Replacement Valve and Membrane for Medela Breastpumps

Replacement Valve and Membrane for Medela Breastpumps

This product is designed to work with Medela Breastpumps such as Pump in Style Advanced, Lactina, Swing, and Symphony. It is interchangeable with Medela Valves and Medela Membranes. It can attach to Medela PersonalFit connector and one-piece breastshield. On the other hand, it is not designed for Medela Freestyle pump nor Medela Swing-Maxi pump (a double pump).

Main features

  • BPA Free. Test reports are available online.
  • Membrane are more flexible than the OEM membranes to respond faster to the pressure change during pumping.
  • Valves are better angled for less trapped precious breast milk in them.
  • Storage case included provides better protection plus it is more convenient when traveling.
  • Convenient and valued pack of 4 valves and 6 membranes

Verified reviews


Membranes are not as flexible

The membranes are not as good as the Medela brand as they are less flexible and I often don’t get a seal and have to unscrew the bottle to flatten out the membrane. It’s not a big deal, but it is something to watch for if your pump seems weaker. The valve part is fine, however.

Vicki Nimitz, WV

These are not genuine Medela Parts!!!!

I guess if you aren’t sleep deprived, and stressed because no one local sells valves or replacement tubing for your breast pump, you could read the description carefully enough to see these are not genuine replacement parts.I am an IBCLC, and I done want to risk my supply if these don’t perform. As a part time pumper, I need my pump to function correctly, or risk not only my stash of milk, but my supply in general.Now, I have to return these, and still not have a replacement. Ugh. I would have paid the extra three dollars to not have to worry!!!!

Amelia Awendaw, SC

Just OK, different from orignals

These valves work just fine on the Medela pump. However, the shape is slightly different from the original valves. Normally, a slight shape change would not bother me but it is soooo much harder to remove the valve from the other piece! It sounds silly but I have a hard time gripping this valve to pull it off and spend more time than necessary removing it. I am not a fan of this product but, like I said, it does works with the Medela.

Alicia Saint Louis, MO

Comparable to Medela products – Excellent Service!

I was not aware when I ordered these that they were not Medela brand; I thought Maymom was just the company selling the Medela product. But know when you order these, they are Maymom brand, not Medela brand sold my Maymom. This is not an issue – just a clarification! They work perfectly on my Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced pump! My order was short the two extra membranes, so that was a bummer, but doesn’t affect the quality of the overall product. The valves and membranes come in a plastic container which is great; I have continued to use the container to carry extra valves and membranes in my bag without them floating around in my bag on their own. The only minor frustration with these is that they do not pull off the connector to be washed as easily as the Medela ones; I think it has something to do with the shape of them, but I always seem to struggle just slightly to get them to come off when I am ready to wash my pump parts. Overall, a great product for a less-expensive price – would definetly order this brand again!*UPDATE: I just got an email from the Maymom company and the told me how to make these come off just fine and offered to send me the two membranes I was missing from my set – excellent customer service. I will order these again!!

Lucile Callaway, MD


I didn’t like these. I can’t be certain but I’m pretty sure my output dropped as soon as I switched to these.

Dollie Kittanning, PA

They work but aren’t great

These fit the pump and are usable, but they often get stuck and are very difficult to remove. The membranes are thinner than the Medela brand also.

Leila Keuka Park, NY

Great price

Perfect replacement parts for a good price. I only needed one but they come in a nice little plastic case so I keep them in my bag just in case.

Leslie Quinter, KS

These work well

These are not as good as the Medela ones , but for the price, they work well enough. I would order again

Deana Rush Springs, OK


First time using Medela pump and these attachment pieces work great. I use a napkin to help me pull them off after pumping as they can fit a bit tight and are slippery to pull off with the milk.

Ines Montoursville, PA

As expected

Like every Medela product is of good quality and performs as expected. Recommended. Also like every medela product the price is a little high. You get what you pay for.

Rosanna Sheffield, PA

Works just as well as Medela, for cheaper

I’ve been using these as an extra set for work. I can’t tell any difference in performance between these and the OEM Medela parts.

Fanny Copperhill, TN

You cannot beat this price

Every time I have to buy anything for pumping, I am horrified by the prices. I am glad that Maymom exists to provide third party options for Medela. I bought this pack when I decided to have more alternating pumping parts and have been very satisfied with them. I was initially concerned about the idea of relying on a third party for something so sensitive, but after using these for the past few months, I would even go so far as to say that I find them to feel like they are of a higher quality than those made by Medela.

Marylou Dexter, MI

Same quality as the Medela Ones

Can’t tell a difference except that the pattern on the white flap is slightly different. Works just as well as the Medela ones for quite a bit less money.

Carlene Caledonia, MI

Good product

This work really well with the medela symphony breast pump. They are easy to clean and they did their job well.

Marlene Lebanon, IN

Works as described

This was the best price I found online for these valves and membranes. They come with 4 valves and 6 membranes.

Maxine Villa Grove, CO

Fits great

I was happy to get some spare parts for my pump when returning back to work. These fit perfectly and I’ve been satisfied with all of my purchases from Maymom!

Holly Dalton, OH

Not brand-name but does the job!

Very happy with these replacement parts. I didn’t realize these were knock-offs but it doesn’t make a difference! They work just fine for my Pump In Style Medela double breast pump.

Mabel Valley View, TX

Good quality. Works great.

I was so grateful to receive these in the mail! My Medela pump has been great, but one of the sides lost some suction power recently. When I replaced the valve and membrane, it worked like new! Very pleased.

Tricia Rives Junction, MI


These are exactly what they say they are. They come in a little case which helps keep things organized and prevents them from getting lost.

Dorothea Flat Rock, OH

Works as expected!

Fit my models model perfectly, wish I would have bought them sooner just to be safe on the cleanliness side of things. Will be sure to order more for future children!

Latonya Weyauwega, WI


Worked really well on my Medela pump in style. Actually seem to work better than some of the original parts and were a bit easier to clean.

Yesenia West Coxsackie, NY

Just a replacement part, just like the original, needed only due to being given a hand-me-down pump

Not much to say about a replacement part other than I was given a pump from a dear friend and was told to replace certain parts like these. Easy peasy.

Kristen Leland, IL

Use it for my Medela pump in style

Fits great, just as good quality as original Medela part. Great udea to have back up parts just in case.

Elvira Shauck, OH

Great replacements

My wife ordered these to replace the parts that had started to wear out and they function just as good if not better than the original ones.

Lenore Hugo, OK

Work great!

I was glad to see everything worked well with my pump. The new valves and membranes help form a better seal and aid in pumping

Milagros Norwich, OH