Replacement Tubing

Replacement Tubing

This replacement tubing is designed for older Medela pump-in-style breastpump (released prior to 2004) and new pump in style advanced breastpump released after July 2006. You will need another type of tubing for fit pump in style advanced pumps released between 2004 and July 2006 (search for ‘B0084TNLTQ’ on amazon for this product). If you don’t know if this tubing will fit your pump, see the photos of this listing. Buying the wrong tubing will not work for your Medela pumps. Medela Pump in style tubing is difficult to clean. When it gets dirty, and can’t be washed by water, it is time to install a new medela tubing for the safety of your baby.

Main features

  • Fits the majority of Medela Pump in Style breastpumps (Please see the photos of this listing for compatibility)
  • Two replacement tubes for Medela Pump In Style Advanced pump released After July 2006. It will not fit pump in style advanced breastpump made prior to July 2006. (Please refer to the product pictures before making the purchase.)
  • Made from BPA free material (ABS PVC)
  • Test report available upon request
  • Full retail package from manufacturer; One instruction in English and Spanish.

Verified reviews


Good if you cannot get Medela to send you new tubes

I ordered these before I learned that I could call Medela to ask for replacement tubes. They work well in my pump and I am happy with them.That said, I also successfully got new tubes shipped priority from Medela when I called this week. After calling 1-800-435-8316 and choosing the option to hit #3 on my phone and then #2, the customer service rep, Patty, was very friendly and after explaining to them why I needed new tubes (the end that was plugging into the machine was getting wider and so the suction was not as good) the only questions she asked me were in regards to my contact info so that Medela could send me the tubes ASAP.Hope this is useful and good luck to all the breast feeding moms out there!

Rebekah Wilson, OK

Works Fine, but not “Official” Medela Product

These tubes worked fine in my Medela Pump In Style, but I do not think they are actually manufactured my Medela. They came in some generic packaging (i.e. cardboard insert in a plastic bag stapled shut). The quality seemed fine and they work, but I think that most people would want to know that they are not buying something that is made by Medela. To me, that wasn’t spelled out in the product description.Other than that, they worked fine.

Audra Mount Victoria, MD

Works, fits

Not much to review. Arrived just as pictured. Two tube in one package. Fits and works, not expired either. It’s not the “Medela” brand. Info on the package lists a bunch of information/safety ratings. Seems pretty legit.

Gabrielle Iberia, MO

Not a valid replacement

Does not fit. Only has connector on one side, the other end of tube is just open tubing. Not a valid replacement part.

Luz Conrad, IA

You cannot beat this price for this quality

Every time I have to buy anything for pumping, I am horrified by the prices. I am glad that Maymom exists to provide third party options for Medela. I needed to replace my tubes and could not find them in the stores. Because I was desperate, I wasn’t sure about getting something from a third party but I had good luck with Maymom’s Replacement Valves and Membranes, so I took a chance again.They are WAY better than Medela’s! I constantly felt like the Medela tubes were spotty/dirty. I have done nothing differently since replacing the tubes and feel like these always look clean–no spots.I purchased a second set just in case I am in another bind, but don’t anticipate needing to replace the set anytime soon.

Serena Lapaz, IN

Fit, work. What else do you need?

These tubes are great. They fit perfectly in my medela pump and work just like the originals. Even the same lengthas the originals. Like someone mentioned they are not medela brand, but what difference does that make? They are cheap and replaced my old moldy ones.If you need new tubes for a medela pump I highly recommend these.

Angelita Aitkin, MN

another good product.

good price, good product and saved me a drive to go buy sister is having her second baby and we gave her back the breast pump which she lend us when we had ours, this is one of the parts which should not transfer from one mother/child to another.very satisfactory.

Millicent Worthington Springs, FL

Fake, counterfeit, waste of time, should be zero stars

Thanks, Amazon. I guess if I wasn’t totally sleep deprived, stressed about getting hard to find parts locally, I would have read somewhere that these were not made by Medela. But it certainly isn’t clear.Now I’m stuck with fake made on China parts, that can’t be steam sterilized.

Karin Delta, MO


This arrived at my house before the shipping notice even hit my e-mail inbox. Great quality and works perfectly. At this price order a spare too!

Lucille Mount Vernon, AR

Fill with Condensation

I bought this replacement tubing since my tubing was full of condensation and I worried about mold developing. After using the replacement tubing for a few days, I noticed condensation building up in the new tubing. Had I known this build up was inevitable, I would’ve saved myself the money and just hung my original tubing in a way so that it could dry out. (Over the top of the fridge worked well for me!)

Noelle Kasigluk, AK

NOT a medela product

Read carefully before you purchase, this product is NOT made by Medela. I did not try even using this with my pump and just returned it.

Esmeralda Elkhart, TX

Great product – Buy this one

This tubing is perfect for the Medela Pump in Style Advanced that I borrowed from a friend. There are several other options that do not come in the original packaging, but this one does. If you want a safe, clean product, buy this one.

Bridgett Chataignier, LA

Works perfectly with my Medela PISA.

I didn’t realize when I bought that this isn’t a Medela product. But nonetheless, it works just the same and is compatible with my Medela PISA!

Nadia Farmington, MO

Work great

Work just as well as the tubes that came from the factory – no complaints from my wife and the length is great.

Noreen Grulla, TX

Much needed replacement part!

I have used the same pump for both of my kids (pump in style) and love the convenience and ease of use. I wanted to refurbish it for my second baby, with all new accessories. There are kits out there but the only thing I was frustrated with was that it does NOT contain the tubing. That has to be purchased separately. also be very careful about reading the details – there are two types of tubing end treatments and you have to make sure you have the right one for your pump.

Tonia Deer Park, WI

Just as expected

no complaints…just as expected. fits my pump and style tote. make sure you’re choosing the right connection or you’ll have to return and try again.

Lois Aberdeen, ID

What can I say, just what we ordered!

Bought these to use for baby #2 since they say you shouldn’t use the same tubes. Work great with my Medela PISA.

Alisha Minden City, MI

great tubes

these are great tubes for replacing old ones – I have had to replace tubes a lot since I’ve used my pump so much

Sheryl Aladdin, WY


I am pleased with this product. It works exactly as expected with my breast pump. A lot of value for the price.

Lorie Clear Fork, WV

fit perfectly

The previous tubing I had, had mildew in it and I wasn’t able to clean it out. These tubes are hard to clean. But I was glad to find tubing on Amazon and a great rate as well. Especially for my older model PISA.

Margaret Tryon, OK

Fits perfectly

This was the same tubing that came with the original pump. Sealed properly, with directions, so I had no concerns about cleanliness of the product.

Melinda Orange Park, FL

Chemical Smell

I didn’t read the product description or reviews closely and thought I was purchasing a Medela product. I am not happy with this purchase. The tubing, which is made in Taiwan, has a strong chemical smell, and the package warns not to sterilize the tubing by boiling. I do not plan to use this product. This was a waste of time and money.

Yvette La Quinta, CA

Great product

Breast feeding and pumping can be challenging but with great products like this one it makes it easier on me.

Amanda White Cloud, MI

Not much to say about this

It is exactly as it seems..tubing for a PIS pump. I have ordered this twice and it works great for me

Abigail Burton, TX

Medela Tubing replacement parts

Currently breastfeeding for our just over four month old son. Cat got a hold of the tubing for my double breast pump while on vacation and had to order these fast to keep up with him!!! Thanks to my Amazon Prime membership I got these parts quickly and there weren’t any surprises!

Elisa Kennedyville, MD

Works well for my wife

She likes having an extra set of tubing so that she can clean one and let it dry, and still be able to use the pump. Its always a good idea to have spare accessories like this and they don’t cost much.

Rebekah Hendersonville, TN

For Medela Pump In Style

I needed new tubes for my Medela Pump In Style backpack and these fit the bill. I used them for about 8 months before they got dirty and I needed to buy another pair. Unfortunately they’re not very easy to clean, but you won’t find tubes for the Pump In Style that are, so these worked perfectly at a great price.

Karen Green Isle, MN

1 * for product not for service

Hi,I bought these because they were affordable and claimed to be medela compatible. Unfortunately, the male end does not fit into my pump accessories for the Pump in Style Advanced. When the suction is on they will stay – but I have to be completely still. If I lean forward they will fall out, which is such a pain in the butt.I was in a tough situation because I needed some type of tubing as my original ones had broke. So I used these, and contacted the company via Amazon and let them know of the situation. The person who responded (quickly might I add) was quick to understand and I had already used it and was in this tough situation, because I can barely survive 5 hours between pumps … to go days, ha – that’s not possible. So they understood and gave me a refund without a return. I do appreciate it.However, they do not fit my machine so I am in the market for another. :(Good luck.

Leanne Dorrance, KS

Great fit

Arrived on time. Fit well to my pump in style Medela pump and the pumping set I have. Make sure you wash them with soapy water before the first use.

Sharlene Montevallo, AL

Missing Piece

The tubes only have a connector end for the breast flange. To work properly there needs to be another piece. Check your own Pump in Style to see if you are in need of that piece or not…

Maureen Keeling, VA