Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, Royal Blue

Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, Royal Blue

My Cot child size portable sleeping cot is super for sleepovers, camping and daycare. The durable all steel constructed frame has a reinforced canvas bed liner and washable matching sheet. This is the perfect cot for sleepovers, outings, traveling, camping, day care or lounging around the house. It is incredibly quick and easy to set up and fold down. It folds down to a fraction of its set up size for complete portability. This comes with a convenient carry case. The lightweight design comes in a sturdy, all steel frame construction.

Main features

  • Steel, Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Super for sleepovers, camping and daycare
  • Fold and Go, Incredibly quick and easy to set up and fold down
  • Durable all steel constructed frame that has a reinforced canvas bed liner
  • Washable blue matching fitted sheet; Includes color matching blue travel case
  • For indoor and outdoor use; Perfect cot for outings, traveling, camping, day care or lounging around the house

Verified reviews


So far so good!

I purchased this for my 17 month old son who normally sleeps in a crib. I was told that the daycare that he would be entering uses cots. So in figuring this would also be good for travel, I bought it. My son loves it! The whole thing is like a mesh beach chair. I put it together in about 8 seconds. The removable fitted sheet that comes with it -is soft. The entire thing is easy to wipe clean. It looks comfy. It says it is good for kids up to 75lbs. and 52 inches. (Good to know) My favorite feature is how tiny it folds up – pretty light compared to other cots. Not nearly as bulky, too! Nice royal Blue colors!

Fay Childwold, NY

This Cot is Aweful

This cot has a support stiffness that is in the material running through the center like where the child’s waist would be. It sticks up higher than the top and bottom of the bed so it is very uncomfortable if the child is lying on their back. I’m going to find another cot.

Thelma Elk Creek, VA

Uncomfortable BUT portable

We were able to fit this inside a carseat bag (WITH the carseat) when flying to the beach. It is very portable and not heavy. BUT, it’s horribly constructed. There is one strap that goes underneath the cot that serves as the brace in the middle to keep the pad up. All it does it create two holes on the top and bottom side, and cuts into the waist of your child. I tried evening it out by piling blankets on top, but it still doesn’t work. I wouldn’t buy this again.

Lynne Mcgrew, NE

3 year old loves it!

While trying to decide what kind of portable bed to get my almost 3 year old daughter, I was looking at a few different things. The toddler air mattresses with raised sides, the pea pod plus, and cots like this one. I was concerned about the weight of the air mattress when deflated. Wasn’t sure if she’d like the tent feature of the pea pod plus. And then I found this cot. At 1/4 of the price of the others and how quick and easy it is to set up (2 seconds, not joking), I gave it a try and I’m SO glad I did!Like I said, it’s super easy to set up. Slip it out of its carry bag (also a plus) and just pull it open. Ready for sleep!It comes with a sheet which is nice, but I only used it once. My daughter does tend to get colder while sleeping on this. I put on a crib mattress pad and a flanel crib sheet and this seems to have taken are of that problem. Bonus – even with the crib mattress pad and crib sheet, it will fold up and fit in its carry bag no problem!!The support strap in the middle underneath hasn’t given my daughter any problems yet and even if it does later, then I guess it will be time for a different type of travel bed. It will still have been well worth the $20!!My daughter calls it her “blue bed” and constantly asks to sleep on it even while at home.My nieces have all loved sitting on it to watch tv or play and their ages are 2, 4, and 7. The 7 year old was much too big for it to lay down on but still liked to sit on it.Very pleased. As someone who frequently travels with my daughter by myself, it is so much easier with this cot!!! The pack n play was just too heavy and took up too much room. This will actually fit in a large suitcase!Also, on the box, the weight says up to 75 pounds.

Michael Coker, AL

Easy for child to carry!

My 4 year old absolutely loves having this in our house. We use it when the kids all sleepover in the same room, and there aren’t enough beds. But because it’s so light and they know how to fold it up (just pull in from the ends) they carry it around the house and set it up wherever they want. It comes with a cover that has reinforced corners, which seems like it will help it from being ripped because it’s a very snug fit. Make sure to wash that cover, by the way, because it completely smells like chemicals when it arrives. Made it China, though the box says it’s Made in the USA. Maybe “shipped from the USA”? Anyway, we are very happy, and for the price, I might even get a couple more. Watch out when you are walking by it, though, because as an adult, I have caught my shin on it a few times and it isn’t “soft”.

Sherry Merion Station, PA

STRONG CHEMICAL SMELL! No way is my child sleeping on this!

The first thing I noticed when I took the My Cot out of its box was the strong chemical smell. When I opened the cot to investigate the source of the smell, I realized that the chemical odor was coming from the entire length of the cot itself, not the fitted sheet. This cot is advertised as being PVC-free, but honestly, it smelled just as “plasticky” as vinyl; and Regalo assured me via email that the My Cot doesn’t contain any chemical flame retardant, so I’m assuming that’s not the source of the smell either. The product tag states that it’s made of polyethylene foam, so maybe that’s where the smell is coming from. (Polyethylene is derived from petroleum). In any event, the chemical fumes from the My Cot gave me a headache after I sniffed it for just a few seconds, so there’s no way I would let my 2 year-old sleep on it for hours and inhale all those noxious-smelling fumes. This cot is definitely being returned.

Ingrid Milroy, IN

Stil holding up

I use this cot ALOT! It goes everywhere with me in the trunk of the car. I take it everywhere so that if my son falls asleep I can lay him down on it and not have to take him to the car and then constantly have to keep going back to the car to check on him (specially in the summer heat!)This has held up over a year now and is still going strong!

Judi Otterville, MO

Liked it so much we bought another for our second child

We paid around $20 for our first one and it has lasted for over a year. Our 3 year old has used it many times with no issues at all. She looks forward to trips because of her special bed. I read a few reviews where people complained about durability, but I don’t know what they were expecting at such a low price point. We have no complaints so far. We bought a second cot for our second child.

Elba Denver, NC

Great concept poorly executed *Update*

First off, our toddler LOVES this cot. He was crying today because he broke his cot! He’s only 2 and under 40lbs and has never jumped on it. But he does stand on the corner before he lies down on it, which is exactly where the thin-walled tubing cracked and broke. It was a Christmas present and lasted exactly 6 months. It traveled well (even fit in my large suitcase no problem) and was great for light use. But my boy loved it so much (especially in warmer weather) that he started using it all the time. And that’s where this product fails. Summary: Great product for occasional use but flimsy construction doesn’t permit day-to-day use.*UPDATE* Regalo identified this as a manufacturing defect that was addressed and fixed in later models. They are sending a new cot free of charge. Great customer service! I have increased the rating from 2 to 4 stars. Thanks Regalo!

Ivy Hay, WA

This is a great cot for travel

This is a great cot for travel. Our 3 year old doesn’t sleep in a crib anymore, and doens’t want to sleep in a pack and play when traveling. Yah, okay, I get that. But we don’t want him in our bed and he’s not ready for a real bed yet, either. Enter this travel cot. Folds up nice and small. Doesn’t overload our luggage with weight. He gets a kick out of it. Big win-win.

Caitlin Okeene, OK

Great travel bed for little kids

We got good use out of this until my daughter outgrew it around age 4. You do need an extra blanket or something for padding under your kiddo as the middle bar can be uncomfortable. Very easy to take when visiting family and friends.

Judy Barboursville, VA

Perfect travel cot

We’ve used this cot camping and when our son stayed at a friend’s house, and it’s worked like a champ. I love the cover, so that if he drools or leaks out of his diaper, we don’t have to wash the actual bed. The cover on the one I bought is more waterproof but less soft than the one I borrowed from a friend before buying it, which is why I only gave it 4 stars. Still, at this price, it’s easily as functional as other similar cots for a lot better value.

Ester Severna Park, MD

Love this cot!

We purchased this for a roadtrip to grandma’s house. Our very tall, skinny preschooler loved it. He props it up in his bedroom when he’s pretending to be out camping. The sheet is easy to take off and put on. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it holds up to a 45lb kid jumping into it (instead of laying down for sleep).

Cynthia Donaldson, AR

Kids love it!

I am ordering a second cot today. I have had one for almost a year and have used it more than I thought I would and need a second one for another grandchild. When the grandchildren come to visit they ask to sleep on "my little bed". I like the cover that is removable for washing and the fact that it folds up very compactly for storage. It even fits well in our RV. When fully opened it has a slight curve to the bed, like a tight hammock, that helps to keep the younger ones from falling out. The fact that it is only about 8 inches off the floor makes it safe to use for even the 18 month old, that still sleeps in a crib at home. I was not sure about the quality of this when I first purchased it but I have been very pleased with how well it has held up to occasional use.

Lacy Williamsburg, NM

Great, while they last…

We bought three of these for our small boys to sleep on while camping and visiting family. Super easy set up, compact, a great size for small kids. However, they just don’t hold up over time. In less than a year, all three cots had one or two corners break. We managed to improvise a fix for a little while, but they keep breaking. Would not buy again. I’m looking for something sturdier now.

Angelia Atlanta, KS

Great price, great cot!

My in-laws wanted to purchase a cot for my son, who is 24 months old. They had trouble finding one under the $60 price point in local stores (Seattle area). This cot fit the bill, pricewise. When we received the cot, we opened the box and my son was interested right away. The quality is very much the same as adult cots in the $50 and up price range. The stitching is very sturdy, the middle is reinforced with straps and double stitching as well. The ease of folding and placing into the carry-all cover is incredible. We intended to use this cot for travels to Grandma and Grandpa’s home, since our son has outgrown his playpen; however, since opening this cot, our son has used it for his daily naps in our living room! Everyday use with a 24 month old boy, who weighs 35 pounds and is 37″ tall, and this cot has held up just great! I would highly recommend this cot to any toddler parent looking for a nap cot or a travel bed for their child.

Estelle Tabor, IA

One of my FAVE kid purchases!

I purchased this portable bed when my 3 yr old niece was coming to visit, because she was too big for a pack n play. The Regalo My Cot worked perfectly, and I have used it SO much more often than I ever thought I would! Even in my own home with my own kids! It is so very easy to set up (just pull on any of the legs and it unfolds itself) and easy to put away ( just push on one of the legs and it collapses), plus easy to store ( comes with its own drawstring bag). I keep it in our bedroom closet and pull it out on those nights when my kids aren’t feeling too hot and want to sleep in our room. It comes with a sheet, but standard size crib sheets fit it just fine, too! Not only do I love this bed, but both my 2 yr old and 5 yr old sleep on it no problem. It recently went to Grandmas house, and is so inexpensive she said she may get one herself! It’s lightweight and travels easy, plus it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the trunk. This is honestly one of my favorite kid purchases!

Clarice Inman, GA

GREAT purchase!!!

We purchased this toddler cot for our 2 1/2 yr old to use while traveling and he LOVED it! It’s very low to the ground and very sturdy/stable. He was extremely comfortable sleeping in it all night and even asks to sleep in it at home! It’s very lightweight and you can open it up and have it ready to use in under a minute. I would recommend this product to anyone who has toddlers and likes to travel!!!

Sheila Benwood, WV

Good cot, bad Amazon

Shame on you, Amazon. I was sent an old model! I ordered this cot with the understanding that the taught fabric which raises the middle of the cot was a past issue, and the company has since fixed it. I was surprised to find that when the cot arrived, the fabric was taught in the middle, right where a child’s back would be, which my 32 pound daughter would never be able to weigh down. I was AGAIN surprised when I emailed Regalo directly explaining the problem. They assured me that this was in fact a past issue, and newer models don’t have this problem. They are sending me a new cot, free of charge, and without having to return the old cot.As far as the actual cot goes, it’s great! It’s amazingly light (I can hold it in one hand easily), folds up like a camping chair, is easier to put away than a camping chair, and makes me wish we had switched from the pack-and-play sooner! My daughter is still new to her “big girl” bed, and the cot dips below the outside bars just enough to keep her from rolling out.

Corrine Mc Kinney, KY

Great travel bed for toddler

My son graduated from crib to 3-side bed super early so the pack and play had to go be replaced for travel all too soon. This is super light weight, easy to use and a good step up from a pack and play. It doesn’t take up much room in the car and he quickly recognized it as his place to sleep. I do recommend adding a sheet. It’s the same size as most cot sheets (like for school), so we use the set that we had to purchase for daycare.

Berta Trapper Creek, AK

Great, compact extra bed!

Bought this when we were expecting a houseful for the holidays, expecting to only get a few nights’ worth of use out of it (for this price, really not a bad deal!) As for comfort level, I can’t say myself, but after my 4yo son slept on it now he wants to use it all the time! We did place a thicker blanket under him for a little extra padding, but he said it was very comfy. It’s so compact we will be able to take it with us anywhere, and it’s very easy to fold up and get back into the carry bag. Looking forward to getting many more uses out of the cot than I even bargained for! Pleasantly surprised with this purchase.

Eliza Seffner, FL

Wonderful for Traveling with a 2-Year Old

We recently used this during a beach vacation with my 2-year old. Length-wise, it is perfect for my daugher (about 36 inches high). It’s actually pretty amazing how small it folds up.I bought this to go withWildkin Girl Rodeo Sleep Mat – Rodeo Girlfor my 2-year old when we travel. She sleeps in a toddler bed at home. When we travel, she’s too big for a pack and play, but she’s not yet ready for a full-size bed. This was a perfect solution for our recent trip to the beach. It’s low to the ground, so she can easily get up and down, and there is no real danger if she rolls out. [Note: there is a slight dip in the middle when she’s in it, so I don’t think there is much chance she will roll out – she hasn’t yet]. Everything packed up nicely, and she slept well in it, both at night and nap time. As a bonus, we were able to fold it out of the way during the day, so our room wasn’t as cluttered. This beats traveling with a pack and play, hands down. While we’re not traveling, I think I will bring this to grandma’s house to replace her pack and play.

Anita Alum Creek, WV

Great, transportable

Toddler loves it, great nap bed. Also awesome for kids that want to sleep in parents room and there is no space in the queen bed. Weights only 6.2 pounds and comes in an easy drawstring bag. Also has a matching sheet.

Gladys Headland, AL

Easy to use!

Good purchase. Good price. My daughter is 2.5 and has no issues sleeping on it. Super easy to fold up – collapses and stores!

Sierra Sorrento, FL

easy to use, easy to transport

I love this Cot. My son feels like he has his own special bed when we have to stay in a hotel or at grandmas. It is REAL easy to set up and put away without having to explain it to anyone. I would recommend it to anyone with a toddler that may be going on a trip or having sleep overs.

Lou Michie, TN

Very Happy

We’ve used this several times on trips and while moving, and it was a total lifesaver for us. The sheet it comes with is very thin, so we use one of our own. Our daughter is very comfortable on it and enjoys sleeping on it for the novelty of not sleeping in her own bed. It isn’t very soft, so if you are worried about comfort I suggest adding some extra blankets. But for a night or two at grandma’s or for naps at daycare it works just fine.

Christi Dunmore, WV

Perfect for family trips

With 4 of us it gets a little much to have everyone in the bed when we travel, this was perfect for my 3 year old when we traveled for the holidays and even when we moved and had to wait a few weeks before getting an additional bed for his room.

Sondra Spout Spring, VA

Well made, should last for several years of hard travel.

This cot is perfect for traveling families. My son (3 years old) is too young to sleep on an elevated bed when there is actually a bed for him and too old for a portable crib. He normally sleeps in a toddler bed and this is the perfect height and size. For those who like to sew, there is a fitted sheet that comes with the cot which provides the perfect pattern to make a more personalized sheet. I plan to make a fitted sheet with an attached flat sheet so I can feel comfortable using others blankets. The bag the cot comes in is thin so don’t plan on that holding up if checked by itself. I plan to use the box it came in or to put it inside of another piece of luggage.I can imagine this would be a great camping cot for a little one as well.The only thing they could do better would be to make it out of aluminum so it would be lighter, but then I suppose it wouldn’t be a sturdy. I tested it out and it didn’t give even a little when I laid on it (140lbs). It is well made and I have high hopes for buying a second when my second baby can sleep outside a port-a-crib.

Angelica Mc Lean, VA

very handy

I got two of these for my younger boys unfortunately my 5 year old is to tall for it but I have plenty of other kids around so it will get used very handy at nap time or when we go out at the lake pop it up under a tree when one is tired or even just for them to sit on. love this product I have sat on it to make sure it will hold more then one I am about 150 did just fine didn’t bend or tear very well made

Freida Miamitown, OH

Didn’t last two months of occasional use.

UPDATE 3/5/14: Regalo sent me a replacement canvas. I haven’t put it on yet, but am hopeful that we’ll have better luck with the cot from here on out.UPDATE 2/28/14:Originally I loved this, but the canvas is falling apart.There is ONLY a 90 DAY WARRANTY (it FAILED within 2 MONTHS of first use, but it was purchased prior to 90 days ago….gaaaaa!). I am attaching the photos I took this morning before contacting Regalo so others can see the shoddy materials. YES, I loved it at first, and YES my daughter LOVED using it. BUT, it didn’t last 2 months. We used it for 11 days in a hotel when we got it , then she set it up for several days here and there to sleep on because she liked it that much. Now it is falling apart!!! The kid weighs 35 pounds–if this cot can’t hold up to that, what good is it?I called Regalo, and because I was able to screenshot my wishlist that showed the date of purchase, and it is only 2 weeks outside the warranty, they are sending me a replacement canvas. If they didn’t, I’d have to give this one star, as it would be a disposable product: Buy it for a vacation, use it once, and throw it out. But if we can replace the canvas and it lasts a little longer, than 3 stars it is.ORIGINAL REVIEW: We got this as an early Christmas gift from the in-laws, and used it over Christmas travel. It was PERFECT in the hotels, allowing my 4 year old (38″, 35 lbs) to have her own bed that wasn’t directly on the floor, while our older child had the second bed in the room. It folds up super-easy and quick, even with the “sheet” that comes with it on. It fits into its own little carry bag (but the bag does not have a handle), and was easy to pack into the back of the car with the luggage. We brought alongDisney Princess Deluxe Memory Foam Nap Mat Pillow Blanket Set, and threw another larger blanket over that to cover her entire body. This kept her warm and comfortable the entire trip.The cot is small enough that we could fit it beside the bed, at the foot of the bed, in a corner, near the desk in the hotel….anywhere, and we never felt like we were going to trip over it. You can lift it easily while it is unfolded and move it if you need to without taking everything off it. I never felt like it was unsafe or that it was going to tip over.A great little cot.My ONLY request for redesign would be to add a handle to the carry bag and something to keep the cord of the bag cinched.

Charity West Salisbury, PA