Regalo My Chair Portable Chair, Royal

Regalo My Chair Portable Chair, Royal

My Chair is a multi functional booster and activity seat. Simply fold and go. It is great for grandma’s house or the sport event. This includes a washable seat liner and carry case and comes with adjustable anchoring straps that firmly hold My Chair onto adult sized chairs. It comes with durable, waterproof nylon wipes clean.

Main features

  • Simply fold and go
  • Great for grandma’s house or the sport event
  • Includes a washable seat liner and carry case
  • Adjustable anchoring straps that firmly hold my chair onto adult sized chairs
  • Durable, waterproof nylon wipes clean

Verified reviews


Good concept, poor execution

The idea of this seat is great, but the design isn’t so great. I think it might work better for an older toddler, but for my average-sized 13-month old it’s not so hot. Cons: Since it’s a folding chair (like the kind adults use at sporting events) there’s no real back or butt support. Your child’s bum is sitting in a sling of fabric, and the back is also sling-style. This means that if your child was bigger the seat would fit him well, but my son was practically reclining in his seat, and kept sliding down no matter how many times we sat him upright; the seat and straps were just too large for him even at their tightest. Even if the lapbelt straps could be tightened more, the lack of support while seated would still be an issue. I regret this purchase, and hope my son will grown into the straps, but the lack of support will always be a problem.Also – you might consider this chair lightweight if you live in suburbia and can leave it in your car until needed, but if you had to carry it with you anywhere, it is NOT that light. I’m a city-dweller, and I would never carry this chair with me – it’s too bulky and heavy for that.Pros: The Regalo chair attached tightly to the restaurant chair – those straps are more adjustable.

Dominique Blue River, WI

Great Value

We purchased this for a booster seat for our 2 year old daughter. She outgrew her bumbo, and other boosters were so expensive. If you can get over the camp chair look, it works perfectly, and is definitely safe. This chair is a great value for the price.

Carmen Linwood, NC

Not good ergonimically!

Okay for every once in a while if you want to find a towel or something to push up the bottom so the shild does not have a poor & uncomfortable posture 🙁 Its sags down.

Lynn Ah Gwah Ching, MN

Middle strap way too short!

I love everything about this chair…except that it’s totally unusable because the middle strap is way too short! I read another review stating the same opinion, but I’d already ordered my chair by that point and figured maybe they just got a wonky chair. Nope. My son is 13 months old, above average for height but average for weight, and there’s no way he can sit in this with the buckles fastened. The middle strap barely reaches far enough to even access the buckle (since, for some reason, the middle strap is attached in the MIDDLE of the seat rather than closer to the edge). When I was finally able to buckle the side straps into the middle, the side straps and buckles were cutting into his innner thighs so badly he started screaming! This chair will be going back, which is unfortunate because I love everything else about it and it was a great price! It could’ve been such an easy fix if only the manufacturer either made the middle strap about 3 or 4 inches longer, or just moved it so it was closer to the edge of the seat instead of the middle.

Gwendolyn Ridgeley, WV

This Chair works as Described.

This chair works as described in the write-up & keeps my 2 yr old grt neice in her seat as it should during meals and such. It is very easy to unfold to use, pls make sure you have fastened this chair to main table chair to ensure the child’s saftey while they sit in it. It is also easy to clean after use and to foldup to be stored after use. The chair also works well to be used as a child’s chair to watch TV or play games. I would highly recommend it!

Tracey Blanchardville, WI


Yes, this definitely came in handy without me even taking outside. We use it on our dining chair, which makes it easy for her to get on and reach the table. We even place it right next to the sofa with one of our small foldable tables so she can color and eat snacks. It’s great.

Patty Jackson, AL

son loves it

Got this for my son for his first birthday and he/we take the poor thing everywhere. My son LOVES it because its his size and he can pick it up and move it himself. His sippy doesn’t fit in the side pocket though, but that doesn’t bother him or me.

Luella Sandusky, NY

Such a great chair!

This chair is so easy use, carry and take anywhere with you! I bought one and constantly have people stop and ask me where I got it!Definitely a great option for the germaphobes like me who do not want to use the high chairs at restaurants!

Sharon Bowie, TX

Great booster

This is such a easy to use booster seat and is awesome for the travel trailer as it can be used outside arround the fire and then on the bench seat for dinner! The only negative I have found is that the crouch strap in the center is too short so we just dont buckle our 2 yr old in.

Bethany Wilton, IA

Useful, but not perfect.

I read many of the reviews before buying this chair and would agree with some of the downfalls, but it’s still a handy travel chair. I wouldn’t use this chair full time at home, but it’s great for use in hotel rooms or other people’s houses that don’t have high chairs. It’s portable enough to fit in a suitcase and straps to pretty much any chair. My complaints, which I also read from other reviewers, are that it sits low, so if the table is high, my (18 mo old) daughter has to reach up to get her food. My daughter also slides down in it easily and ends up slouching. You HAVE to use the straps or it will fall off a chair very easily or your child can slide out. It’s not perfect or as good as a real high chair, but it seems to be holding up well, cleans up easily, and is nice and portable, so I’m glad we have it. I think it will work for a couple more years as a booster seat, also. Our daughter even likes to sit in it on the floor.

Tia West Chicago, IL

Too short

We got this for our 38lb 2yr old (he’s equally as tall). It works, but I wish it was a little taller. When on a dining room chair it still leaves him a little too low/close to the table (and he’s 99th percentile for height). Also, it would be awesome if it had a tray of some sort. So, it serves it’s purpose and its it’s handy because it packs up small, but the height that it sits at is really a deterrent.

Johanna Glencoe, AR

Great Little Seat

My two year old loves this chair, and it’s easy for him to set up himself and sit on the floor. It also makes a great booster, but beware: the side pockets make great hiding spots for lunch!

Patsy Dalton, MO

Awesome chair!

Great find! Had no problems with the straps. Small enough to take anywhere! Used at a stadium seating event, the beach, park, home etc.

Alejandra Great Cacapon, WV

Useful Portable Booster Seat

Once my son was big enough to sit at the table, I bought this. We are a simple family and so the less equipment, the better. It fits very securely to chairs – there is no wobbliness to it AT ALL. I know most people buy this and leave it in their car to take places plus they have a different permanent booster seat in their dining room. But I wanted to hit two birds with one stone, so I bought this for full-time use in my dining room AND for travel. Whether we go to the Grandparents’ house or a friend’s for dinner, we bring it. I also packed it in our suitcase when we took an airplane to visit the other Grandparents. The booster easily unhooks underneath the chair and in the back and then folds up like a camping chair. Cleaning: You can wipe it down with a wet dish cloth, or shake the food crumbs out of it outside, or on the dining floor then sweep it. There is a thin, removable washable cover as well. This is the perfect simple versatile booster we needed at home and yet also when we travel. My son started using this when he was 2 years old and he is 3-1/2 now and it still fits just fine (He’s 34 pounds). I think he will be in it until he is at least 4 yrs old because there is plenty of room (a good 2" on each side of his butt). Also, he seems comfortable in it. 🙂

Marta Dillon, MT

Good travel chair.

This chari is VERY convenient for carrying around. It fold and is light weight. Also, it ties securely to every seat we have used. The down side is that the seat is made of cloth, so the baby sinks in a little and it is not always the most condusive seating position for eating. Putting a towel under our daughter has helped prop her up.

Ursula Commerce, OK

Not very durable

I purchased this for my toddler and while it is very nice for the price, the seam ripped after about two months of use, I am going to fix it because my son likes the chair, but I do not think it should do that so quickly. The size is just right and it is perfect for outside, but it should be a bit more durable.

Cassie Mead, CO

Buster seat

We mainly use it as a buster seat and it works well. It comes with a filmsy cover that is removable so that is a big plus for when the kid spills the food all over. It has seat straps and also the ones that go around/below the chair. It is very convenient how it folds and that it comes with its own carrying bag. We will probably use it as a chair for our toddler later on.

Sierra Niceville, FL

Travel Buddy

This chair travels every where with us. We take it on picnics at the park and even packed it in our bags when we flew over seas. Small and compact when folded, yet study. My daughter just loves it! She now has a chair of her own.

Cristina Lawler, IA

Great Product!!

Why didn’t I find this product sooner is my only regret 🙂 This is very comfy, easy to use chair. My 2.5year old loves it and acknowledges it as his chair only. So far so good.. no issues whatsoever. I like its multiple uses – Booster/beach/park/whatever chair!!

Elisha Alcolu, SC

this product is a joke

First of all, I thought it was going to be a great asset to have on the go for our daughter, but it proved to be rather ineffective for a toddler and for travel. The buckles don’t adjust to where she can’t maneuver out on her own. It’s very short and she can’t even sit at the table and enjoy a meal with us. Do not see a point to have this at all.

Janine Piney River, VA