand decent force and is ideal to guard your child from escaping the boundary of your defined safety.

Jan Eyota, MN

Great Product

I wanted a "permanent" safe gate that was too difficult for my son to figure out, but easy enough that we didn’t need to explain to every adult how to use it. This one works great. The top has a piece you move to the side and hold as you lift the handle up. After just a few tries my wife and I can both do it with just one hand. Its easy to install as well.

Dana Midkiff, TX

Alcatraz Babyproofing

We have b/g twins who just turned 2 and are turning into little climbing monkeys. We have 2 of these gates, installed at the same time. One gate has held up much better than the other, but the one that hasn’t held up great is admittedly in the highest traffic doorway in our home. It works well, but the locking mechanism broke after about one year. Now we keep a bungee strap on it to keep it closed. Overall happy with the operation of this gate…it can be operated with one hand by a person with average dexterity, and as of yet cannot be operated by the twins! We have 5 safety gates in our home, possibly more to come as the twins are figuring out how to climb out of their cribs! ACK!

Flora Mount Vernon, IN