Regalo Hide Away Double Sided Bed Rail, White

Regalo Hide Away Double Sided Bed Rail, White

The Hideaway Double Bedrail is hassles in making the bed or changing the sheets. It is easy to assemble and no tools are required. This is equipped with gap guard. It is easy to clean, and is made up of durable nylon fabric and sturdy, all steel construction. The new hideaway technology allows the bed rail to lay flat and be tucked under the mattress. It’s up when you need it and out of sight when you don’t.

Main features

  • Hassles in making the bed or changing the sheets
  • Easy to assemble and no tools are required
  • Made up of durable nylon fabric and sturdy, all steel construction
  • Easy to clean, and is made up of durable nylon fabric and sturdy, all steel construction
  • Silver frame with white mesh that slide over the frame

Verified reviews


Best Bedrail we could find… BUT..

REVIEW OF THE ACTUAL QUALITY OF THE DUAL RAILSPositives:Metal Frame Extremely well designed,Metal Frame Extremely sturdy (compared to other manufacturer’s) – *doesn’t feel sturdy until install, but it is extremely well made.- Has the Metal Frame that comes up the side, as well as a Metal bar that runs horizontally (parallel to the rails) that sits under the mattress, making this extremely sturdy.Negatives:Fabric Barrier is not very well made, the quality is lacking on many levels- Fabric Fraying right out of the box- Seams not but single stitched and on some corners and edges coming off- Overall Quality of Fabric is lacking, but it will keep the kid in the bed, which is the point, hopefully the fabric fraying is not a strangulation or choking hazard.- The “Hide Away” Feature cannot be used with a bunkie board if the actual Bed’s Side Board rail blocks the Regalo Bed Rail from being able to fold down (we chose to use a bunkie board in lieu of a box spring because of the height difference)I give it 4 stars because of our experience, the fabric quality out of the box, seems this is typical, it was with both types we tried, although the manufacturer sent us a completely new set of barriers that were single stitched, they were not fraying in the least, the metal frame calls for 5 stars.. The END result calls for 5 stars, out of the box calls for a reaching 4 with the barrier fraying issue.** I WISH THE’D IMPROVE THE FABRIC QUALITY & I WISH THEY WOULD FIX THEIR EXTREMELY IMPORTANT APA WARNING ***We originally purchased the Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail, White, which is two of the extra long single version of this same rail, we no longer own those rails, they were returned to Amazon, read below if you’d like to get a complete unabridged version, with an explanation on the VERY IMPORTANT APA WARNING, again not mentioned in any literature any where, got it verbally from the manufacturer on January 11, 2012.** YOU CANNOT PURCHASE SINGLE RAILS AND ATTACH THEM TO EACH OTHER TO ACHIEVE A DUAL SIDED RAIL SITUATION – THE BELOW WILL EXPLAIN WHY.BACK STORY:We were so excited to get our daughter, 3yrs old, in a big girl Full Size bed, her crib was a 3 way and converted from crib to toddler to Full Size bed, she was so delighted, eyes wide while we assembled the bed, huge grin and silliness, you would have thought it was Christmas all over again.. BUT, I have found purchasing bed rails to be extremely frustrating and there is a lot of information being passed by the manufacturer here that was not mentioned on the description, nor on the packaging, or the manual. AS well as if what they (Regalo-Baby) say is correct, this would apply to most manufactured bed rails, given the reason they gave me.On 1/11/2012, I received TWO of the Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail, White, paid $59 even for both, however, on one of them pieces 12 and 13 had a significant amount of rust on them even though the manufacture date was Sept 2011, (The paint was not chipped, it was not painted adequately and I’m sure was exposed to the salt air of ocean shipping from overseas where it is manufactured salt exposure leads to rust issues almost immediately).SO, I contacted Regalo, the number is provided on the box, the gentleman was very professional, I advised him that there was rust on parts 12 and 13 of one, said they would be happy to replace it, wanted a photo, and while on the phone inspected the other rail and advised there was a minor issue on that one as well. HE STOPPED ME and said “YOU CANNOT USE TWO OF THESE Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail, White ON THE SAME BED, THE APA (American Pediatric Association) HAS WARNED AGAINST IT DUE TO GAP SUFFOCATION & STRANGULATION ISSUES”.. kind of an important warning.. so I heeded and returned them for one “dual sided model”.. I also told him that warning wasn’t written anywhere on the box or the manual, he says they are working on correcting that issue.We had purchased these to replace the Munchkin Safety Toddler Bed Rail, White/Blue, which is also reviewed by the way, those were a pitiful excuse for a bed rail, and because of Regalo’s advice (which again is not on the packaging, not here on Amazon’s description *as of today, and also NOT mentioned in the manual) I returned them both to Amazon without hesitation *ALSO Advised Amazon of the manufacturer’s warning and am hoping they will post it here in the description as out of 100+ reviews there’s not much luck someone will see mine and not make the same mistake.There is a Extra Long Dual Sided Model EXCLUSIVELY SOLD by One Step Ahead, manufactured by Regalo, but will run you about $20 more in cost, purchasing them separately, you will pay TAX and Shipping.. a nice $90+/- vs. $59 for two of these on Amazon, free shipping using 2-day Prime or 5-7 day.. Regalo’s model number at One Step Ahead is 6020HD possibly 5020HD I’m told, or One Step Ahead’s Part numbers 14110 & 14111 *Also as of today sold here on Amazon by One Step Ahead for the same price as their own website, unsure about tax and shipping conditions.NOW for the kicker, after returning these I ordered this one, the Regalo Hide Away Double Sided Bed Rail – White, it is shorter, but I really don’t think we’re going to have an issue with the shorter version. I assembled it, it is nearly identical to the “Extra Long Version”, aside from the length.. BUT IT ONLY HAS ONE SIDE OF STRAPS..I’m not going to advise against the manufacturer’s VERBAL Safety warning, but WHAT??? WHY CAN YOU NOT BUY TWO OF THESE AND USE ONE SET OF THE STRAPS???? Still don’t understand why, but am not going to advise you to do that here.There is absolutely NO Difference outside of the fact that one has straps and the other does not on the dual version, so I do not see any reason why you couldn’t, but again, THE MANUFACTURER VERBALLY WARNED AGAINST IT, SO PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY STATEMENT AS APPROVAL FOR USING TWO OF THE Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail, White ON THE SAME BED.Good luck with your purchase, I hope I’ve helped with your purchasing decision.

Megan Martin, TN

Sturdy but cumbersome

These rails are a great deal for the price. A lot of the rails I was looking at were single rails and cost almost twice as much, so this was the perfect deal since I had to buy two sets. Like other reviewers mentioned, this can be tedious to put together. Once I had the first set put together, the second set was MUCH easier. The bar that fits in horizontally across the bottom of the rail is tough to put in. It took quite a bit of manuevering to get it in position, but at least I know it’s definitely not going anywhere! I really do appreciate the hide away feature, since it will make changing sheets much easier and will allow guests to sleep in the beds without feeling like a toddler 🙂 My only complaint is that the rails that fit in between the mattress and the boxspring are very thick. We had quite a big gap between the mattress and boxspring and I was worried that it was going to damage the bed springs. We just purchased the mattresses, so maybe I’m just overreacting. We ended up putting a few thick text books under the mattress (at the foot and head) so that the pressure was more even. Since my kids are both under 4, I don’t imagine they could do much damage, but we have guests over quite a bit and I know I won’t always have a chance to remove the rails. In the meantime, the books seem to do the trick and make the mattress quite a bit more even (you definitely couldn’t feel the uneveness, I just knew it was there).

Kara Coalmont, CO

leaves a gap

The rails did not make a 90* angle. It was a smaller angle, meaning it angled itself over the bed rather than straight up. If you were to stick your hand between the bed & the guard it was almost impossible to pull back out because the angle created such a force that it would trap your hand. As you tried to pull your hand up it actually would apply more force to keep your hand down. If I couldn’t get my hand out easily, how is my kid going to get his head out easily if he got stuck? There are many other products on the market that are better.

Phyllis Burlington, TX

Don’t waste your time!

These were not worth the hours and frustration of putting them together. The fabric portion of the rails was not sturdy and the stitching ripped as I was sliding it onto the rails. The rails themselves were not as heavy as the replacements I bought a day later. After spending hours sweating and cursing putting them together, the guides bent and wouldn’t even hide away between the mattress and boxspring. I returned these as fast as possible and bought two single rails at my local WalMart that were much better quality and much easier to assemble. I’m much happier with the new set I got. I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

Rebekah Albany, TX

Instructions are vague, but good product

My husband ended up disregarding the instructions, and he managed to figure it out on his own. The parts are not labeled well, and the booklet is worthless. Even so, the product is easy to use once installed, and it works great! If you can deal with the frustration of the instructions, it’s worth buying.

Marcy Berwind, WV

Small, A PAIN to assemble, Not worth the money!

The side rails are much smaller than I expected! I should have reviewed the dimensions more carefully! I am not convinced the “locking” system is worth anything! And this thing was a pain to put together! Some steps are overly detailed and others appear to be missing vital information. There are sentences that are not proper English and make no sense at all. In conclusion, the construction is cheap!

Jaime West Salisbury, PA

Not for memory foam mattresses…

Our baby currently co-sleeps with us on our bed, which is memory foam. So we put these rails on our bed. But due to memory foam conforming to shapes… you can’t slide the rails underneath the mattress easily unless you lift up the mattress.

Brooke Drewsey, OR

Safe, secure, and not an eyesore

This is a great deal at the current price. The two rails connect together with a strap for added security. Also, they will coordinate with just a about anything since they’re a nice bright white. Though other rail styles likely do this too, they cause a gap between the mattress and box spring, though we can’t notice a comfort difference in our son’s thick twin bed. We haven’t used the hideaway feature yet, but the gap seems necessary to tuck the rail in.I did have a slight challenge with assembly. One rail’s fabric was extremely taught. It was difficult to get that one assembled, and I pinched my thumb between two metal rods. I only needed to ice it, but it was really painful. Aside from that, performance is fine & my 2 1/2- year old has yet to fall out of bed during his transition from the crib to the twin bed.

Chasity Retsof, NY

so far so good

this is a decent productit was not too hard to put together but the last bar would not fit anyway but it does not take away from the safetythe product is sturdy and when under matress snugover all not bad for the price

Trisha Blackville, SC

Double sided bed rail.

These rails do their job. I would have gone with rails that stayed up and did not need to be hidden under the bed since what’s the point of putting the rails down? The base of the rails where it swings down is also protruding out from under the mattress. This has caused many bruises on the knees and shins of my husband and myself.

Rochelle Cross Timbers, MO

Hard to assemble

It is very difficult to get the mesh over the frame. Once it’s there, it was even harder to get it off to store for my younger child to use some day. If the bed doesn’t have a box spring (i.e. slats), you can’t use the "hide away" feature. But, it still works as a stationary rail.

Magdalena Orient, ME

Works really well

These rails are higher than the previous rail I purchased, seems sturdier too. Comes in a pack of 2 so perfect for a twin or full size bed.

Herminia New Market, AL

So far seems workable

We just received these for our daughters bed. I was surprised they did not extend very far above the mattress (regular mattress, no extra padding). She slept with them last night and she did fine. They are high enough that a child cannot roll over the top I just thought they would extend further. They are long enough to extend almost the whole bed. Like other reviews, they are a little hard to get folded down and tucked under but that may loosen up with use.All in all I’m happy with this purchase, much cheaper than I found at other stores. Most wanted $20-30 for one bar and you get two in this package.

Adele Seven Mile, OH

Excellent protection for Twin bed

We recently bought the twin bed for our 18-month daughter and wanted to protect her from falling. This product ideally fits the twin bed. Both rails are fixed and aren’t moving at all. Previously we tried only one rails and it was moving a little when try to lay on it but these two when put together and connected make a really secure slipping. I am very happy and would definitely recommend this product to my friends.

Liliana Courtland, KS

Good rails, docked one star for removable poles

These double rails were fairly easy to set up, and did their job keeping our sleep-traveling toddler in bed. After using them for several months, they seemed to be durable, good quality construction. I should note that I can’t really speak to the "hide away" aspect of the rails, since I never bothered to tuck them under the mattress. I did drop the rails to make the bed, and for the most part they were easy to detach; occasionally, one of the pulls would stick, but this was pretty minor. My real concern, and the reason this isn’t a 5-star review, is that our highly inquisitive toddler figured out that he could remove the pole in the middle of each rail, which is obviously a safety hazard. The first time it happened, we couldn’t figure out where he’d gotten a metal pole from…I shudder to think of what could have happened if he’d started jumping on the bed while holding it and fell, etc. Granted, our kid is a bit more Dennis the Menace than most, but still – I recommend this product, but beware of that design flaw if your kid likes to try to take things apart.

Gretchen Bridgeport, OR

Very useful

My baby likes to roll around and play on the bed with us, I breastfeed laying down, so these rails come in really handy to prevent falls. They are made quite sturdy, super easy to put together and put away. We will be using this for a while.

Denice Mountlake Terrace, WA

Metal is cheap and bends easily…had to return after first day!

Broke during installation. The metal is so cheap and weak that it bent during the first use to the point where I cannot lock it!! I returned it to Amazon and bought from DexBaby….very pleased now!

Kelley Cripple Creek, VA


After getting it installed, it is strong and I feel confident it will not move. The problem is that getting it installed was not that easy, and when in use with a pillowtop mattress or an extra thick mattress, the rails are only about six inches above the top of the mattress. I don’t plan on using the “hideaway” feature since I don’t think the product can take the daily breakdown.

Kimberly La Farge, WI


These are easy to put together and use. I wish they were a little less cumbersome so that they could travel easier.

Therese Greenville Junction, ME

What a Disaster!!!!!!!!!

This thing is POORLY designed and way too complex to assemble. After we got it together we decided not to use it because of all the parts a child could get into. RETURNED……….

Sarah Laings, OH

its okay.

The picture itself is also a little misleading. I ordered this for my daughters bed. she doesnt have the thickest of mattress’ but its not very thin either. This rail leaves huge bumps in the mattress and my daughter has complained that its a little uncomfortable

Corinne Heyburn, ID

Does its job

The bed rails do its job, that is, keeping your kid from cracking their skull on the floor in the middle of the night. It is designed for the bed rails to collapse and slide under the mattress. It does collapse and slide under the mattress, although, not very easily…it takes a bit of effort to pull the pins and slide. It’s a two person job to install.

Willie Lycoming, NY

Perfect for Full/Queen Size Beds too!

Great product! The bed rails are perfect length for a full size/queen bed. My son loves to cuddle up to the corners and sleep. With these he hasn’t fallen off which is great for all of us! 🙂

Sherry Houston, MO

Good buy for a sturdy item!

We just moved our daughter into a full-size bed and these guard rails fit perfectly on her bed allowing her room at the base of the bed to climb on/off. It was an easy assemble and I love that the rails can be pushed underneath the mattress if you don’t want them up during the daytime. Great item for the price!

Carolina Peotone, IL

Great price, great bed rail

Bought it for 4 yrs old. We went on vacation and I wanted to make sure she would be fine sleepng in a queen bed. Worked great!The only things, was to put it together took a while, no very easy… but either that, the rail is great!

Dawn Twin Brooks, SD

does the job

Our mattress is thick so these barely go over the sides but they do the job. Fit on our king size bed fine width wise. Good price.

Selina Conetoe, NC

DO NOT BUY … stopped working after a month

We have been using this bed rail for a little over a month. It is a pain to use. Forget about trying to get it up when your child is already asleeep as it takes at least 10 minutes each night and you definitely can’t do it in the dark. We thought it would get easier with use. Instead after a little over a month, the thing is broken. One side won’t fold down. The other side, we were able to fold it down but can’t get it up again. We spent 20 mintes trying to get this rail up last night and it would not work. I will be reporting this to their customer service to try to get a replacement or my money back. I will update on that process. But needless to say, I would definitely not recommend this product.

Jan Elkader, IA