Regalo My Cot Deluxe, with Sleeping Bag, Navy

Regalo My Cot Deluxe, with Sleeping Bag, Navy

The Regalo my cot deluxe is a child’s size portable sleeping cot with so many uses. It’s great for the home, grandma’s house, sleepovers, camping, the beach or daycare. It has a durable all steel frame with a reinforced canvas bed liner and also includes a convenient carry case. Super portable With a folding steel frame and light weight design. Washable fitted sleeping bag with removable pillow included. 48″ length x 26″ width x 7″ height. So sturdy, it supports up to 75 pounds. For ages 2 and up.

Main features

  • Fold and go sleeping and activity cot
  • Includes fitted sleeping bag, removable pillow and travel case
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Incredibly quick and easy to set up and fold down
  • Durable all steel constructed frame that has a reinforced canvas bed liner

Verified reviews


Just bought another one!

We love this so much (and so does our 2yr old son) that we just ordered another one for his 2 month old brother to grow in to!!!Fitted sleeping bag is great, it has held up to machine washing, and the pillow is perfect for wee heads. Very sturdy too.Will be great for multi-purpose use from overnights at family houses, camping, watching sporting events, outdoor concerts, you name it! And all in a bag smaller and lighter than my own camp chair.

Stacie Huston, ID

Perfect for a big & tall 3.5yo to sleep on

I bought the cot for our nephew 3.5yo who was visiting with his parents. He is not a small kid, rather tall and big and he fit perfectly.I don’t think he would have needed the fitted sheet but I bought it so I could use with my 2yo and make sure she does not fall from the cot (it acts as a sleeping bag). However, it is made of a weird material that makes the hair electrostatic. So I don t think I ll use it.But the cot is perfect. Does not take a lot of room. Low, close to the ground.

Ingrid Saint Georges, DE

Must have cot

I brought this for my 18 month old grandson , and he loves it.he plays on it and he sleeps on it during visits.

Lina Clymer, PA

Just missing one thing

I just received this cot and it looks really well-made and sturdy. Easy to set up, and I really like the detachable sleeping bag concept. However, I noticed on the other models that don’t include the sleeping bag, they do include a fitted sheet instead. I’ve searched all over the web trying to find a fitted sheet specifically for this cot, but I can’t find a site where Regalo sells them separately. It would be nice to have for use when my little one doesn’t need the sleeping bag (which he will likely slide off when sitting on…it’s pretty slippery!). He’s a messy little guy, and if he gets the cot itself dirty, it’s going to be a pain to wash the attached canvas instead of just throwing a cot sheet in the washer. On the bright side, the dimensions of the cot are 48 x 26, and most standard crib sheets are in the neighborhood of 52 x 27, so at least a fitted crib sheet will be a decent solution in the mean time.

Dionne Lavina, MT

Convenient Cot for my 2-year-old

She hasn’t used the cot yet for sleep but it looks like it will work well for a vacation or a sleep over at the grandparent’s house. The only thing I didn’t like is there is no strap on the outer bag to make carrying it easier. I compared purchasing a cot and a sleeping bag and this was a much better value.

Lilia Bighill, KY

Works great and worth the money

We have a high functioning autistic child with an asthmatic cough brought on by virus irritation. This means that when he gets a cold he normally gets a cough that will not ease up, he will cough every few minutes non-stop especially when lying down and to the point he is exhausted from not getting a good nights sleep, it normally takes 24hrs at least until we can get it under control but then tends to linger for several days. We had been using his old cars toddler bed, the preformed plastic type and we would drag it into our bedroom when he was sick so that I could get up with him each time he had a coughing fit as he would freak out but not be awake. We used to have him in the bed but he squirms around so much plus I cannot rest with a child in bed for fear of my husband rolling on him that the toddler bed was a good alternative but the preformed plastic one weighed a ton, had to be dragged through the house from another bedroom we stored it in and took up most the bedroom, that coupled with us setting up the spare bedroom as a nursery for our next baby we had to come up with another solution and this toddler bed has worked wonders.It is so easy to put up and take down, I can store it in my cupboard and everything he needs comes with it he just brings "blanky" upstairs. The first few nights were a little rough as the material is sleeping bag shiny material that makes a noise when you move which drove him crazy with his sensory issues and he just woke up screaming and kicking but wasn’t really awake. By the 3rd night though he had adjusted. We have used it several times already and I am sure we will get a lot more use out of it, I have also recommended it to my parents as we have a 7, 6, 4 and another due any day that when they stop at the grandparents house these beds might come in handy as they only have a bunk bed with a full on the bottom. My son is very squirmy so I was a little worried he might fall out but the bed curves in in the middle enough that he has not even come close.

Lenora Winston, MO

love it

very comfortable. my son moves around the bed a lot but the attached sheet secures very tight at the corners and keeps my son in place.

Erica Bent, NM

Pretty Good…No Real Complaints

Seems pretty strudy and was comfortable for a toddler…only negative is that the drawstring broke on the bag to hold

Jeanine Castroville, TX