Regalo Extra Tall Widespan Gate, White

Regalo Extra Tall Widespan Gate, White

This sturdy, all metal walk thru gate accommodates a variety of openings ranging from 29.5 “es to 52 “es. Standing at an extra tall 38”, providing extra security this gate is the perfect choice for those little climbers. No need to purchase extra extensions this gate includes a 6, and 12 extension kits. The easy to adjust pressure mounting system makes installation quick and easy. When your hands are full the convenient one hand walk thru design makes your job a little easier. The Regalo Widespan meets all current safety standards. Great for pets too.

Main features

  • Expands up to 52-inches wide to accommodate a variety of openings
  • Stands 38-inches tall
  • Pressure mounting system for easy installation
  • Convenient walk through design
  • Safety locking feature with one hand release
  • All steel design;Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified;Great for pets too!

Verified reviews


Perfect Fit!

This gate has be awesome! I bought it about four months ago to keep my son and dog out of laundry room and away form danger. Our dog is a jumper so we had to find an extra tall gate that would also be safe for my son. After stumbling upon this one and read a couple reviews I was confident this would work and it has. It took about a total of ten minutes to set up. The gate looks a little bent at first however that because it needs to have pressure from the opening to realign it. I love the safety lock feature….even though my son can’t reach the handle it would be impossible for him to open it if he could. The gate has stood strong and has yet to budge even with our wild dog push against it. I would highly recommend this gate….and for the money it can’t be beat.

Leigh Avon By The Sea, NJ

Love the convenience!

I am a petsitter and I use this gate in my foyer to prevent dashing out the door by my canine guests. It works great and the stability provided by the pressure mounts alone is enough for my peace of mind. I love the gate walk-through feature. It’s nice to be able to create an area at my foyer where I can let my dogs off leash and know they aren’t going anywhere while I take off my coat or dry off wet, muddy paws. The latch operates easily and I haven’t had any issues with it. There were no structural defects (like poor welding) and everything meets my satisfaction!

Carey Boxford, MA

cat proof

Got this for the nursery, to keep our two large dogs and one mischievous cat out. Using tension only. If our dogs were naughty, I’m sure they could push it down, but they aren’t and don’t try. The cat has not gone through or over it, and I think if he could he would. It is a little of a narrow opening if you are carrying things through, but that’s to be expected I think when you make a normal size door opening a little narrower. It’s easy to open with one hand if you don’t lock it, more difficult if you do. The door would close but for the door handle hitting the gate. Doesn’t matter to us, but could be a problem for you if you are planning to shut the door with the gate in it, Also, as noted in other reviews, it will not line up until you have the tension on it.

Olga Temecula, CA

Excellent Gate!

We live in an apartment, so we had to get a gate that didn’t need to be screwed into the wall. We couldn’t be more happier with this gate! The gate has stayed in place perfectly, even with my 15 month old son pulling on it. It comes with extensions to fit a large doorway. The height is perfect. Would definitely recommend!

Earline Mount Hermon, KY

Does not fit 29-1/2 to 52 inches as described, only specifc lengths/sizes

First, my toddler can open this by pushing or pulling on the opening. The gap in the latch that they say is correct, is horrible.Second, I needed a gate for my dining room that is about 47″. This gate only fits specific lengths. It does not fit 29.5 to 52″ as stated. There is the main piece and two extension pieces of different sizes. All togther that can fit 52″ but the in between lengths do not work. When I used only one of the extensions (the longer one), it was too short, but when I used both extension pieces, it was too long (52″).

Gretchen Ucon, ID

Works great for wide openings.

I wanted a tall gate that also works well for wide openings. Ideally, this would keep our baby on one side and our cats on the other. Unfortunately, the cats can still jump it. Luckily, it works for our baby. We only pressure mounted it, but we’ve been using it for two months and so far it seems pretty sturdy.The only drawback is the narrow opening – we’re pretty slim people, but carrying a baby or laundry basket through this without banging into the gate is a challenge.

Katharine Dewey, OK

dogs and baby

This is a perfect gate when having a new born baby and two dogs! I never have to walk over or keep moving the gate every time I wish to go into thee other room which is great. The gate is metal so the dogs wont chew on it which is a huge plus!

Freida Shinnston, WV

Serves its purpose

We bought this particular gate because we already have a similar one for the dogs and knew the cats would not jump it. We wanted something for our son’s playroom to keep him in and the cats out. It serves its purpose. The only complaint I have is that the door is so narrow, it is somewhat difficult to get through while carrying a child. If you are overweight, forget it! I am 7.5 months pregnant, and have to lift my two-year-old over the gate when carrying him to get through. Otherwise, it is sturdy and functional.

Elva Abington, CT

Easy to install, wish it had a wider opening, to tall to use on door with doorknob

I really like these Regalo gates. They are super easy to install with the pressure mounts though I will end up installing the "screw into the wall" holders since my one year old stands and shakes it like he’s trying to break out of jail. He can budge it. I got one of these tall gates to use for his bedroom door – more to keep the dog out of there than to keep him in there – and it was too tall to use in that place. It hit the doorknob. I had to install a shorter Regalo gate. We use the widespan gate in the hallway and I think it’s too narrow to walk through comfortably. I’m not even considered fat and feel like I have to turn sideways a little to get through it comfortably. When I am carrying the baby through it, I have to hold his feet together or he bangs them on the sides.

Leticia Wilburton, OK

Keeps my huge dogs out of my clean kitchen!!

Installation was easy, great for the price. the door works great!!We did not mount it, but we love the option to do that. Would definitely recommend to my friends.

Suzanne Timber Lake, SD