Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate, White

Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate, White

Wide or narrow openings this one fits them ALL. Introducing the Regalo Extra Wide WIDESPAN safety gate. This sturdy, all metal walk thru gate accommodates a variety of openings ranging from 29.5 inches to 58 inches. No need to purchase extra extensions this gate includes a 6, 8, and 12 extension kits. Gate height is 31 inches. The easy to adjust pressure mounting system makes installation quick and easy. When your hands are full the convenient one hand walk thru design makes your job a little easier. The Regalo WIDESPAN meets all current safety standards. Great for pets too.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Pressure mounted, Easy to install and remove
  • Expands 29-34 inches wide; includes a 6, 8 and 12-inch wide extension kits for openings up to 58 inches wide
  • Lever style handle with safety lock offers an easy one touch release
  • Convenient walk through and durable steel design; Perfect for wide openings, doorways, hallways and staircases
  • Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified ; Great for Pets too!

Verified reviews


Quality Gate Does The Trick

After researching pressure-mounted gates for about two weeks I found this one. This gate has worked better than expected! I have used it now for over three months with no issues. I needed a gate that could with stand up to pretty wild kids and it has defiantly done the trick. It was super easy to set up, took me about 5 min total to put into my opening and has been just as easy to take down when we have people over. The pressure-mounting system allows me to use the gate without damaging my wall, however the gate also does come with the kit to wall mount this gate just in case you need extra security. The white finish actually looks really nice and not an eye sore. The safety lock on feature works great to keep my kids from opening the gate. For the price, features, durability and looks no question FIVE STARS!!! Would recommend.

Allie Franklinville, NJ

needed extension was not included.

The only extension in the box was too big- I returned, needing the smaller one. Also, when locked the closing did not meet. I know about the extra space needed, as I have 2 other of these gates. Defective.

Rosemarie Shady Point, OK

So far so good.

Marci Adel, GA

there are positives and negatives to this gate

this is an OK purchase… there are positives and negatives to it.+ it fits a very large opening without any additional extentions. it is also the cheapest option I could find to fit such a large area. Pretty easy/standard installation.- it is not very substantial or sturdy. My son shakes it and it moves back and forth. Also, the opening mechanism is not that easy to operate while holding a child. it requires two hands to open and it is not intuitive (although it is not hard to figure out).Overall, I am not upset with my purchase as I needed a very wide gate for this one opening, but it is certainly not my favorite gate and is is clear that the quality of it is much less than the first years ones for example.

Carol Dodge Center, MN


WORST baby gate ever. The extension DO NOT stay attached to the main gate, even when pressure mounted. If you bump into them in the slightest the whole thing topples over. This product is more of a safety hazard than not having a gate at all. I returned this item and would not recommend this to anyone.

Alfreda Pflugerville, TX


This gate is all right, but not very sturdy. It could be knocked down without tons of effort if my daughter really wanted to. It also takes the paint off every door frame I have used it on and makes dents. After a while it slides out of place. That being said, we have used it for a year and it’s still usable.

Jacklyn Bethany, IL

missing manual and pieces

Although the box was intact, and pieces were cable tied in place with styrofoam holding the edges, I seem to be missing whole sections AND more importantly the instruction manual. There is the gate itself, two short extensions and just one long extension. This would have been fine as the pieces I got will actually fill the doorway I need to, and my parents have this same gate so I thought it would be pretty simple to put together, knowing how it already works. But something is not quite right once installed, there is an angle where the large extension meets the gate portion itself, and in the absence of the instruction manual I am unsure if it is incorrectly put together or just a piece of junk. My kids were with me while I was installing it, and the packaging was immediately whisked outside (into the rain). So I won’t be packaging it back up to return, though I did fish the sodden box out of the recycling to verify there was no instruction manual in there. Disappointed.

Cornelia Woodstock, NY

I despise this thing!

Ultimate question. Does it do its job? Yes i suppose it does do its job. However, i believe others would do it better!I bought this to go on the stairs (going down) so i had ONE safe large space for my twins to go crazy without me loosing my mind.My stairway is pretty wide so i had to use the extensions (which of course i know buying it). Once installed correctly (as a mom i was able to do this myself without waiting for my husband to do). It rattles when the babies grab it. And doesnt seem that secure. It does seem fine for my two 10 month old babies at this age but im not sure about it when they get older.MY BIGGEST complaint is the WALK THROUGH! WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING!! Im skinny (ok not rail thin) but im 5’7 132 pound woman with normal hips width. I hate walking through this. Its way too small! My seven year old walks through fine but my husband has to walk through sideways to get through it. Carrying two 23 pound babies through the walk through makes for interesting maneuvering to get through it. I would not buy this thing again. Too bad because the CONCEPT is great.

Kathryn Pierceville, IN

Great Gate!

This is a well built and solid gate. It fits in a variety of spaces and is very solid. I could not fit the gate in the original place that I wanted it due to reason not related to the gate and found another use for it. So far it has held up to my 24 month old’s abuse and looks like it will last MANY years.

Nelly Millhousen, IN


I have a 41" doorway, and the gate was too large with two of the included extensions, but too small with just one of the extensions. It did seem very flimsy for a baby gate, as well. Save your money. This is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all, as the product description states!

Luz Saint Landry, LA

Wanted to like it

Bought this for our extra wide hallway. The use of the extensions that came with it make the gate very unstable and bent while trying to tighten the suction cups to the wall. We tested it and if our 10 month old would have leaned against it, there was no question, it would have fallen. This is very dangerous. We found out that if you have baseboards this product is not for you. The bottom of the gate has to touch the floor. We tried to install above the baseboard since our baseboards are grooved, leaving a 2 inch gap at the bottom. We screwed the suction cups like the video and the instructions stated……but if it is not on the floor the gate will be unstable. Even though we found out we installed it improperly, it still is concerning that we were able to bend the metal extensions while screwing in the suction cups. This kinda leads us to believe the metal is somewhat flimsy. If you have a strong toddler that may hang on the gate, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. Get one that screws into the wall!!

Ola Silver Creek, NE

Peace of mind!

We were so beyond thrilled when we found these and they ship to Alaska. It is great having peace of mind knowing your child is safe!

Liza Obion, TN

Fantastic Gate

I have purchased multiple Regalo gates for our dog/baby. In regards to the entire product line, we have 1 extra wide, and 2 standard size. They are fantastic. The baby pulls on the gate and it does not budge. The devil is in the installation. If the user installs this product correctly, it will be great. It does not take a genius to install it either, just follow the instructions.

Winifred Mead, WA

Not very sturdy. Not secure.

Our gate arrived last night and we installed it this morning. It’s not sturdy at all. Because the gate is made of of three larger pieces (the main gate and 2 extensions) that don’t securely attach to each other if a small child or and animal put enough pressure on the center piece of the gate they could knock it right out of place basically cause the gate to collapse.This gate does offer the option of simply installing with tension (no screws necessary) or screwing non slip cups into the doorway AND using tension. Without screwing into the doorway this gate won’t be secure. If you tighten the tension enough that the gate won’t move with pressure then you can’t open the door. If you don’t tighten it enough applying pressure to the gate by either pushing or pulling (a 20 lb 7 month old pulling to a standing) the gate simply slides around in the doorway. The movement it slight, but without constantly readjusting it, it just isn’t safe and won’t serve it’s purpose. Even if you do decide to screw the cups into the door frame it still doesn’t solve the first problem.I would NOT recommend this product. UPS is picking the item up tomorrow to return it to Amazon.

Twila Westport, IN

We have three of these!

They are sturdy and the walk-through is essential in our opinion. The tension screws work great and as long as they are screwed tightly and correctly, they do not chip wall paint. Highly recommend for kids and/or pets!

Dollie Morris, MN

It works, but extensions make it wobbly

I ordered this wide span gate and the more narrow version of the same thing for two different areas of out apartment, but something is lost in the length on this longer version. Because it is basically the shorter version with several extensions added, there are several connection points that have to slip together. This makes it somewhat wobbly, even when it is put together tightly. Since it is so wobbly, my daughter can rattle it about two inches in either direction. It is still holding up, so it is still toddler proof, but I had to install the mounting circles to keep it from moving and it is still not as solid as I would have liked.

Carlene Keene, CA

very useful and sturdy

We didn’t know what to put between the entry way and kitchen because we have a smooth surface on one side and a rough surface on the other. This gate works very well because each of the 4 corners can be adjusted separately. It is sturdy. Gate swings well.

Kristine Madison Heights, MI

Shorter version is okay, this one is terrible.

I wanted to block off a wider area that leads to my kitchen so I bought this extra wide span gate. I own the shorter Regalo gate and really liked it. This is basically the same gate but includes extensions. The problem here is that the extensions don’t work very well. They are linked by metal rods that are very weak. My toddler can just truck through this gate like the Incredible Hulk and it’ll separate at the links. Regalo should just make a larger one-piece gate for those needing a wider solution.

Bette Poplar Grove, AR

Good sturdy gate

was easy to install. Use the cups and its not going anywhere. The gate latch is very welll designed. My 1.5 year old has not defeated yet.

Alejandra White River, SD

Simple, easy to use

Super easy to set up, comes assembled for the most part and you just stick it up where you want it.

Alexis Odonnell, TX

works but..

We needed a longer fence/gate to cover a larger doorway/ archway. This does work and does close off the area but the kid like to go over to the fence and shake it and it has quite a bit of give/sway where the pieces join. So not ideal but it certainly does work for now, but with the fear it’ll break or give out at some point

Beatrice Maitland, MO


My toddler has yet to knock it over. The directions were a bit confusing and I found it to be much easier to attach with another set of hands. I also wish the opening of the gate was slightly wider.

Tania Matfield Green, KS

Regalo Extra Wide 58 Inch WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate, White

Bought a couple of these a few months back and they have really held up. My son figures out most locks and switches quickly but hasn’t even been able to figure this out. I have it in a pretty wide area over a hardwood floor. It moves a little but not enough that I am worried about it popping off the brackets. As for the floor I put some of those felt pads for the bottom of table/chair legs to ensure it doesn’t scratch the floor.

Hallie Freistatt, MO

It’s ok, but kind of cheaply made.

This was the only walk through extra wide gate we could find that would fit the dimensions of the space we needed to use it in. I do like that it’s metal as we have a patagonian cavy that likes to chew on everything and he tries and tries but can’t chew through this gate!It was a bit of pain to put together initially and just felt "cheap" and a bit flimsy to me. We have the Summer walk through gate which I love but it isn’t wide enough to use in this space. This Regalo doesn’t seem to be as good quality as the Summer gates. Our pig can barrel right into it and knock the whole thing over. So far it works well to keep our toddler in the room though which is the main reason we got it.

Patti Delaplane, VA

Great Gate

This is a great gate, I use it at the top of my stairs and it is perfect. My son is a lock master at two years old and can open the lock but not when he is super tired which is what I was worried about. Happy with this purchase and no damage to my walls is great. Easy set up and removal if needed. Strong.

Jeanie Fe Warren Afb, WY

Meets a need

We have a large walk through area that spans 57". Because of this our gate options are limited. The Regalo isn’t as sturdy (we are in a rental so we did not screw in the ‘cups’ that came with the gate for stair use) as I would hope for. But all said it is well worth the price and keeps my little one away from areas we would prefer her not to play in. I’d give 4.5 stars if I could.

Kathie Huggins, MO

excellent but be careful

The gate is great and easy to install and works easily. However, be aware when you order a pressure gate, there has to be a bar going across the bottom. We loved the gate but gave it away as we got tired of tripping over the bar.

Vanessa Moore, MT

A little Rickety.

This is the first tension gate I’ve ever used so the problems I talk about below might be inherent to them. The positives: it went together easily and we didn’t have to mess with tools at all. The negatives: our baby can push it out given enough time. I certainly wouldn’t use it at the top of stairs. The struggle is in the fact that you need to use a lot of tension to secure the gate in the space. But if you use a lot of tension you can’t open the gate portion. So you end up with a gate that is tricky to open and can be pushed out of the space with enough effort.

Teresa Franklin, VT

like it

bought this for my wide doorway. this gate is good quality and much cheaper here than i have found it to be in stores

Angel Mount Sidney, VA

Excellent pressure mounted sturdy product!

We needed a safety gate for our 54" opening for our 1 year old. We also wanted to avoid drilling holes in the wall since we are renting our current home and this is pressure mounted. We’ve been using it now for about 3 months and this thing has definitely held up! Our baby has pulled on it, shaken it, pulled toys through it, even play with the dog when the dog is on the other side of the gate! As long as we completely latch the gate (pushing it down till the button clicks) our child has not gotten through. It was pretty easy to set up too.One down side is that the extensions on the gate did not allow it to fit in our opening (it was either too long or too short that it didn’t feel sturdy.) Luckily we had bought a 2nd gate that had the 4inch extension we needed to get it to the opening and width to make this sturdy. I would have given it 5 stars if the extensions fit every width span between 30-58 reliably.Otherwise, I definitely recommend this product!

Susanne Pembroke, KY