Regalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs Gate, With Mounting Kit, White

Regalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs Gate, With Mounting Kit, White

The Regalo Top of Stair Gate offers a universal installation kit that fits 99% of stairway applications. Simple Glide Technology allows gate to expand and fit stairways 32″ up to 53″ and easily expand inward and outward while passing through. At 35″ tall, this gate is perfect for those little climbers. Easy to install. Adapter kit is included and does not require any drilling into or marking up your banister or woodwork.

Main features

  • Expands from 36-55 inches wide (one banister post and one wall with baseboard) and stand 35 inches tall; Please reference that “product fit guide” PDF attached to this product page for further information.
  • Convenient walk through and durable steel design; Lever style handle offer a one-hand open
  • This Top of Stair gate includes a banister mounting kit; Easy to install and remove
  • Patented mounting system that won’t damage your wood-work; Perfect for top of stairs and bottom of stairs
  • Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified;Great for Pets too!

Verified reviews


Nice top of stair gate but improvements are needed with the locking mechanism

Pros- It doesn’t have a bar at the bottom like other Top-of-Stair gates do. This is a **huge** plus, since the last thing you want is a trip hazard when you are at the top of the staris carrying your baby (.. just the thought of if makes me cringe)- Easy installation- no need to drill the posts- Several configurations available- Sturdy and secure- Good quality materialsCons- The locking mechanism can be improved. When closing it, you are supposed to engage two pins into two holes, one at the top and one at the bottom. It is very difficult to engage both and you usually end up locking it at the top only.

Selena Whitesboro, TX

Works like a champ

I purchased 2 of these gates to install at the top and bottom of the stairs in our new house. What I like about them is that they have the straps included to attach to the banister without having to drill into it. The gates fit great, just as stated, at both the top and bottom of our stairs. The latching process takes a little getting used to. I would say that it is possible with one hand, but not easy. Typically it takes 2 hands just to keep the gate from binding when trying to hook the top and bottom into the fasteners. It can be a little noisy too if not being careful (because it’s metal). My 6 1/2 year old can work them, but my 4 1/2 and 2 year olds can’t which is very helpful. Overall, I’m very happy with them and would recommend them too.

Glenda Des Lacs, ND

Hard to open and close

If you want to make darn sure the kid can’t open this, this is great. But keep in mind, you have to open it too. This was relatively easy to install but opening and closing are tough. 10 year olds have had to call for help. I have to squeeze the handles with one hand and use my foot to raise it in order to open it and you have to line up the peg with the hole just right to close it. It’s secure but a major pain!

Eve New Philadelphia, OH

Returned it for the shorter model

We bought this one first and installed it. We ended up returning it because it was unnecessarily tall and it was very hard to open it coming up the stairs, with baby in hand. The shorter one works great so far.

Brooke Gulliver, MI

difficult to open/close with one hand.

Even when the gate is lined up properly, it is difficult to open and close with one hand. If you lift it by its handle, it does not lift easily. I end up sticking my foot under it to lift it from the middle.If I were to purchase another gate, I would get something that I could swing closed like a door without having to line up holes.That said, as a gate, it does fine. It attaches to the wall with screws, so it’s very secure. I used longer screws, because the provided ones were not long enough to hit the studs.

Mabel Edmund, WI


Much more clunky and not easy to use. We ended up returning this because it wouldn’t work for us, but if this is the type of gate you were looking for it is pretty sturdy.

Blanca Lone Wolf, OK

Truly Awesome!

This a great top of the stairs gate! It was easy to install and the best part was that it came with the kit for both the banisters so you are really getting your monies worth! It is a great metal gate that swings in both directions and closes securely and just the best gate around for the top of the stairs.

Millicent Pine, CO

Fits Great

Works great . keeps my son from going up the stairs.takes a while to install but gets job donevery good.

Charlene Barwick, GA

Best we could find

This gate does the job. It was not difficult to install, but did require a trip to Lowe’s since there was a screw missing from the package and my husband did feel that the screws provided were long enough. We were going to install it so that it opened on the non-banister side of the stairs, but realized that it would allow the gate to swing open over the stairs. Instead we installed it the other way, so that the gate hits the banister and cannot swing over the stairs. What I do not like about this gate is the way it latches. I the gate is noisy when you open and close the latch and since my son’s room is next to the stairs I always cringe when he is sleeping and we are opening and closing the gate. I did not use the banister mounting option that can with the kit, so cannot comment on that.

Esther Lake Bluff, IL

Didn’t work for my stairs!

As this product claims to work for 99% of stairs I can say that it didn’t work on mine and it wouldn’t work for my inlaws either. We had to trim down the side pieces that are plastic so that it could be narrow enough to go at the top of the stairs yet wide enough for a tight fit. We also had the issue of finding studs opposite eachother…. It was a big mess of a weekend trying to get this to work. Eventually we did get it to a workable state but it took modification.

Caitlin Holcomb, MS

impossible to open and close with one hand

Due to this major lack in functionality, this baby gate cannot fulfill its purpose of allowing a parent with a child in arms to enter and exit through it. You’d have to use both hands to operate this. On top of this some of the parts in the box were broken (not the ones used for the installation for our purposes, but if someone wanted to install it in a different spot, they wouldn’t be able to). We returned this item.Normally I would give this one star, because we really did hate it, but I give it two because if you used it solely to close off an area it would work pretty well. You wouldn’t be able to use it as an opening gate (while carrying a baby), but if you had both hands free, this could work ok.

Cherry Saint Elmo, AL

Nicely thoughtout design

My stairs looks almost identical to this and setting up this item took about 20 minutes after reworking a few straps.The gate works really well and is quite strong not allowing little ones to work it loose.Opening the gate is a bit of a hassle when holding a child but once you get the hang of how the trigger works it is quite nice.I would recommend this item to anyone with dual banisters starting on the stairs

Lou Willow Lake, SD

best top of stairs gate we could find with no drilling

After purchasing and returning SEVERAL top of stairs gates, we finally found one that works with our double banister configuration WITHOUT having to drill into the wood. I’m giving it only 4 stars because it does shift during normal use, just enough so that it becomes misaligned and both the top and bottom pegs won’t go in easily at times. Just a little readjustment fixes the problem. It’s not difficult, just a little bit of a pain. But it’s worth it to not have to destroy the wooden banister to mount the gate. I recommend this product.

Jamie Jemison, AL

Gate works great…

If you can get it to stay in the wall!! The screws weren’t long enough for the anchors provided so after about 3 days at the top of the stairs, the whole gate fell out of the wall. Good thing my 1 year old son wasn’t anywhere near it when it happened!! The gate was great before if fell off of the wall, which was why it got 2 stars. Now we need to go find better screws/anchors. Too bad the right equipment wasn’t supplied with the product. 🙁

Monica Center Point, LA

It is ok

Did a lot of research before buying this – my children are tall so the extra-tall feature was important for me – but it is too easy to open (my 3 year old can do it easier than i can most times) and does not have a button to show if it is properly locked (sometimes it is hard to get the top and bottom lined up when locking.) Safety-wise, it is a 2 was swing, so if you use it on top of the stairs and it is not locked, your child can swing it right over the stairs and fall down. Without the red/green locked button, this is an issue. I liked that you had the option to not drill into your banisters as we had just had brand new ones installed. Overall, I would not buy this item again.

Yesenia Tripoli, WI

I would pass on this

I would pass on this gate. There are vastly better gates out there many of which cost less. This one for example I would highly recomend;=1I bought this gate for the top of the stairs because the specs and reviews seemed to indicate it would work well for that. Initially I was impressed with how it attached to the stairs as I will state in the prosPros- The way it attaches to the stairs is actually among the best I have seen of any gate. Most of my friends have to jury rig their gates with 2×4’s to get them to work on steps. This gate attaches to the banisters very easily and snugly.Cons – There are a lot- I am unable to open this gate with one hand. I am 6’4” it is not because I am weak. You have to both unlatch the gate and lift it, but you cannot put enough force on the gate at the latch. You have to lift closer to the hinge.- The instructions are hard to read and not very clear- The screws it comes with are not nearly long enough, plan on needing your own.- The way the gate latches does not work very well. You have to lift the gate up an inch, carefully position it over a hole, and then lower it in the hole. This seems easy, but it is not. It has a top and bottom hole to latch too and it is very difficult to get it to latch into both at the same time. Other gates also are able to catch the gate when it is near the latch making latching them very easily. This gate does not have that.- This one is very annoying. The gate extends to fit various size openings, but there is no way to lock it to a specific length. So basically every time you open the gate you end up changing the gate length and have to resize it again.In the end I had to duct tape the gate to keep it at one length, I broke off part of the latch to I could latch it with one hand, and I broke off the bottom latch. The gate is still strong and my daughter will not be able to open it, but It should just work.This is also my 5th or 6th gate install so I know what I am doing.I only give this two stars because the banister attachments are quite good, just everything else is bad.

Michael Golden Meadow, LA


I really like this top of the stair gate and it serves it’s purpose. However, the install was a little difficult. I wasn’t able to use the wall studs to attach it and Home Depot did not carry a screw that was long enough to use with the baseboard extender and an anchor.

Marcia Clarksburg, MO

very sturdy, good purchase

Very sturdy, I feel very secure with this gate. My 15 month old pulls on it with all his might as well as climbs on it and it doesn’t budge. Perfect that it comes with the banister mounting equipment. We got a different brand for the bottom of the stairs and it doesn’t hold a candle to this one. It does take a small amount of effort to line up the "pegs" that go into the holes on the top and bottom when you latch the gate, but I for one can deal with it. Most of the time I’ve already set the baby down when I close the gate, so I’ve got 2 hands and it’s no big deal. It’s extremely easy to open one-handed– just a pinch and a slight lift to get the pegs out of the holes. Very pleased

Maude Quinby, VA

great if your kid is a climber

My kid likes to attempt to scale everything, but these gates are just too tall for her to try. I would say that it’s worth any extra money to feel extra safe when gating the stairs.

Beverly Convent, LA

Tough to close, but looks nice.

This one is tough to align exactly to get it to close right. Not easy carrying a child near stairs….

Angeline Adolphus, KY

Love it!

This is a really great gate. It took a little getting used to to be able to close/latch it quickly, but it works great and I *really* appreciate that we didn’t have to drill into the banisters to set this up. These gates are really for temporary use (a couple of years) before the kids are out of the phase where they need them, so I appreciated that this gate helps us keep them safe without ruining the beautiful wood banister on our stairway. It setup fairly easily, is pretty easy to operate while being tall/complicated enough that my toddler can’t open it herself.

Patsy Moyie Springs, ID

Doing it’s job

This gate is going to get the job done however it is a little hard to open and close. Other then that it is great.

Sheri Monticello, AR