Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting Kit

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting Kit

The Regalo Top of Stair Gate offers a universal installation kit that fits 99% of stairway applications. Simple Glide Technology allows gate to expand and fit stairways 26″ up to 42″ and easily expand inward and outward while passing through. Easy to install. Adapter kit is included and does not require any drilling into or marking up your banister or woodwork.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Gate uniquely designed for use at the top and bottom of stairways
  • Expands from 26-42 inches wide and stands 30 inches tall
  • Includes wall mounting kit and banister mounting kit and Stabilizing foot for added security
  • Please note, Banister kit includes one round mount and four square mounts
  • Lever style handle with one hand operation. Great for children and pets

Verified reviews


Big Pain to Install – Not worth it

I needed to install a gate at the top of the stairs without drilling. This gate is so complicated and has so many parts and DOES require drilling. I tried to two days to figure it out and couldn’t and didn’t want to drill. I returned it and bought the Kidco stair gate. Much eaiser to install and I didn’t have to drill into my wall.

Regina Harrold, TX


I did a lot of research on baby gates before settling on this one. I wanted a top of stair gate that I would not have to drill into our wood banisters with. We’ve only had the box open a few hours and I have several issues.1) Poor quality – My husband installed it tonight and the velcro broke when he was trying to tighten it around the banister. Does not make me feel good about the safety of the product.2) Annoying to close – When I purchased I did not realize how the door mechanism works. You basically have to lift the door and lower some pegs into holes. I was hoping for something a little less labor intensive for closing. Because the banisters are not perfectly vertical (because they have round parts and square parts) you end up having to pull the top part back over (I assumed you’d be locking the width once it was set and not having to deal with it sliding back and forth when open). This spacing issue is illustrated slightly in their example photo – you can see when the gate is latched the vertical bar in the middle overlaps more on the bottom and there is a slightly larger gap at the top. Ours has an even more pronounced difference.3) Doesn’t fit our setup – The leg on the bottom is pretty much useless for us. We have two wooden banisters which are mounted on top of a small wooden base. If you try to lengthen the foot by using the adjustments, it comes unscrewed before it contacts the floor.4) Door opens both ways – I thought doors for the top of stairs should not swing out over the stairs. This gate swings both ways!UPDATE: After several months of using the gate still drives us nuts. People that come in our home have a hard time closing it proper since you have to put the bottom part in and then pull the top part over. I’ve seen people close it with just the top pegs in (bottom parts not in) and also seen people close it without the top part fully latched. This really worries me as toddlers LOVE to shake gates. We’ve tried to no avail to make it an off-limits activity. I think that’s a bit like putting candy in front of a child and telling them not to eat it. That said we haven’t had any disasters. Our regular babysitter has told me on several occasions the gate drives her crazy too.I called the company about the broken velcro and they were very good about sending replacement pieces at no charge.

Rosalind Smithville, OK

Good concept but….

I was looking for a non-bannister-drill stairtop gate and wanted to get the kidco but opted for this one instead, and I have regretted it every since! Pinched fingers, pulled screws and plenty of curses later I now have tons of holes in my wall and an inoperative gate. I first thought I installed it into a stud (the studfinder told me so) but the screws pulled out over time. A few more holes, some anchors, only to find that the anchoring doesn’t work well because of the spacers for molding. I realize that some of this is driven by the physical location of installation but the operation of the gate is frustrating enough. After years of using the kidco pressure gate in our previous residence (a one story apartment) I better appreciate the easy, one hand, non-finger injuring operation of the kidco gate. So frustrating!

Blanca Terra Ceia, FL

Like the options and convenience and quality

Once we decided we must screw in a baby gate (top of stairs), we tried this and were glad we did. There are a good # of options for installing it and it’s very secure and convenient. Easy to open, a bit trickier to close. Solid metal. Well worth it.

Karen Sugartown, LA

Great, Versatile Gate. We used it for the bottom of the stairs with a banister on one side.

This gate is very versatile and easy to install. It could be a little easier to open and close, which is why I gave it 4 starts instead of 5. It comes with all the hardware you need to install it in a variety of scenarios. We used it for a wall (with baseboard) and banister and it is very secure.

Helen Stockport, OH


This gate swings both ways (90 degrees) and has a sliding mechanism to fit smaller or larger widths.It attaches to two walls – with or without baseboards, or one wall and one banister. You’ll have leftover hardware, because it gives you every option.It is NOT screwless. One side of this gate MUST be screwed in.The instructions are poor – dark photographs and sentences that don’t explain themselves well.However, once in place, the velcro (which sounds flimsy) is incredible well designed and uber strong around the banister part of your stairs. The individual pieces seem cheap, but once constructed there’s no way my kids is getting through this gate.

Mildred Fair Play, SC

best value for wall and stair bannister space, but not the best gate.

An ok baby gate for the price, but the best value if you need a bannister side mount. The bannister side mounts with included plastic brackets and velcro straps, it was quite easy to set up and has been holding strong. There are two sets included but since I only have one bannister side I was able to double up on the mounts and am absolutely confident that it’s secure. Since it is velcro mounted, they can and will have some slippage over time but hasn’t been issue yet.For the other side i used the included wall mount fixtures that included adapters for wall trim. The gate itself is metal and features sliding mechanism to accommodate multiple width needs, the problem is that it doesn’t have a mechanism to lock in the right width, it remains an open adjustable gate. I’ve used some velcro straps to try to hold the correct width with some but not complete success. The gate closure mechanism requires a pinch and lift motion that hasn’t exactly been smooth for us. The plastic pin on the bannister side squeaks and doesn’t glide up smoothly. I’ve found it easiest to use one foot to lift the pin side while my hand squeezes the handle and lift. It also takes some aiming to make sure both top and bottom pin find their respective holes. Both wall and bannister mounts show as level and it’s likely an artifact of the uneven wall/bannister mount design. Overall, it works for our space where we have wall on one side and bannister on the other while being the cheapest solution. Other solutions would have cost twice if not more for the same space.

Adrienne Irvington, AL


This gate is great. It is super sturdy, crazy easy to mount, and nice quality. You really can’t go wrong!

Colleen Patchogue, NY

Didn’t meet my needs

I had to supply my own hardward to ensure the screws were secure to the drywall. But more importantly, my banister was smaller at the top than at the bottom therefore the gate hook wasn’t leveled and unable to hook. I had to return the product.

Allyson Gibson, MO

Not perfect, but saved us from drilling banisters

We bought this gate for the bottom of our staircase because we didn’t want to have to drill into our wood banisters. It works well enough for what it is. It’s never going to be as secure and immobile as a gate drilled into a banister or wall – the poles on either side tend to slide by 1/4-1/2 an inch on occasion, making it hard to match up the gate to the latch until you push them back into the correct position – but it’s certainly secure enough for our needs (keeping a very active, savvy 2-year old and a big dog off the stairs). It’s impossible for a small child to unlatch this gate when it’s locked in, which is good. I have no idea what the foot in the middle of the gate on the bottom is supposed to do. Installation was a bit of a pain given the nature of the gate, but the instructions were easy enough to understand. This is much safer than trying to rig up a tension gate just to avoid drilling into a banister; if those are your two options, definitely try this gate!

Rosetta Indian Orchard, MA

So far, so good!

First bought the extra-tall model but it was way too tall. Returned it for this one and we like it. Sturdy, safe. Fairly easy to install, according to my husband. Easy to open one handed, with baby in hand and dog under my feet!

Kelsey Toa Alta, PR


I have this at the top of the stairs with a banister on the right and a wall on the left. I had a pressure gate (with caps screwed into the walls) at our old house but didn’t want to use it at the new house.Our banister is slightly wobbly and sits ever so slightly back from the top step, so we couldn’t put pressure on the banister and we couldn’t use a gate that had to go straight from the banister to the wall because there would be a gap between the step and gate. I also did not want a gate with a bar across the bottom because I don’t want a tripling hazard at the top of the stairs.This gate doesn’t have the bar on the bottom, it can be installed at an angle, and it doesn’t use pressure to stay put. I also did not have to drill into the wood post. It is also taller than our old pressure gate and does not provide any footholds for climbing.It was a little tricky to install (the pictures were not helpful at all because the grays blended together) and I could not get the bubbles level without putting the gate at a bizarre tilt (could be my house). The plastic pins probably won’t last forever and the handle you squeeze to release the main pin is probably going to be the first thing to break. The banister padding is held on with cheap velcro and these thin clips that keep coming unclipped (and the kids love trying to undo the clips and velcro which does not help). It is also quite an eyesore with the velcro sticking off the chunks of padding, the hunks of plastic screwed into the wall, and the skinny wobbly looking white bars. But it keeps my kids upstairs where most other gates would fail so I would buy the same gate again if I needed to replace it.

Abbie Seeley Lake, MT