Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail, White

Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail, White

The Hide Away extra long is 56″ long. It is no more a hassle in making the bed or changing the sheets. This is easy to assemble and no tools are required. The Hideaway feature doesn’t get in the way of making the bed or changing the sheets. “Extra Long 54″ For Added Security”. The actual size of the bedrail assembled is 56″ long (hinge point). This bedrail can function as a guard rail on a platform style bed but will not be able to be tucked under the mattress.

Main features

  • Easy to assemble and no tools are required
  • The patented HideAway feature allows this bedrail to tuck between the mattress; Out of sight!
  • Sturdy and durable steel construction
  • 56-inches long (hinge point) and 20-inch tall for added security
  • Gap guard feature; Juvenile Product Manufactures Association certified

Verified reviews


Compared to the competition, this is better BUT….

REVIEW OF THE ACTUAL QUALITY OF THE RAILPositives:Metal Frame Extremely well designed,Metal Frame Extremely sturdy (compared to other manufacturer’s) – *doesn’t feel sturdy until install, but it is extremely well made.- Has the Metal Frame that comes up the side, as well as a Metal bar that runs horizontally (parallel to the rails) that sits under the mattress, making this extremely sturdy.Negatives:Fabric Barrier is not very well made, the quality is lacking on many levels- Fabric Fraying right out of the box- Seams not but single stitched and on some corners and edges coming off- Overall Quality of Fabric is lacking, but it will keep the kid in the bed, which is the point, hopefully the fabric fraying is not a strangulation or choking hazard.- The “Hide Away” Feature cannot be used with a bunkie board if the actual Bed’s Side Board rail blocks the Regalo Bed Rail from being able to fold down (we chose to use a bunkie board in lieu of a box spring because of the height difference)- Manufacturer Warns the APA says you cannot use more than one rail per bed due to a gap/suffocation danger.I give it 3 stars because of our experience, the inability to use two for one bed, and the fabric quality, the metal frame calls for 5 stars..** IF I COULD USE JUST ONE, I WOULD BUY THIS MODEL OR ANOTHER REGALO BED RAIL, I WISH THE’D IMPROVE THE FABRIC QUALITY*We no longer own these rails, they were returned to Amazon, read below if you’d like to get a complete unabridged version, with an explanation on the VERY IMPORTANT APA WARNING, again not mentioned in any literature any where, got it verbally from the manufacturer on January 11, 2012.BACK STORY:We were so excited to get our daughter, 3yrs old, in a big girl Full Size bed, her crib was a 3 way and converted from crib to toddler to Full Size bed, she was so delighted, eyes wide while we assembled the bed, huge grin and silliness, you would have thought it was Christmas all over again.. BUT, I have found purchasing bed rails to be extremely frustrating and there is a lot of information being passed by the manufacturer here that was not mentioned on the description, nor on the packaging, or the manual. AS well as if what they (Regalo-Baby) say is correct, this would apply to most manufactured bed rails, given the reason they gave me.On 1/11/2012, I received TWO of these bed rails, paid $59 even for both, however, on one of them pieces 12 and 13 had a significant amount of rust on them even though the manufacture date was Sept 2011, (The paint was not chipped, it was not painted adequately and I’m sure was exposed to the salt air of ocean shipping from overseas where it is manufactured salt exposure leads to rust issues almost immediately).SO, I contacted Regalo, the number is provided on the box, the gentleman was very professional, I advised him that there was rust on parts 12 and 13 of one, said they would be happy to replace it, wanted a photo, and while on the phone inspected the other rail and advised there was a minor issue on that one as well. HE STOPPED ME and said “YOU CANNOT USE TWO OF THESE RAILS ON THE SAME BED, THE APA (American Pediatric Association) HAS WARNED AGAINST IT DUE TO GAP SUFFOCATION & STRANGULATION ISSUES”.. kind of an important warning.. so I heeded and returned them for one “dual sided model”.. I also told him that warning wasn’t written anywhere on the box or the manual, he says they are working on correcting that issue.We purchased 2 of these to replace the Munchkin Safety Toddler Bed Rail, White/Blue, which is also reviewed by the way, those were a pitiful excuse for a bed rail, and because of Regalo’s advice (which again is not on the packaging, not here on Amazon’s description *as of today, and also NOT mentioned in the manual) I returned them both to Amazon without hesitation *ALSO Advised Amazon of the manufacturer’s warning and am hoping they will post it here in the description as out of 100+ reviews there’s not much luck someone will see mine and not make the same mistake.There is a Extra Long Dual Sided Model EXCLUSIVELY SOLD by One Step Ahead, manufactured by Regalo, but will run you about $20 more in cost, purchasing them separately, you will pay TAX and Shipping.. a nice $90+/- vs. $59 for two of these on Amazon, free shipping using 2-day Prime or 5-7 day.. Regalo’s model number at One Step Ahead is 6020HD possibly 5020HD I’m told, or One Step Ahead’s Part numbers 14110 & 14111 *Also as of today sold here on Amazon by One Step Ahead for the same price as their own website, unsure about tax and shipping conditions.NOW for the kicker, after returning these I ordered the Regalo Hide Away Double Sided Bed Rail – White, it is shorter, but I really don’t think we’re going to have an issue with the shorter version. I assembled it, it is nearly identical to the “Extra Long Version”, aside from the length.. BUT IT ONLY HAS ONE SIDE OF STRAPS..I’m not going to advise against the manufacturer’s VERBAL Safety warning, but WHAT??? WHY CAN YOU NOT BUY TWO OF THESE AND USE ONE SET OF THE STRAPS????There is absolutely NO Difference outside of the fact that one has straps and the other does not on the dual version, so I do not see any reason why you couldn’t, but again, THE MANUFACTURER VERBALLY WARNED AGAINST IT, SO PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY STATEMENT AS APPROVAL FOR USING TWO ON THE SAME BED.Good luck with your purchase, I hope I’ve helped with your purchasing decision.

Celeste Bellows Falls, VT

Serves our purposes, we LOVE the extra long rail!

We bough this railing for our youngest son (age 2) when he moved from a crib to his big boy mid-high loft. We thought/hoped he’d use the trundle, but he wanted to be in a bed like his older brother. It is incredibly sturdy and covers almost the entire length of his bed. That’s good because I was honestly envisioning ways to “cage” him in his bed so he wouldn’t fall (or escape…think Curious George and you have our little man). It was simple to assemble and install (I’m naturally blonde and did it myself in 20 minutes, so it can’t be that tough), and it is remarkably easy to clean and still looks like new after a year. Our son has stood against it and leaned on it, but it still holds firm, keeps its shape, and prevents him from falling. The straps were much easier to adjust and the railing is MUCH MUCH sturdier than our other son’s railing (Dex Products), something that stopped us from using them on his brother’s bed. We feel confident that our son is sleeping securely and have never worried about him falling off, even though I was against him sleeping on the mid-high loft. Buy this railing and you and your child will sleep safe and sound, too!

Angeline Palm City, FL


From the moment I assembled and installed this bed rail, it felt flimsy. I’d purchased a foldaway rail thinking it would make it easier to make my daughter’s bed, but was wrong. The rail was so difficult to fold under that it wasn’t worth folding it away; I’d just pull the bed away from the wall instead. Any attempt at folding it down would result in the cheap metal “wheels” that guide the rail popping off the cheap metal track. In less than six months, my two year old daughter had the rail bent and finally snapped the cheap “wheel” right off the rail itself. Despite installing it correctly, my daughter would still manage to push it away from the bed enough that she could have fallen through. This thing just ended up in the trash, what a waste of money.Save yourself the headache. If you have to have a safety rail, just get a rail that is solid and doesn’t fold away or purchase a less expensive bolster that fits under the sheets. This one is crap.

Angelita S Coffeyville, OK

Don’t buy unless you have box spring!

This seems like a great rail, and we were ready to use it, but it didn’t work out with our daughter’s bed. She has a mattress on top of slats. No box spring. This rail doesn’t work with this set up. We are going to try and return.

Agnes Fields Landing, CA

NO GO for foam mattresses

We ordered this with the thoughts of transitioning our 2 year old from her toddler bed to a twin sized daybed. I think this would work perfectly with a regular twin bed with inner-spring mattress. Unfortunately, we purchased a foam mattress and it didn’t work at ALL. The "support" that goes under the bed are fabric straps with a plastic "T" at the end. If the support that went under the mattress was in any way firm (rods maybe) it would have worked great. Unfortunately, since I just wasted my money, I’m going to give it a 1 star.

Eliza Kasigluk, AK

Works great!

Great rail. We are currently using it on an Ikea bed where the frame comes up around the mattress. The rail is really wedged in there and once the mattress (which weighs a ton) sits on it, this rail is not moving. So, we’re not really able to use the drop side feature but it works great the way we have it. Very sturdy. Thinking about getting another for the other side. Definitely long enough for a Queen or King size bed. Reasonably priced!

Pansy Jobstown, NJ

It was not match my bed

It was not match my bed. they don’t explain about bed’s conditions.So I don’t ues, just in storage my home.

Ellen Altamont, TN

does NOT work on platform bed

The product description states that this will work on a platform bed. Totally not the case. We were unable to make it work at all and sent it back.

Elma Isabella, MO

Good for keeping toddler in the cage… I mean bed!

This is a god-send. Our 2 year old toddler just advanced from her crib to her new adult bed, and we were worried that she would get out of bed and go downstairs in the morning. However, since we purchased this, she has stayed in bed all morning (sometimes singing songs and playing games for up to an hour or two until it’s time for her to get up and get ready for the day.Construction is what yielded the 4 stars. It is pretty well made, and I was able to assemble it with only a minimum of straining. However, about a month or two after I installed it, the main section has begun to rattle a bit. Not too much to worry about, but still a bit annoying when it should remain perfectly still. It is sturdy enough that I can lean on it to kiss my daughter good night.It folds down to slide under the bed with some ease, but you wont be doing this too often as the weight of the mattress is often enough to slow down that movement. We dont have a box spring (just a metal frame) so we never slide it under the mattress, but someone with a box spring probably would have a slightly easier time. There are hooks to catch the other side of the bed so it stays upright and does not collapse at all unless you want it to by pulling the tabs on either end. The only negative is that once you’ve tightened the ropes, there is alot of extra rope material that has nowhere to go.My only concern is that it is a bit low. It’s about a foot and a half tall, coming up to just below her waist, and she stands on the bed with her hands on it and jumps up and down. If she jumps too much, she could fall forward and towards the ground, and I’m worried about her breaking her neck. If it were say above her waist and she could not jump over it, then my concerns would be alleviated.

Phyllis Wilton, ND

works well

We purchased two of these for our king size bed because I co sleep with my 6 month old. These are great and I will be able to attach these to my son’s bed when he is older as well, I do wish there was a foam padding over the metal bar because my son has hit his head on the rail before. Overall great purchase that is safe and protects from falls

Samantha Redding Center, CT

Works as Expected

I have no complaints. Any issues I had putting it together were my own fault. The instructions are written fine – I just start to think I know it all from assembling 092304983 products since having children and get a little arrogant. =DI cannot use the “hide away” option as designed because my son’s bed is just a mattress on a platform with a lip around it to hold the mattress in place. I have to lift the mattress up in order to use that (which I will do). But it DOES work with that kind of bed.My only wish is a better design for the release pins. One handed release would be VERY helpful. As well as pins that could not be backed completely out of their tunnel.

Juliet Arnot, PA

It is perfect

I love it and it is great for my toddler’s twin bed. It does not fit on a crib that turns into a bed.

Julianne Frankton, IN

Used as a foot board.

We are co-sleepers, but I needed something to keep her from nearly falling off the foot of the bed. We have the bed up against the wall and I sleep on the outside, but she is a roller and mover at night and I needed to know she was safe from falling off the edge of the bed. The straps barely make it to the head of the bed from the foot. It has stayed on quite well and needs adjusting every few weeks to make sure its still secure. I do not lower down hardly at all. I think I lowered it one to make the bed, but I don’t have so I haven’t lowered it again. It is pretty good quality my almost two year pushes and hangs on it pretty good and I don’t see any damage nor have we had any problems. I would purchase one again.

Bonita Rayville, LA

Serves its purpose

This rail serves its purpose well, and seems safe and secure on my daughter’s bed. I like that it tucks in between the mattress and boxspring, but it was a little difficult to get it all situated in there.

Lupe Mountain Lakes, NJ

This is Great

Perfect size!! Easy to use!! I am so happy I bought this. Amazon had the best price as well. A++

Nannie Plaquemine, LA

extra long bed rail is better than the regular one we have.

Second time buying it, and I think the original one was much sturdier metal than this one. I still like this one, because it is easier to take off the mesh to wash than the older design. I wouldn’t have had to buy one if moving process didn’t break the last one.

Jasmin Waterbury, CT

It Works!

After reading all the reviews I decided to order this and I’m happy with the purchase. I wished I had ordered two of them. We purchased this for my son’s Legare Frog Twin Bed which due to the nature of the head and foot board, the bed cannot be pushed up against a wall (I didn’t really think about that prior to purchasing the bed OR just one rail). Anyways, after getting the rail I was a little worried that it wouldn’t work on a bed without a box spring. My 2 year olds bed has just the frame and a mattress but due to the long “arms” of the rail that go underneath the mattress I was still able to use it. The frame of the bed keeps the rail secure and tight against the mattress. There are no gaps and I can even lean my 103 pound body against it while napping on the bed with my son and feel completely safe. This product is well made. Instructions were a little confusing at first but just following the numbers in sequence and you’ll be fine. I don’t plan on “hiding it away” so the fact that I don’t have it set-up exactly as it should doesn’t matter to me. A second one is on its way!

Marisa Central City, IA

Serves its purpose…

We’ve had this bed rail on our toddler’s bed since she moved out of a crib and into a twin at about 20 months (five months ago). We’ve had no problems at all and would recommend it.

Mildred Mayhill, NM

Works well!

My youngest (6 months) and I bedshare and this product worked really well on my queen size bed. I felt really safe a night knowing he wasn’t going to roll out of bed. Highly recommended!

Becky Dunning, NE

Able to use with a bunk bed

So we had to put a few two by fours underneath the mattress to make it work, but we were able to do that and then put the bed rail on top of that, then the mattress on top of that. Do this at your own risk though! It doesn’t look perfect but it does the trick for us. I will say my son did break the zipper fairly quickly but I just sewed it back closed and it has been fine.

Lindsey Benld, IL

I really like this bedrail

I bought this product for two reasons. 1. My daughter is going through a nightmare phase and has ended up in bed with me often lately. She is a thrasher at night and needed something to keep her safe so we could also get some sleep. 2. We plan on transitioning her to a full-sized bed in a few months and predict she will need this based on how much she moves at night so it will get a lot of use in the future. The rail installed fairly easily. I would say it took my husband a bit longer based on our very heavy tempurpedic mattress and the set up of our bed-frame. It folds down fairly easily as well. My Mom has one at her house as well for when we sleep there and she is equally pleased with this product too.

Alisa Chestertown, MD

Perfect Fit!

I bought this product about three months ago. This is the only bedrail that I could find that goes under the mattress. I really wanted a bedrail that would be easy for me to store. It took a little bit for me to set up but once I read the instructions it became much easier. This bedrail has already come in handy when my family came over for the weekend it was easy to store under the mattress so my brother could use the bed. It has also been much easier to make the bed and wash the sheets. Bottom line it has been very convenient. The bedrail has held up very well over the last three months. It may take a couple time of practicing storing the bedrail before it comes easy. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Beth Somerset, MI


This bed rail does what it’s supposed to for my son who rolls all over the place! It keeps him from falling off and is sturdy.

Tara Bridgewater, NJ

Love the length

We were nervous about moving our 23 month old to a twin bed, but this rail has made the transition so much easier. It covers practically the entire length of the bed, so we do not worry about him rolling out. (The other side of the bed is up against a wall.) We have not tried the hide away feature, and I imagine we will not use that very often – probably only when we have company. Also, the rail does not seem to affect the comfort of the mattress at all.

Rebecca Longville, MN

bed rail

Our Grandson has a queen bed this fits really nice. Our grandson just started to sleep in a big bed and the rail lets him see through itso he throught that was neet.

Isabella Escatawpa, MS

works as needed

It does its job. I like the straps that keep it in place. This is durable and keeps your little one from falling out of bed. Also love the mesh if my little one ends up face into it while rolling over.

Christie Blessing, TX

Does its job- sturdy product

This is working exactly as advertised/expected. My almost 3yr old is pretty active/busy and I was worried it wouldn’t be sturdy enough to keep her safe as she transferred from crib to big bed but it’s working perfectly and I feel secure with her in the big bed using this rail. We did not have any problem putting this together or getting it on the bed securely, we opened the box, had it put together and on the bed in under 30min.

Joan Ascutney, VT

Child Bed Rail

The bed rail works well. It was easy to install and easy to remove. Sliding the side under the mattress is not as easy as they make it sound though and I have stopped using it; maybe that only works well if the bed has a box spring at the bottom and not an actual frame insert with slates. Nonetheless, it does its job and keeps my child from falling out of bed.

Dionne Petersburg, WV

Good protection but it does not hide away in any way

We use it for our active 3-year-old sleeper, but there is no way this can be folded and hidden under the mattress. I am not sure how people do it, it does not work for us. Also the fabric on the top rail is already ripped in the middle where the two rods connect.

Loraine Morris Chapel, TN

Great for those who cosleep

This works very well for those who cosleep. This rail fits up to a king size bed, no problem. It was very easy to put together and install on the bed. There was only one part of the instructions that I could not figure out, but it does not effect the functionality of the rail. We have a pillow top king size bed, and the rail fits well with the pillow top. The rail feels very sturdy. I did not notice an odor as a previous reviewer mentioned. The fabric was also pretty well made unlike a previous review. The fabric in this box was not fraying and did not have any imperfections.

Hallie Blairs Mills, PA