Regalo Guardian Expandable Gate, White

Regalo Guardian Expandable Gate, White

Amazingly easy versatile expandable gate. This brand new ALL METAL expandable gate by Regalo is the first of it’s kind. Expanding 26″ 42″, the metal frame is strong, sturdy, and durable making this gate extra secure and superior to plastic. Super easy to install, takes literally seconds. Pressure mounts and locks with the patented Easy Fit Locking System. Soft rubber bumpers are gentle on walls and keeps them scuff free. Stands at a convenient 24″ tall.

Main features

  • Expands 26″ 44″ to fit a variety of openings
  • Step over gate 24″ tall
  • Meets all currents safety standards; PVC free
  • JPMA certified
  • Can be used for pets too

Verified reviews


Too Heavy and Bulky

After two weeks of using it, we returned this. It’s too heavy and bulky for us. If you are going to be moving it more than once a day, don’t get this as it may be too heavy for you too. I got a bamboo and plastic one thats half the weight and seems as sturdy so far.

Jo Fort Stewart, GA

Not easy to use

I bought this in hopes of finding a gate that would be easy to use and well made. This gate is neither. The gate itself is sturdy and the metal is good, however the sides of the gates that have the little pins on them with the cushions – the ones that hold against the wall are very poorly made. The cushions on the pins slip off at every chance they get – so in the end you get the sharp pins going against your wall – resulting in scratches all over the wall. Apart from this, the locking mechanism is not easy to use. If you put this gate somewhere where you need to walk at some point – meaning you need to take the gate off and put it back on again, then there is an issue of the lock. In order to lock the gate in the position you want, you need to put the little plastic part on top of the lock in the correct spot, and for some reason, to get the plastic part in that spot is a nightmare. It won’t go in and when it does go in, the turning part which works in tandem with the plastic part and makes the pressure on the gate is most times too far, meaning you have to readjust the plastic part again. I am not the only one who has problems with this locking mechanism, my husband, my mother, his mother, my father and my sister all have problems with this. I would look elsewhere if you need an easy to use gate which you will unlock and lock many times a day. If you are looking for a gate that you put in once and don’t have to unlock it for long periods of time, then this isn’t a bad gate since you wouldn’t have to deal with all these problems daily.

Norma Sadieville, KY

Gate is working great for us

I bought this gate to keep my baby from crawling down a hallway in our home. It fits nicely and stays securely even when people accidentally whack it with their foot as they step over. It is high and not super easy to step over, but it is doable even when holding a baby. I am 5’4". I don’t mind stepping over it… I told my husband it was partially for baby-proofing and partially for fitness. I like that it is metal and seems a lot nicer than most other baby-proofing gates. My daughter has recently started pulling up, and she likes to pull up to kneeling using the center bar. She does this in other locations around our home too, but the gate is one of her favorite places to practice it. I would highly recommend this gate if you are looking for step over gate.

Rosalyn North Salem, IN

Strong Gate and Great Value

I bought this gate about three months ago because it was a great price, offered the needed width, and thought it would be better then those cheap plastic expandable gates. This gate was extremely easy to set up and take down, and it is great to step over as well. I thought the metal would hold up better against kids and puppies and it has. I had experience with a cheap plastic expandable that got absolutely destroyed within weeks. It was chewed by our then puppies and not sturdy enough to keep our kids safe. Overall, this gate has held up better than expected and is a great price! I would defiantly recommend this gate.

Silvia Moss, MS

Measurement given is wrong..

Though the product details stated that it can fit up to 44inch doors, it actually only measures a maximum of 40inch, hence, it is not able to fit my door of 44inch. However, quality is good and price is reasonable! If your door is smaller can consider getting this 🙂

Linda Chula, MO

Great gate at a good price!

Bought this gate to keep my 15 month old in the kitchen with me while I cook dinner. It’s a good height and sturdy. My only complaint is that it did make some marks on my wall when I tightened it to the wall.

Lila Topsfield, ME

Just what I needed

These gates are simple to use and inexpensive. Perfect solution for a small budget. I’m 5’7 and the gates aren’t too much of a hassle to step over, but I feel like a much shorter person would have a hard time stepping over constantly.

Tracie Eagle Lake, TX